The loss of skepticism in science

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In April I taped a half hour television interview with George Noory for his subscription-based video show, Beyond Belief. Below is a clip from that interview, where I describe the terrible state of climate research, and how politics is destroying the very heart of what science stands for. Too many people are no longer open-minded. Rather than relay on the data they push their theories instead.

Robert Zimmerman discusses the truth about climate change with George Noory!



  • JWing

    It’s great to actually see you and not just read your website or listen to you on John Bachelor’s radio show. You stated several excellent points on the state of science today, and I only hope the millenials that watch Noory will take your comments to heart and cypher at bit on them.

  • Cotour

    Noory’s show, including the other hosts of Coast To Coast (his radio show) discuss what all others in the media are forbidden / will never discuss or talk about, and its not whether UFO’s exist or not, a little more terrestrial in nature.

    I am not sure whether the mellenials will have an advantage or not due to the availability of technology. There may have only been a short window between the initial implementation of technology (video, internet, computer manipulation of information) and the ability to really shape and control the information (or disinformation), images and “facts” that are available.

    Will they own it and be able to discern “truth” and the scientific method or will it be used to own them?

    We will have to wait and see.

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