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The COVID jab: An emerging health disaster whose name cannot be spoken

Sudden collapse
One of many sudden collapses. Click for full video.

While from the beginning it appeared that the various COVID shots from different pharmaceutical companies were relatively safe to take, time is proving this assumption to be very false, with the data increasingly suggesting that the jab not only poses a significant, dangerous, and immediate health risk to young people, its long term effects on everyone who either chose to get it or was forced to by government mandate could very well be disastrous.

First the immediate risks. The numbers of individuals who have died suddenly and abruptly after getting the jab has been horrifying and shocking. Never in my life have I seen so many young and healthy people suddenly keeling over in public situations and dying. This story underlines the horror of the situation:

Such occurrences were unheard of prior to 2021. As noted at the link, “In fact, 500% more soccer players in the EU are dropping dead from heart attacks than just one year ago.” To capture the real horror of these events you need only watch the short video at this link. The thread that follows provides further documentation of this epidemic of “sudden death” and its apparent connection to the COVID shots.

Still, the actual medical link of these sudden heart failures to the COVID shots remains somewhat tentative, though more and more research is tying the two together.

From the last link:

A recently published scientific study found that incidents of heart inflammation after a COVID-19 vaccination is twice as high in the Moderna (mRNA-1273) vaccine as it is in the Pfizer (BNT162b2) vaccine and that on average, Moderna’s second-dose vaccine caused 269 cases of heart inflammation for every one million doses in males aged 18 to 29, while Pfizer’s rate was 58 per one million second doses in the same age group.

Young men as a demographic were by far the most adversely affected by a second dosage Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine.

Though, the numbers show only a small number of individuals with heart damage, in the past far smaller numbers would have caused governments to immediately pull such a “vaccine.” With COVID however the general reaction is “Move along! Get your shots! Nothing to see here!”

These stories however only deal with the immediate harm. More research is beginning to suggest far more serious longer term damage that I fear will reveal itself in more and more in jabbed individuals as the years pass.

In the last story I put quotes around “temporary mild” because the lead scientist who wrote the paper seems desperate to minimize his own findings, even though there is absolutely no reason to do so. No damage to the heart is ever “mild,” nor can it ever be considered “temporary,” even if the symptoms appear to disappear in a few days. As he himself admits, “the cardiac muscle can’t regenerate, or only to a very limited degree at best.”

In fact, this last story illustrates the overall refusal to face facts by the medical and scientific community. These were the people who foisted these COVID jabs upon us — often by force and against our will — and now they seem terrified that their advice might actually be leading to real harm. Thus, they rationalize the facts to make believe the jab might not be as damaging as it is, despite the facts before their very eyes.

Nor is this intellectual dishonesty from the pro-COVID-jab community a new phenomenon. For example, for years several doctors on Twitter for years pushed masking aggessively. We now discover that these same doctors never existed, their accounts fully faked. We have also learned recently how the Biden administration and Facebook coordinated a COVID shot propaganda campaign in anticipation of new studies linking blood clots to the jab.

Nor has the dishonesty ended. In December, even as New York Democratic Party Mayor Eric Adams began pushing masks again on his citizens, the White House’s top Covid Advisor, Dr. Jha, admitted on a recent zoom call that there’s “no study in the world that show that masks work”.

And once again, the science journals, this time Nature, were pushing panic computer models that said millions would die in China when that country finally abandoned its failed “Zero COVID” policy. Those models were released in mid-December, and now, only a month later, they are already being proven wrong.

This dishonest pattern from the medical and health community is also contributing to other problems. The public no longer trusts them, and has begun refusing medical treatments that we know from long experience actually work.

There is some hope, however, as not all doctors have been so dishonest. A large number in the field are now beginning to push back against the government health monolith that forced these bad COVID policies on everyone. For example, 17,000 physicians and scientists have signed a statement demanding an end to use of the COVID jabs, accusing the companies that produce them of fraud. From their statement, which is titled “Restore Scientific Integrity”:

17,000 physicians and medical scientists declare that the state of medical emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored, and crimes against humanity addressed.

We, the physicians and medical scientists of the world, united through our loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath, recognize that the disastrous COVID-19 public health policies imposed on doctors and our patients are the culmination of a corrupt medical alliance of pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare institutions, along with the financial trusts which control them. They have infiltrated our medical system at every level, and are protected and supported by a parallel alliance of big tech, media, academics and government agencies who profited from this orchestrated catastrophe.

This corrupt alliance has compromised the integrity of our most prestigious medical societies to which we belong, generating an illusion of scientific consensus by substituting truth with propaganda. This alliance continues to advance unscientific claims by censoring data, and intimidating and firing doctors and scientists for simply publishing actual clinical results or treating their patients with proven, life-saving medicine. These catastrophic decisions came at the expense of the innocent, who are forced to suffer health damage and death caused by intentionally withholding critical and time-sensitive treatments, or as a result of coerced genetic therapy injections, which are neither safe nor effective. [emphasis in original]

In Sweden a group of five senior doctors have issued their own statement: COVID vaccines are “obviously dangerous” and should be halted immediately.

And when the FDA tried to gaslight the world by falsely claiming it never tried to prohibit the use of ivermectin by doctors during the worst of the Wuhan epidemic, the outcry against this lie from doctors and health care workers was deafening.

“The FDA was the key creator of these hurdles when it launched a social media campaign stating that ivermectin is dangerous and only for horses. When faced with a lawsuit, the FDA now claims it was merely making suggestions—suggestions that have threatened my ability to practice medicine and more importantly, interfered with life-saving early treatment of COVID patients,” [Dr. Mary] Bowden said.

Bowden is one of many doctors now suing the FDA over its dishonest policy.

Can you enter the truth booth?
When will our leaders finally enter the truth booth?

This pushback by many doctors is a good thing, but it can’t change one reality, a reality that I fear is going to punch us in the face again and again in the coming years. The COVID jab was experimental, untested, and risky. It also now appears that the jab does real long term harm to the human body.

This is the reality we now face. It is one that is beyond terrifying.

That reality however is made worse by its history. The jab was mandated by a leadership ruled by their panicked fear of a virus that really is no more dangerous than the ordinary flu. They then forced those shots on billions of people, some against their will. The health consequences of tyrannical mandate is only now becoming clear, and they look quite terrible.

At what point will that leadership finally face this reality? Right now they continue to be ruled by their fear, once a fear of the virus but now a fear of the truth.

None of this can continue. Either the leadership will recognize the truth and admit wrong, or it will be replaced, either peaceable or in terrible violence.

Either way, the consequences of the COVID jab are going to be bad, in ways that cannot yet be measured fully and that have nothing to do with medical science.

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  • Cotour


    GP: “After the vaccine rolled out, the FAA secretly widened the EKG parameter range for pilots so they wouldn’t be grounded. It looks like the vax gave at least 50M Americans heart damage.”

    “In the October 2022 version of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, the FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters beyond the normal range (from a PR max of .2 to unlimited). And they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened it by a lot. It was done after the vaccine rollout.”

    Go ahead, scroll around this information: on Twitter: “#1 The CEO of the OneAmerica insurance company publicly disclosed that during the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40% higher than it was before the pandemic. Significantly, the majority of the deaths were not attributed to COVID.” / Twitter

    What in the big picture was the Covid19 and the mRNA “Vaccine” really all about?

    It was about the establishment of, and real world forced proving of a new / “better” / faster mRNA gene-based “vaccine” / drug manufacturing technology and more importantly the establishment of a compliant digitally trackable world population through fear and government mandate. You were forced, without choice to participate in the biggest experimental drug trial in history. YOU WERE KNOWINGLY LIED TO!! And then they wanted you tagged!

    And who did we see solidly behind and pushing this perverted and corrupt agenda? Your government (D), big pharma, big corporate talking head media, big social media censorship tech, the World Economic Forum headed by Klause Schwab along with George Soros and Bill Gates. You know the usual suspects. They made sure you were forced to take an experimental drug and denied you the information and freedom to make your own informed choices related to risk.

    Are you paying attention yet America? Because America and your Constitution is the only thing that stands in the way of this perverted and corrupt usurpation of your rights and freedoms.

    Your aspiring New World Order master. And yes, of course he is from Austria, just like the very aspirational and militarily ambitious house painter was from Austria. Same accent, same superior attitude that the world could do without.

  • Uncajohn

    I noticed that no reporting on adverse reactions differentiates between adenovirus and mRNA vaccines. The J & J vaccine’s reputation was completely and irresponsibly (IMHO) destroyed by the CDC’s “pause” after only 6 heart-related events in 6 Million doses, and yet the Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech/Moderna vaccines continue to be pushed despite their increasingly hazardous record. Something is missing in this story that needs to be investigated.

  • Cotour

    “Something is missing in this story that needs to be investigated.”

    Yeah, something is missing, it’s called honesty, free speech, objectivity and a lack of a dominating Leftist political agenda of control.

  • Thomas Wilson

    Cotour, great post, but I feel the need to remind you that Operation Warp Speed and the jab were initiated by Trump (R)and he still thinks it was a good thing and takes credit for it.

  • Thomas, there is one important difference between Trump and those Cotour describes.

    Warp Speed gave us the choice of the vaccines – and Trump respected our CHOICE to use or not use it,based upon our own assessment of risk vs, benefit,

    He could have emulated his opponents and mandated its use – but he didn’t. Same with lockdowns.

    Arguably, Trump’s approach was the most respectful, balanced and honest approach to all sides of this debate. He could have gone full Cuomo on the entire nation … or could have been thrown out of office if he had gone full skeptic towards the “experts” and panic-mongers in the political sphere.

    He chose neither … he respected federalism.

  • Thomas Wilson

    Jester, I’m not saying the (D)s are any better, imho we pretty much have a “uniparty” at this point, so I dislike both sides as neither one really serves my interests.

  • James Street

    Some leadership at lower levels may be ruled by fear, but most leaders are ruled by purely intentional Evil.

    In all areas… financial, education, employment, entertainment, health, psychology, athletics, religion… they are coordinating to destroy Americans and America.

  • Jeff Wright has a great article called “Something Very Dark Is Happening.” I think Greens have a medical backchannel.

  • Max

    I work for a company that employs over 2000 people. Since the Covid shot (The clot shot) was rolled out, we’ve had to hire 800 new employees to take the place of those who are no longer here. I lost count around 10 people, whom I know, that died suddenly… Including one personal friend.
    We all got tested every two weeks, those vaccinated would complain about catching Covid multiple times. (I’ve been tested 47 times.)
    In spring of 2022, it was mandated that everyone had to wear a company provided “Fitbit” watch which will monitor your heart rate and other bio data. We were told it was for a sleep study. Information gathered went to a company computer to be analyzed.
    I refused the watch saying;
    The company has no right to my personal information or personal habits, Location or exercise information or medical diagnosis or miss diagnosis by a cheap toy. Any information it gathers will be miss read, misspelled, and used against me… so I was forced to sign a paper saying I was “fit for duty” and able, every day I worked. Some thing that normally happens once a year after company physician examines you.

    A law was passed making it lawful for news organizations to lie to the public. Lying is the same as “fraud”, bearing false witness, and legalized deception for property/monetary gain.
    The supreme court ruled that lying is protected speech under the first amendment.
    Kelleigh Nelson — Supreme Court Ruled the Media Can Lie With Impunity
    And Obama signed it into law.
    Obama Quietly Signs “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act”

    The vaccine fraud;
    A recent interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.
    He tells his background story, along with recent Gene altering vaccine data (which he compiled into a book). this is A religious group with their own network platform, skip the first 20 minutes of religious service.
    There are dozens of other videos/interviews of famous doctors on similar subjects on this site.

    The pharmaceuticals did not produce the vaccine, it was a bio warfare product assigned to them by the department of defense and DARPA under “operation warp speed” which is fully funded and does not expire until 2024. Under emergency use authorization, no safety protocols were followed, that’s why there’s no list of ingredients or side effects data sheet with the product, against federal law. Like the pharmaceuticals whom produced the product, there is no liability associated with defense products.
    Evidence of the Conspiracy To Commit Mass Murder by the DOD, HHS – Sasha Latypova – LewRockwell

    A similar article here, Australia pissed.

    “In a project dubbed Operation Warp Speed, the DoD manufactured the vaccines, managed distribution, owned the vials, and designed the clinical trials. The pharmaceutical companies effectively only provided window dressing. They were paid billions to do “large scale manufacturing demonstrations” that had little validity – Pfizer actually defended itself in a lawsuit claiming that because the DoD knew these demonstrations were fraudulent there was no malfeasance. The pharmaceutical companies lacked the capacity to produce the vaccines themselves.
    The intention was to create the impression that normal regulatory processes were being followed when, in reality, they were bypassed completely.”
    Australia’s Health Institutions and Covid Vaccine Rollout have been controlled by US military – The Expose
    Pandemic of the Vaccinated: Japan’s excess deaths are four times higher after Pfizer “booster” shots – The Expose
    Excess Deaths rising 5 months after Winter Booster Campaign proves theory COVID Vaccines take 5 months to kill recipients – The Expose
    Excess deaths in Australia ‘incredibly high’ at 13%: Actuaries Institute analysis of ABS data | — Australia’s leading news site
    “Unexplained Deaths” Becoming #1 Cause of Death in 2022 in Canada, Australia, and Europe – Deaths Among Children and Young People Explode in Europe – Vaccine Impact

    A majority of Delta pilots refuse to get the shot, delta couldn’t fire them all… Now they’re getting more business than the other airlines.
    Rich prefer their pilots unvaccinated.
    Former Commercial Airline Pilot Reveals Wealthy Elites Want UNVACCINATED PILOTS To Fly Their Jets Around The World (VIDEO) – The Blogging Hounds
    American airlines not so lucky.
    American Airlines Ceases Multiple Routes: “Our Pilots Are Dropping Dead From COVID Jabs” – The Blogging Hounds
    The arrogance of the elite;
    Alan Dershowitz: ‘You Have No Right To Be Unvaccinated, Gov’t Should Plunge a Needle Into Your Arm’ – The Blogging Hounds

    Have your new medications gone through vigorous testing? Or are they one of 600 authorized under the emergency? Will Pfizer use “round up” that it purchased from Monsanto as an antibiotic? It will prevent billions in lawsuits…

    “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an unprecedented number of emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for drugs, tests, and medical devices since the beginning of the pandemic.
    Between March 2020 and June 2021, more than 600 EUAs were authorized, according to Fortune.”
    “The Pfizer bivalent boosters, for example, were approved after being tested in eight mice.”
    ‘Normalization’ of Emergency Use Authorizations Concerns Health Experts – [your]NEWS

    In short, to create a bio weapon, they’re calling a vaccine, they’ve taken a spike protein from the cold virus, using crisper technology. Injecting this RNA fragment into the body to create antibodies. (Which your body does against every foreign object including food, antibodies is proof of nothing)
    Spike protein enters the cell and begins manufacturing copies of itself. Much more devastating than the original virus. The damaging of the cells creates scar tissue everywhere it infects. (Scar tissue in the heart usually kills the patient within five years without a heart transplant)
    Crisper enters the DNA and shreds it to bits, causing inability for manufacturing of RNA for proper immune system. The result is every organ in the body experiences cell death, immunity depression, unusual cellular growth in cancers and reactivated viruses like shingles, Herpes and others, The prime cause of “Long COVID”.
    The best Treatment is the miracle drug that won the Nobel prize 15? years ago. Ivermectin. It fills the receptors that allow spike proteins to infect… With no side effects.
    India, Africa, in other places that take ivermectin weekly to prevent disease and viruses like river blindness, malaria, west Nile virus etc. have the lowest infection and death rates in the world.

  • Max

    The ongoing tally of dead athletes;

  • Cotour

    Thomas Wilson:

    Jester N: “Trump respected our CHOICE to use or not use it”

    And there it is.

    It is to some a small thing, but in reality, it is a very, very, VERY BIG thing. (Why were you unable to default see that?)

    AND to add insult to authoritarian CCP style injury your American government (D, FBI etc.) colluded with big pharma, and big corporate media, and big tech social media who all in unison went to great lengths to limit all and every Americans ability to communicate and do their own due diligence regarding this *NEW* mRNA technology during what was a fearful time.

    To the point that you were in jeopardy of being cancelled and losing your job and ability to survive! Who does that not outrage? (D).

    (And despite those great efforts by the aspirational government overlords many here on BTB and on many other platforms who were able to freely seek the truth figured it all out for the most part and that fact has been proven over and over again. And many of those operatives concerned IMO have perpetrated criminal acts (Fauci, Dasik and many others). But they will get a pass under the rules of S.O.M.)

    This is a prime example of Strategy Over Morality / The Two Conversations and the fear was used to install not only the acceptance of this *NEW* technology in the minds of a majority of the population it was used to install the acceptance of government approved censorship which is among the highest offences to the intent and construction of the Constitution.

    And that perspective still holds in the minds of many in America and the world and that promotes the furtherance of the WEF / CCP / global control model that all concerned are attempting to ram rod into place and love so much.

    America must die philosophically, economically and militarily in order that these enemies of freedom prevail. And that is exactly what you see ongoing right before your own disbelieving eyes.

    The one thing that stands in their way? You know the answer.

    Are you paying attention yet America?


    S.O.M., CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Politically empowered Political Realm leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “Its” subjective agenda interests and “It’s” political power prevailing.



    I think commentators (of real news) are just too soft about the vermin gathering in Davos every year to further their totalitarian agenda and the destruction of our lives.

    We have there mass murderers like (pfizer) and (moderna), Gates and Chinese puppet WHO tedros (accused of crimes vs humanity in hi country) the directors of Mi6 and CIA, war criminals like NATO Jens Stoltenberg, not counting all the scumbags in government who are committing high treason by going there to take their next roadmap against their constituents.

    And by the way committing fraud as they use taxpayer money to fund a trip to a private organization.

    We are not talking about creeps here but a mafia, a global criminal syndicate, people who have millions of deaths on their consciences.

    As for Davos town who welcome these criminals every year, it is time to expose them for what they are: partners in crime.


  • Cotour

    TW: ” imho we pretty much have a “uniparty” at this point”

    Trump or anyone like him in power because he / they remain in the Pedestrian Realm in his political perspective is the personification of the only thing that threatens the Globalist (D / RINO) agenda. And he / they MUST be destroyed in total.

    Trump and anyone like him who sees the American model of freedom and the things that government must never do in respect to that freedom is 180 degrees from the current ongoing political warfare in the world.

    There are three political parties in America today: 1. The Democrat party, which is now a radical Leftist driven party and 2. the RINO Republican party which is driven by multinational corporate interests, both of which seek the gutting of the Constitution to where it no longer complicates their agendas of dominance.

    And then their is #3. the American Conservative Party (R) (Going to have to come up with a new label) who see and respect the Constitution as the only way forward, and that agenda is primarily based in the concepts established by the Constitution. And this third party’s icon / now IMO quasi leader that has effectively made these distinctions clear to all is D.J. Trump.

    This is political warfare, and these are now clearly the three entities fighting for their perspectives and agendas.

    Buckle up because its going to get much crazier before it shakes out and we understand who has in fact prevailed.

    Remember, what the Constitution structures is not written in stone it is but an actual progressive experiment in governance and the forces that seek what it structures, individual freedom are great and they mean business.

    And it is deadly business.

    If they have to kill you in order for their agenda and vision of what should be to prevail in the world they will.

    Anything can be justified because they frame everything in an existential framework.

    It is for your own good.

  • James Street

    The pace is accelerating at which everything is unwinding. I wonder what happens when all the normies who got the jab in good faith finally wake up.

    In preparation for the coming spin by the left to blame Trump:

    TheLastRefuge Retweeted
    David Brody @DBrodyReports
    NEW: When asked if he has concerns about the safety of Covid Vaccines, President Trump tells me, “Well, I always do, but you have to understand. There are the pros and cons… I never demanded anybody use it. I never had a mandate. And I think that’s very important to know.”
    8:55 PM · Jan 16, 2023

    Also in her new book “Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, Covid-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It’s Too Late” Dr. Deborah Birx brags about how she lied to Trump and undercut him.

    History will not be kind to Fauci and Birx.

  • michael savell

    We appear to be losing sight of the fact that this operation was orchestrated by DARPA in collusion with self serving scientists.Wd,at the moment are treating this pandemic as something of an oversight by so called professionals when ,in fact it was an engineered depopulation
    scheme.Add together that fact to the eugenic society named the WEF and the great influence,power,authority our G overnments have given it (and therefore colluded) to further depopulate the world by means of lockdowns,masking etc as if they were with knowledge
    about something calamitous about to befall us.They then collapsed the economy,turned one person against another and have made life thoroughly miserable through the use of taxes and threats.Now we face shortly the digital scheme and the zoning 15 minute scheme which will limit life to such a degree that many will commit suicide–all part of the plan worked out long ago–for what? CLIMATE change.I may not be the brightest spark here but Jordan Peterson has and is interviewing climate scientists and none seem to share the views of the WEF or our GOVERNMENTS—so why is this?It appears to be a continuation of the effects of the covid jab but no doubt all here will diligently toe the line although Granny in this case is probably not around.

  • Cotour:

    Remember, what the Constitution structures is not written in stone it is but an actual progressive experiment in governance and the forces that seek what it structures, individual freedom are great and they mean business.

    The Constitution structures HOW our government operates … but when people forget WHY legitimate human government is needed, it is very easy for those who Know Better™ (but can’t tell you or I apart from a statistical average) to leverage the HOW so that the WHY is subordinated “for your own good”, in a manner reminiscent of a theocracy.

    We have diminished the WHY, to the point of being “holy words” from a notable Star Trek: TOS episode, that are subordinated to today’s definition of the “common good” as defined by the notable experts and leaders of our Pedestaled Elite, who are deemed to Know Better™ than we do what is good for us.

    But the WHY was known well by our founding citizens, who considered it as the central objective of our governance:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    Not any powers, but JUST powers … powers that do not work against WHY governments are instituted among men: TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS.

    The law is to serve liberty – not the other way around. And the Constitution includes not only checks and balances to aid in assuring this, it also includes processes to amend it in the event that the checks and balances fail to do so.

    But those processes, checks, and balances will gather dust, if we fail to appreciate WHY they were put there …

    … that without respect for the life and liberty of the individual …

    … prioritized over ANY other common good, and restricted only when the exercise of those rights poses a clear, present and significant threat to the exercise of those rights by others …

    … there can be neither freedom nor unity.

    Only dominance and submission.

  • Cotour

    Yes, those are the concepts of the Constitution.

    But a concept is just a concept if people are willing to forget about the “WHY”.

    Why? Because the nature of man in regards to the exercise of governmental power is that that power will in time without doubt be abused and the people’s freedom will suffer and be usurped. And that is the observation of the Founders themselves who were the real Progressives of their and our day.

    Throughout time there are many, many forms of governance from a King to a Congress and it is not always a choice, except when it comes to the Constitution. It is a choice. And most other forms of governance are not based in the concept of individual freedom and self-determination.

    Those are both ridiculous and absurd concepts to most all of those who have ever sought power.

    Ask those who say they are opposed to the Constitution and what the rational other model is? And there is no rational answer detectable. Why? Because the default natural condition of such things is oppression and absolute control.

    “I don’t see anything wrong with Socialism” is not a choice based in anything other than a childish fairy tale thought process.

    That is a choice based in pure ignorance and miseducation and these are the faux “Progressives” of today who whether they understand it or not they seek absolute power over everyone. “For their own good” that is.

  • Cotour

    Q: Are those who are among these elites really true believers and did they in fact willingly take the shot?

    And if that is so then they would also be at risk of the negative potentials of said shot.

    OR, they were fully informed and whatever shot they took was not the same as what the masses were given.

    Now that is conspiracy compounded by conspiracy.

    I tend to believe the first scenario rather than the second for the most part. If you are a true believer, you will accept anything you are directed to take.

    DARPA? There are no coincidences IMO.

    The whole argument that those in control to the degree they are in control are making mistakes or errors are not sustainable. It is to some in the Pedestrian Realm for certain. “They” think we are paranoid and extremists and likewise for “Us”.

    Only the evidence continues to roll out to support “Our” paranoia and extremism.

  • Happy to be a member of the COVID-19 injection control group.

  • Cotour

    Blair, you may be called on in the future to help repopulate the planet owing to your pristine biological control condition.

    Are you ready if and when you are called upon?

    And there will be no artificial methods of “application” allowed due to the need for verification of your pristine biological material.

    I too may have to sacrifice.

  • Cotour


    WEF / Davos:

    “Former UK Prime Minister Calls for “National Digital Infrastructure” to Track People’s Vaccination Status in the Event of Pandemic “

  • Alex Andrite

    ” Either the leadership will recognize the truth and admit wrong, or it will be replaced, either peaceable or in terrible violence. ”

    Once, long ago, a local ruler asked the question, “What is Truth ?”.
    Truth was standing before him, and said nothing.

    We have all but lost any truth and reason within our societies. Terrible violence does await us.

  • Xehle T.

    “the consequences of the COVID jab are going to be bad, in ways that cannot yet be measured fully and that have nothing to do with medical science.”

    A sharp 12-year old can see, and could see, from the start, that Covid-19 has nothing to do with real science but is a total SCAM (a PRE-PLANNED crime). Yet, nearly 3 years later most grown-up people STILL have not figured that out yet and are still deeply asleep.

    Why is that?

    A coherent theory has been proposed, see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

    If you’re in the US and your employer mandates the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, register to receive a free “Medical Exemption Certificate” at or

    “Never hide the truth to spare the feelings of the ignorant.” — Mikhail Bulgakov

  • Max

    Didn’t Schwab just say that humans are a virus and AI will take care of it?

    I’ve long wondered why there’s so many “erectile dysfunction” commercials on the radio constantly since Covid and the shots arrived…
    I had a moment so I thought I’d do some checking, apparently it is the “number one search item” 5 years running!!!
    Spiking after the “clot shot” roll out in 2021 over 40,000 times higher than before!!!
    (remember it’s not connected not connected nothing to see here correlation does not equal causation not connected not connected)

    If you do a search asking if the shots cause erectile dysfunction, you’ll get page after page of denials fat checks and all kinds of road blocks but no data. (plenty of advertisements claiming they can cure the problem)

    CDC has a table linking erectile dysfunction with heart problems stating 44% of the people with ED under 50 have heart issues as well. And the fact checkers insist there is no link!
    By the way, the estimate is that 10% per decade have erectile dysfunction, that means those that are at 50 years old, 50% of the population is affected. (Japan and China have a much worse average.)

    Add that to your pile of data that will get you banned quicker than anything else, what are the leading causes of drinking, divorce, mental issues and suicide.
    Would you take the shot with the chance that you’ll never perform again? That’s a dealbreaker for nearly everyone!

  • Phil Berardelli

    Excellent work, Bob, as has been all of your posts about COVID. If you had done this during the time we worked together, I would have nominated you for a Pulitzer.

  • Phil Berardelli: And you really think that leftist propaganda operation dubbed Pulitzer would have even accepted the nomination?

  • wayne

    Compare & contrast how we dealt with polio vs the chinese-virus
    [this Short obviously has a perspective, but compared to the virus hysteria of the past few years……]

    “Unconditional Surrender” (1956)

    Me as well; I’ve had all 3 versions, so have that natural immunity mojo going on.

    What State do you live in? (holy cow!)

    Highly recommend you make some time and listen to a sample episode of the “No Agenda” Podcast [Adam Curry &John C. Dvorack]

  • Phil Berardelli

    No, Bob. I was musing about returning to a sane world long gone.

  • Phil Berardelli: I know, but I don’t think even back when we worked for UPI the Pultizer committee would have been interested in this work by me. Even then it was a leftist propaganda operation, though at that time it tried harder to hide it.

    That sane world hasn’t existed for at least a half century.

  • Cotour


    Project Veritas:

    “Directed evolution”, the “best” business model?

    The “T” word (Treason) and long-term government sponsored “Vacations” / jail must be a part of the conversation soon for ALL of those involved in both government and business who have abandoned their Pedestrian Realm loyalty and morality.

    Is this really Americas and humanities future?

    What is the nature of man related to absolute power? There will absolutely be abuse of power. Someone or a group of someone’s somewhere is going to have to personally pay the price. both monetarily and with their freedom. It is the ONLY way forward.

    When Political Realm Strategy is fully and unabashedly embraced by those in political power without concern in the least for how things appear to the Pedestrian Realm in concert with big multinational Globalist business then we are all doomed.

    Someone somewhere has to take care of business.

  • Cotour

    Wow! Project Veritas on Twitter: “SHOCKING: @Pfizer Director Physically Assaults @JamesOKeefeIII & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings About “Mutating” Covid Virus; NYPD RESPONDS! “I’m just someone who’s working in a company that’s trying to literally help the public.” “You [deleted]”” / Twitter

    You know, when your on a date with another guy and you want to impress them…. you lie!

    The truth is a female dog.

    And female dogs cost $44 billion dollars.

  • Cotour

    Woops, my apologies, I did not see that banned word in the Twitter address.

    Please remedy the situation, thank you.

  • Cotour: Fixed. Thank you for letting me know.

    Our culture is very debased at this time. People curse routinely and somehow think it is okay, and thus they become less civilized and more barbaric and don’t even know it.

  • Cotour

    Agreed, thank you.

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