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The goal of Hamas (and its supporters) is to kill all Jews

Map of Hamas massacres on October 7, 2023

It shouldn’t be necessary to have to spend any time proving the bigoted, Jew-hatred of Hamas, considering the horrible murder of about 1,400 Israeli men, women, children, and babies on October 7, 2023, with many burned alive, decapitated, tortured, and raped. Their actions that day were right out a Nazi handbook, and any sane decent human being should be able to easily see it.

And yet, it sadly is necessary, because that barbaric behavior is now being justified and excused by too many very ignorant people, not just in Gaza and the West Bank but worldwide, even in the most famous colleges in the U.S.

The map to the right is a good first data point. Hamas officials have gone on television and arrogantly claimed “We did not have any intention or decision to kill any civilians.” This lie is proven unambiguously by the map. The red dots indicated the locations of bodies. The black dots those who have been kidnapped. The locations of both illustrate how well planned this Hamas operation was, and its outright intention to kill civilians. These are not military facilities, but Jewish settlements where civilians live. Hamas mapped those locations, and targeted them precisely, including the Re’im music festival, which was a specific event and contained nothing but civilians.

This map, titled “Mapping the Massacres”, is available online, and provides close-ups of the murder maps for each massacre. If go to the link and click on the “Walkthrough” button on the bottom right, it will not only zoom in step-by-step to each massacre, it then provides detailed descriptions of what happened at each location. For example:

Near the kibbutz of Re’im, 5 km (3.1 miles) from the Gaza border, the “SuperNova” outdoor music festival was held in celebration of the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

In a targeted massacre, Hamas terrorists blocked all roads exiting the festival, forcing attendees to scatter across the eastern fields. Festival-goers who attempted to flee by car encountered terrorists on the open road who fired at them from point-blank range. Those seeking refuge in nearby bomb shelters met terrorists who lobbed grenades inside the packed reinforced concrete blocks, as documented in videos and corroborated by survivor accounts.

Those who scattered into the fields scrambled under cactus scrub and bushes, covered themselves with sand, or pretended to be dead. They were relentlessly hunted for hours, shot at with live gunfire and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and watched helplessly as people were killed or dragged away by armed captors.

The attack killed over 270 while injuring hundreds more, with dozens taken hostage. None were soldiers. All were there simply to celebrate a Jewish holiday with music and entertainment. Instead, they were brutally put to death by Hamas storm troopers, whose goal was not to simply defeat Israel, but to ethnically cleanse it entirely of its Jewish inhabitants.

Thus, to believe the lie of that Hamas spokesman above based on what actually happened at this festival alone you would have to lie to yourself so thoroughly it requires you to make yourself insane.

The faces of babies held hostage desecrated
The Nazi desecration of babies held hostage

Sadly, many have done so, as illustrated by the dozens of individuals who have been caught ripping down the signs showing the faces of the innocent women, children, and babies whom Hamas now holds hostage. These new-born Nazis can’t tolerate anyone seeing the evil that Hamas as done, because they wish to justify it and won’t be able to if these facts were made obvious. They thus run around ripping down these signs. In London some actually drew Hilter mustaches on the faces of the babies on some signs.

What makes this insane blindness even worse is that Hamas openly admits it wants to kill all Jews. The same Hamas official quoted above, Ghazi Hamad of the Hamas Political Bureau, has in another interview not only repeated his lie about not targeting civilians, but in his very next breath said that the slaughter on October 7th “is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth.” When asked if his position called for the anniliation of Israel, he immediately answered “Yes, of course,” adding “No one should blame us for the things we do, on October 7, October 10, October million, everything we do is justified.”

The Jews must die, not just in Israel but everywhere. In a Brooklyn playground a man threatened a 9-year-old boy with a knife, screaming “I will kill you, Jew,” and “Heil Hitler!” Others watching screamed “Allah Akbar!” at the other children there.

In Russia a mob stormed an airport looking for Jews to kill.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has rehired a reporter who repeatedly praised Hitler on social media, Homeland Security has a Hamas sympathizer (who celebrated the mass murder on October 7th) employed as the person to screen refugees from the Middle East, and at major universities like Harvard, Cornell, Berkeley it has become downright dangerous for Jewish students to walk in public. At Harvard the editor of its Law Review was part of a mob that accosted several Jewish students, threatening them and refusing to allow them to escape. At Cooper Union Jewish students were locked in the library when a mob outside threatened them with violence.

And at Cornell Nazi-like obscenities against Jews and Israel were chalked everywhere on sidewalks, and one student (fortunately now in custody) went on social media threatening to “slit Jewish throats” and “behead Jewish babies.

These stories are sadly endless. I documented many others last week. In fact, my entire list of blacklist columns since 2020 documents the rise of this totalitarian murderous cult. Previously the goal was to destroy anyone who disagreed with the leftist agenda, from imprisoning ordinary Americans for exercising their first amendment rights to demanding that teachers should be allowed to secretly sexually groom little children while doctors proceed to mutilate and castrate them.

Now this madness has evolved and simplified. It has become for the moment “Kill the Jews”, but don’t think it will not later spread to “Kill the Republicans!” “Kill the Christians!” and later “Kill the perverts!” The torches and pitchforks are out, and these lynch mobs are eager to use them.

The Nazis and the KKK are back, they are now proud and loud, their goals have never changed, and they now live not only in Gaza and the West Bank across the entire globe.

And they hold great power and intend to use it.

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  • David M. Cook

    Don‘t forget that most of the Nazi leaders were homosexuals who wanted to rid the world of anyone who objected to homosexuality; that‘s why they wanted to kill the Jews. The democrat party also embraces homosexuality, just like the Nazis. Go figure!

  • Rockribbed1

    I think you misspelled Hamass

  • Max

    The goal of Hamas is to kill all Jews?
    The evidence supports the claim, much evidence.
    The enthusiasm in his voice makes you want to believe he kicked the winning goal in the finals and called home expressing his excitement… Until you read the soul chilling words and you realize the depth of the sadism in his culture. Even his parents seem horrified.

    “The videos show pure, predatory sadism; no effort to spare those who pose no threat“

  • wayne

    Is there a Scale for this map?

  • Jeff Wright

    The title say HAMA

  • Jeff Wright: Oy. Thank you. Fixed.

  • James Street

    I thought this 13 minute interview with an Israeli guy is a good training video for Americans. It’s in Hebrew and the subtitles zip by so I missed a lot. But he, his wife and daughter live on a kibbutz that was attacked on October 7th. He had a pistol (I’m guessing he’s ex special forces) and as Hamas terrorists broke into his house through doors and windows he shot them.

    One Hamas dude got a rocket propelled grenade and told the Israeli guy to put down his gun and he, his wife and daughter to come out and they’d be let go free. Otherwise he’d blow up the house killing them all. The Israeli guy told the Hamas dude that as a show of good faith to put down is RPG first which he did and the Israeli guy ran out of the house and shot and killed the Hamas dude.

    Owen Savir @osavir
    This is the harrowing story of Miki, a father from southern Israel, who singlehandedly defeated over 10 Hamas terrorists who hunted him and his family in their home during the October 7th massacre.

  • Penrod

    If anyone questions Hamas’ intention to finish the Holocaust, google ‘Hamas Covenant Yale law school’ and read their founding document yourself.

    They say the purpose of Hamas is to kill the Jews, re-conquer all lands consecrated by previous Islamist conquest ie Spain, Greece, and eastern Europe, and to extend sharia to the rest of the world.

    Hamas was founded for the purpose of genocide and conquest. In their own words. Believe them.

  • Col Beausabre

    I can remember reading that they asked a survivor of the camps what he had learned from the experience, he replied, “That when someone says that they intend to kill you, believe him.”

    Those are NOT idle words from Hamas.

  • Col Beausabre

    Actress Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) has scuttled her Hollywood career by reporting to her IDF unit as an Army Reservist. This old soldier salutes her and says, “God speed”.

  • Questioner

    Britain in Palestine 1917-1948 (Balfour Project)

    “Britain in Palestine 1917-1948 investigates the contradictory promises and actions which defined British Mandatory rule in Palestine and laid the groundwork for the Nakba (the catastrophe) and the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The roots of the contemporary social, political, economic, and environmental landscape of Palestine and Israel can be traced back to this period, making it essential viewing for understanding Britain’s legacy in the region and the situation on the ground today.”

  • Dave Walden

    A sober-minded friend asked, “what about the innocent victims who inhabit Gaza?”
    My equally sober-mind responded: The “innocent” victims will almost certainly receive the same misery, carnage, and injustice, that untold numbers of “innocent” Germans and Japanese received after their cites had been burned/bombed to rubble, and the calls for their unconditional surrender were not met!

    Had the A-bombs not been available and used, the carnage in Japan would have been almost unimaginable, as the American soldiers eliminated whatever might have remained of the mentalities that decided to attack almost the entire Pacific “theater!” To claim, in hindsight, that unconditional surrender was either not needed or was already being considered – as some now do, flies in the face of what almost all of us understand to be the mentalities of those who choose to rely on war to achieve their grand visions!

    As for Germany, virtually ALL its major cites/industrial capacities were turned to rubble, while the allies killed untold additional numbers of “innocent” Germans as they rid Germany of whatever vestiges of NAZI support remained.

    The key lesson – a lesson enabling both Germany and Japan to subsequently become what they have become, is the total elimination of the FUNCTIONAL power of those who gave rise to their society’s prior political manifestations, making it impossible for remaining supporters of it to again rise to power!

    Israel should demand the unconditional surrender of Hamas and deliver to their leadership whatever is necessary to obtain it. Do so because reality has reminded them (and us!) of what they should have understood years ago. Anything less just puts off the inevitable. An inevitability that becomes imminent, and then actual – as it did on October 7th.

    Alas, anything less will just allow Hamas to reload.

  • GWB

    James Street
    November 2, 2023 at 11:30 pm

    The Israeli guy told the Hamas dude that as a show of good faith to put down is RPG first which he did and the Israeli guy ran out of the house and shot and killed the Hamas dude.
    That sounds like it’s right out of an Eastwood spaghetti western! Good on that guy!

    I was going to comment that you notice this doesn’t happen nearly as much in places like Texas or Arizona, where that guy in the park might not have finished his sentence (“I will kill you, Jew”) before a good guy would have shot him. Evil finds it much harder to execute when the people can see it and defend against it.

    This is why I carry, and why I also have a “weapon of war” and “hi-capacity” magazines. (I may actually have more than one.)

  • GWB

    Dave Walden
    November 3, 2023 at 5:30 am

    My only disagreement would be the distinction between Hamas and the people who support them, and how Germany and Japan were handled. We didn’t defeat the NAZIs, we defeated Germany. We didn’t defeat the warmongering party in Japan, we defeated Japan. Israel must do the same to Gaza.

    You started out that way (it seemed), but then concentrated on delivering up Hamas. I would say Gaza, itself needs to surrender. With conditions imposed on it that would eliminate any possibility of the people of Gaza even attempting this again. (Maybe I misread your statement. If so, I apologize.)

  • GWB: I disagree. Eisenhower for example is very clear in his memoirs. At one point he expressly states his job is “to kill Nazis”. Both Churchill and Roosevelt also say similar things. All three did hold separate their goals for the general population versus the leadership, and were typical of the general attitude in both the U.S. and Britain.

    That doesn’t mean they did not want to defeat both Germany and Japan, and make their populations surrender totally as well. The difference is was between killing them (as Israel wishes to do to Hamas) and defeating them (leaving the defeated general population alive to rebuild as a different nation).

  • werewife

    Please allow me a single small quibble with the above statement of absolute facts: You wrote “These are not military facilities, but Jewish settlements where civilians live.” This is true, but you used the language of our enemies. The kibbutzim are not “settlements,” which implies either a temporary camp or (the New, Woke meaning) a “human rights violation.” They are towns and villages, with permanent housing and various structures of legal property ownership. So there. And thank you for all you have done, and continue to do for us.

  • Questioner

    Democracy Now!: “State Department Official Resigns, Says Israel Is Using U.S. Arms to Massacre Civilians in Gaza”

    We speak with Josh Paul, a former State Department official who resigned last month to protest continued arms sales to Israel amid its bombardment of Gaza, writing in a viral letter that one-sided U.S. support for Israel is “shortsighted,” “destructive” and “contradictory.” Media reports say many others inside the State Department are equally frustrated with the U.S. role in the conflict. Paul tells Democracy Now! he tried to raise his concerns with his superiors but found “no appetite for that discussion” and that unlike all other U.S. arms sales that take humanitarian concerns into account, Israel gets a blank check. Paul says the overall message inside the Biden administration is: “Don’t question the policy because it’s coming from the top.”

  • werewife: An excellent point, one that I will correct in future essays.

    For the same reasons Israel refers to the West Bank territory as “Judea and Samaria”, but I don’t use this term because it would cause too much confusion for most readers.

  • Questioner

    The Duran: “Biden White House aims to scapegoat Netanyahu”

  • wayne

    Bob Dylan
    Infidels (1983)
    Track #3: “Neighborhood Bully”

    “Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man,
    His enemies say he’s on their land.
    They got him outnumbered about a million to one.
    He got no place to escape to, no place to run.
    He’s the neighborhood bully…
    Neighborhood bully, he just lives to survive.
    He’s criticized and condemned for being alive.
    Not supposed to fight back, and have thick skin.
    He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in.
    He’s the neighborhood bully….

  • Questioner

    Taken from “The Dreizin Report”:

    “Based on numerous Gayrab Islamiac videos from Gaza, the Israeli army shows that armored vehicles, whether parked or moving, do not appear to be controlled by infantry at all. Additionally, most Israeli vehicles still lack welded RPG guards or grilles or even sandbags on the chassis to protect their turrets or gun pods. Honestly, I would even say that I don’t believe Israel currently has a “REAL” ground army; It is a glorified military-police force with some special forces, similar to the Russian army that invaded Ukraine 21 months ago.

    One saving grace so far is probably the disorganization between Gayrab and the Islamists (due to the intense airstrikes that resulted in the death/injury of many commanders and the destruction of many communication/command points, and also caused some difficulty for the Gayrabs to settle in their half-destroyed tunnel network to find your way around). And the resulting apparent inability to conduct Durka-Durka attacks at anything above the squad or small platoon level. Israel seems to have learned nothing from the decades-long conflicts in Ukraine, Iraq, Chechnya, etc.

    I simply don’t have the words to describe the pathos of what I see. They appear to have no choice but to simply continue to demolish the site and use extremely intensive aerial surveillance and “intervention” to keep their casualties low. But the MSM “grace period” cannot last. We will certainly hear from the MSM about Israel’s difficulties in the coming week.”

  • Questioner: You are beginning to descend again into the childish habit of name-calling. “Gayrab” makes you look like a 10-year-old yelling insults on the playground.

    Please remember that I banned you once before for the use of insults. You are still under moderation because of it.

  • Questioner

    Mr Zimmerman.

    You are missing the fact that in my comment I only quote and link to a text by Mr. Dreizin (“The Dreizin Report”). By the way, he is Jewish and certainly not a friend of Hamas.

  • Questioner: 1. Just because a source you quote wants to act like a child is no reason for you to do so.
    2. That your source acts like a child should make you question whether that source is as good as you think.
    3. It is entirely irrelevent the religion or ethnicity of your source. To consider that an important factor means you put race, religion, or ethnicity first, instead of ideas and thoughtfulness.

  • Questioner

    Turkish President Erdogan in Berlin (Germany):

    “We will take steps to ensure that the Israeli political and military leaders who brutally murdered the oppressed people of Gaza are brought before international courts.”

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