The Democratic Party: The party of riots, looting, and stolen elections

Last week CNN anchor Don Lemon, who like everyone else at CNN for years has repeatedly signaled his blind partisan support for the Democratic Party, revealed something even more fundamental about Democrats and their supporters in the political world. The clip below shows Lemon discussing the rioting going on in cities across the U.S., and what Joe Biden should do to address this violence. Lemon is clearly acting as a Democratic Party front man, not a news reporter, as he thinks of ways to help that party win elections.

After proposing Biden give a speech on the subject, Lemon says this, “The rioting has got to stop. … It’s showing up in the polls. It’s showing up in the focus groups. It is the only thing right now that is sticking.”

In other words, the riots and looting were great, as long as they helped the Democrats in the polls. According to Lemon, who is a very typical Democratic apparatchik, only if rioting should hurt Democrats in the polls should Democrats oppose them.

This fact is far more important than Lemon’s obvious partisan bias. In this one clip he demonstrates, with the nodding approval of his fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, that the political leadership of the Democratic Party and their lapdogs in the press care only about polls and winning, and will tolerate anything — riots, lynchings, looting, murder, oppression — if it will get them re-elected and in power.

Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris enthuses over riots and looting

This ugly and tolerant view of the recent violence and looting has been typical of Democrats. Prior to recent polling Democratic politicians not only enthused about the riots — calling them justified “protests” and downplaying the violence — some Democrats actually made believe the looting and violence wasn’t happening, were a “myth,” to quote Congressman Jerry Nadler (R-New York).

But the rioting and violence were happening, in increasingly ugly and vicious ways, destroying the livelihoods of ordinary people who had done nothing wrong, except maybe own a business in a place where these protesters happened to congregate. As soon as the polling and focus groups revealed that the public knew this, and was horrified by it and the Democrat’s nonchalance to it, the Democrats did an about-face. Suddenly looting and riots are bad!

What is really important about this revelation is that it is nothing new. Except for a short period in the mid-twentieth century, and even then only in northern cities, the Democratic Party has always been the party of lynching, of slavery, of oppression, of riots, of looting. In the 1860s, they wanted to continue to enslave blacks, and the election of Lincoln threatened that power. Thus, because they didn’t like the result of his election and would not accept it, they started a Civil War.

For more than a century following the Civil War that same party, dominant in the South, worked to continue the oppression of blacks, preventing them from voting, imposing segregation, while routinely subverting the law to kill any blacks uppity enough to challenge their rule. Then, in the 1960s they returned to riots and protests and violence as a means for getting their way, while bribing a whole generation of blacks with government hand-outs in order to make them loyal Democratic voters, even as that same party caused the destruction of the inner cities where they ruled. And it was in those same cities that blacks had migrated in post-World-War-II era, in a desperate attempt to escape Democratic southern rule. Now they were under that rule again, with the same odious results.

Today the Democrats have finally returned to their pre-Civil War policy of refusing to accept the legal results of elections, and are making it clear that should Trump win in November, no matter how big his victory, they will take whatever action necessary to nullify that victory, even to the point of creating fake mail-in votes to change the actual results.

And if that voter fraud isn’t sufficient it also appears that in Democratic strongholds like California, Oregon, Washington, and New York, there will be a forceful effort to secede from this country, to defy federal rule because that rule no longer meets with their approval.

Americans of all stripes, from all states, must rise up in November to oppose this Democrat Party’s effort to corrupt and destroy our nation. People must vote in large numbers, in person, for Republicans and for Trump. The victory must be a landslide of epic proportions, including even victories against Democratic rule in those Democratic strongholds, a victory so large that no matter of fraud will be capable of overturning it. Only then might these power-hungry corrupt Democrats realize that the country rejects them, that Americans believe in freedom and peaceful elections and the rule of law, not riots, looting, and stolen elections.

If Americans don’t do this, however, and thus give these corrupt, power-hungry Democrats an opening to void a legal election, sewing chaos and violence in their wake, then the coming years will be far more terrible than many can imagine. You can get a hint, however, by looking at the hellhole of Venezuela, or even at the collapsed bankruptcy in Democratically-ruled cities like New York, Detroit, and Chicago.

Do we really want this failure to come to the entire United States?


  • Cotour

    I also took Michelle Obama’s DNC speech as a not so veiled threat if the people chose to decide to continue with Trump.

    “It won’t stop”, if you reelect Trump.

    The Democrats in 2020 have nearly NOTHING. Joe Biden is a political zero, Kamala Harris is a political zero. And these veiled threats and the added threat of mail in voting and chaos and turmoil are their only strategy at this point. Why are they so desperate?

    Because the Democrat party has turned into a political party that is now without doubt un and anti American, and they can no longer hide it, Trump forces them to be revealed. Plain and simple.

    Like it has been stated here on BTB from the beginning: Donald Trump represents a real a present existential threat to the Democrat party. And they will do ANYTHING up to and including unspeakable things to stop him.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “Except for a short period in the mid-twentieth century, and even then only in northern cities, the Democratic Party has always been the party of lynching, of slavery, of oppression, of riots, of looting.

    The Democratic Party was created by Andrew Jackson (who brought us The Trail of Tears) specifically to defend the practice of slavery from those pesky northern abolitionists.

    Bill Whittle had a thing or two to say on the topic of Democrats and fascism:

    They’re the definition of fascism. They’re the definition of “we get our way or there’s going to be violence. We get what we want or we’re going to burn this thing down. No only is this the defining characteristic of Antifa and the people who are in these Black Lives Matters protests, you could say that Black Lives Matters have a point, but the organization seems to be where all the fires are.

    Whittle even had a way to tell the difference between rightists and leftists:

    There’s only one definition that makes sense in this particular regard in all of politics, and that is this: are you an individualist or a collectivist? Do you think the individual more important than the state, or do you think the state more important than the individual?

    The question that each of us has to ask ourselves is: are we important as individuals, or are we merely sticks in the collective bundle of the country? Are our individual rights superior or are the government’s rights superior?

  • I would like a sane, rational, person, to explain to me on this forum or by email, why they would vote for a Democratic candidate at any level.

  • Gary

    Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.
    Joseph Goebbels

    I am not accusing anyone of being a Nazi, but search for Joseph Goebbel quotes and you will find a brilliant guide to controlling the masses. What should scare you is how diligently the left knowingly, or unknowingly follows Goebbels advice. This next election will hinge on if the citizenry recognizes that what they take as their own thought is actually the result of decades of misdirection by the left.

    The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it.
    Joseph Goebbels

  • pzatchok

    I can try.

    A head injury would be the only way.

    Satan could run as a Republican and I would pick him over a Democrat Jesus.

  • pzatchok

    This is all the democrat party has to offer the people.

    But they are safe.

  • Rick

    Biden running ads on Pandora, his only platform is”I’m not Trump”

  • Col Beausabre

    “Satan could run as a Republican and I would pick him over a Democrat Jesus.”

    “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

    – Winston Churchill

    And just for the heck of it….

    “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

    – Ronald Reagan

  • Cotour


    I think it comes down to tribal loyalty reasons for many. Once you are one of them thats it you are committed, thats the side you defend. And many of these Americans from my experience are only partially educated on the subject of politics, our history and what the actual real big picture view is. They are tribal and have a myopic view.

    Thinking tribal does not allow for reason and objectivity. And once the die is cast it is very hard to break through those tribal / “familial” ramparts and present a reasonable alternative. Even when the opposition is by their own words and actions anti and un American.

    I can have a fairly reasonable conversation with someone, and they will agree with me on most every single point, but if they are strident anti Trumpers the conversation inevitably ends with: “Oh, but I would never vote for him. NEVER!”

    It is both quite interesting and disturbing at the same time. Don’t lose sleep over it its IMO a kind of mental condition, and because it is what it is that is what gives political operatives the opportunity to manipulate, they will manipulate. Its all psychology, well known psychology.

    But its not perfect and there in lies the opportunity to prevail in spite of those who see things in such skewed ways. And to be fair, it would be very, very difficult for someone to convince me that I was incorrect in my read of what was what in politics today.

  • Cotour

    This is what it took for one sheriff to resign from the Democrat party and he chose to join the Republican / Trump party (The new political party might be called the Trumpublican party?)

    101 days of violence and rioting and the elected powers that be in the form of mayors and a governor have allowed it all because they, just like Comrade DeBlasio in NYC, are one of them and have been installed in their positions of power to further their Socialist “Progressive” Democrat agenda.

    And you must recognize their success. If not then we truly are doomed, these players, these opponents need to be seen for what they are, recognized for their accomplishments, and counter acted and not to be made excuses for. “Don’t they see whats going on?”. Of course they do, they are facilitating it, they are of them.

    These mayors and governors have specifically modified laws in order to cripple the police and foster their social revolution that threatens Americas foundation. They could stop all of this in one night by arresting the rabble rousers and keeping them in jail. And by their actions they are actively doing the exact opposite of what is required. Is what it is.

    Its on a one by one and an individual basis as an individual understands the reality that is before them as opposed to political rhetoric in pursuit of political agenda.

  • Chris

    Some 1984 quotes I think apply well to today’s media and government:

    Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?
    In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.

    The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.

    Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.

    The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.

  • Cotour


    3 minutes from Australia :

    Not exactly confidence building for the Democrat voter, this is clearly elder abuse IMO.

    And I never have and still don’t believe that Joe Biden will be the Democrat party candidate, but there he is all the same.

    All the Democrat party leadership have now is chaos, confusion and doubt in mail in voting.

    And that’s it, that is what the 2020 presidential election will boil down to.

  • Max

    The rioters and looters, Antifa/BLM, have been shown to be bussed and moved around the country from one hot spot to the next. Arrest and release from several Democrat controlled cities.
    The federal government has been told they can do nothing about it without being formally asked to help. But there is a loophole that’s catching on… If you’re committing a crime and go over state lines it becomes a federal offense!
    The database on the arrested looters is growing quickly, as is face recognition and GPS locator at the time of the crime, stingray digital identification. (The device police use to intercept and record your calls, the crooks have them too and use illegal stingray against the police officers to find out where they live)
    This all can be used to round up the Nazi brown shirt instigators, when the political winds begin blowing in a more favorable direction.

    As for voting irregularities, would anybody like to get involved in influencing the vote?

    Before the 2016 elections, my union magazine had an ad for anyone who would like to run for office at any level, that big donors (George Soros?) and the union would pay for their campaign.
    Here’s the latest ad in the United steel workers mag;

    “Can you work at the polls on election day? In 2016 carrying out our election required more than 900,000 volunteers. That number wasn’t enough, resulting in long lines in some heavily populated districts. We need members who are able to step up and volunteer on election day. In addition to staffing polling places, these workers cover early voting where it is permitted and count absentee ballots after the election. For more information about how you can get involved, visit ”

    What could go wrong?
    There are are a lot of ballots of people who sheltered out of state or moved. Returned envelopes will need to be filled out. It’s helpful that the “party affiliation” is on the outside of the voting card envelope allowing it to be sorted out for the shredder, allowing properly filled out envelopes to be counted multiple times.

    Was it Joseph Stalin who said, he didn’t care about the vote as long as he controlled the voting booth ?

  • wayne

    “Newspeak & Chocolate Rations”

  • Phil Berardelli

    Well expressed, Bob. I have been arguing for several years now that the Democratic Party, the party of my own youth, has become nothing but a criminal operation and a danger to the republic. It is time for the party to be dissolved. But if the leadership refuses to go quietly, then the millions and millions of armed citizens of this country — whose number is greater than all of the armies on Earth combined — must force them out of existence. We owe it to our descendants to remove this scourge from our society, whether peacefully by overwhelming presence at the ballot box, or by any means necessary to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Lawrence M. Bates

    Comrade Zimmerman-

    Like me, I’m sure you’re looking forward to the November elections and the prospect that the United States of America will at long last enter the inevitable final stage of human cultural evolution, which is pure communism. However, I must alert you to the fact that a newly released book, titled Logic Bug, threatens to derail the currently brewing socialist revolution. The author, obviously some kind of deranged freedom and prosperity crackpot, cleverly interweaves truth, facts, and satirical commentary to mock and ridicule the Party. This is blasphemy! I urge you to use your platform to publicly denounce this book as anti-Marxist and to condemn the author as an enemy of the State.

    Ministry of Information Approval: 10:38 am 09/10/2020

  • Rich Rostrom

    “In the 1860s, they wanted to continue to enslave blacks, and the election of Lincoln threatened that power. Thus, because they didn’t like the result of his election and would not accept it, they started a Civil War.”

    Nobody in 1860 questioned the election of Lincoln. The pro-secession “Fire-Eaters” openly celebrated the result, believing (correctly) that it would spur moderate Southerners to join them.

    As to Northern Democrats: Lincoln’s great adversary Stephen Douglas (the official Democrat candidate in 1860) held Lincoln’s hat for him during the inauguration. And when Lincoln called for 75,000 troops to put down secession, Douglas told him he should call for 200,000. In this he was backed by nearly all northern Democrats.

    Most secessionist were Democrats- but most Democrats were Unionists.

    This however should not obscure the role of “Doughface” (pro-slavery northern) Democrat Presidents Pierce and Buchanan in enabling pro-slavery violence in Kansas Territory, including multiple incidents of flagrant election stealing at gunpoint by the “Border Ruffians”. Their eagerness to placate Southern extremists disgusted even most Democrats (Buchanan and Douglas were bitter enemies by 1860).

    The current Democratic Party’s embrace of extremist violence is much more pervasive. (Though it should be noted that today’s thugs are careful to do only sporadic “harassing” violence, not explicit rebellion as in 1860.)

  • wayne

    AC/DC –
    “If You Want Blood (You Got It)”

  • Cotour

    “Peaceful Protests” according to the Democrats, I mean Marxists / now Socialists:

    The Democrats NEED and MUST have violence and racial chaos.

    Especially when they are confronted with Trump who is not a politician and who is actually in Washington to actually get something actually done. The status quo has no way to combat that other than violence and chaos.

  • Wow…finally some like-.minded people. So SICK AND TIRED of democrap nonsense…I often find myself dreaming of shooting them in civil war ‘ll…maybe even taking a bullet for my freedom…okay sounds way better than living under tyranny. How many times does HISTORY have to repeat itself? The leftist Nazis are rising up again…its up to ALL OF ?? US to rise Stronger…because we ARE STILL MUCH MUCH STRONGER the silent majority still have all the guns! We MUST forcibly remove these threats to our children’s very futures BY FORCE or humanity is doomed. We are in the 5th Aztec sun cycle. Our LAST cycle and very LAST CHANCE to finally evolve past communism or perish. Trump knows this… that’s why he created the space force we are poised on the cusp in interstellar Star Travel there are already four alien species waiting for us to evolve past ithis communist roadblock to final evolution and 5D.
    Otherwise HISTORY ends and humanity dies off in chains being led to hell by these pedophile billionaire satanic Socialist/Democrat rulers. Again.. this is the fifth cycle and last cycle in the Aztec calendar don’t we don’t evolve past this within 80 years from now all life on Earth will be gone. 177th time travel division John Tutor ‘ll confirm this in a visit to the Future.
    TTAF (time travel associated future) crossed over from the alpha timeline. I’m trying to try to change this future as the ripples affect all timelines. Knowledge helps… but the time for Fighting For Freedom will come soon.

  • Michelle

    Love your piece..
    Shhh don’t tell them.

    Let em keep going.
    We all know who and what they are.
    This isn’t about race, color, creed, or sexual orientation (I now have tons of homosexuals and transgender folk on my Facebook page)
    This is about really really bad people who kill a fetus up to 9 months, and sell the body parts etc etc

    Do we need to expound on this horrific group of luciferian driven maniacs?
    I don’t think we do.

    I voted for Obama.
    Obama opened my eyes about hate toward my pigment (I am white )Obama opened my eyes to the horror of Islam, and their deep engrained hatred of me and my faith.
    Obama pushed me right.
    For that, I thank him.

    They think we want to be included.
    They talk about coming together.
    Never once stopping to think.. We don’t want to come together with THEM.
    We don’t want to have anything to do with them.
    These are dark soulless humans.
    God has intentionally blinded them to truth, as punishment.
    They sincerely believe what they think and do because God has blinded them.

    We are taking all three branches.
    The destruction of all those cities are wrought with liberals. Overflowing with them.
    God is using them, to cleanse it.

    Don’t tell them, let em go.
    It helps us dominate, keep power, keep God, and keep my Constitution.
    All I personally care about.


  • Cotour


    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has endorsed, Joe Biden and, Kamala Harris.

    This makes no sense to me, he has either made this move to appease hi$ Hollywood partner$? Or he has sold out to the Democrat party and hopes to put himself in that line of succession? Biden and Harris are the weakest pair to ever emerge in Democrat politics, and the Rock aligns with them?

    That is counter to his entire image and makes no sense. What is the Rocks end in this move?

    This is a weak and un American move by a man who has the world by the short hairs and could have become something of value in politics. Instead he has strategically made a weak move and that move has a reason. I am just not clearly seeing it at the moment.

    The Rock IMO has made a terrible move in his until now perfectly executed public life.

    Bad move Rock.

  • Cotour

    This is similar:

    If the Leftists within Spotify don’t get their way and get to sensor Joe Rogan they are going to strike! And they plainly state what it is that they need to do.

    What is Rogan going to do? (Joe Rogan has the #1 podcast on the planet and the Leftists can not have him and his free speech in their reality)

    He has to straighten them all out and / or sue them.

    But do nothing and allow it?

    If Joe does that then these intellectual terrorists have come along way to winning the long game, and there will never be truth again in media, anywhere.

    As for the Rock? He has done what he did for a reason, or he was told what he was going to do. Choose one.

    Not good.

  • Cotour


    You might have asked before: “How does someone with such hate in their heart for America and its Constitution like, Ilhan Ohmar (D), become a Congress person and placed at the highest levels and at the levers of power in America?”. How does that exactly happen? 4 min.

    For everyone, for every Democrat, for every American who is unable to understand the fundamental problems with mail in voting, this video by Project Veritas gives you real time, real world examples of how the cheating and installing of such vial persons in our government is accomplished using mail in voting.

    This woman is a naturalized citizen and I would expect the she can be returned from where she came, Somalia, if it were legally proven that she lied when she pledged her fidelity to our Constitution. Ilhan Ohmar has clearly demonstrated that she needs to be returned to sender.

    How is it that the Democrats win in politics? They MUST consistently cheat and lie because if they were to be honest about their agenda no sane American would ever vote for any of them.

  • wayne

    –reference the-rock; check out the American Greatness website for an article on who ‘owns’ him, from a financial-gain standpoint.
    –reference rogan; spotify signed a substantial contract with him, so…I guess the disgruntled staffers should update their resume’s, and, he’s moving to texas. (where, btw, mary-jane is illegal)
    –ref omar; yeah… she’s knee deep in the hoopla. (as it were)

  • Cotour

    Listening to Rush, he of course brings up the Rock and his Biden endorsement and he makes a more refined point.

    And Rush makes the point and its the extension of the Hollywood partners argument, and that extends to……..the Chinese who now owns and runs much of Hollywood. And just like the NBA and Lebron James who has made a fool of himself are also pandering directly to the Chinese and their check book.

    Just more economic treason? Treason is treason in my book. Just like corporate America who have become international citizens, Globalists. There must be some line that someone will not go past, even in the name of further enrichment. Your selling your country out for money. Better to say nothing at all then to be manipulated to make an endorsement.

    Is it just me? Am I too idealistic?

    What does that phone call or that conversation with the likes of the Rock sound like? And who makes it?

    Apparently the Rock received 100K comments on his social media account, and 90 percent of those comments were in the negative related to his endorsement. Trading America for the Chine$e, not a good move IMO Rock.

  • wayne

    –interesting factoid;
    The chinese own 60% of all movie-theater seats in North America. (mainly through AMC)

  • Cotour

    To bow to your Chinese masters at the potential cost of your country? And to tarnish your American brand and appear to be a weak tool?

    The money is big, and I am certain the pressure is great, but again there is a line, Wayne, as you well know.

  • Cotour

    Trump forces all to be revealed, will be considered as a second Founder of sorts, right behind Lincoln: The Rock has sold out and has tarnished his public image.

    Trump 360 electoral votes.

  • Cotour

    Joe Biden: “Hey, its DJ”. The Rock talks to Biden and Harris.

    I could not even watch this entire video, makes me physically ill. The Rock is not that good of an actor, and this is the proof.

  • Cotour


    Tonight we will witness a debate between president Donald J. Trump and vice president Joe Biden.

    Thats if Biden shows up. I still do not believe he will be the Democrat candidate, nor do I believe that he will debate Trump. But there he is all the same.

    And why is that?

    The scenario was supposed to be as per the now Socialist Democrat leadership decree: Hillary after Obama, and Hillary would deliver the U.S. into the New World model of governance. That was the dream anyway, Hillary was soundly rejected by the people of America because she was a terrible and not liked candidate.


    The Democrats were on track to sell the country out to the Chinese and the U.N. / EU model, just like the NBA, and the NFL are in the process of displaying right now. And now we can add Dwayne the “Rock” Johnson to that sell out list.

    And Joe Biden is the baby boomer alternative to Hillary and the Democrat leaderships attempt at a second bite at the Globalist apple. And Joe Biden is no where near qualified in any way shape or form to be president and anyone who has seen him and listened to him understands that. And I expect that if Biden does show up to debate he will not disappoint.

    So Biden is the last gasp at the retention of and the acquisition of political power by these baby boomer, now fossilized, white cracker, pants pooping, mostly infirm Democrats. And in there desperation they offer a faulty candidate because they see him as having some form of political credibility and capital to trade on. And in the end he and his vp pick are both phony political liabilities. Two phony zeros.

    Where that delivers the Democrat party after this political cycle I do not know, but the Democrat party as we know it today is dead.

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