The building rage is not just against Democrats

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People who read my website only intermittently might get the impression that I am partisan and specifically hostile to the Democratic Party. This is false. I am an equal opportunity opponent to anyone that likes oppression and the use of government to impose it.

Some stories today, describing the actions or opinions of some of the so-called conservative or moderate leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties, illustrate clearly that we still need a major house-cleaning in Congress if we are to get this out-of-control monster under control:

The first story provides us a peek into the status quo perspective of Jeb Bush, the darling presidential candidate of the big donar class of the Republican Party. Rather than fight against appointing a nominee for attorney general, Loretta Lynch, who has no strong objection to the idea of a presidential using lethal force against American citizens without trial, Bush would be willing to vote her in merely to get rid of Eric Holder. He also expresses support for the collection of personal data of Americans by the federal government.

Why would I want him as my president? He doesn’t appear much different than the crap we have now.

The second article describes the gun control position of Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia). He supports imposing background checks and increased gun control, even though his state is firmly against it and even though he himself ran under the banner of opposing gun control.

The citizens of West Virginia voted for him because they wanted a moderate Democrat who would block the gun control efforts of the Democratic Party. They obviously haven’t gotten what they were promised. Why should they vote for him again?

The third article describes how the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), has introduced legislation extending the federal government’s spying authority against American citizens, even though this puts him in direct opposition to most of his Republican caucus. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

I should note that none of these stories are a surprise. Conservatives have known for years that McConnell and Bush are unreliable conservatives. This is why there was an effort to primary McConnell in the 2014 election, and why there is no enthusiasm at all for Bush for president among the party base. Similarly, anyone who has paid any attention to the behavior of any of the so-called Democrat moderates in the past two decades would know that once elected Manchin would break all his moderate vows to vote with the extreme leftwing agenda of his party’s leadership.

All these big government frauds have got to go. And increasingly, based on the past two mid-term elections, Americans are voting to get rid of them. If only these fools would realize this and begin instituting policies that the voters clearly want: smaller government and less spending. They might actually have a chance of saving their jobs if they did.

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  • peterf

    I wish people would stop calling it the Democratic party. It is the Democrat party and the people in it are democrats, not democratics.

    It is highly unlikely that we can clean up the national political scene through the ballot box. The majority of all politicians are people you shouldn’t trust with your credit card.

    The most realistic (and bloodless) method to change the political scene that I have seen is Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments”
    Check out his speech at CPAC:

  • wodun

    Some Democrats get irate if you don’t use the term Democratic but most of them are totally unaware of the controversy between the two terms.

    I prefer Democrat because it flows better in the English language. People don’t use it to be insulting but because saying, “The Democratics are rioting down the street.” just sounds stupid. And hey, you type in Democratics and google even puts a red line under it so if google uses the term Democrat no one should be castigated for it.

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