The failure of the political class

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Yesterday Clark Lindsey of noted that my essay “You’ve got to play the game” appears to “blame the Administration solely for its problems in reforming NASA.” This is not entirely correct. My essay yesterday was specifically intended to lay out the errors and faults of Obama and his administration in their efforts to change NASA. Its purpose was not to discuss the foolishnesses of Congress, the stupidity of which I think everyone is very much aware.

However, Clark is correct when he notes that when it comes to this space war over NASA’s future, Congress is as much at fault as Obama. They are micromanaging NASA’s program in ways that can do little good for the future. Worse, they have shown a greater interest in maintaining pork barrel spending than funding NASA intelligently.

All in all, we have here a complete failure of the political class. I really do hate to sound pessimistic, but for NASA’s near term future, I honestly do not expect positive things to come from the compromise deal that Congress and the President now seem willing to agree to.


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  • Kelly Starks

    Really, you can’t call it a failure of the political class when they are delivering what the voters want. Voters really don’t know what they want out of NASA; but they love having a NASA because its a symbol of America at its best, and they like NASA jobs in their districts.

    Of course a more inspired leadership might deliver a better more capable NASA, but that would generally cost jobs in districts, or need to rock the boat about civil service jobs.

    As the saying (incorrectly credit to Alexis de Tocqueville) goes
    “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”

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