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The explanation as to why Democrats today are fearless in proposing insane policies

How the change in Don Lemon in the past ten years reveals why Democrats are no longer afraid to propose insane policies
Don Lemon unwittingly reveals the Democrats’
assumed grip on power

A recent post at ZeroHedge made a big deal about how Don Lemon’s positions so drastically changed in less than a decade. As the article correctly noted, the positions Lemon took in 2013 would have had Don Lemon in 2023 label himself a white supremacist.

The video [from 2013] shows Lemon talking about what the black community should do to fix its problems, including stop littering, and encouraging kids to try harder in school. The host also extols the virtues of marriage, and warns about the problem of absent fathers, asserting “just because you can have a baby doesn’t mean you should.”

Lemon even tells young black men to stop using the N word and to pull up their pants and stop walking around with their asses hanging out looking like prison bitches.

If you dare say these things now you are called a racist and a white supremacist (no matter your skin color) exerting your white privilege. The Don Lemon of 2023 himself has done this exact thing.

What the article found most shocking however was the speed in which these things changed. As noted by this tweet:

It’s terrifying how fast society fell off the cliff

10 years ago Obama, Hillary, and Biden were defining marriage as “a man and a woman”

10 years ago Don Lemon was telling black people “pull your pants up”

10 years ago Dems only supported “safe, legal, and rare” abortions

Why? How did it become okay for Democrats and leftists to suddenly in less than a few years go from defending normal sex and marriage to supporting the genital mutilation of young children and to support cross-dressing men changing in women’s locker rooms? Why have inner city Democratic Party politicians gone from trying to arrest shoplifters in order to at least maintain a semblance of law to passing laws making illegal for any employees at a retail store from stopping shoplifting in any way, while simultaneously advocating “defunding the police” and routinely releasing murderers and criminals without charge?

How is any of this even possible in a democratic society? Shouldn’t Democrats be worried that their insane policies might be offending the vast majority of normal people who vote?

The answer lies in a false assumption most conservatives and ordinary people still have about our nation. For example, school officials at a North Hollywood elementary school have continued to relentlessly push the queer agenda on little kids, even as those officials refuse to listen to the complaints, opposition, and loud public protests of those kids’ parents.

Father of four Manuk Grigoryan was one of the parents who took to the streets with other parents to protest the school, and he said he is refusing to send his children back until he can speak directly with school officials. “They’re too young. It wasn’t about the issue of the book itself only because after the book was supposed to be read, they were supposed to turn around and have a discussion about what they just read and heard,” Grigoryan said during “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“When we want to speak with them and have these discussions, they totally ignore us, and they just don’t want to talk to us, and I’m fed up, and the school is not safe for my children,” he continued. [emphasis mine]

The Fox news article that this quote is from went into great length describing the absolute refusal of school officials to talk to the parents. In describing these protests by North Hollywood parents, Karen Townsend at HotAir concluded as follows:

It is as though the school district didn’t learn anything from what happened in Virginia in 2021. Republican Glenn Youngkin embraced the issue of parental control in schools and it ushered him into the governor’s office in a huge upset election. Democrats controlled Virginia politics and it was just assumed that Terry McAuliffe would be elected. Virginia public school parents began a movement to oust woke policies, including LGBTQ activism, out of their schools. Virginia is no longer a blue state.

Other blue states should pay attention. Parents across the country are beginning to rise up and say enough is enough. Stop propagandizing young children. It’s a topic that is over their heads until they are older. Most parents want to be the ones to teach their children about sexual matters and gender issues, they don’t want schools to take over their jobs. Those that do not listen in this environment do so at their own peril. [emphasis mine]

The problem is that Townsend, as well as most Americans, still assume that elections are real and that these corrupt Democrats can be defeated at the polls.

That assumption however is utterly wrong. Democrats might have lost in Virginia, but I am quite certain sadly that this is now the exception, not the rule. The willingness of Democrats to suddenly in only the last five years to become so passionately in favor of the worst of the queer agenda, including cutting up little kids — against their parents’ wishes — is because they are now utterly confident they can rig any election in their favor. Since Trump’s election Democrats have been honing their election tampering techniques, first tested nationally in 2020 to defeat Trump, then refined significantly in 2022 to prevent Republicans from winning a number of state elections while reducing their victories in Congress.

To the surprise of many, Republicans’ electoral expectations fizzled in the 2022 midterms. With runaway inflation, Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan, and a long line of electoral precedents, Republicans should have had an historic victory. Instead, Democrats gained in the Senate despite a very favorable map for Republicans, and the GOP captured only the narrowest of margins in the House.

Despite this disappointing outcome, Republicans still won the popular vote in the midterm election by a healthy 3% margin. That should have translated into much bigger electoral gains. Instead, there was “Republican robustness in the wrong places,” in the words of New York Times election guru Nate Cohn. The conventional wisdom has been that the GOP was punished for running bad candidates in key elections. Perhaps there is something to this, but GOP candidate quality doesn’t explain everything when you consider that the new Democratic senator from Pennsylvania is literally brain damaged, and the recently elected Democratic governor of Arizona was a scandal-plagued lightweight who refused to debate, and her signature gubernatorial accomplishment has been going to war against selling tamales in a state that’s 32% Hispanic.

The more likely explanation for these results is that Democratic ballot harvesting operations have reached such heights of sophistication that they can parachute into decisive battlegrounds and scare up enough votes among ignorant and unmotivated citizens to overcome the natural enthusiasm of informed and self-motivated voters. [emphasis mine]

The Constitution: it no longer exists
The Constitution: almost gone, and fading rapidly

Democrats now believe those techniques will guarantee them victories nationwide, no matter what crazy or radical policies they put forth or advocate. In places like California and New York it won’t take much manipulation to swing an election, because Democrats know that their opposition is relatively weak anyway. In swing states however they are now confident they can produce whatever result they need, especially in areas where they have long maintained control. There will be no revolt in formerly Democratic Party strongholds, no matter how many parents decide to take a red pill and become Republican voters. And in many regions that might be shifting to the right, the Democrats will manufacture whatever votes they need to guarantee victory.

This is why the politics of the Democratic Party shifted so radically in only the last five years. They can now be honest about their beliefs, because they hold power and do not intend under any condition to relinquish it. Thus, they have no fear advocating for men in women’s locker rooms, promoting sexual perversion to little kids, and working to protect violent criminals over the needs of ordinary citizens. Not only do the Democrats still have a solid base of loyal but blind supporters, willing to back them no matter what, the Democrats know they can manufacture election victories wherever they need it, while doing whatever blacklisting is required to squelch whatever opposition that might exist.

Though we all must still go to the polls and vote, we must also recognize that we can no longer win our country back simply by voting. We will have to fight for our rights and our freedoms. A major effort must be made to clean up the election process, something Republicans have so far made little effort in doing.

And if that is not done, and soon, the fight will increasingly be on the streets, using pitchforks, bats, and guns. That is my sad but pessimistic prediction. Elections are no longer a trustworthy solution, because reliable elections no longer exist.

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  • Edward

    Robert wrote:
    The more likely explanation for these results is that Democratic ballot harvesting operations have reached such heights of sophistication that they can parachute into decisive battlegrounds and scare up enough votes among ignorant and unmotivated citizens to overcome the natural enthusiasm of informed and self-motivated voters.

    These people are useful idiots.

    A major effort must be made to clean up the election process, something Republicans have so far made little effort in doing.

    These Republicans are useless idiots.

    It is because of these people that I no longer identify as Republican. To vote for these people is a wasted vote. We need to vote for people who will make a difference, not just submit to the Democrat rulership. There was a time when the Republican Party was the solution. Now it is part of the problem.

  • Cotour

    The other day I had a customer, she was about 30ish +, attractive and she was lily white.

    She tells me she is from Seattle, she lives both here in NY and she also still has a place in Seattle. And my response was: What is going on out there?

    And I went on and told her that about three or four years ago I watched a documentary called: Seattle Is Dying. You might remember me mentioning it and posting it back then. And I told her that I realized that what was going on in Seattle was exactly what was going to come to New York.

    Watch it if you like, it is all documented, exactly what you are witness to now in New York City:

    Her response? Oh, I saw that documentary, I thought it was very unfair and biased. She proudly goes on: I am a Liberal and I felt that that documentary was not well done and is not a representation of what is really going on in the city. (Really?)

    She goes on: That is all created by the fentanyl and the fentanyl is now here in New York.

    (So the fentanyl is self-manifesting and distributes itself throughout the country and destroys the cities and the people who live there?)

    It is the drugs that are causing all of the crazy irrational politics and the people living in the streets, the crime, the death, the open drug use, the hopelessness, the chaos that we are seeing going from Seattle, to San Francisco, to Chicago, to New York? And of course, all of the illegals streaming into the country are caused by the fentanyl? It is not the radical progressive politics that has taken over the city councils that has disarmed the police and forbid them from actually dealing with and even helping people that actually need help?

    To say nothing about the everyday tax paying helpless and captured citizens. The drugs are causing it all? I did not say that to her I did not want to throw down and upset her entire belief system. Not yet anyway, that would be up to her.

    I try not to attack my customers with either politics or religion and that is up to them to bring it up or not. And even then, I try to not go too deep and try to choose my words judiciously.)

    Then she askes me, and she thought she was going to blow up my entire thesis with this killer question: Do you watch Fox News?

    And my answer was: No, I do not watch Fox News. And that is true, I do not sit down and “watch” Fox News, they annoy me. Although I will make some Fox video clip selections that I think informative and useful from Youtube.

    And that stopped her in her tracks. That is always their go to knee jerk defense to distract from and sidestep their insane ideological belief system.


    That technique has been used on me several times before and each time my answer has the effect of disrupting their entire thought process.

    I personally see the cracks in many of the Lefts arguments beginning to show through in the people I know. But I am not certain that that fact is enough to overcome the Democrat party machines many and multi layered ways that they achieve their political goals. They all know what to do and not a word need be spoken. IMO the Democrats desperately want and need there to be violence in the streets so they can further justify their growing oppression.

    They certainly are what they say they detest, 100 percent. Up is down, good is bad, right is wrong, etc, etc.

    Politics and Political Warfare: The dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt activity that human beings participate in.

    She went on her way, and it will be interesting if she comes back if she will reignite the conversation. It is all up to her.

  • Deplorable Dave Parsons

    You can’t vote your way out of election fraud.

    And election fraud is legal. The Arizona Judge ruled against Kari Lake because Arizona law says election officials must be presumed to have acted in good faith regardless of what they do.

    We are a banana republic. The 1st step is to admit the truth.

  • Doubting Thomas

    School choice for elementary, intermediate and high school students is one small choice.

    In Texas we are battling for school choice. Even the most lukewarm of proposals produce screams and our (mostly) Republic representatives vote the proposals down.

    Band together, don’t let the lies and slander sway you. Keep pushing everywhere you can.

  • Sl

    What democrats voters need to realize is that there votes no longer matter. The dem candidates are pre picked by party then passed thru primaries. its not dem voters winning elections so the candidates dont owe the voters. The candidates own the votes.

  • D3F1ANT

    You hit this RIGHT on the head. People still won’t accept that elections are no longer legitimate. We keep talking about candidates and polls and it’s all fake…and Americans STILL won’t face reality. If they KNOW you can’t vote them out…they KNOW they can to ANYTHING they want to you.

  • Kate Taylor

    The fellow who says he’s given up on Republicans annoys me. I got involved in politics on a local level (northern Virginia) in 2020 and if enough people get involved we can make a difference.
    Unfortunately we have an entrenched two party system, the viability of a third party is not feasible. But what is doable is to change the Republicans from the bottom up.
    Before, Democrats dominated the election process, but now we have hordes of Republicans that have become election officers, poll watchers, and monitors of other aspects of voting. We even have 2/3 control of the electoral board.
    The Democrats around here are disgusted by the left’s influence, too. Many of their races have challengers in the primaries.
    If we give up, our future will not be pretty.

  • Milt

    I think that Ms. Taylor is right. Either we give up on the American experiment in representative government (and then, what?), or we get down to the hard work of regaining control of the ways in which our elections are conducted. Back in the day, this kind of plodding, unglamorous effort was considered to be the essential work of the local Democratic and Republican political organizations, but such efforts as recruiting “election officers, poll watchers, and monitors of other aspects of voting” seems to have fallen out of fashion. It’s not the kind of “look at me!” thing that anyone would post on Facebook or Twitter.

    The problem is that our opponents on the radical left — at least at the leadership level — are not stupid, and they have discerned, as Robert points out, that if you control the election *process*, then you can pretty much determine who will win. The question, again, is whether we are prepared to just sit back and accept this. If you don’t like what is happening, then — like Ms. Taylor — get involved at the local level and work to CHANGE things. And remember that even after things are “fixed,” constant vigilance remains the price of freedom. Our foes on the left make the Energizer Bunny look like a slacker*, and — like other endemic diseases — they aren’t going away.

    *And they are backed by the collective wealth of most of the billionaire class.

    One essential caveat is that things have deteriorated so much in some blue cities and states that they are probably “lost” for the foreseeable future, and no amount of grass roots organizational work will suffice to reestablish fair elections there. The only ray of hope in such places may be that the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. might prompt many of the non-KoolAid drinking Democrats to
    fight for a fair primary process, and this might carry over into the general election as well. Again, without some kind of electoral reform on the D side, candidates like RFK, Jr. *cannot* win the nomination, and this may spur some efforts for change on their part.

    Finally, with respect to the plodding but absolutely essential job of drawing up rational / fair election districts, here is a post that sheds some needed light on how this works and what might be done:

    But who is willing to roll up his or her sleeves and get to work?

  • milt

    PS — A question for Cotour. Does your 30ish customer appear to be a hopeless, Biden-supporting Kool-Aid drinker, or might she lean toward Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and want to see him get her party’s nomination? If the latter, there is hope for her — and this country.

  • Cotour

    ” the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. might prompt many of the non-KoolAid drinking Democrats to
    fight for a fair primary process,”

    Purely an ideological Democrat alternative candidate who in reality is not ruthless enough to be the president today. What we need is a strong, competent, savvy, ruthless when necessary, benevolent leader of this American experiment in governance.

    RFK jr. IMO is not that man.

    Do you think he might be a bit hesitant when he goes up against those ruthless Political Realm powers within government who we are right now witness to through evidence and their current treachery that he bluntly says killed his uncle?

    His service will be in dragging down Biden (Or Kamala, or Newsome or whomever etc.) if he / they remain the Democrat candidate and siphoning off votes in a primary.

    Biden refuses to debate? Not good.

    RFJ jr. is a radical Leftist Democrat party outsider and they are not about to let him in having come as far as they have.

    Even if Biden slips and falls and is unable to run whether through disability or he has met his maker the Democrat party machine will NEVER embrace him and ALLOW him to be their guy.

    RFK jr., but a Pedestrian Realm ideological fantasy.

    From: Strategy Over Morality: “CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Politically empowered Political Realm leadership is ultimately about the fundamental exercise of power and “IT’s” subjective agenda interests and “IT’s” political power prevailing.”

  • Cotour


    She is a fully indoctrinated, lily white “progressive”, Liberal (D) believer and might well be attracted to vote for a candidate RFKjr. alternative.

    I will ask her if she comes back.

    But I will stick with my previous point about the “progressive” now radical Democrat party machine not ALLOWING an RFKjr. candidate.

    You saw what they did to Bernie and anyone else who might have threatened to displace Hillary as the front runner. It was all well managed.

    It was Hillary, period.

  • Cotour


    This is what the Democrat party machine will pursue:

    WHO’s Global Digital Health Certification Network

    How enthusiastic do you think RFKjr. as a president given his revelations about Covid, about the “vaccine”, about Fauci etc. etc.

    I do not think they will favor him.

  • krishnan chittur

    You may be right – the question I keep asking is why?

    I am not worried about difference of opinions, ideas – but the idea that one side can insist and get what they want, how they want it is dangerous – and today it is the Democrats.

    Not that long ago (and we still hear it some) we had Republicans who wanted to impose their morality, standards on the world – driven primarily by religion (i.e. theirs).

    Libertarians will never win because they like to leave people alone and not enough people who are left alone want to organize into some political group.

    My theory about the “why” is that prosperity causes insanity – all of the insanities we hear is from people who are incredibly well off, consume more than their share of fossil fuels, electricity and are desperate to virtue signal their luxury beliefs so others are discouraged from achieving what they have achieved.

  • Edward

    Kate Taylor,
    I may be annoying, but I am right. You think that you can make a difference, but will you make a difference? Have you made any difference yet? You didn’t cite any.

    If you want me to return, and good luck with that, you are going to have to show that Republican candidates are worth voting for. The 1994 Congressional Republicans, with their Senate counterparts, did a marvelous job. What happened to them all in the following half decade?

    My recollection is that the 1994 class of Republican Congressmen were shown the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, but it looks like they modeled themselves after the Claud Rains character, Senator Payne, who had also gone to Washington with high ideals but had been corrupted by the ways of Washington politics. Rather than learn the lesson that the corruption should be avoided, the class of 1994 seemed to take the movie as an instruction manual in how to turn corrupt: forget the constituents back home, do whatever it takes to get reelected.

    Back in the Real World, we elect Republicans who give us promises, but then they renege on those promises. The elected Republican politicians have not been the solution, so why do you think that will change in the future? They had promised that if we give them the House of Representatives then they would overturn Obamacare. They promised that we could get our country back by voting. We did; they didn’t. Then they promised that if we gave them the Senate, too, then they definitely would overturn Obamacare. We did; they didn’t. Finally, they promised that if we gave them the presidency, too, then nothing could stop them from overturning Obamacare. They got the presidency, then they promptly turned on him, letting the Democrats get away with a myriad of ways of election fraud that they can continue to practice to this day and well into the future. We still have Obamacare, which can’t even handle a routine flu outbreak, a mere variant on the original SARS flu, which the old healthcare system handled handily.

    Promises made, promises broken.

    The Republican politicians had a Tea Party movement backing them wholeheartedly, but instead of nurturing this movement and these people, the Republican politicians fought them with more vigor than they oppose Democratic policies. Republican politicians refuse to be part of the solution, but they embrace being part of the problem.

    The Republican voters are no better. They are willing to vote for Democrats who run under the Republican banner. Once in office, they do just enough to make it look like they are Republicans, but they don’t do what it takes to counteract the damage that the Democrats have done and are still doing to America. They allow the Democrats to run roughshod (painful, if literal) over We the People.

    You may think that you will make a difference, but how do you stop the Republican voters from continuing to elect RINOs?

    If you want me and my vote back, you have to earn both. Show me that you are turning around the Republican Party so that it has the values and principles of the Tea Party movement. Otherwise, I am going to go with the people who make up the dregs of the Tea Party movement. They may not win, but at least I am not settling for the lesser of two evils — because that was how we ended up here, with evil.

    If you think these questions or my attitude are annoying, then you are not going to succeed; you will fail. You need a stronger, thicker hide. The Democrats won’t be the ones destroying you, the ingrained, corrupted, evil Republican establishment will be ahead of them in line. The left-leaning Republican voters may be the first to get a crack at you. Watch your back, too, as the Democrats within the bureaucracy don’t play fair and know that they will get away with it — as is Robert’s point in this post.

    Good luck, Kate. We’re all counting on you. (4 seconds)

  • Max

    “the California Retailers Association mocking the move as an open invitation for thieves “to come in and steal.”

    If it is legal to steal, does this mean no one will ever be shot during a robbery again? That’s what California legislature believes…
    Currently the theft must be near $1000 of value before they can prosecute… Every theft with court and legal fees is much more than $1000.
    This also allows employees to steal from the employer without consequence.
    With Face recognition cameras and tags that can be scanned, anything stolen in the future will be documented by AI, and automatically deducted from your bank account with a processing fee!

    The breakdown of society is being divided into two categories. Those who obey the law, have morality, integrity, the oath keepers…. The sheep to be fleeced.

    And the lawbreakers, shady, immoral, untrustworthy hooligans with police record to be used as shock troops without conscience.
    Then can be used for dirty deeds, dirt cheap, then thrown away. The fifth column is among us.

  • johnb

    Even in the most cynical view how many elections did the Democrats steal? Five? Six? In this massive country with hundreds of elections at the Federal level alone. What fuels wokeness is mass immigration and the fragmentation it produces. They’re openly woke because they can count on the rock solid (anti-white) votes of the majority of immigrants and their children. They came to America to make money and the majority of them don’t give a damn about concepts like personal freedom or the Constitution or American history and traditions. They’re going to vote their group interests, they’re going to vote Democratic. Election stealing didn’t turn California or Virginia or Georgia blue, excessive, Republican-supported, mass immigration did, yet even in these final hours the treasonous crooks who run ConInc and the Republican party can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the truth and their part in it. The woke program would have no chance in the demographics of 1980.

    A few weeks ago the conservative writer Rod Dreher said something interesting. The bisexual guy who shot up that gay club a while back called out to people he had trapped in the bathroom “are there any black people in there? I’ve got nothing against black people.” You see, he didn’t mind being and being known as a mass murderer, but heaven forbid that anyone thinks he’s a racist. That’s the power, Dreher said, of the Narrative. The Republican party would rather die than be called racist for opposing open borders, and has in fact been committing self-destruction for the last four decades. They know exactly what is happening. Presumably they believe that conservatism is the way the country should go and that leftism, particularly its supercharged woke version, will destroy the nation, but they still can’t bring themselves to buck the narrative and oppose mass immigration. As this Zimmerman character shows they can’t even acknowledge there’s a problem. Such a party and those who support it have no hope, their leadership is suicidal and they’re taking you and nation with them.

  • Cotour

    Interesting information that will be of consequence if it indeed takes place:

    John Catsimatidis, billionaire owner of the big apple supermarket group and an oil company, who also now owns 770AM and 970AM is looking to by the Leftist radical media mess company, CNN.

    Could be very interesting.

  • Cotour


    Tucker Carlsen did a presentation on the media on Twitter the other day…………….and he had 65.5 MILLION viewers / participants.

    Put that together with a potential purchase of CNN by a committed free speech billionaire and also the existing Twitter platform of another committed free speech billionaire and we may have an entirely different country in 2 years.

    The radical desperate Left MUST be counterbalanced in substantial ways, and these are two of those substantial ways.

  • Texas John

    Ms. Taylor – I agree but unfortunately, we are not quite a 2-party country, at least at the national election level. I read a very good article some months ago that clearly documented how the Libertarian Party has caused the Republican Party to lose many close elections (regardless of the fraudulent D votes) by siphoning off enough votes (5 percent range) to allow the Democratic Party candidate to win. Almost all L votes would otherwise be R votes. Republican Party seems to be split between 2 camps; pro-business/Chamber-of-Commerce side (tend to be RINO) and the pro-freedom/less government side (e.g. Tea Party and a lot of Trump supporters). My preference would be for the Libertarian Party to merge/join with the R’s and help it become a more successful pro-freedom party.

  • Edward

    Kate Taylor,
    Now that the United States has descended deep into tyranny, corruption, chaos, and injustice, where political friends are rewarded and enemies persecuted, what is your plan to take back our country? You are going to need one in this police state, where you are the political enemy. Otherwise you will at best be an annoyance to the Democrats who are destroying our nation or, more likely, be imprisoned for a crime that no one did. (What kind of country arrests and prosecutes the leader’s political opponents?) Devolvement may be one strategy, but how do you make it come about and how do you think it will rescue our country? You will need additional strategies and the tactics to make them come about, otherwise your attempt at rescue will fail as have all the previous attempts.

    Robert said, “we can no longer win our country back simply by voting,” because electing politicians isn’t enough.

    So far, your plan seems to be to not give up, because “If we give up, our future will not be pretty.” I think our future is worse than that. Your solution seems to be to dominate the election process, but “we can no longer win our country back simply by voting.

    You seem to be just like the rest of the Republicans (not the RINOs, who are there just to support the Democratic Party), using wishful thinking and hope, but that is how we got here in the first place. Your attitude is that if only “enough people get involved” everything will turn out right. If all we do is “get involved” then we only put the same useless idiots in office. This is why I’ll be in the car.

    This isn’t a rhetorical question. What is your plan to take back our country? Or are you just supporting more useless idiots?

  • Dave

    My little opinion is that the elections are not wholesale rigged, though I also observe that these days it seems the penalty for malfeasance is rather modest if nothing at all, especially for those one side of our politics. (Here I mention Hillary, and ol’ Joe himself.)

    That said, I think there has been a long term project to corral the American public at large by using the over wrought issue of abortion. Most I think would vote to protect this as a sacred rite, come with it if it must free needles, defunded police, and other lunatic public policies, including the queer agenda. With that I can explain how 2022, which should have been a landslide for the GOP, was a modest looser instead: the court countered its legislation from 1973 just in time for this election, and it went over like a lead balloon.

    During the also over wrought covid emergency, some with undue authority rigged the election _rules_ at the last minute, shaking our confidence in election results. I have no counter to the ballot harvesting racket that the Dems are surely running, and probably have been for quite a few years now. Since covid, they have made that easier.

    Cotour says, “The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective”. Somewhere in that I find a place for my abortion über alles assertion.

    Please note an interesting attempt at “why” of this topic by krishnan chittur, something about affluence being at the root of it. I am anxious to know why. Is it affluence, idleness, drugs, bad university influences, or a lack of solid moral codes – or even a deal with the devil (kinda the same thing as a practical matter). I get paranoid enough to wonder what foreign power is whispering in the ears of those in authority. Too bad our FBI or CIA aren’t up to the job of ferreting that one out. Again with the shaken confidence. One can look at the reaction of key personnel to the Trump election in ’16.

    Following up from Edward citing the 1994 GOP take over. What a delight. that was (now 29 years ago.) I recall a news story after the election, before the swearing in, where the newly elected had introductory classes, i.e., how to be a Congressman, and some even pushed back on the assertions made in that class. “Why do we have to do it like that?” It was over matters like setting policy, like that was somehow hardcoded in the Constitution. Point taken, that the Dems win their general policy decisions not only subject to frequent majorities but also baked in the cake for when they aren’t in power. Huh.

    There are other inspiring writers in this blog. With my compliments, I cite John Adams one more time,

    “we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.”

  • Edward

    Kate Taylor,
    Your heart may be in the right place, but you didn’t have answers to my questions. You have failed to convince.

    As I see it, the people you are supporting have moved so far to the left that I can find no reason to believe that they will move us back to the right. You say that you think it is doable to change the Republicans from the bottom up, but you have no plan for doing this doable thing. All you offer is that you all can make a difference if enough people get involved, but you don’t say what difference you plan to make.

    You say that in many of the democrat primary races the incumbents have challengers, but this happens even in deep blue California, where the Democrat incumbent even has a Democrat challenger in the general election, too, because the election laws here are bizarre, designed to guarantee Soviet-style rulership. A party challenger to the incumbent is meaningless, and does not even remotely suggest that local or state Democrats are disgusted by the left’s influence. It just means that another Democrat is gaining experience in running for office, and it guarantees that someone can step in if something should happen to the incumbent.

    No one else answered my questions, either, so my opinion remains the same. The Republican Party is run by useless idiots. Voting Republican is a wasted vote. We will only get more of the same: motion in the wrong direction.

  • Cotour

    Follow up: Don Lemon:

    Just one more self-delusional political tool of the Radical “I hate America” Leftist, “Great Reset” Democrat party.

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