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The Democratic/Media smear machine

This past weekend we got to once again see the workings of the Democratic/Media smear machine, designed to not only destroy the reputation of anyone who opposes them, but to give that machine justification for removing all such individuals from any position of power.

All without any evidence. None.

First the New York Times published a new unsubstantiated smear against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. The allegations were made by a Democratic Party operative who had acted as one of Bill Clinton’s lawyers, and who claimed to have seen the incident.

Then Democratic politicians pile on, demanding the impeachment of Kavanaugh. They do this despite the fact that there are absolutely no other confirmed witnesses to that Democratic operative’s accusations. Nor is there any record anywhere or evidence that the vile incident ever happened.

Then, when the damage has already been done, and this new Big Lie has been properly spread throughout the world, the New York Times finally corrects its initial report, adding two significant details that discredits the report entirely. First, the so-called victim had refused to be interviewed for the report, and second, according to her friends, has no recollection of the incident itself.

None of these corrections will matter. From now on Democrats, and their willing allies in the press, will repeatedly use this new smear as evidence that Kavanaugh is a bad person who must be removed from office.

This is the same pattern we have seen them use repeatedly for the past decade. First they make unsubstantiated accusations of racism (the Tea Party, some children from Kentucky), of murder (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown), of encouraging violence (Sarah Palin), of treason (Trump), of sexual deviancy (Kavanaugh and Roy Moore), and then when those accusations are unequivocally proven to be lies and smears, ignore this fundamental evidence to continue spreading the lies and the slanders.

Yet, when it came time to vote in 2018, the American public shrugged its shoulders, ignored this vile behavior, and rewarded these Democrats with more power in Congress. It seems that a very large percentage of the American public — maybe even a majority — approves of this smear machine, likes what it is doing, and wants to use it to make sure all opposition to the Democratic Party is destroyed, by any means necessary.

Bad times are coming, unless something changes in the 2020 election.


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  • Cotour


    And so the obvious next question is what may turn out to be a very scary one: What will these operatives and their minions do in their desperation if and when they lose the next presidential election? And, and if this happens this will push them to levels never before seen, if they lose both the House and the Senate and the presidency? (Which is exactly what they deserve because of their anti, un and politically correct American agenda)

    What will their next move be as they continue their existential death spiral? I can not imagine where they will be forced to go.

  • Cotour

    Blasi Ford, a “good soldier”.

    The NYT’s, a “good soldier” for the cause, doing what must be done, “By any means necessary”.

    “We beleive survivors”, but many of these “survivors” clearly appear to be “good soldiers”.

  • Chris Lopes

    You would think that the “victum” not being able to remember any such event would be kind of important. Of course I’m not a professional journalist, so what do I know.

  • Cotour

    Your applying rational thought, that has no business in this arena.

    What needs to happen is Kavanaugh suing the NYT’s and these alleged accusers for their clearly subversive, corrupt and dishonest actions and accusations. I suppose that they believe that he would not do that because of the spectacle and the fact that he is a sitting Surpeme. But I think at some point things like real hard core legal action must happen and there must be consequences for actions taken.

    At some point the line must be drawn.

  • Max

    This knowingly proven false accusation which no one, including the victim, can remember happening claimed by a Clinton defense attorney “hired gun” is not about judge Cavanaugh at all. This is about justice Ginsburg, whom will be replaced soon. This is a warning to all those to be considered for replacement that “we will do this to you and make your life a living hell!”
    Haven’t you noticed all of the Republicans in their prime suddenly retiring or not running for reelection? They know what is coming, and it’s not a fight they can win. So they’re taking their marbles, which they are allowed to keep, and calling it a win and going home. Any blackmail used against conservatives does not have to be true, in fact they can be complete fiction like the trump /Russia collusion. The message is “we can and will destroy you”.
    It is also obvious who’s getting away with murder and treason without anyone held responsible. It is a message for “who has the winning side” “above the law” “untouchable”.

    A public figure suing most likely won’t go anywhere, especially since the retraction has already been printed. Operation mockingbird has made it perfectly legal to print lies and protects the media from any repercussions.

    A brief, kind, resourced explanation by Wikipedia. Take a glance and try to read without shaking your head…

    The CIA also known as the deep state openly owns or are partners in media, Google, Facebook, and many others. Even the elections, and election booth is affected.
    Resistance is futile… Message received.

  • Cotour

    Your correct: The Republicans are likely to control the House, the Senate, the presidency and add at least one more Supreme Court Justice to the court.

    Point well made.

    I can not imagine the lengths they will go to or how they will deal with it. They will quite literally lose their minds.

  • Cotour: If you are right and the Republicans win big in 2020, then they will have the power at last to prosecute these people. If they lose their minds and do things they shouldn’t, they will find themselves finally facing jail terms.

    This is assuming the best things happen at the polls. So far I have seen nothing to convince me that will happen.

  • Cotour

    Its the best show on earth, time will tell the tale.

    Other than Trump defeating himself I see no one offered by the Democrats who can legitimately beat him.

    You will have a bloviating BS artist bar none, Joe Biden, an old Communist curmudgeon, or the old scolding school marm who called herself a “Native American” for her own benefit. Everyone will understand by the time of the elections that the market and the economy will disintegrate if anyone listed above becomes the president. The market will go down by 1/3rd to 1/2, and stay there for four years at least. I have no doubt about that.

    The better question might be: What will the powers in the world who oppose Trump and American nationalism do to draw down the worlds and America’s economy before the election and what chaos will they be willing to unleash to diminish Trump in order for the Global order to get back on track?

    The Chinese and the Russians and those controlling the EU have no interest what so ever in continuing to deal with Trump in the White House.

    What lengths will they go to? We may be seeing just the tip of that iceberg.

  • Cotour

    Tulsi Gabbard diminishing herself, listening to her handelers: “Tulsi, you have got to get some attention, lets go the Beto rout, start cursing”. FAIL.

    The Democrats now have no possible salvation, the death spiral continues.

    And that really is a good thing.

  • Edward

    Chris Lopes,
    You wrote: “Of course I’m not a professional journalist, so what do I know.

    Neither are those who are feeding us all this fake news, so you may know more than they do — and you seem to, too.

    Robert wrote: “Bad times are coming, unless something changes in the 2020 election.

    Everyone keeps trying to tell us that it is the next election that is the most important of our time. The truth (or fact, if you are Joe Biden) is that the 2008 election was the most important, and we lost. Now America is fundamentally transformed, and it will take at least decades of elections in order to change it back, assuming we can. Those who expected Trump to be the one to change it back must have been terribly disappointed a couple of days after the election when he declared that Hillary would remain unpunished for her several felonious crimes — meaning that he was not going to go after the corrupt swamp.

    The bad times are already here. Thugs roam the streets beating up those that they disagree with; many conservatives no longer feel safe expressing their opinions (in San Jose, the police have herded conservatives to waiting thugs), and even liberals have to toe the continually changing party line to remain safe. Societal changes mean that now anyone is who he says he is, and women are no longer safe in their own locker rooms or able to compete in sports separately from men — science says one thing, but anyone can now successfully scoff at it. The Supreme Court ruled that government now can tyrannically mandate us to buy, do, say, or be anything that the government wants us to, just so long as they associate a tax with it. Religious belief is under heavy fire, and practicing one’s own religion can result in unreasonably excessive bankrupting fines. The government has taken sides in elections, using its vast resources in order to influence the outcomes of not only foreign elections but American elections, too.

    As we see with Kavanaugh and others, it is a case of guilt by accusation and trial by news media; now we are guilty even after proved innocent. J’accuse, General Flynn!

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • pzatchok

    Was this how it was politically just before the civil war?

  • pzatchok: To answer your question, only partly. The similarity has to do with the refusal of the side that lost an election to accept the results and move on. In both cases, the losers (the southern slave-owning Democrats in 1860 and the leftist Democrats in the coastal urban centers and academia in 2016) were and are willing to toss our democracy aside to get what they want, by any means necessary.

    In the 1860s the north refused to sacrifice the country and the principles behind democracy, and saved the Union. Today, I don’t know what will happen. I do not sense the same passion for the American experiment now that existed then, and made it possible for the north to fight until, as Grant demanded, they obtained “unconditional surrender.”

    As Edward said, it is going to take a lot of elections to overcome the bad policy and social corruption that has crept into America since the 1960s. 2020 could be a step in the right direction, if the voters respond properly and wipe the modern very corrupt and power-hungry Democratic Party from power. If they do this that party will have a chance to reform itself, as did the Republican Party after Nixon and Watergate.

    If the public continues to do what it did in 2018, however, I do not have much hope for the country.

  • F16 Guy

    Reflecting on the definition of insanity that we all know, nothing will change in politics unless new approaches are tried and are successful. It’s time to think “outside the box.”

    1. Convention of States as authorized in Article V of the Constitution
    2. Projects like Levin’s Liberty Amendments
    3. States allowed to secede
    4. Mandatory term limits
    5. ?
    As few of these will ever see the light of day, expect endless years of the same.

  • wayne

    John Batchelor Show-
    “Are we already inside a civil war?”
    May 2017

  • Cotour

    What appears to be being over looked is that what we are within and always have been within is a constant form of political warfare. And like diplomacy is just another form of warfare, the negotiating and “peaceful” inbetween time between physical conflict, politcal warfare is the same and we are just apparently at a point of very high tension.

    Politics is warfare within the body politic and when it is expected that there was “A better time” or “A time when things were not so contentious” that is not really accurate. We have experienced times that were less contentious and times the country was apparently more on the same footing, but in that time of apparent “peace” there has grown an contagion within. And that is this Socialist really Communistic thinking that some humans appear to be attracted to deep within our primary education and cultural systems and it is just now maturing and must be confronted.

    Politics is warfare, and we understand that there are no rules in war. One side understands that truth and will “Do what ever is necessary, at any cost”, and the other side expects that there be some rules be adhered to.

    When Grant demanded “unconditional surrender” he understood cleraly what must be in war. We appear to be nearing clarity.

  • wodun

    It wasn’t without evidence, the evidence disproved what they claimed and so it wasn’t included.

  • Cotour

    PS: The Constitution is designed to allow this process of “Politcal warfare” to take place without real extreme violence having to be expressed like it has been throughout all of history as the balance of power was transferred. That is the brilliance that exists within it. The Founders understood well this need to politically do battle and for one side to emerge and in this manner power is managed and there is no need for the letting of massive amounts of blood. Or so the theory / experiment goes. (This is all really just an on going social experiment)

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    Lets be hopeful that Mr. Jeffersons tree of liberty is not in need of nourishment for a long, long while. But one side of the equation seems willing to throw out the window all the rules and play by rules that they prefer. Being willing to throw the basic rules of the Constitution out the window may in time turn into a moment of truth for everyone.

  • Cotour

    To my point: We have and always will be within a civil war, its a constant.

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