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The disputed elections must recounted properly, or the states should refuse to certify the results

Signing the Constitution in 1787
The signing of the Constitution in 1787.

The amount of evidence that there was clear election fraud in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin continues to build.

For example, in Pennsylvania a review of absentee ballots found that 100,000 had suspicious postmarks, with 23,000 apparently postmarked one day but then marked by the election authorities as having arrived the day before, an impossibility. Tens of thousands of other absentee ballots had similar problems.

In Michigan numerous residents and poll workers have signed affidavits describing blatant violations of election law and suspicious behavior. In addition, one contractor witnessed poll workers rescanning the same votes repeatedly, essentially double counting those votes.

In Wisconsin thousands of absentee votes were submitted in a manner that required no voter identification.

In Georgia there is evidence that the software used to count the ballots is corrupted, or was corrupted, ending up switching many votes from Trump to Biden in what they innocently claim was merely a “glitch.” Worse, this “glitch” in election software has now been found to be exist in other states as well.

The list above is only a small sampling of the numerous stories in the past week of suspicious and well documented incidents of voter fraud. The problems in these states appears widespread and systemic. The election results are thus suspect.

According to the Constitution, the real arbiters of the election are the state legislatures. They are the ones who certify the results and then choose the electors to vote those results in the Electoral College. If those state legislatures have doubts about the legitimacy of the popular vote, they have the right to demand a full review and recount of the ballots, or if this is not possible to their satisfaction to choose to not choose electors at all, essentially deciding not to certify the election results for any candidate.

Nor was this power given to the state legislatures by accident. In fact, it was purposely included in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers, as a check against election abuse.

The Republicans control the legislatures of all four states above. It is thus in the power of these legislatures to choose to not certify any winners for president in their states, simply because they do not trust the results because of the evidence of fraud. If they do this, neither Biden nor Trump will get the needed 270 electoral votes necessary to become president.

If that happens, the Constitution is clear. The decision moves to the House of Representatives in Congress. According to the 12th amendment,

In choosing the president, the votes will be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice.

In other words, each state’s delegation of House representatives will vote as group, and result of that vote will determine the choice of their state for president.

Furthermore, it will be the newly elected House that makes this decision. In that case the balance strongly favors Trump.

It’s not the current Congress that matters but the incoming one, which takes office January 3, more than two weeks before the president does.

And the Democrats have just lost three delegations, and may lose a fourth. This means the actual Republican-Democrat split will be 26-20 or 27-20 with, respectively, four or three tied.

This is significant “because in some universe it is conceivable that a 26-24 delegation with a couple of liberal RINO R delegation flips could possibly go Biden,” American Thinker also relates. “Since it will actually be either 26-20 or 27-20, there is no way Biden could ever win the House voting by delegations under the 12th Amendment, because he actually has a 6 or 7 delegation deficit, NOT merely a 2 delegation deficit.”

But would the election actually get to Congress? Valentine thinks so. “State legislatures in six or seven or more states, run by Republicans, have a choice,” he explains: “certify an election that was clearly fraudulent, certify a different slate of electors who will vote against the popular, but fraudulent vote, or just fail to certify.”

“My bet is several may choose option 3,” he concludes. If just a couple of key states go this route, the ball is in Congress’s court.

Will the state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan have the courage to recognize the unreliable vote results in their states, and refuse to certify them without rigid robust recounts that remove all illegitimate and illegal votes?

Well, the Republican speaker in the Pennsylvania house has already made it clear that without a full audit of the election there will be no certification of the results. And without that certification, no candidate gets Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

There are indications that one or more of the other four states will do the same. As another author argues properly,

The Republican legislatures [should] follow his lead and say no certification without the following:

  • a full audit, by hand of every vote
  • any court or election official mandate not approved by the Legislature does not count — take out those votes
  • voting machines: cough up the source code, the audit logs for our forensic teams

Nor is this demand an attempt to steal the vote, as I am sure some partisan Democrats will claim. If Biden won these states legitimately, a full audit and recount will prove that, and will also remove the clouds of suspicion presently hanging over the election results in these states. To resist such audits only increases the suspicion that the Democrats did fake the result by fraudulent means, and now wish to hide this fact. The only way they can convince everyone that Biden won legally is to eagerly embrace such audits and recounts, and prove they are innocent of that accusation.

And if the results of these recounts give the presidency to Joe Biden, no matter. We will then know without doubt he won it fairly.

If however the Democrats resist a comprehensive review of the vote in these states, then it will be right and proper for the final decision to go to the House of Representatives. And it also then be the right thing for the Republicans there to give the presidency to Trump. The Democrats will have proven themselves to be cheats who did not win this presidential election legally.

Let me underline this point: It is the responsibility of these state legislatures — elected by the people — to make sure the vote has been counted honestly, and to demonstrate that fact to all voters, from both parties. To allow a cloud to remain over this result cannot be tolerated. It will fuel levels of distrust and anger that can only lead to violence and the collapse of our society.

It is my hope that the Democrats will agree, and will help make possible detailed and honest recounts in these five states. If they don’t, if they block full audits or act to sabotage that effort in any way, then the state legislatures must refuse to certify the results, thus letting the House decide who should be president.

And if Trump wins in that case, the Democrats will have only themselves to blame.

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  • Cotour

    Q: Is it the group of 9 supreme court justices that vote on whether the individual reach the level needed to accept presidential election related cases before the court, or is it just up to the chief justice, John Roberts?

    I do not know this answer, anyone?

  • Cotour: I am not 100% sure, but I do not think any such decision is under the sole power of a single judge. I think they vote on what cases to bring before them, as a group.

  • Cotour

    Thank you, sounds reasonable.

  • MDN

    Per the wiki page on supreme court procedures:

    The votes of four justices at conference (see Rule of four) will
    suffice to grant certiorari and place the case on the court’s

  • Ian C.

    And the best is yet to come.

  • John C

    I know it is said often, but could you even imagine the tizzy the left would have if the roles were reversed. These people believe rules do not apply if you are fighting true evil. They know nothing about the world and and how lucky they are to live in the U.S. When Trump doesn’t win this battle and Biden is inaugurated what will these people say? That sure was a bad 1-term dictator we had there! Good thing that facist tyrant got voted out! We need to remember who these hysterics are and they need to be completely marginalized after all this is over. But, this might not be over for a long time.

  • Steve

    Win, lose, or draw if anyone has done any tampering at all they need to have the legal system’s full weight come down on them. And follow it to the top. If trust is lost in the system we are toast.

  • Dave Walden

    Irrespective of what these Republican-controlled legislatures choose, what MUST be undertaken – beginning in these specific states, is the uncontested demonstration of whether or not the electoral playing field has been tilted by fraud.

    Our peaceful future depends on the resolution of this question – irrespective of what it might portend for who/which Party wins or loses!

    My only other point is that one of the sides will “win” – with respect to its goals, even if the Republican-controlled legislatures do as you suggest, should this question fail to be properly resolved!

  • Cotour


    The Globalist elite, of which the Democrat party and some in the Republican party are without doubt a part of and dominated by, always subtly and sometimes not so subtly tell you exactly what they intend. What an appropriate in your face name for a company that tabulates electronically YOUR vote. DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS inc.

    Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is a company that sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s international headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, and its U.S. headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. As of September 2019, Dominion voting machines are used in 2,000 jurisdictions in 33 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

    Dominion: Def: Supreme authority, absolute ownership.

    Texas rejected the Dominion voting system, apparently it is subject to “Unauthorized manipulation”, “Glitches”, and they found it an unreliable system.

    These systems are built for manipulation and back door algorithms that allow access and adjustments to be made. Take that to the bank. You can make 1000 transactions with your credit card and there is never an error. But not in the voting counting business. And politicians do not want the voting system as ruthlessly efficient as your credit card company, then there could never be made “Adjustments” to those votes that need adjusting. They must have, DOMINION.

    “God gave man Dominion over all the Earth to Subdue and Deal with God’s Enemy, Satan”

    Stay tuned, in the era of Trump all will be revealed. And that is why they detest him so, he represents the threat to it all.

  • Cotour

    This will have to go to a court of law: 6 min.

  • Cotour

    TRUMP 305, BIDEN 233?

    Its coming.

    In the era of Trump will justice be done for the American voter and tax payer? And the world?

    Stay tuned.

  • Cotour

    The Democrats are so devoted to science in all of its forms and bases their decisions and actions on such?

    Here we apply what is called Benford’s law, which is used by forensic accountants to indicate when there is manipulation and fraud. 9 min.

    Results? Some strange anomalies for the Joe Biden campaign in Pennsylvania. What do you know.

    “Benford’s law, also called the Newcomb–Benford law, the law of anomalous numbers, or the first-digit law, is an observation about the frequency distribution of leading digits in many real-life sets of numerical data. The law states that in many naturally occurring collections of numbers, the leading digit is likely to be small.[1] In sets that obey the law, the number 1 appears as the leading significant digit about 30% of the time, while 9 appears as the leading significant digit less than 5% of the time. If the digits were distributed uniformly, they would each occur about 11.1% of the time. Benford’s law also makes predictions about the distribution of second digits, third digits, digit combinations, and so on.”

    Numbers and science are a female dog, and sometimes it turns around quickly and bites you in the buttocks. Stay tuned for further developments.

  • James Street

    “Joe Biden and the people like him who have been trying to steal this election – will all go to jail”
    – Lin Wood

    “I just spoke to our great President @realDonaldTrump. He’s in a great mood and totally focused.”
    – Richard Grenell @RichardGrenell

    I wonder if President Trump allowed this all to happen to expose the corruption and create a bulletproof nationwide voting system in his second term.

    This is not just a U.S. thing. The Hideous Strength holds all this Earth in its fist to squeeze as it wishes.

    This will be in the history books. And we have front row seats.

  • Entropy monkey

    Could the legislatures of Trump-won red states try to lead by example and pass a generically worded resolution like:

    “Due to the nationwide concert about overwhelming fraud, this legislature is exercising its Constitutional authority to directly select a slate of electors.”

    This would not change the electoral votes of a state that Trump already won, but if a cascade of identical resolutions like this could help motivate the legislatures of critical swing states to do the same.

  • LocalFluff

    Wow! Justice Samuel Alito makes a very important address:

    Hear it all, the link just starts with his joke, to make you interested:
    “I am all in favor of preventing dangerous things from issuing out of Cambridge infecting the rest of the country and the world. It would be good if what originated in Cambridge stayed in Cambridge.”

  • SteveD

    I suspect this kind of stuff has been going on for several election cycles at least.

  • wayne

    good stuff.

    Entropy monkey–
    minor but important quibble–
    State legislature’s have the sole authority to determine the scope and manner of their elections. The argument in Pennsylvania is two-pronged; plain old election-fraud committed at ground-level + the fact that important elements of Pennsylvania election-law were changed before the election by administrative-fiat, and not by the Pennsylvania legislature. That, is unconstitutional.
    SCOTUS won’t touch ground-level fraud, and they did have an opportunity to address Pennsylvania prior to the election but chose to let it hang.

  • pzatchok

    I have several ideas about correcting our election system.

    How about our SS number being attached to our votes. And instantly checked nationwide. Just to check to see if the SSN is of a dead person or if it has been used in two different areas of the nation this election.
    We can instantly;y check a million credit cards inside a few minutes so why not our SSN during the election?

    I still like the idea of a paper ballot. We can hold on to it until all recounts are done. And a computer error will not erase them.
    I do think we should use two different machines and companies scanning each one. One checking the accuracy of the other.

    We could put the leading third party in charge of the next election in any area they ran. It would give them some legitimate power and help to calm the fear that any of the other parties are fudging the election.

    Any other ideas?

  • James Street

    pzatchok, you may have seen the video making the rounds of MIT prof Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai doing an analysis of voting patterns in some Michigan precincts. It’s 1 hour 10 minutes long but around the 51 minute mark he comes up with suggestions that include some of yours:

    • The Inputs and the Outputs to our voting systems ARE unverifiable
    • Need for:
    – Verifiable Inputs: e.g. Permanent Voter Registration Card
    – Open source software
    – Handmarked Paper ballots
    – Save ballot images pursuant to Federal Law
    – Publish ballot images publicly (allows for public recount)
    – Automatic audits – audit every election
    – Publish precinct level data (“poll tapes”) on election night

  • wayne

    Have to say nay, to the SS number idea. Those numbers are not to be used as part of any identification scheme.

    James Street–
    Downloading that video right now.

    I live in Michigan, on the s-w shoreline. I made sure to vote in-person; masks were not required, but ‘strongly encouraged.’ The line was about as long as in 2016. (40 minutes in & out)
    I have no clue how they physically vote in the 3 county metroplex known as Detroit, but on the west coast we 1) fill out the address & signature card, 2) a real-time scan is done on your driver’s-license or State ID, 3) then you receive a ballot with an ID number tab, 4) mark your ballot by filling in the ovals, using their pens, 5) the ID number is separated from the ballot and then the ballot is fed into a locked scan-tron device about 3 feet tall.

  • wayne

    “And when they call themselves “the good and the just”
    Do not forget that they would be Pharisees,
    If only they had,

    Jordan Peterson / Frederic Nietzsche / Akira the Don

  • Ian C.

    Thousands of U.S. President Donald Trump’s supporters heading to DC #MarchForTrump

    On the way to Washington, D.C. #StopTheSteaI


    RSBN Live: March For Trump in Washington, D.C. All Day LIVE Coverage

  • Cotour

    Over the Last couple of days given what “I” am able to gather about what is going on or may be going on regarding the still unsettled election I have had to come to what the reality of the situation may turn out to be. That in the end Trump will be forced from a second stint as president. A second term as thee most productive, patriotic, American centric, pro Constitutional and anti Globalist president of modern times. Hands down Trump stands far, far above all other modern American presidents, primarily because he is NOT a politician.

    And being a realist ultimately, I have had to come to the realization that in the end “THEY” had to take Trump out because he represents that real existential threat to them that I have so many times in the last 5 years referred to. An existential threat to the Democrat party leadership and the permanent “deep” state government that thrives on the self interested corruption, black mail and perversion that is our government. Its the nature of the beast.

    And knowing this reality I must assume that Trump and the people who surrounded him also knew well the dangers and implications of what they faced and what would without doubt be attempted to thwart and literally destroy all the progress that has been made along with anyone who would dare be so bold as to confront this corruption and perversion of our system. And you can clearly see that in the now proposed “Lists” of Trump supporters that the most vial of the Left are in fact proposing. Nice, just like the Marxists that they are attempting to emulate. These extreme Left leaning Democrats in fact are philosophical Marxists and they are inches from the power to truly, like Obama dreamed to, “Fundamentally change” America.

    That being understood then if the Trump team were to be successful in this political warfare they would have to foresee what their treacherous enemies would attempt and if they were not able to counter it by gaining hard evidence that could be used in court then all would be lost. And I think it has been to this point established that there has been massive fraud and corruption throughout mostly Democrat dominated states. Have you ever wondered why when the dead vote they only vote for Democrats? Its a curious phenomenon.

    There is still time for this all to be rectified, lets be hopeful that Trump and those who surround him are thinking in the strategic manner that they need to be thinking and taking the appropriate actions and will in the end have that evidence needed to do what must be done.

    All’s fair in love and war, and this ain’t love.

  • Cotour

    Win or lose, Trump is going nowhere:

    This is the birth of the Trumpublican party in America.

  • pzatchok


    I knew someone would say no to the SSN being used. When it was originally formed it was actually stated that it would never be used as an identifier. One reason was the fear that it would stolen and your retirement would be stolen with it.

    But as with all thing governmental it is now your primary identifier. All of your scholastic data is tracked with it. Your state ID is tracked with it. Our military now uses it as your service number. All your banking data is verified by it. Your birth and death are tracked by it.

    It is now your ID number. There is no reason to not use it as a voter id number also. In fact its the best number possible since we already have the national data base for it. Its updated better than any state data base can be.

    If we created a voter ID number would it follow the voter or stay in the state they reside in. If it stays in the state what if the voter moves? Is there a separate voter ID number for the local, state and federal elections.
    Illegal aliens can vote local and state so they need a number also.(this is why a SSN is best).
    Their votes need to be automatically kicked from nation ballots. Right now we just rely on their word that they did not vote nationally.

    When is the Voter Id issued? Birth, citizenship or the day you decide to vote. A new number each election or a permanent number for life?

  • janyuary

    pzat — I agree with you about using SSI as an ID number, you are exactly right as to what it has become from what it was originally.

    Voting, though, has become a popularity contest ala sports, voting just because you can, and signing up at that table outside the supermarket made it so easy … Yet The ONLY people who have a duty to vote are those who KNOW what they’re voting for and why. Indeed, those who are ignorant of those things have a moral duty to stay the heck out of the ballot box. Instead, we hand voting rights out with drivers licenses in states such as mine that have Motor Voter registration. If I were queen of America, I would make it so the only ones who voted were the ones who went to some trouble to register and cast ballots. I would even toss in a rudimentary test, in my dreams a logic one.

    Cotour, if you are worried about Trump having any qualms about how “all is fair in love and war,” I would say those worries were in vain. “Fair” is purely a construct of man, it is outside of nature, and Trump’s business past indicates that he understands it full well.

  • Cotour


    I do not worry about things, nor do I think Trump worries about things.

    You take care of business.

    Hope your staying tuned, I think we are all going to witness somethings never before seen or even thought about happening in America. And I do not mean the “wonders” of how the dynamic and the visionary, Joe Biden will lead America and the world.

  • Cotour


    Its the great reset. You know authoritarianism, the great world reset where the population of the first world gives up all of their property and rights in order to mold the world into a “Better ” place. (See U.N. Agenda 2020 and Agenda 2030.)

    Sky News Australia: ; 10 minutes well spent.

    And I think you will find that those international entities that have participated in the attempted perversion of our American presidential election feel that they are and were well within their rights to do so. Trump (and Americas dominance) must go.

    THIS IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and they tell you plainly that Covid 19 is the authoritarian tool that is to be used to accomplish “What must be accomplished”. This is the Democrats agenda.

    World Economic Forum promotional video: ; 1:29 min.

    * “You’ll own nothing, and you will be happy” * “What ever you want you will rent”

    * “The U.S. will not be the worlds leading super power” * “No Western values”

    * “A handful of countries will dominate” * “You wont eat as much meat, you will only have it as an occasional treat”

    * “You will be forced to accept immigrants, open borders” * “Carbon tax, there will be no fossil fuels”

    This is the new life that is in store for you when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris become empowered, this is really what they are all about. Now, you better understand why the world stands so stead fast against, Donald J. Trump. You can tick off every thing on their authoritarian list as to why he must go.

    This is all the AOC types, the Marxists and Socialists, the fully indoctrinated and trained believe, this is your future. And if we do not straighten out this 2020 election fraud and allow it, and not take the bull by the horns and kick the crap out of it, that is exactly what will be.

    I have written about this before but it was too sci fi or unbelievable for anyone to really take seriously. Well you had better take it serious now, because its sitting right outside your door. You wait and see where this election fraud really goes, we are all going to have a come to Jesus moment about what really goes on on and in the darkest political back rooms and secret internet data hideaways.

    Its not coming, its here.

  • wayne

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe:
    Why Democracy Fails
    Misesmedia 2016

  • wayne

    Michael Malice w/Buck Sexton
    “Breaking The Media Monopoly & Transition Hysteria”
    The First, November 11, 2920

  • Andrew M Winter

    First let me get this on the books:
    I apologize for the all caps. I have never been able to figure out how to format test in this text box. Normally I would use bold and italics where I had to use . Please forgive the all caps. I am not really shouting here. So here goes. This is important. There is MASSIVE ignorance on this matter. My creds are that I hold a Masters Degree with U.S. Constitutional History on it from the 1990s from Cal State University Hayward.

    There is an ongoing and really gross misunderstanding of Article. II Section. 1. of the US Constitution.

    Let me be blunt and perfectly CLEAR!


    This business of the popular vote for the Presidency is merely a myth built on a foundation of “convenient” tradition.

    This quote from the above article illustrates the point.
    “Will the state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan have the courage to recognize the unreliable vote results in their states, and refuse to certify them without rigid robust recounts that remove all illegitimate and illegal votes?”

    The VOTE being certified in any given state is NOT the popular VOTE. The vote certified by the states is the vote held by THE ELECTORS of that STATE.
    “The Electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by Ballot for two Persons, …”


    There is not one word in Article Two that refers to a general election by the populace of any given state.

    Here is the real rub, THE REAL RUB. The state legislatures do not even have to have an election to determine who is going to be an “elector” for the purposes of the Electoral College Vote.

    HERE: Article II sec 1 opening sentence, 2nd paragraph:
    “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, …”

    EMPHASIS: “SHALL APPOINT” Not vote for, not elect, nope, nothing nada about electing electors: the wording is clear “Shall Appoint”

    So anyone thinking that turning this over to the legislatures of states whose State Legislatures are controlled by Democrats are absolutely insane if they think this is a path overturning the popular Vote in favor of Trump.

    IF those states follow The Constitution Trump LOOSES, Biden WINS because Those state legislatures will APPOINT electors who The State Legislatures deem will vote for BIDEN.

    That is how it works. That is how it was DESIGNED to work. The office of The President is SUPPOSED to be nearly ISOLATED from popular whim, in this case in the form of a “popular vote”.

    The President of The United States does not work FOR THE PEOPLE. The President of the United States works for THE LEGISLATURES OF THE VARIOUS STATES. The President of The United States is not even answerable to THE GOVERNORS OF THE VARIOUS STATES.

    Personally I really believe that each state in The Union needs to revisit this issue and reaffirm their rightwise place in this process instead trying to maintain the illusion of “The popular vote” for The Presidency.

  • Andrew M. Winter

    follow on:

    Just in case anyone out there wants to float the argument that I am “Cherry Picking” evidence, or that I am quoting out of context just go here.
    and read it yourself. If you want to argue “interpretation”, go ahead. Just remember that it is not legitimate to interpret things like “Shall” to mean “Shall Not”.

  • Andrew M. Winter

    Here is the source. Apologies, I pushed the post button accidentally on the above

    Just in case anyone out there wants to float the argument that I am “Cherry Picking” evidence, or that I am quoting out of context just go here.
    and read it yourself. If you want to argue “interpretation”, go ahead. Just remember that it is not legitimate to interpret things like “Shall” to mean “Shall Not”.

  • wayne

    Andrew M Winter–
    ref- formatting your post– personally, I’d skip the all caps stuff. (everyone here is extremely well read, if you make sense folks will read every word formatted or not.)
    You can utilize some html tags in your post to format text, others here are more fluent in explaining how.
    broadening this out a bit more– as a student of the Constitution, what do you think of the Seventeenth Amendment ?

  • wayne

    interstitial musical short….

    “Best of You” (Trump Edition)
    Foo Fighters Parody | Louder With Crowder
    September 2020

  • Andrew Winter: All good points, except one. You say, “So anyone thinking that turning this over to the legislatures of states whose State Legislatures are controlled by Democrats are absolutely insane if they think this is a path overturning the popular Vote in favor of Trump.”

    This would be true, if the state legislatures in the states with the disputed results were controlled by Democrats. They are not. In fact, almost all are controlled by Republicans.

    All these Republican state legislatures have to do if they do not trust the results of the popular vote, is to refuse to appoint or choose any electors. At that point neither candidate gets 270 electoral votes, no matter what the other state legislatures do, and the decision falls to the House in Congress. There, the Republicans dominate, as I indicated.

    It is in the Democrat’s interest to prove Biden’s vote totals in these states was legitimate. If they do, I will gladly accept Joe Biden as President. If they don’t, or they resist, then they don’t deserve those electoral votes. Period. Should Joe Biden then become president, the “resistance” seen against Trump in the past four years will pale in comparison to what will be seen in the next four years against Joe Biden.

    And since the space community’s resident partisan Democrat, Doug Messier of Parabolic Arc, has already told us that he thinks making sure the vote is counted right is “not a good plan,” he has revealed the approach of all partisan Democrats. They do not want a fairly counted vote. They fear it will reveal their cheating.

    The states should thus deny them those electoral votes, which would have been obtained corruptly.

  • Cotour

    Wayne: I added this to the head of my Sunday email.

    (I thought I would introduce you, the American people, to your new owners should the fraud and criminal activities of the Democrats and their Globalist partners should, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in fact become president and vice president. Stay tuned on that. Your new owners will be those Globalist elite entities involved in the World Economic Forum, and of course that would include the social media giants that are actively censoring the internet and telling every American what they can see, hear and read. That would be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube / Google. Meet your new owners America. And here it is in there own words not mine. They tell you exactly what they intend, if you let them that is.)

  • As for using bold or italics in a comment, all you need to do is surround the words you wish to emphasis with the right tags. Below are examples, but where I have typed a bracket use instead the “greater than” sign at the start and the “lesser than” sign at the end.

    [strong]bolded text[/strong]
    [em]italicized text[/em]

    That’s all there is to it.

  • Andi

    I think you mean the lesser-than sign to start a tag and the greater-than sign to end it?

  • Andi is correct. I got them backwards. I initially had included them in the comment, but it appears they cannot be without formatting issues.

    No matter. Their proper use will become evident when used. They enclose the subject text, and if used backwards it looks silly.

  • janyuary

    @Andrew M Winter, I for one sure appreciated your post about the myth of the popular vote, a timely and poignant reminder. As for the all caps, I am okay with them as well. I have concluded that those who whine and complain about inconsequential typos and style in any comments section reveal themselves as amateurs easily distracted and re-directed by shiny objects.

    Folks think the 2nd Amendment is important? The Electoral College, avoiding electing presidents via popular vote, is MORE important than the 2A– without the EC, the mob will vote away our gun rights and our property rights too.

  • janyuary

    Cotour, I have to wonder … are you under the impression that because I (like most Americans) think Trump stinks, that therefore I prefer Biden? Aren’t you from a place peopled by men of science? If so, then all should instantly reject the “If not A, therefore B” logical fallacy, which does more to divide people on false pretenses than almost anything.

    Like most Americans, I think Biden stinks. Most Americans think they both stink; a large plurality of Americans have neither party nor movement to represent them and have learned that the Rep/con party/movement is a modernized version of Democrat/liberal and has been for two decades certain, now.

    YOU were the one who wrote the post implying that Trump needed to understand how treacherous his enemies would be. I have done enough research on Trump to know that the shoe HAS been on the other foot; it ain’t his first rodeo and he ain’t no spring chicken.

  • Cotour


    (Lawyers never speak like politicians, but most politicians speak like lawyers. That is like saying, all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Its a puzzle, its a conundrum, figure it out)

    Lawyers, especially lawyers that specialize in liable and slander type cases never speak publicly in terms that they understand can leave they themselves open to be seen as being legally liable for what they say. The same is true for slander.

    That being said I have three examples of such trained and high profile lawyers that are speaking in no uncertain and concrete terms in relation to specific people and circumstances, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. As an example regarding the 2020 election:

    Sidney Powell, lawyer: “I never say anything (in public and on TV) that I can not prove”.

    Lin Wood, lawyer for 16 year old Nick Sandman who just recently won concessions from major media corporations for their blatant slander of the young man during an event in Washington D.C. where all of the media concerns sued attempted to portray Mr. Sandman as an inciter of hate and violence. All because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

    And Mr. Sandman was doing nothing of the sort, he was just standing in Washington D.C. with a group of his class mates and an opportune image of what appeared to be him harassing a Native American man. All false and media fabricated lies in order to support a self serving Liberal Democrat political narrative. Plain and simple. And it cost them dearly $$$$$$. (Remember why Trump must be removed and why from my last email?)

    And this what what Mr. Lin Wood, high powered lawyer has to say about the 2020 presidential election:

    Rudy Giuliani: Regarding the 2020 presidential election: 4 min.

    Sydney Powell: Regarding the 2020 presidential election: 4 min.

    Lawyers at this level do not speak in these unambiguous terms without good cause, solid reason and evidence. Before this is all over you may be needing that previously mentioned bourbon. Happy Sunday.

  • Cotour


    No, I am not from a place of science. I am from the real world and I understand the precepts of science and I understand where the dividing line between science and human nature must be drawn. I do not think that I implied that you were for or against any one party or representative of that party.

    The party’s are not ever and I mean never to be trusted. Only true leadership is to be trusted to a degree. And if and when you detect that what you thought was true leadership have succumbed to their nature regarding their own self interests, then you pull the plug and get rid of them. (Its like learning to not be too loyal to your insurance company)

    And if that be the golden metric of politics then, Trump stands head and shoulders above most all other presidents, and certainly over the likes of a Joe Biden.

    So take in as much information as you possibly can handle, and choose one.

  • Ian C.

    Slightly off-topic, to display HTML tags here you use character entities.



    Now it depends on what formatting tags Bob (or WordPress’ default) allows, but probably most usual ones should work.

  • wayne

    Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs: Release The Kraken

  • LocalFluff

    Isn’t there any legal institution to cause a re-election where illegal activities have taken place? I’ve never heard of a re-election, not in a presidential election at least. I suppose the elector system is your filter against that. But when a vacancy occurs, you hold a filling election. You also have run-off elections when a candidate doesn’t achieve majority. Why not re-election when the proceedings in a constituency is substantially disputed?

    Sweden has a perfect vote reception and counting system. All done in person on site and by hand. Why do you need machines and software??? When the party leader of the largest party (we have a proportional system like in Germany and Israel) together with a handful of supporters made public appearance to cast her vote, that was enough to cause a re-election in that circuit. Because she was thought to have been able to affected how her supporters voted. Sure, it’s her general job to do precisely that, but not in a locale where people vote. So re-election was immediately ordered by court. And there are several examples of that, even at minute disturbances of the order.

    What the heck are you doing over there, being unable to count your own votes reliably???

  • Cotour

    “Why do you need machines and software???”

    What are you not getting here?

    If the elections were honest and true as in Sweden, then the Democrats could never be elected to anything. And I am not being sarcastic or hyperbolic. A Democrat could never really tell you what they intend.

    The Democrats most honest politician that proves my point? AOC.

    AOC and the her honest talk of the wonders of Socialism have cost the D all of their potential gains that were suppose to materialize from this last election. They thought they had those gains locked up. Their only real problem? Trump.

    And they had to ensure 100 percent that Trump lost. And it will be demonstrated that the Democrats have operated in concert to accomplish that through cheating, and that is without doubt and I suspect will be proven in court through evidence.

    Democrats and an honest election? That has never happened.

    (And the Republicans as a party are not much better)

    Trust, but verify.

  • LocalFluff

    In Sweden socialists and islamists win every election without any fraudulent vote counting. And by a far off majority! 83% to 99½% are perfectly satisfied with politics as it has been done here, and wish for more of it.

    Just counting the votes correctly doesn’t cure the people from voting for everyone’s death. But correct and objectively verifiable vote counting is such a simple thing to arrange, in obvious ways. The funeral should at least be held according to the will of the dying. So that there’s no doubt about their mistake as a lesson for the few of their children who survive. That this was their true will, that they were not cheated.

  • Cotour

    83 to 991/2 percent Socialist and Islamists win the election.

    Now THAT is a reason to cheat! The Swedish conservatives should be on the phone to Dominion right now.

    Your doomed.

  • Cotour


    The FBI has apparently opened an investigation into the many 2020 presidential election irregularities and the possibility, probability that there was significant corruption from, dead people voting only for Democrats (A super natural phenomenon that is unexplainable), to illegal ballots being delivered in in the dark hours of the morning after a coordinated stopping of the vote count was ordered in multiple cities at apparently the same time, where no observers were allowed to see what was actually going on in the counting rooms. And on and on it goes.

    But the FBI has announced that it has opened an investigation. You know, the FBI that set up general Flynn, illegally spied on Carter Paige and George Papodoplous, investigated the president for the Mueller hit team, was headed by St. James Comey and Andrew McCabe (Both fired), manned by the likes of Peter Strzock (Aso fired), and is headed now by Christopher Wray (Should be fired). And of course they are working under the direction of the DOJ, which has conducted the Durham investigation which looked into criminal charges related to Obama and Biden illegally spying on president Trump.

    “Despite Trump’s ongoing claims, there is no evidence to suggest abuse of power by former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.”

    So don’t worry, the FBI is on the case here, they are looking into whether there was any corruption in the 2020 presidential election where Trumps popularity apparently was able to bring out record numbers of voters, negate the Democrats being able to gain any new seats in Congress, in fact they lost many seats, and the Republicans were able to retain control of the Senate on the down ballots. But the people just did not want to rehire Trump?

    Many voters were in such a hurry apparently they did not even bother to vote for any of the down ballot candidates at all, just for Joe Biden?

    What is the potential for the Political realm to be dragged into the Pedestrian realm here?

    The FBI has opened an investigation.

    (I certainly hope we have more than the FBI doing an “Investigation” to do what must be done here. And remember: Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt game that human beings play. Never forget that.)

  • pzatchok

    Every election a few people do try to use there dead relatives absentee ballot to vote. They are often caught and fined or even jailed.
    So anyone saying it does not happen or could never happen in this election is just lying.

    For years the Democrats have run a well organized register the voter campaign. Thats a good thing.
    The bad thing about it is that they have been caught filling out the lists directly from phone books sitting in the public library and copying names out of the grave yards.
    The very bad thing is that unless those names are double checked and the bad ones thrown out the next election they could be used to send absentee ballots out to. And then dead people vote.

    There are reports of dead people voting who died in our civil war.

    The ONLY voting day verification for absentee voters is the signature on both the ballot and the envelope it came in. And our poling people have to hand verify each one. Imagine trying to do over a thousand a night. If you have enough people to keep the number that low. Thats less than 30 seconds a signature if they only work 10 hours that night on a thousand. Minus breaks.

  • Ian C.


    “And then dead people vote.”

    I wonder how many of them also repeatedly donate smaller amounts to Democratic causes.

  • Cotour


    11/22/63, President John F. Kennedy is assassinated, FBI under the leadership of, J. Edgar Hoover investigates for the Warren Commission, the investigation finds there is no conspiracy. The country is shaken and shocked, but we carry on.

    9/11/2001, “911” attacks on America and the World Trade Center is erased from the map, where three massive steel frame buildings on the same day are all neatly taken down to the ground by “Fire”. An event that has never before happened, and will never happen again. The FBI under the leadership of Robert Mueller investigates and finds there is nothing other than what has been communicated to the people via the main stream media, there is no conspiracy. The country is really shaken, shocked, scared and totally confused, but we carry on.

    8/2016, Former First Lady and former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton is investigated by the FBI for an illegal email server that she was un securely communicating top secret information over while in office to the tune of 33 thousand emails. After an “extensive” investigation the FBI determines even after the FBI director himself has a press conference and spends 13 minutes describing all of the ways that Hillary broke the law tells the world the he can not find any reason to recommend to indict her. The leader of the FBI? James Comey. The country is outraged, confused and they question what they just heard and the conclusion, but we carry on.

    11/3/2020, The 2020 presidential election between president D.J. Trump and Joseph Biden and there are extensive indications that there was coordinated cheating and corruption. The democrats understood that trump was going to crush them if they did not take certain measures to “win”. The FBI under the leadership of Christopher Wray has opened an investigation into voting irregularities. The country waits to see how shocked and confused we are going to be before we are going to carry on.

    Are you getting the theme here?

    Are we all better understanding the term and concept of Strategy Over Morality (S.O.M.) now? (I will repost it if requested)

    If there are no other investigatory avenues other than the FBI for the development of real and hard incontrovertible evidence that can not be corrupted by the powers that be and it shows up in court soon this current political narrative being promoted and shaped in the main stream media regarding the 2020 presidential election will solidify. (And then you have to find the sitting judge that is willing to throw away their life and rule properly and justly on it all. And that includes the Supreme Court. Do they have the stones? Stay tuned on that.)

    At least if this effort for justice for the people of America fails Trump will get to go home and be legally harassed for years by the political powers that be to keep him out of politics. The Democrats can not afford for Trump to remain in politics, no friggin way. He makes them all look like they are self stimulators and standing still with their thumbs up their rear ends while they tell everyone one how much they care about them and freedom. Trump makes them all look exactly like the frauds and corrupt perverts that most of them are. And we can not have that.

    And, JFK? In the end, not that lucky.

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