The Columbia River Gorge

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We’ve moved on from Mt. St. Helens to the Columbia River Gorge. Below is a shot of Vista House at Crown Point, looking east into the gorge. In the distance you can see Beacon Rock.

The Columbia River Gorge

Today’s hike was short, a six mile loop starting at Multnomah Falls (620 feet total).

Multnomah Falls

The falls and hike are probably among the most popular tourist attractions close to Portland. And since today was Saturday, there were a lot of people around. Nonetheless, the numbers quickly dropped as we worked our way up the trail, dropping to only a handful of people once we climbed past the top of the falls. The hike itself included a lot of waterfalls and babbling streams, but it also weaved its way through some impressive evergreen forests.

forest of trees

I find it sad how few people are willing to do the little extra work necessary to reach these beautiful places. At one point on our way down, we passed a family that was clearly discussing whether to continue. They had already climbed about 80 percent of the way up, but the father and mother were tired and seemed willing to stop. When the son (about 12) asked me how much farther it was to the top and I said it was only about 20 to 30 minutes, he was off like a shot, with the parents forced to follow, albeit reluctantly. My immediate thought was, “Go, kid, go!”



  • LINO---Lloyd in name only

    I share Obama’s contempt for the “great unwashed”. Perhaps they could use a good scrubbing. Your visit to these lovely Falls suggest a possibile solution.
    Could the unwashed get washed there?
    In this age of pandemics and the fear they create, there is no longer an excuse for this level of hygiene.
    What’s more, I have never received a job from an unwashed person. Not even a tip.

  • I live in the Canadian Vancouver (the big one) but have been down to Multnomah Falls many times. Absolutely beautiful!

    Enjoy your regular segments with John Batchelor!!

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