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The left begins recognizing Biden is going to lose

Frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign these numbers are an absolute disaster
“Frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign these numbers
are an absolute disaster.” Click for full video.

The conservative press this past weekend went gaga over a number of CNN reports that were shockingly negative about Joe Biden’s chances of winning re-election as president.

First CNN’s Fareed Zakaria reviewed the overall situation and bluntly concluded, “The trendlines are not working in Biden’s favor.” Then CNN had several reports outlining Biden’s very bad polling numbers:

The right saw these reports as confirmation from the left — which CNN represents as an operative of the leftist Democratic Party — that the campaign is not going well for Joe Biden, that the momentum right now is for Donald Trump.

What I see is something even more fundamental. The left, for the first time in almost a decade, is accepting the possibility of defeat, and these reports are an almost unprecedented effort by the left to process this possibility.

In 2016 the left arrived on election day absolute 100% certain that Hillary Clinton would win, that there was no way the American people would choose that clownish former TV performer and real estate tycoon to be president. That certainty was reinforced by the one-sided reporting from outlets like CNN, which worked continuously and blindly to reinforce that conclusion.

The shock of that defeat was so great that for the next seven years the left became practically insane with rage. Something — anything! — had to be done to get Trump out of office. Thus came numerous absurd investigations of Trump during his administration, all of which have been found to be bogus. When those didn’t pan out, we ended up with the Wuhan panic, which shut the country down and destroyed a prosperous economy that was making Trump’s reelection in 2020 more likely. It also allowed for sudden unjustified election rule changes, such as the unauthorized use of dropboxes and mail-in ballots that have since been ruled illegal. That madness against Trump also resulted in numerous allegations of vote tampering in many Democratically-controlled inner cities, allegations that are now proving true.

The result of all these actions was that in 2020 Joe Biden was declared the winner. Either the slander campaigns against Trump turned the voters against him, or the vote tampering acted to give Biden the victory. Either way, Biden won, and Trump was out.

That victory however was not enough for the close-minded left. Trump’s memory must be wiped from the Earth. For the next three years it began a campaign of cruel blacklisting, going after practically every Trump supporter who had been willing to publicly work for his re-election. Thousands were censored or blacklisted. Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators from January 6 have been persecuted as harshly as the few who broke windows or doors.

And leftist district attorneys began a lawfare campaign against Trump, prosecutions that on their face are unjustified and are one-by-one collapsing due to lack of evidence or even the hint of a crime.

At the same time Biden’s administration has been an on-going disaster, with out-of-control illegal immigration, a bad economy, numerous wars, riots, and culiminating in the past two weeks with Biden suggesting he is going to abandon Israel because it will not waver from its goal of destroying Hamas utterly.

It appears Biden’s action against Israel has finally been a bridge-too-far for many on the left. Just because Biden is a Democrat is not a reason to support him. While in 2016 and in 2020 outlets like CNN endlessly pushed for and predicted a Democratic Party victory, now it is recognizing an eminent defeat. Or as the Babylon Bee explained, “Latest Polls Show Biden Will Need Twice As Many Fake Ballots To Win Election This Year.”

In other words, the scales are finally falling from their eyes. They can no longer live in their tiny bubble of leftist partisanship. The facts are too obvious to ignore any longer. Joe Biden might lose, because he really deserves to, and they need to begin to process that fact.

The ballot box might actually rule in November
The ballot box might actually rule in November

Or to put it another way, I have just described how the Democrats and their knee-jerk allies in the press have gone through the five stages of grief — denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

We are now beginning to see acceptance. Which means even partisan Democrats are no longer willing to go out on a limb to help Joe Biden win in November. They are recognizing that even he is not worth it, and that Trump really is a better if not ideal choice.

Considering the anti-Trump madness from the left since 2016, that conclusion seems inconceivable. And yet it appears to be happening. The left is finally admitting the possibility they may have been mistaken.

Thus, we get maybe the best glimmer of hope for our country in decades.

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  • Dave Kocher

    In light of the acceptance the numbers showing Trump will triumph over Biden, I fully anticipate that sooner or later the Democrat party will put up a viable candidate in place of Biden. The Party is certainly able to do that. With all the other crazy, outlandish actions taken since 2016 by the Dems, the media, and the Party (recounted by Bob above), it’s not beyond the pale to expect another (D) name on the November ballot.

  • F

    Take NOTHING for granted.

    We need voter turnout and enthusiasm. The predicted “Red Wave”, and even “Red Tsunami”, of 2022 never happened, and it is likely that overconfidence on the right side of the aisle played at least some part.

    We should hope and pray that voters will realize that the problems were caused not only by Joe Biden himself, but by the Leftist/Marxist policies from his Obama-era handlers that he has followed. The entire Democrat Party, Biden included, is to blame.

  • sippin_bourbon

    We are five months (approx) from when voting starts in most of the US.

    So much can happen between now and then.

    There is still so many ways that neither Biden or Trump will be on the ballot.

    I am not saying all those ways are legit and legal, just saying they are possible.

  • Ray Van Dune

    I agree – and I think that’s why Trump is practically begging the corrupt lawfare system to put him in jail.

    The Dems of course think that will put the last nail in Trump’s coffin, and then they’ll be able to relax and go with Joe! Just imagine if they tried to replace him… who knows what beans he could spill! No, as long as he could possibly win, they have to stick with him!

    Then Trump can lower the boom again, just like in 2016!

  • David M. Cook

    Keep in mind we have new leadership at the RNC, who are not sitting on their hands but are taking the fight to the dems, unlike the previous crew. The crooked democrats finally have strong competition for votes.

  • Concerned

    Mr. F:
    Excellent point. We have to act like we are still behind and need everyone to pull at least one voter to the MAGA side. And that especially includes down ballot candidates. Trump cannot do it all alone–he needs much more help at all levels than he got in his first term.
    Forget all this early confidence and act like we are just behind, but clawing our way up.

  • Related:


    “Just one-man poses the greatest threat to their political power, agenda, and control. Just one man and the people who are swelling behind him.”


    “Is this what Obama really meant by “Transforming America”? (And the world?). Has the equivalent of the Hollywood gay mafia via copious amounts of money and political correctness philosophy, influence in the media and the “progressive” agenda taken over American and international politics?”

  • Max

    CNN said what? Fake news!
    Oh they’re going to be blacklisted for sure, even after they write numerous corrections and apologies. They will be delisted from the handful of Government recommended news sites that come up on a search anymore.
    The fact checkers will deny the obvious Russian misinformation reports or that they ever said such a thing. If anybody repeats the story, your social credit score will suffer and your credit card will no longer work at the grocery store.

    Insurrection will not be tolerated.

    I showed the story to a Harvard educated friend of mine, he says;
    “It doesn’t matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes”. If Biden wins, The deep state wins because Biden controls nothing and that should be obvious.
    If Trump by some miracle wins, the deep state wins because they will not let him control anything. Every action will be countered by resistance and new accusations that will get him impeached again and again to resume the theater that we see now.

    Don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan.

  • D3F1ANT

    The more we believe Biden can’t win, the more shocked we’ll be when the DNC just cheats again and steals 2024, too. Believing we can somehow outvote the cheating is absurd. Nobody was prosecuted…very little has been done to fight the DNC’s 2020 theft methods. I hope I’m wrong, and you can all berate me!

  • Dave Kocher … forcing out the Pseudodent now would lead to the logical conclusion in the minds of the voters, that the the Dems knew in 2020 how bad he was going to be – but pushed him down our throats anyway. He was already showing his true colors during the campaign to anyone who was looking, despite their attempts to shield him.

    They avoid sending that message only if the Pseudodent departs via a funeral procession. Even with that, the resultant power vacuum will open up the wounds between the AWFL (Clinton/Obama) faction, the Squad and their anti-Semitic identity-politics allies, and the ultra-socialist Bernie Bros. Throwing RFK Jr. into their mix will fracture the party even more. While the Left’s ability to put winning over their commitment to ideology is legendary, I’m not so sure that is still a given if things go down like this.

    Add that to the changing state of the nation between 2017 and now, and it’s going to take a lot of lipstick to make this pig of a regime acceptable in November … and I’m not sure there is enough lipstick inventory and production capacity in the world to support that.

    You wonder where your country went? Well you’re under the rule of the Pseudodent!

  • John

    2016 should have taught everyone that there is only one poll that matters – too bad the actual one is compromised.

    “I wish I could continue but I no longer seek, nor will I accept my party’s nomination”.

    The party is looking for a way to substitute. Legal doesn’t mean to them what it means to you and me. Hunter and the big guy will get a pardon and the family will be set for life. It’s the only way to save their democracy.

  • DJ

    Donald Trump Junior stated on Hannity tonight, that instead of concentrating on the margin of error he wanted to “beat the margin of fraud”. I have applied three times here in AZ to be a poll watcher. You must be hired by the state to do so. No response yet. The Arizona GOP keeps in touch with me, but we will see. Last election In 2020, I attended a seminar and was told that poll watchers were kept pretty far away. Some were even denied access to some locations. We’ll have to see.

  • Jeff Wright

    John Testor or Ro Khanna is their only real choice.

  • Taylor Lake

    President John Gill remains my odds-on favorite to win “re-election” come November, in an amazing landslide.

    We have to remember the one key thing that emerged from the 2020 farce: Voters do not decide presidential elections in the USA anymore.

    Ballots do.

    The donkeys are the Past Masters of ginning up fake ballots. If President John Gill needs another 81 million ballots this year to “win,” he’ll get them.

    If he needs 90 million ballots… he’ll get them.

    There is simply no way that the donkeys are going to let Donald Trump back into the White House. If for any reason they conclude that they can’t simply drown him under a tsunami of bogus ballots short circuit his campaign by tossing him into a New York state prison, then they will assassinate him.

    I’m serious.

    So no, the donkeys and their media are not coping with the stages of grief. They are liquoring themselves up to do whatever it takes to make sure Donald Trump never becomes president again, even if that means killing him.

  • F

    The difference between the fictional John Gill from “Star Trek” and Joe Biden is that Gill actually had good intentions, but a flawed approach. Joe Biden is corrupt to the core, and has acted counter to the benefit of the United States for his entire political career.

  • Doubting Thomas

    wayne – you say Melakon, I say Obama, tomATo, toMAto….it is all the same thing.

    Just waiting for Kirk, Spock and McCoy to beam down and save us. I guess we will wait a long time.

    On a less light hearted note, I am afraid that I generally agree with the pessimists, for heavens sake, for our children’s and grandchildren’s sake – work!, donate!, speak up! and vote!…..but I am afraid that the power mad have tasted power and are now at the time that they will do whatever it takes to keep power.

    I hate being this pessimistic. I think I will mosey down to Boca Chica and look at them building hope.

  • JG

    In an interview between Tucker Carlson and Catherine Engelbrecht, the True the Vote founder she sounded an alarm. There is a little-known law that could allow non-citizens to vote in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. What is this law, and how do we stop illegal immigrants from stealing the election for Joe Biden? Per Catherine Engelbrecht they took a deep look at the Criminal code, and title 18 left us just gobsmacked because when you read all the way through it, as it lists all of the, stipulations against non-citizen voting in federal elections and lays out the penalties, therefore, scroll all the way down to the fine print. And what you read is that non-citizens can vote without penalty if at the time they are voting, they believe themselves to be U.S. citizens.

    I live in South Carolina and one of my upper state assemblymen found out from an foreigner on a visa trip that they had been given papers to fill out to vote. He found out it was given by a SC state agency and he asked the agency head why and they said it was because they were under Federal orders. He submitted an amendment to the budget to have the SC agencies stop giving voting papers out except to American Citizens, but the amendment failed by a combination of Dem and Republican votes.

    It sounds like we are going to have an election in 2024 that is cheated. If this happens I expect CW2 as the Dems are destroying the USA.

  • ” . . .with out-of-control illegal immigration, . . .”

    Which might turn out to be a boon for the Republican Party. The flood of people to El Norte has demonstrated the failure of Progressive ‘compassion’ (sanctuary cities), and the increasing irrelevance of identity-politics. When people a week in the country are hustling on the street to make money, you have to look at all those with their hands out, and ask, ‘What’s your problem?’ I have said that immigrants provide a benchmark for citizens, and a lot of citizens are being found wanting. The overwhelming majority of the recent wave of humanity is non-White, putting the lie to American ‘racist society’. People don’t risk everything to go to a place where they will be oppressed and abused. We save that for citizens.

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