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The new Nazis and the coming genocide they are planning

The faces of babies held hostage desecrated
The Nazi desecration of babies held hostage
by Hamas

Unless you have been badly educated at one of the so-called elite universities in the United States, Great Britain, or Europe, the genocidal goals of the terrorist organization of Hamas in Gaza are as plain as day. These murderous thugs not only admire Hitler and wish to finish his effort to wipe out all Jews, they demonstrated that blatant evil goal on October 7, 2024, killing more than a thousand men, women, and children, torturing and raping many women and children in the process. Hamas’ victims that day had committed only one crime: being Jewish and living near Gaza. Many were from the leftwing secular Israeli community, and had worked hard to build good will ties with many in Gaza. The Gazans, working for Hamas, used those ties to gather intelligence that was then used to murder these Jews.

Soon after the massacre, Hamas officials went on television to celebrate these vicious murders. Ghazi Hamad of the Hamas Political Bureau proudly said said that the slaughter on October 7th “is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth.” When asked if his position called for the anniliation of Israel, he immediately answered “Yes, of course,” adding “No one should blame us for the things we do, on October 7, October 10, October million, everything we do is justified.”

So what does these goals tell us about the hoards of protesters now swarming on many of these same college campuses, screaming things like “Globalize the Intifa!” and “Kill the Zionists!”? The picture above tells us all we need to know. On October 7th Hamas not only killed more than a thousand, it kidnapped more than two hundred more to hold as hostages, many of whom were little childen and babies. When supporters of Israel began putting up these posters showing the actual hostages held and demanding their release, supporters of Hamas in America and elsewhere would routinely go around ripping those posters down. In the case of the poster above put up in London, they did worse, actually drawing Hilter mustaches on the faces of the babies.

On campuses now, these student protesters are daily telling us where they stand. They support Hamas unequivocally, and want it to survive to kill Jews. Like the Nazis in Germany, they work to harass and persecute any American Jews who happen to stroll by, sometimes acting to block their access to the university. In some cases they attack them violently.

red hands

At Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for example these pro-Hamas protesters painted red hands on a tree, a symbol used in a pogrom in Iran in 1941 to identify Jewish homes for the purpose of slaughtering them. Later, after two Israelis were lynched in Ramallah in the West Bank in 2000, one of the killers — after dismembering their bodies — proudly waved his bloody hands to the cheering crowd. Every Jew worldwide knows what that red hand symbol means: We want to kill you, and are eager to do it.

Now American student protesters are using that symbol, claiming that Israel is doing the same in Gaza, when even most shallow research of Israel’s actual war effort in Gaza will tell you it is doing everything it can to minimize civilian deaths. To accuse Israel of genocide here is to accuse it of the typical blood libel that anti-Semites have been using against Jews for centuries.

Meanwhile, these protesters take over campuses and buildings illegally, and then refuse to leave. Even after they are forcibly removed, with some arrested, they quickly and defiantly return (see the stories here and here for just two examples). Like Hamas, they make demands, and if their demands are not met, they use mob action to commit violence to get what they want. In their goals, their propaganda lies, and their actions they are identical in every way with the tactics of the 1930s Nazis.

Pay very close attention to the leaders of these protests. Many are soon going to become major players in the Democratic Party, which is closely tied to these pro-Hamas riots and clearly want them to continue. For example, Columbia University’s board of trustees has apparently acted to tie the hands of the university’s president to prevent any tough action to stop the occupancy of the campus. Instead of condemning this support for Hamas and the illegal mob take-over, they have kept silent. And when you take a close look at political alliances of the majority of that board, the reason becomes evident.

Among those trusted with governing the Ivy League college are a billionaire from the prominent Pritzker family; a hedge-funder who has donated well over $4 million to Democratic causes, including $775,000 just this election cycle; President Barack Obama’s former homeland security secretary, and a federal judge appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton.

“It’s no surprise that the board of trustees for a university allowing woke left-wing ideology and antisemitism to fester is made up of Democrat operatives and donors,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) said. At least six of the board’s 21 trustees have direct ties to the Democratic Party, according to an investigation by The Post, which examined voter registration and political donation records as well as other public documents.

These new Nazis are clearly the future of the Democratic Party. It is the kind of leadership the present party power-brokers want. Worse, the Democratic Party rank and file want such leadership as well. Only two days ago in a Democratic Party primary in Pennsylvania, congresswoman Summer Lee, a proud member of the radical, Marxist, pro-Hamas “squad”, defeated a challenge from more moderate local Democrat. Moreover, Lee won handily, with about 60% of the vote.

Will this be enough to get Americans to vote against this increasingly bigoted, anti-Semitic, and Marxist Democratic Party? Not likely. The Democrats are unified in favor of this new Nazi movement, while many Republican voters seem glad to sit on their hands like petulant toddlers and not vote, because the Republican Party doesn’t give them what the want, every time.

I must emphasize that I am not talking about the presidential election. These same non-voters — whom I like to call this generation’s version of “the good Germans” in the 1930s — won’t vote in local elections either, thus giving power to the Democrats from the top to the bottom.

This is how Hitler gained power. And it is how the next Hitler, likely hidden among the leaders of those pro-Hamas protests, will gain power in the coming decade. And when that happens, say good-by to the Constitution, to the Bill of Rights, and say hello to a new Holocaust.

Genesis cover

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  • wayne

    Man in the High Castle
    “The Pledge”

  • Milt

    Robert, Robert, Robert; “there you go again.” As this post from TIME makes abundantly clear, it is the Bad Orange Man and his MAGA supporters who are emulating Hitler and the Nazis and trying to destroy our democracy.

    You’re welcome. I’m glad I could clear that up.

    More seriously, it’s long been apparent that the Democrats have become so adept at proclaiming the *absolute inversion of the truth* that this has become their signature approach to political discourse. Accuse your opponents of doing exactly what *you* are doing, and then rely on der große Lüge (the Big Lie) to carry the day in the minds of the electorate.

    Ironically, the best exposition of how the Nazis *actually* came to power in Germany — with due apologies to the author of the TIME propaganda piece — was provided by Public Broadcasting itself in its recently broadcast series, Rise of the Nazis:

    This series shows in explicit and exhaustive detail how the Nazis used every facet of Weimar Republic’s governmental and administrative structure to infiltrate all of the strategic institutions of German society and — once penetrated — to completely subvert them and clear the Nazi’s path to absolute power. In today’s America, even the most cursory examination of its institutions — from academia and the press to its military — shows exactly the same pattern of penetration and subversion by the radical left. The parallels are blindingly obvious to anyone who has eyes to see.

    Yet, at the end of this otherwise exemplary series — wait for it — the viewer is somberly admonished to see *Donald Trump* as the perfect incarnation of Hitler and the Christian / Conservative Right as his Nazi storm troopers.

    Der große Lüge. Yet, it *continues* to work time after time, and the people in the Blue states and cities can’t get enough of the Kool-Aid.

  • James Street

    Trump has 80 million supporters most of whom are heavily armed. If he wanted an insurrection the left wouldn’t be quibbling over 70-year-olds singing “God Bless America” in the Capitol Rotunda.

    And yet so far our side is choosing to work through the courts, as broken as that system is.

    “Meet the Lawyers Taking Big Government to the Supreme Court—And Winning”

    “As the administrative state implements more regulations on Americans, a team of legal veterans has come together to fight the expansion of unelected government agency power.”

    “The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), which consists of a team of 27 lawyers and support staff, including former judges, had four of the cases they litigated go before the Supreme Court in 2023. One case was decided in their favor, the remaining three are pending.”

  • Taco


    Elite 1: So, the US and global economy is going to totally implode. We don’t have too much time and I don’t know what to do about it.

    Elite 2: Hmmm, how about we start a world war, that always seems to work.

    Elite 1: Nazi’s. Nazi’s always work for starting a world war. How about we just start calling anyone that disagrees with far left positions a Nazi! The sheep won’t miss a difference.

    Elite 2: Ummm, but don’t they support Israel and the Jews? IS that going to really work?

    Elite 1: We can frame the Orange Man and just totally make up stuff. The public is really dumb. I mean, look at how crazy those Swifties are and that was a really easy op.

    Elite 2: Sigh. It’s still not working. Told ya so. Well, we can always put in Joe as President, I’m sure he’ll have a lot of opportunities to start a war with China, Iran, Korea, Russia, especially Russia, plus he’s basically a meat puppet and we have all this evidence of all his and his family’s crimes to hold over him.

    (Some time later)

    Elite 1: This still isn’t working out. Obama was right, never underestimate this guy’s ability to f things up.

    Elite 2: Sigh. All Joe does is keep sending more and more money to Ukraine, making the economy even worse. How is this guy doing this? We’re on the verge of collapse we can’t wait anymore.

    Elite 1: How about we, you know, try actual Nazi’s this time. You know, the type that really hates Jews.

    Elite 2: Get Hamas on the phone…

  • Milt:

    Let’s not forget what is very likely to happen if and when Trump prevails.

    That is if the Congress and or the Senate are controlled by the Democrats and the RINO’s, they will not empower Trump as the president and will set up a very contentious time in America.

    That IMO is what awaits us all in November 2024 and Jan 2025.

    “There is a vast disparity between a pristine ideological political model and how that pristine political ideology is expressed in reality.

    A substantial segment of the Democrat party powers that be have become the un-American political party and what they propose must result in authoritarian rule and force. Sorry rational American Democrats and weak RINO Republicans, yours mine and our friends and neighbors political party has been highjacked. ”

    Those who have taken control incrementally of the country and the political power over the last 30 or so years in America are not going to just acquiesce to the choices of the American people, bow, and surrender that power and agenda that they have so much time and interest in.

    I believe after listening to their political rhetoric that we can all depend on something like what I propose.

    How do we fight political warfare in America?


    And this event in American history may go a bit further than that? Stand by.

  • Milt

    A Tale of Two Universities

    First, here is how they are “handling” pro-Hamas students at Columbia:

    At the University of Florida, in contrast, there will be no “next phase” of the student resistance movement, and the grownups in charge seem to mean what they are saying.


    “It is always the same old XX narrative. “America was founded on white supremacy, slavery and colonization”. That is the “progressive” “moralistic” argument that is the go-to intellectual entre into the minds of the young, the idealistic and the half educated. The lame, dishonest radical Left always cherry picks the nuggets from history that serve them best. They have nothing else.”

    “Point out one civilization, Theocracy or Democracy anywhere in history that was not an Occupier or a Colonizer, or a slaver in some way shape or form. Name one.”

  • pzatchok


    Let me say this.
    We the conservative right MUST use the systems we have lawfully emplaced to address our grievances. No matter how bad the left has twisted them they must first be used and used to their fullest extent.
    We must as we do this make it look like they are manipulated against us. Easy enough to do since they are. The truth is our friend and ally.

    We must use our election systems. Yes we should try to correct them and make sure they are fair and just. We need a positive ID system Finger prints and SSN for national tracking. No more voting in two places or non citizens voting.

    And to ensure this lasts for a long time we need to retake the educational system. Thousands of school systems are hiring new teachers with nothing more than a promise to get a degree in education eventually. The school systems will often pay to send you to class free.
    How many of you could be a teacher for grade school children and thus change their curriculum. Mold them in your image.

    And finally. If the left refuses to sit Trump after an he wins, then good. We can use our ‘power’ and physically arrest those who refuse and try them as real insurrectionists. Along with all their vocal supporters in the media.

    After ww2 how did Germany get rid of all the Nazis? They arrested them and tried them.
    We could do the same with all the insurrectionists and their supporters.

  • Alton

    And now we have not only the word of Kamala 👑 Kackles (figure 1,000,000 used) and Today a leak from the Whitehouse that Palestinian Gaza Horde is on its way from the Mediterranean, so they can be protected in the USA.

    Well the 322,000 imported to over 46 cities since October 1st on flights straight from their Home countries via the CBP ONE app. Oh and given asylum work permits with their Obama Phones……

    Will that be the means of entry……..

  • YOU have a HEADER problem. When we post your op-eds we are stuck with Moon landing BS. Please switch to a header that is more general that is relevant to the many topics you handle…

  • wayne

    not entirely unsympathetic but, I’d rather not go down the modified police-state, progressive-lite route.

    ‘Ka-Mom-ala,’ to be kind, the woman takes too many edibles. To be realistic, she has the average IQ of the collective morons who rule over us.

    Mr. Z.,
    With ref: Mr. Sparks
    (Reserving my judgement for the moment….)

  • To my point:

    The more violent and radical people you invite in the more chaos that you are going to have.

    And the ones that are behind this university extension of Hamas in America at the least need to identified, rounded up and if they are not in the country legally or have been violent and chanting “Death to America” and on a visa or in the country on some other legal vehicle need to be removed from the country.

    Hamas in Israel must be dismantled with extreme prejudice, and their extensions of warfare here in America also need to be dealt with in no un certain terms.

    This “Everyone wins” political middle of the road mentality is social suicide and must be symbolically given the Kristy Knome puppy treatment.

    Get out and live within the “fantastic” culture / theocracy that you allegedly value so highly and worship.

    GET OUT!

  • And in this technique of being able to insert oneself within a Democracy founded on a concept of freedom of religion is used against itself.

    If there continues to be no real consequences for subversive behavior either within law or politics, then you have condemned yourself and you are doomed.

    And the Democrat / RINO political parties are fine with that.

  • Mike Sparks: You might want to read the “About” page. I am by profession an award-winning space historian and science journalist. That is what I report on mostly, though unlike most in these fields I have always included the polticial context in writing about the history of space exploration. Without that context you don’t tell the story properly. And I do it from the point of view of a freedom-loving American.

    Your website is interesting. I couldn’t find any examples where you “posted my op-eds,” but if you did, recognize that you do not have the right to post my work in its entirety. Correct procedure is to quote pieces, and then link to my site so people can have the opportunity to read the whole thing at Behind the Black. That’s basic copyright law, but it is also the morally correct thing to do as well.

  • Do NOT kill the “space stuff”. That’s my favorite part.

  • Linda S Fox: Don’t worry. The whole reason I do BtB is because I got sick and tired of people telling me I couldn’t write about stuff that interested me. It is also why my last book was published by me. I got tired of academic publishers telling me my interpretations of history were not allowed, no matter how well documented I based those interpretations.

    That never worked with me before, and it won’t now, I will write about what I want. And what I want is what you see here daily on BtB.

  • Jeff Wright

    Well, we had protesters and counter protesters in my state —but it all ended well…at then end—they all cheered “FJB”

    I’ll let you go to Red State for the rest…

  • pzatchok


    we already live in that progressive police state.

    My idea about using the tools we already have is to show and prove to the left and especially the apathetic middle that we tried it their way first before we tried “When in the coarse of human events………….

  • wayne

    Murray Rothbard
    The American Economy and the End of Laisse Faire: 1870-WW2
    Lecture 12: “The Great Cooperation”

    “Public housing, planned cities, government power plants & utilities, and coerced unionism were all part of the great cooperation between corporations and government through WWI and WWII. Milton Friedman proposed the withholding tax in WWII. Statistics came into being. Cartels were created to manage many industries, e.g. railroads and food., price-controls were rampant. Unions were pro-war forces. Fascism was considered great. Civil liberties were dropped.”

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