The most interesting comment threads of December

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Many of the posts here at Behind the Black are not much more than me providing my readers a link to what I consider to be an important story, what I categorize as a point of information. Ever so often, however, one of these posts will touch a nerve and generate a great deal of comments and discussion, most of which is generally well written and thoughtful.

In December two posts in particular resulted in a lot of debate. Because these comments were part of a point of information, however, they ended up being lost amid the many similar posts. I have decided to highlight both threads here on the front page because I think it worthwhile for others to read what was written.

Thread 1: A preliminary copy of the next IPCC report has been leaked.

Here was a case where several readers who believe in global warming challenged my skeptical take on the IPCC, and I and others responded. The give and take is quite illuminating.

Thread 2: The state where this past weekend’s mass murder occurred is considered to have the fifth strongest gun laws in the nation.

In suggesting with this link that the mob-like rush to impose new gun control laws on the federal level after the Connecticut mass murder was a mistake, regular reader Jim asked, quite reasonably, “So what’s to be done? Given the number of recent events like this, and the absolute horror of Newtown, what if anything is to be done?” The responses from myself and others I think gives us a much more reasonable and rational look at this sad affair than we have seen from the mainstream press.



  • wodun

    It is nice to see so many conflicting view points but I would like to point out to people that a post shouldn’t have to put a fire in your belly for you to comment on it :)

  • Rene Borbon

    Good debate really makes for better solutions. That’s what is often lacking on TV. Of course, maybe I shouldn’t say that since I haven’t had TV in my apartment for a full year now. Am I missing anything?

    I very much enjoy this site and hope to pick up your book soon. Thank you for moderating and interesting subjects!

  • Jim

    Indeed…it we can’t debate all of these points reasonably (a lesson I myself struggle with, but hopefully I am improving on), there is then no hope. Lots of tough issues facing all of us in America. We need reasonable discussion and solutions. And that does not mean passion is eliminated. Passion is good too.
    Happy New Year to all.

  • wodun

    Game of Thrones, Justified, The Walking Dead, Archer, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empires and a couple others :)

    These days there are a lot of cool series to watch but sometimes it nice to wait a season or two buy the dvd or rent it on netflix and watch it all marathon style.

  • Thanks for your suggestions wodun. I do have Netflix and watch using the marathon style approach.

  • Paul Lake

    I enjoy a good debate. But I lost track of thread 1. Is there no way to be notified if a thread I’m involved in has a new comment or reply? What’s the best way to keep track of the discussion?

  • You will just have to check back periodically. The only way you find out about responses is if someone replies to you directly. If they instead comment to the post itself you won’t get an email.

    It is partly for this reason I highlighted these two threads.

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