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The endorsement of election theft

The coming dark age: Voter recounts in three close elections in Florida and Arizona, all won initially by Republicans, now suggest there is significant misconduct going on to favor the Democratic candidates in order to change the results.

Are the local Democrats in Arizona and Florida trying to steal these elections? Maybe. The evidence sure looks that way, based on past behavior. For one thing, in practically every close election requiring a recount in the past two decades the recount somehow always finds more votes for Democrats, sometimes in very suspicious circumstances. Moreover, practically every voter fraud case investigated in the past few years has also appeared to be fraud in favor of the Democrats. While I am sure I could do some digging and find a case or two that was done to favor the Republicans, that would be the exception that proves the rule.

The problem here is not that the Democrats are doing this, but that it has been obvious for the past decade that this party has become very corrupt and power-hungry, and needs a major house-cleaning. Unfortunately, in the election that just passed, the voters across America did not do this. Instead, if anything they gave the Democrats an endorsement, electing them to more seats in the House and not defeating them soundly in the Senate. They also gave them more power at the statewide level, including more governorships.

The result? Americans have essentially told the Democrats they can continue their bad behavior, and in fact are free to expand it as much as they want.

I expect the results of these elections in Florida and Arizona to become Democratic wins. Nor will this be the end. Americans decided it was all right to forgive political corruption, including the most disgusting smear campaign I have seen since the McCarthy era in the 1950s.

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  • Des

    Another explanation is that Democratic areas were on average less well organised and slower counting on average?

  • Des: See the last link to the list above. I added this after the post went up. Florida’s Democratic election officials are breaking the law. Period. And they have done it in the past as well.

  • Des: Note too that in almost every single case in the past decade, recounts have found numerous Democratic voters, often enough to change the result. If the errors were random, it would not always go in one direction.

    As I said, American voters wish to look the other way. You sadly prove my point.

  • Cotour

    Politics is the most corrupt, perverted and deadly activity that human beings participate in, PERIOD.

    If they believe they can cheat they certainly will cheat, and Florida is well know for such activity.

    Let us not be naive.

  • mkent

    Bill Nelson always seemed like one of the more reasonable Democrats. That he should not just condone but seek this sort of corruption is disheartening. We are far more gone than most people realize.

  • wodun

    Why would we be surprised that the same party that wants to do away with the 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, electoral college, and Supreme Court would be tolerable of rigging an election? Heck, they rigged their own Presidential primary in 2016. This is the same party that used threats of violence against the electoral college in an effort to get them to change their votes and used violence to prevent people from getting to Trump’s inauguration. Just a few weeks ago, they were falsely accusing a SCOTUS nominee of gang rape.

    During all of this, the media has championed the Democrat party by defending, excusing, and promoting all of these activities.

    You could say it has gone on for decades. There is a lot of recent evidence. But the reality is that this is how the Democrat party has operated for over a hundred years. We are expected to forget history and ignore what is happening in front of us at this very moment.

  • Jason Hillyer

    Disgusting and disgraceful!!
    Also: check out these two Project Veritas videos that show non-citizens’ ability to vote in Texas…
    I must give credit to my dad, who sent me these videos first :)

  • Which is why I quit commenting on politics. I just can’t get excited about a civilization (and I’m including all of the Western world) that has been watching one political group engage in violence, corruption, and materially contributing to a declining quality of life and standard of living, and refuses to save itself. If you won’t help yourself . . .

    People in the West long ago stopped caring about furthering civilization and moved to aligning themselves with whatever group they think will provide them with material comfort with minimal personal engagement. Indeed, the more incompetent a person is, the less the Left will ask of them, while holding up as ‘special’. News for you folks: the people you think are helping you are laughing at you, and they sure don’t want you in their homes.

    The rare occasions I engage in political discussion go something like this:

    (Person complaining about government/politicans)

    “Do you vote Democrat?”

    “Oh, yes!”

    “Well, the city/state is controlled by Democrats, and has been for a while. These are the people/policies you voted for. This is the world you created. I don’t understand your problem.”

    “Well, I didn’t vote for *that*!”

    “Yes, you did.”

    End of conversation.

  • eddie willers

    Though most of us here are immune to the machinations of the MSM, sadly, too many are not.

    If this last election wasn’t depressing enough, a spin around the Internet yesterday made me lose all hope.

    Argument after argument that the young woman whose job it was to pass around microphones during the Presidential press conference was actually the aggressor and had laid hands on Jim Acosta instead.

    I wish the President had stepped down from the podium, snatched that microphone and punched the smarmy bastard in the nose.

  • pzatchok

    I look at the modern Democrat party as a perfect example of the old Democrat party of 150 years ago.

    Think and remember all the things the old Democrat party did just before and after the civil war.

    The only different thing they are doing now is calling everyone else the racist first.

    I see the far left end of the party as the new Democrat party of unintended consequences. They have lovely ideals but they never think of the secondary reactions to implementing those ideas.

  • Blair Ivey: Your comment here is possibly the only one in this thread that gets my point. As much as I and my readers might agree about the corruption of the Democratic Party, the problem isn’t really that corruption, but the complete inability of any of us to convince any of their innocent supporters of that corruption.

    I have been trying to note this in my writing and in conversations with friends and family for more than thirty years, all to no avail. The close-mindedness of the 60s generation, in love with that party, acts as a barrier that prevents any communication.

    It isn’t that I am not willing to have an reasonable intelligent conversation. It is just impossible to present these basic facts to any supporter of the Democratic Party. They simply will not admit to them.

    And so, we are where we are. And sadly I expect things to only get worse.

  • Robert,

    Useful idiots.

    I’ve noted in my blog that the Left has spent decades divorcing actions from consequences. I first became aware of this in the (&*^%%) 60’s when I was a child, for goodness sakes. Even then people were pointing out the consequences, and so on through the 70′, 80’s, and 90’s. After that that we were well and truly done. But, you know, don’t want to be called an ‘-ist’.

    I am oh so very grateful that my parents had a house full of books on Western literature, history, art, science. I read them all. And years later got an education to make sense of it.

    What I see now makes me want to weep, because there’s no excuse for it.

  • Jason Hillyer

    I must admit that I, along with Robert and Blair have lost a great deal of hope in the future… By the grace of God, Donald Trump was elected and this country nearly avoided an even more chaotic situation than the Obama years, but even 2 terms of Trump will not be enough, I fear. Being a millennial, I see the utter ignorance of young people and understand how their priorities and values are so misguided. Unless a major revolution of thought and morality comes back into this nation, only then will my hope return.

  • Phill O

    Jason H. “Unless a major revolution of thought and morality comes back into this nation, only then will my hope return.”

    Let your hope return. If I read the results correctly, the republicans lead the country except for California Oregon and Washington state. In this I hope!

    However, the far left areas are following the same spirit which held the Wannsee conference. The movie “Conspiracy” staring Kenneth Branagh is (IMO) the one which best portrays how people can pervert justice for some whom they disagree with. They are totally blind to their own bigotry and hypocrisy. When that happens, they will do ANYTHING to get their power and rule. The German economic rush brought by the NAZIs was paid on the backs (the very lives) of the Jews. It is happening again! Just change Jew to conservative and things are the same. Now we have hindsight to show us the future should a revolution not happen.

    I am looking forward to the next election in 2020, as I think the antics of the dims will be their own downfall. If under Obama, the congress was bypassed by executive order, they were the ones who set the precedence. The supreme court still will be the place for constitutional judges. The next appointment will have mega lies by the dims but Trump will win. If the economy slows, the silent majority will come out on top. This is not to say that there will not be lives destroyed but the outcome will be for the rule of law.

    Look to the upcoming elections in Alberta and Canada as a whole. The recent revolt in Ontario may be a signpost of things to come. The silent majority in Ontario threw out a far left government big time! Ontario continues to have the largest non-national debt in the world. NAFTA caused the province to lose a significant amount of industry and converted many working cities into retirement communities.

  • Nitecat

    I look at it this way : since tribal times the default mode has been the alpha male ( king , or whatever ) his minions , and everyone else is their property ! The US Constitution was the first real attempt to defeat this by the “property”. Socialism , Communism , Progressivism are all just various ways the so – called alphas are trying to resume the default mode. Zimmerman is right , until the silent majority can be taught to see the corruption it will just get worse. Not their fault , they are propagandized since childhood and often must work multiple jobs to support our huge government bureaucracies. When the young people figure this out , we win !

  • wayne

    Boss Tweed – Thomas Nast

  • wayne

    Mike Munger CATO Event 2015
    Choosing in Groups: Analytical Politics Revisited
    embedded video-player 56:00 total

    “Whether a decision involves choosing a restaurant or which nominee a political party should support, individuals within a group often accept trade-offs as long as decisions are made within established rules. How do these rules develop? How do individuals determine what trade-offs they are willing to accept? If rules and trade-offs are unique to each group, how can political scientists truly understand what people want? In his book, Choosing in Groups, Professor Michael Munger of Duke University examines these dynamics and the relevance they have for understanding political institutions and politics in general.”

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