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The fascist states within the United States

It is now clear that a large number of state governments have decided to morph what had originally been called a very temporary lock down and request to social distance into a permanent state of martial law, with their governors retaining the right to rule by edict for as long as they personally deem.

As most states begin to move forward with measures to reopen their economies following strict lockdowns aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, some governors and big-city mayors are now saying the restrictions will not fully be lifted until a vaccine or treatment for the disease is available — a timeline that could take a year or more.

The leaders’ comments indicate Americans could be living with orders restricting personal and economic activity for much longer than many anticipate.

And who are these new dictators? Here is the list from the linked article above:

  • Democrat Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey
  • Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan
  • Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois
  • Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles
  • Republican Mayor David Holt of Oklahoma City

Nor are these the only ones. Other governors have imposed similarly impossible conditions for lifting their versions of martial law and house arrest, from demanding universal testing and tracking of all infected patients to the end of all cases of COVID-19. Some have developed reopening plans so stretched out with no time limits and impossibly complex rules that they essentially will never end.

In every single one of these cases, expect the rules to change, once it appears that their stated conditions for lifting their dictatorships might finally arrive. At that time it will suddenly be for other reasons their totalitarian rule must continue, for our safety of course. That is their standard operating procedure, to lie repeatedly for their own benefit.

Now, look at the lists above. Does anyone but me notice the pattern? What party seems in love with power, with control, with fear? What party doesn’t seem to care that its policies are wiping out the economy and whole industries, while destroying the lives of millions? What party consistently seems willing to expand and abuse its power, not for the sake of the citizenry but for its own aggrandizement?

Of course! It’s Donald Trump and those evil Republicans! Can’t you see that, from the data above? It is as clear as day!

Seriously, the regions and rulers that are routinely imposing stringent rules and restrictions on ordinary innocent citizens, all in the name of “helping us”, are almost all in either Democratic strongholds (California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts), or places where large Democratically-controlled urban cities dominate a more politically mixed population (Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania).

These are the new fascists, the new brown-shirts, the new political thugs. They are no different than past fascists, brown-shirts, and political thugs. And they are in power because a large percentage of the populations in these states either happily approve their policies of squashing down and destroying those who disagree with them, or are too ignorant and lazy to oppose those policies.

And make no mistake. These fascist jack-booted thugs are also working hard to expand their police state policies into all the other states in the union. If the citizens and politicians in the rest of the country don’t begin to oppose this spread, these dictatorships will also spread to all regions and all states.

We are facing a real and new civil war. And I fear we don’t have the courage to fight it.

Correction note: I initially listed Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker as a Democrat. My mistake, though it is an easy mistake to make since every Republican elected in Massachusetts for the past three decades has been indistinguishable from most Democrats.

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  • Cotour

    And they are ALL Republican / Red lead states!

    Trump and his dictatorial ways, this must make him very pleased.

  • Andrew_W

    Evidently being a fascist governor makes you popuular with many American voters.

  • Cotour

    And you, Andrew W, question why some here on BTB argue so vociferously against the Left and what they propose.

    You yourself present the evidence for the argument.

    Between polls like that and the efforts of the DNC and the Democrat leadership and their taking every opportunity to steal and corrupt the election system and the evolving revealing of just how corrupt the previous administration actually was, maybe you now better understand?

  • Andrew_W

    Perhaps you’re right – if you can recognize that the US has been a fascist country for most of its existence.

  • LocalFluff

    It seems to me that the Trump administration has followed the constitution as far as to let the state governors handle the issue of lockdown or not. (Is that right?) Hussein Obama or Gagga Bush wouldn’t have done that! They would’ve used the opportunity to abolish the federation and create a central unity state.

    The consequence of this is divergent policies between states, which is the purpose of the constitution and why states accepted to join the federation in the first place. But it creates tensions inside the US. A sudden new rift that cuts across all already established political divides, although a red-blue alignment of it seems to be coming about with time. Maybe it is a good thing. I’m sure that Trump first of all thought about the 2020 elections. Not too many governors are up for a vote then, but perhaps this lockdown issue will have a big impact on congressional and regional seats?

  • Ian C.

    We are facing a real and new civil war.

    When I fight on the side of freedom and assuming we’ll win, will I gain citizenship? Would be more fun, cheaper, and faster than going the EB-5 route. Thinking of it, could we make that into some kind of multi-level marketing recruitment? Bring five foreign volunteers who bring each five foreign volunteers etc. who eventually fight and all will receive citizenship. I’m better with organizing than shooting people. Sounds like a nice deal. What do you think?

  • Cotour

    Well Andrew W, let me say this about that.

    If their is going to be Fascism in the world, and America is practicing it, then let it be American Fascism that exists in the world.

  • LocalFluff: Your analysis of the Constitution is correct. These decisions are supposed to be left to the state and local governments, and Trump has properly followed the Constitution in leaving it to them.

    And yes, this Constitutional imperative means that there will be tensions between different states and their differing approaches. This is also intended, as it allows the nation’s citizens a chance to see a wide range of approaches.

    Sadly, too many people in too many states (one would be too many) seem willing to choose the totalitarian approach. The danger here (as was seen before the Civil War) is that those who choose this authoritarian route invariable demand that their authority be imposed on everyone, even those who do not choose that route.

    We appear to be faced with three choices: Either a real civil war is coming, the United States will break up, or it will become a fascist state. Only the first offers any real hope for the future, because at least in that case the lovers of liberty have a chance to win, and liberate the states that are presently descending into oppression.

  • LocalFluff

    The European Union has vanished in this corona panic. Suddenly all borders were closed (I see the bridge between Denmark and Sweden from my window and since two months I haven’t seen more than two cars on it at a time, because the Danes closed the borders except for special permits). France confiscated face masks manufactured in France by a Swedish company already ordered by Swedish customers. This whole “open borders” thingy suddenly disappeared over night! And our otherwise 100% pro-EU politicians have gotten rid of all EU flags and suddenly they surround themselves with what they have always called “racist nazi” Swedish flags like never before.

    I’m old enough to have experienced the sudden Soviet collapse from a distance. It was incredible that this seemingly monolithic superpower simply ceased to exist from one day to another. “Unbreakable Union” was even the theme of the Soviet anthem. The same has happened with the EU now 30 years later in the same historical process of socialist failure. So I would not rule out the dissolution of the US federation. Btw, Germany has the other day made it illegal to burn the EU flag, that’s a deadly sign of desperation as masses of Germans now protest against their lockdown and Angela Merkel is finally dying unable to nominate a crown prince.

    Western Europe has always prospered in “peaceful (industrial) competition between countries”, as the slogan was in the late 19th century. Governments competing with each other strengthens the people. As does smaller governments. The left is utterly incompetent and delusional and might be digging their own grave by their constant attempts to discredit the federal administration. They in fact act to get rid of what they desire. But you all sworn an oath to the Union as school children, didn’t you, so that can’t happen, or your souls will burn in Hell forever… :-)

  • Shaun

    Add Democrat Gov Tim Walz of Minnesota to the list. Not any better here. Multiple lawsuits against his edicts but no resolution in site. If I hear him say “I get it” in response to struggling businesses one more time so help me…

  • Shaun

    *hear and *him

  • Shaun: I fixed your comment, since it was hard to understand without doing so.

  • Shaun

    Thanks Bob. The woes of cell phones…

  • Edward

    Ian C. asked: “When I fight on the side of freedom and assuming we’ll win, will I gain citizenship?

    Not if you are still in Europe. Also, what benefits do you see for U.S. citizenship? I keep seeing more benefits for illegal aliens than for citizens.

    LocalFluff wrote: “The European Union has vanished in this corona panic. Suddenly all borders were closed.

    So, the Brits were correct, and the rest of the European leaders are just now following their lead.

    So I would not rule out the dissolution of the US federation.

    I rule it out. Too many people identify as U.S. citizens, not as citizens of their states. However, I do not rule out revolts at the state, city, or county levels.

    But you all sworn an oath to the Union as school children, didn’t you, so that can’t happen, or your souls will burn in Hell forever…

    Do they do that in Europe? In the U.S. school children only pledge allegiance to the flag and to the republic for which it stands. It is terrible that some governors and mayors are usurping their powers and not acting as legitimate representatives in our republic.

  • Andrew_W

    Either a real civil war is coming, the United States will break up, or it will become a fascist state.

    It’s a shame there’s no forth possibility as I’m ruling out the first two, I suppose I may as well start describing the US as a fascist state now, I’ve been holding off using that label for at least 3 and a half years.

  • wayne

    Ref: “the US has been a fascist country for most of its existence.”

    I admit I don’t know anything about New Zeeland, it’s about time you realize what you think about the United States, is everything our Fake Media has spoon fed you.

  • wayne

    “Credentialed Criminality”
    Victor Davis Hanson: NRO Podcast
    May 19, 2020
    (embedded player)

    “…as Memorial Day approaches, Victor discusses how the “best and brightest” have destroyed evidence, altered documents, lied, leaked, and pled amnesia, the inspirational lessons an America emerging from a pandemic lockdown might take from World War 2, woke billionaires lecturing, how America cares for the remains of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and about his dad and his namesake – two WW2 warriors who endured hell, one of whom lost his life on Okinawa.”

  • Andrew_W

    Wayne, I admit I’m a bit puzzled by Mr. Zimmerman’s definition of fascism, but it seems to me that other forms of state compulsion like slavery, apartheid, segregation of others on the basis of race, persecution of people based on political beliefs and conscription must surely fall within whatever definition he’s using.

  • Andrew_W

    Wayne, I assume that Mr. Zimmerman would include other countries that have used similar authoritarian powers to dictate to their citizens and impose lock-downs upon them as being fascist, so have no fear New Zealand, Israel and most other western countries have also apparently fallen to Fascism.

  • pzatchok

    Andrew W

    Don’t feel too special because you live in new Zealand. You might consider yourself different than the rest of the world but to pretty much the rest of the world your just a fancy Australian. Not a bit different than any of them.

    How were those natives treated in your land? And when did they stop being hunted down and pushed off of their land?
    Just read about the “dog tags” they had to ware to signify the amount of aboriginal they had in their blood line. In the 1950’s.

    You might be more angry at our English ancestors than just Americans alone.

    As for Americas racism. How many European nations have elected a black leader? They all have blacks inside their boarders.

    If you think America is fascist then you must also think New Zealand and Australia are just as fascist.

  • Andrew_W

    pzatchok, goodness me you have the wrong end of the stick, I’ve been making the point that I have not been calling America fascist, personally I think it’s a very inaccurate label to apply to the country, my point is that, according to Mr. Zimmerman America is to follow one of three courses:
    (i)”Either a real civil war is coming,
    (ii) the United States will break up, or
    (iii) it will become a fascist state.”

    I’m quite certain (i) and (ii) will not happen, if I’m correct (and I am) in Mr. Zimmerman’s opinion only (iii) remains, the US “will become a fascist state”.
    Why wait to apply the label when, in Mr. Zimmerman’s opinion, most states are already being run by fascists?

  • wayne


    Personally, I prefer the term ‘Statist.’
    That being said– I know exactly what Mr. Z. means when he calls them fascists.

    If “the US has been a fascist country for most of its existence,” for what reason prey tell, didn’t we align with Nazi Germany in WW-2, to destroy Stalin?


    hello bob , I usually hear you on coast to coast and love your reports , then I found this article , excellent as well ! I will subscribe .

  • H2O

    Good rundown. However, you left off one Republican RINO that is every bit as bad as the demonRats on the list your provided. That would be Governor Dewine (R), Ohio. What a jack hatchet he is. However, it is undeniable to anyone with a critically thinking brain and open eyes that it is the demonRat party at the forefront of liberty crushing efforts in America.

  • Cotour


    And this potential is being missed by most in the era of Trump.

    Trump has become the political catalyst, the focal point that forces these “Progressives”, these “Democrat Socialists”, these un and anti American junior Fascists to reveal themselves to those that they lord over. And in doing so in the era of Trump they are better identified to be removed and replaced. Simple.

    Why has our country been in such turmoil for the last almost 5 years now as Trump emerged from his private life to lead our country?

    And I have identified this from the beginning, Trump is the true existential threat to these Liberals, Socialists and “Progressives” that have had their way for at least the last 30 years in the “Fundamental Change” that only the last president was honest enough to speak. He probably did so because he thought it was a done Globalist deal and no one could do anything about it and he was going to be the one to redefine and make everyone accept what the “New” America would look like.

    This is Trumps destiny, this is the era of Trump in America. And there is no one else that I could imagine that could take the withering and relentless attacks, no one. But those relentless attacks are an indicator of desperation, just like an animal cornered becomes very dangerous, so are the Democrat leadership desperate and dangerous.

    At any cost and by any means necessary.

    This is the era of Trump, this is the destruction of the un and anti American Democrat leadership, that’s what I see anyway.

  • Phill O

    Here is an OAN clip talking hard core stats on New York

    This data suggests that Covid-19, while being quite contagious, is very non lethal compared to other thins.

  • Stepan

    The battle is joined between those who love freedom and liberty and those who love to control other people’s lives.

    We know who stands on which side of the divide. If nothing else, those whose lives have been sacrificed to the vicious Chinese Communist corona virus and the actions of many blue state governors have made this crystal clear.

    We also know the forces that are arrayed against freedom and liberty on a national and international scale and they are certainly ominous.

    But let us never forget that “though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.”

  • pzatchok

    Sorry about that Andrew W,
    I did go a bit over board.

    But as a whole we are far from a fascist nation. Its just that for various reasons we have some governors that are acting exactly the wrong way.
    Different reason each.
    Some I feel just hate Trump and are willing to tank their states economy just to cast shade on him.
    Some are afraid of being blamed for ANY death that occurs after they open up their state again.
    Some really are fascists and control freaks. They know best and the little people WILL submit for their own good.
    Some are spineless feckless idiots who are following the advice of the wrong people.

  • Andrew_W

    No worries pzatchok, I’ve grown a thick skin for commenting here ;-)
    Option (iv):
    What will happen over the next few months is that government imposed measures will be phased out, over the next year or two, countries will either adapt the living with the virus or a vaccine will be developed. Then things will return to normal.
    Normal will be the usual before and after of a major socially disruptive even like a war, perhaps the for US the before and after of WW1, WW2 and Vietnam were different, those degrees of differences are about what there will with Covid. The response to Covid has been as extreme as it has been because the enemy invaded, gaining a foothold in every state, the same level of “fascist” governmental response would occur if the invading enemy walked on legs or landed in flying saucers.

    In New Zealand we’ve had very few genuine new cases of Covid over the last two weeks, and so the government has dialed us down from a near total lock-down level 4 to a level 2, where we are now the differences are minor compared to normal, all businesses are back to normal except for those with crowded venues, bars and nightclubs will be back in operation beginning next week. Because the government has largely borne the cost wage and salary cost of the measures it imposed and most landlords have been flexible with lease payments few businesses have gone under, those that have are those that would have gone with a run-of-the-mill recession.

  • pa l

    NO govt can run roughshod over masses of people for too long. King John found this out, King George found this out, The Czar found this out. USSR found this out, and the process not quite finished in Russia…now it is China’s turn, they might stall using the age old outside enemies gambit, which today means WW3. If the EU continues it’s regulatory craziness, it too is finding out. Brexit is the baby steps the UK is using to slough off the PC craziness it has been using to suppress dissent, that suppression will also fail. The rest of the west…US, Canada, Australia, Canada and some South American countries are headed for a catharsis as well if they do not revert back to real republic or parliamentarian democracy…

  • pa1: You posted your comment three times because it did not appear immediately. No need. If a comment does not appear immediately it means it either has more than one link, or my spam detector has thrown it into moderation.

    Don’t repost. Be patient. I will get to it.

  • Mitch S

    Pzatchok wrote:

    “… for various reasons we have some governors that are acting exactly the wrong way.
    Different reason each.
    1) Some I feel just hate Trump and are willing to tank their states economy just to cast shade on him.
    2) Some are afraid of being blamed for ANY death that occurs after they open up their state again.
    3) Some really are fascists and control freaks. They know best and the little people WILL submit for their own good.
    4) Some are spineless feckless idiots who are following the advice of the wrong people.”

    I added the numbers…. and I choose #2!
    Of course #4 almost always applies to whatever they do and there is #3 in anyone who seeks positions of power.
    Whether they hate Trump or not is not an issue for most pols – most don’t really care much about Trump either way (how many of them would have turned down an invite to Mar-A-Lago 5 years ago?).
    Pols that express hate for Trump do so because they think it will gain them more votes and ingratiate them to those they seek favors from (e.g. the press). Pols that express a liking of Trump do so for the same reasons but reached a different conclusion.
    They want to:
    A) Cover their keisters (to borrow Reagan’s term).
    B) Exploit any opportunity to be seen as the one who “Saved the lives (or livelihoods) of millions of registered voters”.

    Sure occasionally there are those (Hitler being an obvious example) who are driven by an agenda, but by far most are driven by the desire for personal glory and a lavish lifestyle. They choose agendas based on what they think will best enable them to achieve their goals.

  • Max

    Zimmerman said;
    “easy mistake to make since every Republican elected in Massachusetts for the past three decades has been indistinguishable from most Democrats.”

    Including Massachusetts “third” senator, mitt Romney.
    (He has a ski vacation home in Utah for his children, he recovered from prostate surgery here to qualify as a resident)
    He lives in Massachusetts and Florida. Typical elite carpet bagger.
    Freedom works give him a 33% voting record this year. Here is an overview of how bad he is.

  • Max

    How long will this emergency last? It’s funded for $100 billion just this year and has an open budget with unlimited authorization makes it rival the military in size and scope. This pandemic has nothing to do with the virus, but control the planet.
    Nancy Pelosi’s bill not only spends another $3 trillion, but allows the house and the senate leaders to vote for other members establishing a new government hierarchy. What it does to the constitution is scary.

    Liberal/conservative will soon no longer be a problem… vaccinations coming out next year will cure that.
    Like this 850 million “emergency fund” being spent to keep you healthy. military weapons for civilian police and contractors.

    (g) Authorization Of Appropriations.—To carry out this section, there are authorized to be appropriated—

    (1) $100,000,000,000 for fiscal year 2020; and

    (2) such sums as may be necessary for each of fiscal year 2021 and any subsequent fiscal year during which the emergency period continues.

    Here is a collection of stories, announcements, and warnings like from Ammon Bundy who’s calling for a militia style resistance to form.

    Keep in mind this app works by Bluetooth. Many problems causing mistakes have already been found, but they don’t care if “one life” can be saved!

    Old boyfriend makes an anonymous call, but you are not allowed to know that or to confront your accuser. Suspected infected person walks down the hall of her apartment building throwing off proximity alarms through the walls of every residence she passes, as well as everyone on the commuter train, and every car that comes along side the bus that she is on…

    You are guilty until three out of five test prove you’re innocent. Maybe.

    Warning bells went off in my head when I saw the date this becomes effective. It’s retroactive!
    Effective Date
    Pub. L. 107–188, title I, §143(b), June 12, 2002, 116 Stat. 629 , provided that: “The amendment made by subsection (a) [enacting this section] shall be effective on and after September 11, 2001.”

    Everyone was wondering why they didn’t repeal Obamacare? Why the Republicans fight alongside the Democrats to keep it in place? We’ve heard often of new companies providing/donating testing kits and equipment, our new billionaire elite.

    Coverage of Testing for COVID–19
    Pub. L. 116–127, div. F, §6001, Mar. 18, 2020, 134 Stat. 201 , as amended by Pub. L. 116–136, div. A, title III, §3201, Mar. 27, 2020, 134 Stat. 366 , provided that:
    “(a) In General.-A group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage (including a grandfathered health plan (as defined in section 1251(e) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [42 U.S.C. 18011(e)])) shall provide coverage, and shall not impose any cost sharing (including deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance) requirements or prior authorization or other medical management requirements, for the following items and services furnished during any portion of the emergency period defined in paragraph (1)(B) of section 1135(g) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1320b–5(g)) beginning on or after the date of the enactment of this Act [Mar. 18, 2020]:

    They must corral you, so they can milk their cash cow. Why cure a managed emergency? They tell us we are not under martial law, I must ask… What’s the difference when they suspend all constitutional rights? Make dictatorial pronouncements with the force of unlawful punishment? A protest by the people is deemed unnecessary activity and not permitted… Contact tracers can invade your home, evade your body, and take your children to reeducation camps/quarantine centers.

    If you have no symptoms but test positive you’ll be quarantined or else.

    “The authority to involuntary isolate or quarantine an individual rests with local health officers. Each local health jurisdiction in Washington has plans and processes in place should involuntary isolation or quarantine be needed. This authority is rarely used as a last resort when someone is intentionally putting others at risk.”

  • Ray Van Dune

    I find it strange that there seems to be such an alignment in the US between fascists and globalists. They both seem to love power and hate America, or at least the part of it they do not rule.

    Globalists’ flagship, China, seems to have committed a serious error in trying to extend its dominance not only prematurely, but in a particularly repellant fashion – via disease.

    Fascists in US government gave us Trump. Their battered rump, which overlaps heavily with the Globalists, will hopefully give us Trump II.

  • Cotour

    The Democrat / “Progressives” from Seattle want to insist their Socialist “Sanctuary” city model on the rest of the country and tax payers:

    By an means necessary, what nerve, what unmitigated gall. You built it, now live with it and the consequences.

    Seattle Is Dying, and so let it die, to be reborn into a more sane American model. Under pressure and a governance model stress test we are watching all of these micro examples of what will happen nationally. Rejection of the Lefts unreasonable agenda and realignment with America and true American values.

  • Ian C.


    Not if you are still in Europe.

    You think a rebellion or even a 2nd American civil war will be limited to American soil? That your globalist adversaries aren’t truly global? That America’s competitors and enemies would wait it out?

    Also, what benefits do you see for U.S. citizenship?

    Not leaving the room when ITAR-controlled issues are touched? Being protected by American laws that competitors will use unfairly against me otherwise? Sure, there are a few things with US citizenship I dislike, but I’ll manage.

    I keep seeing more benefits for illegal aliens than for citizens.

    If one’s life goals are to be a despised gang criminal, a lowly welfare parasite, or to be exploited by greedy farmers, sure. With citizenship you can be an admired oligarch, a well-connected subsidies recipient, or be the greedy farmer.


    It’s funded for $100 billion just this year and has an open budget with unlimited authorization

    The virus is the convenient excuse for spendings that they’ve had planned anyway because too many things were rotten before the virus showed up. More important: how do we, the liberty-minded space colonizers, gain access to some of those delicious extra dollars? They do the same in Europe and I ask the same question. I’ve already some ideas. Any partners here?

  • Edward

    Interesting that a U.S. Civil war would turn into a worldwide war. Your advantages of citizenship are hardly compelling, especially when you think that being an oligarch is not only part of citizenship but also admirable.

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