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The end of freedom

Below is only a small sampling of the many stories I have been reading in the past two weeks that clearly signal the end of freedom and western civilization. Tolerance for opposing viewpoints is dying, even as our academic community descends into insanity.

The last story is especially depressing. The head of a university advocates the idea that students shouldn’t be forced to hear ideas they don’t like, that they shouldn’t be exposed to any thoughts or statements that might offend them. He then proceeds to insult and denigrate anyone who disagrees with him. This is a man in charge of a university! I read this, as well as the other stories, and realize that the coming dark age is coming far sooner than anyone imagines.

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    How can we stop it or has it already passed the point of no return?
    I hope it’s not too late.

  • Cotour

    I posted this earlier and think it belongs on your list:

    Evidence the Leftists are intent on teaching “global citizenship” and multicultural sensitivity and pussification, and specifically not anything that is pro American. This is no longer a conspiracy this is real life in American institutions of “higher” learning.

    The only hope? Is for the youth to realize the stupidity of it all and reject it. (if they can stop hunting for Pokemon)

  • Joe

    As long as the democrats and socialists control education and media, then yes, there is no return to normalcy, they can change the language at will, no one stops them.

  • Edward

    This is a man in charge of a university!

    Why should he have to follow his own dictates? That is the advantage of being a dictator. He allows himself to use unsafe words, such as idiots and lunatic to describe those who disagree with him, but no one else may use them, because that would be microagression.

    He clearly thinks of himself as a little dictator, but one who is kind and good (but only to those who agree with him). This is not to be confused with “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin.

    Oh, what the hell. Go ahead and confuse the two. Both believe that they should control what people say. It’s not like we have a Constitution that says differently. Or like the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which grants us the right to speak freely, unless the UN (not some little dictator in charge of some little university) takes away that right.

    But hey, it isn’t as though universities should be bastions of free thinking. How does anyone get any new or original ideas or research done if one person is allowed to think differently than everyone else? How are we supposed to have diversity if someone is allowed to be different?

    It is like the Only Black Lives Matter crowd. If you think that all lives matter, then there is “muscle” sent to make sure your safe-zone is violated (there are such things as fighting words, now). Once again, no diversity allowed, except to insist that black lives be segregated from all other lives, or that people be segregated into various groups for special treatment, or for harsh treatment, depending. Half a century ago, segregation was seen as bad by most people but was seen as good by the left-wing, and now the left-wing has convinced many people that segregation of various groups is good. Half a century of civil rights down the drain.

    How dare someone disagree with his high school’s administration, and what is worse is trying to get the teacher into trouble by ratting her out for giving the assignment. Disagreement with the establishment is out of vogue — and punishable — now that the hippy generation is the establishment.

    Heaven forbid that you preach the wrong (read: “hateful”) religion (especially if it is the religion of love), or use the wrong number, because if you disagree with the wrong person or president, you are a racist — or worse. Some people insist upon projecting their own racism and hatred onto those who disagree with them.

    Frankly, Robert, you are missing the point, here. Obama said, “I won,” and now everyone must toe his line, just like any other little dictator. Or “great dictator.”

    Feel free to drop the “tator” part from any or all of my uses of that word.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • hondo

    Dark Age – maybe – maybe not.
    It is easy to understand social/cultural/political differences in a partisan environment, but some of these “examples” are so bizarre and over the top, that one now has to seriously entertain some degree of mental illness and instability in its adherents and participants. Personally believe this has to eventually lead up to the “Emperor has no clothes” moment for many libs and leftists.

    Wow! So now the ADL is into the “science” of Numerology – and the number 143 “represents” a white horse – as Mrs T “explained” to me decades ago back in Brooklyn.

  • Maurice

    Peak stupid, followed by swift loss of endowments

  • Laurie

    The hate watchers are themselves the most hateful … how hard it is to reclaim reason once abandoned.

    Don’t mean to be so pessimistic, but good people did nothing for too long.


    In the simplest terms, the American Constitution was framed around the idea for the supremacy of the individual and not the government. The function of the government, at least as the founding fathers saw it, was to “protect the individual against exploitation of a more powerful neighbor.” But now we have this growing “mob rule” that is trying to subdue anybody that disagrees with their “group think”. It’s sad.

  • Phill O

    Well, in Canada, the liberals had a law in place whereby any opposing opinion could be turned into a hate issue and there was a 100% conviction rate – until Ezra Levant. The Harper government removed that racist-bigoted law. Now, I am expecting the liberals to put it back. The sNotley NDP government in Alberta is giving Christian Schools a hard time because they refuse to adopt a “teach homosexuality is OK” curriculum.

    I am encouraged by Trump meeting with Christian leaders today and discussing the return of religious freedom for Christians that has been lost to the different groups Obama has been catering to.


  • Cotour


    This is about a favorite Libertarian Penn Jillett, it is mildly offensive for a few seconds, I did not post it here.

    Penn speaks about basically the political correctness / Leftist agenda that really is what this panel and the listed story’s is ultimately about. And it is also about our favorite religion, Islam, and how because it is sooo undeveloped and dark no comedian will dare make fun of it.

    If you want to view it go to Youtube / Pennpoint, and input “Why not even Sarah Silverman will not trash Islam” “Trigger” warning, this video contains a bit offensive language and may contain subject matter that may offend some.”

    If you need therapy after viewing it your on your own, suck it up. Or maybe Wayne could render some professional psychological services right here on the web site?

    Penn’s comments really distills down the essence of all of these subjects in one place for me, and he clearly reveals the insanity and intellectual dishonesty 1. of the Liberal / Leftist politically correct and essentially Fascist, do what I say because I am a “highly educated” intellectual, and am “right” agenda and 2. The insanity of Islam and its eternal stagnant condition.

    Maybe that’s the evolution test for Islam, when you can make fun of it and tell a joke about Muhammad it has finally reformed and can be accepted in the civilized world. As for the Leftist political correctness and Leftist agenda that’s going to take some real hard work and actual strong American flavored leadership to put it back in its box where it belongs.

  • Laurie

    Christ elevated the existing moral standard in order to fulfill / complete the law (Matt 5:17) – and to be a living example of this. Mohammed took the violent propensities of desparate human beings and enflamed and directed them against the “infidel” – that is, against anyone who would not accept him as the supreme leader – one to which normal moral standards did not apply.

    What’s with the blindness on the left to this simple truth?

  • Alex

    Laurie you state: “What’s with the blindness on the left to this simple truth?” I am asking myself this simple question every day, because I am living a country, which is taken over my Muslims at the long run, if not something decisive happen now, which turns the development. BTW, leading leftist are first, who are going to die after Muslim take-over.

  • Andrew_W

    “Why not even Sarah Silverman will not trash Islam”

    Islam isn’t alone in being overly sensitive to criticism, criticize African Americans and you’re a racist, criticize Judaism and you’re antisemitic.

  • wayne

    The Convention of States Project


    The moderate Muslims, if they don’t believe in jihad, need to speak up about terrorism. I can imagine that some of them feel that the ‘war on terrorism” is an attack on Islam. It’s not. They need to realize that this war is about the radicalized Muslim who is at war with anyone, including the moderates, who doesn’t 100% believe in their ways and submits.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    “Islam isn’t alone in being overly sensitive to criticism, criticize African Americans and you’re a racist, criticize Judaism and you’re antisemitic.”

    (Criticize Islam and you are dead or strongly suspect that you may soon be dead)

    You again purposely proforma miss the point, surely your not as ignorant as you portray yourself. Islam is not “overly sensitive” they are commanded to KILL those who mock or criticize Islam or Muhammad. To be “racist” or “antisemitic” is something that is merely socially undesirable or culturally unacceptable.

    You are an eternal Islam soft sell salesman. Are you really not able to detect the not so subtle difference? Your ability to make ridiculous and inappropriate equivalencies is boundless. Truly a threat to yourself and all that live in close proximity.

    Laurie, above, and Penn Jillett in the, Silverman video really plainly illustrate the reality of the situation.

  • Andrew_W

    “they are commanded to KILL those who mock or criticize Islam”

    Well they can’t be very good at carrying out that command can they? I’ve seen no shortage of criticism of Islam on US social media and from the Conservative right yet haven’t found a case of any American actually killed for criticizing Islam, so once again your description of what’s supposed to be happening doesn’t fit with reality.

    “Are you really not able to detect the not so subtle difference?” There may be some subtle difference, how can I tell when the hatred against Islam is so far out of proportion to the issues in the real world?

  • Andrew_W

    Someone fired “why I am not a Muslim” at me the other day, at the considerable risk of being branded antisemitic, I found this interesting.
    Why I am not a Jew:

  • Edward

    INSOMNiUS wrote: “The moderate Muslims, if they don’t believe in jihad, need to speak up about terrorism.

    This is correct. The silent anti-jihad Muslim is indistinguishable from the silent pro-jihad Muslim.

    I find it most humorous that Muslims are not the ones who defend their religion and speak out against terrorism, but they rely upon infidel trolls to defend Islam and rationalize their terrorism, even to the point of claiming that Islamic terrorism is ineffective since there are still infidels left to complain about all the terrorism. The trolls even declare that being against terrorism is hatred, thus — in the trolls’ minds — if Muslims were to speak out against Islamic terror, then these Muslims would necessarily be haters.

    We have trolls so unfamiliar with the subjects that they argue that they must search for “interesting” things on the internet in order to make their poorly formulated arguments in favor of their poorly thought out opinions.

    Today, we have trolls using relative morality in order to make other religions seem as bad as the Religion of Jihad, but these other religions quickly decry and disavow those who act in such a manner. The Religion of Jihad, however, celebrates in the streets and declares its many terrorists (tens of thousands) to be martyrs.

    Instead, the trolls claim that because one infidel commits one sin, it is acceptable for Muslims to commit tens of thousands of acts of Jihadist terrorism.

    These trolls are not the ones who would or could do anything in order to keep evil from winning.

    If the Muslims in actuality disagreed with all the Islamic terrorism, as the trolls believe they do, then we would be hearing them loud and clear, just as the Christians loudly and clearly spoke out against the murder of an abortion doctor — which quickly ended that form of terrorism.

  • PeterF

    Does this mean that 42 may no longer be the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?

  • Andrew_W

    “Does this mean that 42 may no . . . ”

    When I saw 43 was on the list I admit I did think; “now, was it 42 or 43 that was the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?” and went and checked.

  • Andrew_W

    “The moderate Muslims, if they don’t believe in jihad, need to speak up about terrorism.”

    They do, they just don’t get the media coverage that more exciting and controversial issues do.

  • Andrew_W

    This got publicity over here, anything tame from Muslims condemning terrorism doesn’t get the same media traction.

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