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The oppressive and ignorant blacklisting culture that now dominates politics

Most of all beware this boy.’
As noted by the Spirit of Christmas Present in Dickens’
The Christmas Carol, ‘This boy is ignorance, this girl is want.
Beware them both, but most of all beware this boy.’

While today’s blacklisting essay is mostly about one specific story, what it really does is illustrate starkly the overall ugliness and ignorance that fuels the blackballing, and how that ugliness and ignorance has seeped into every aspect of our political and cultural lives.

In a story that is hardly unique or surprising, the Los Angeles City Council last week passed a new regulation that bans the use of any gas appliances in new construction, both residential and commercial.

The council’s reasons for imposing this ban — as is usual for such bans — was based not on any actual documented problem that presently exists but on a fear that one might someday occur. From the opening paragraph of the actual motion:

As the gravity and urgency of the climate emergency become more apparent with each passing year of rising temperatures, dangerous wildfires, and more severe droughts—all of which disproportionately impact communities of color and the most vulnerable Angelenos—the City of Los Angeles must do all in its power to reduce its carbon emissions and move toward a sustainable, zero-carbon economy. [emphasis mine]

Note the highlighted words. First, there is no emergency, which by definition means “an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action.” Even if it is true that fossil fuels are warming the planet, the evidence for the past forty years clearly shows that this warming is relatively slow, and hardly a deathtrap. What the issue needs is a rational, calm, and reasoned approach, something this ban certainly is not.

Second, in an effort to fear-monger, the motion attempts to link “rising temperatures” with “dangerous wildfires” and “more severe droughts.” However, there is zero evidence that these three things have anything to do with each other. Not only are there far fewer wildfires today then there were fifty years ago, there is ample evidence to show that the recent increase in fires is mostly due to bad policies at various government forest agencies, not global warming. Those agencies — both state and federal — allowed for an unhealthy growth of underbrush by preventing for decades any fires while simultaneously blocking any logging to clear out that overgrowth. The result was that when fires did occur, they were more explosive and harder to control. And in some cases, like the recent fires in New Mexico, those agencies actually set the fires themselves!

Similarly, the data does not yet connect global warming with the recent western droughts. To link the two is to make up a conclusion from data that simply doesn’t yet exist.

Third, the motion is incredibly ironic. While the Democrats who run LA’s city council love to cite how much they care for minorities (as indicated by the third highlighted phrase), this ban specifically blacklists every Asian restaurant in town, almost all of which are owned by minorities.

Leo and Lydia Lee, owners of RiceBox, a Cantonese BBQ restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, use gas to cook the entirety of their menu, with the exception of rice. Gas powers the stoves used to cook dishes in a wok and the custom barbecue oven used to prepare the restaurant’s signature char siu Duroc pork, roasted low and slow with a sweet honey glaze.

“The wok itself is really essential to Asian cuisine,” Leo said. “By taking gas away, you’re telling us we cannot use woks anymore, essentially taking away our identity and heritage. It forces us to adapt to American culture.” If there’s no gas, Lee said he “won’t even consider” opening a second location of RiceBox in Los Angeles.

In its ignorant effort to solve a problem that doesn’t yet exist, the LA city council has gone out of its way to destroy the incomes of its minority population. Not only is it willing to ban already existing minority businesses, it is actively working to prevent future generations of minorities from climbing out of poverty.

Finally, there is the insane irrationality of this motion. It declares:

In recent years, the City has made progress towards decarbonizing its electric grid, phasing out urban oil drilling, and investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

These nitwits absurdly believe that by shifting to electric vehicles and electric ovens they will end the use of fossil fuels. Yet, that electricity must be generated somehow, and since California is also closing down its nuclear power plants while eagerly dismantling its hydroelectric dams, the only method remaining to get that power will be by burning fossil fuels.

Of course, California has another solution, very typical of leftists. Rather than generate their own power, they will use other people’s power, importing electricity from other states that still allow it to be generated.

None of this of course does anything to stop global warming. What it does do is bankrupt California’s citizens, most especially the poorest. Before long no restaurants will be possible in Los Angeles. Neither will cars. The population — what’s left of it after anyone with any brains and sufficient resources has fled — will be condemned to a dystopia not unlike North Korea. And I can guarantee that the politicians who still run the LA city government at that time are not going to allow those poor citizens to publicly complain. There will be more blacklisting and oppression, all in the name of ignorant good intentions.

The actions of this LA city council however are merely symptomatic of today’s general culture, especially in the urban cities controlled and run almost exclusively by Democrats. If it isn’t one broad ban against gas ovens, its another against guns, against whites, against American history, against anyone who might even slightly question the ignorant agenda of this close-minded, hateful, and oppressive culture. Rather than debate and find solutions, this culture now shuts that debate down. It is certain it knows the answer, and will not tolerate dissent.

We face a truly grim future if this political culture is not soundly defeated, and soon.

UPDATE: The video embedded below, illustrating the level of ignorance that can be found among young people in Times Square in New York, proves that this political culture will not be defeated anytime soon. Our fascist leaders now have the ignorant population they need, and they will use it to enforce their will.

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  • Cotour

    HHO gas cooking technology will solve the restaurants gas / cooking problems.

    EPOCH HHO Hydrogen Energy:

    The real issue becomes, and we all understand this, its who and how is the required electricity going to be produced and efficiently delivered?

    The same amount of work being required to do will essentially cost the same in carbon footprint. Something has to do the work, all they are proposing is that the carbon being used be located someplace else. But there is no place else.

    This technology, the ECAT developed by Mr. Andrea Rossi, who is still at it, actually has the potential to actually reduce the amount of electricity required to do the same amount of work.:

    This technology that I have been following for many years now is still here but it does not appear to be gaining much of any traction in the big picture world. For the moment anyway. (What is with that hair hat?)

  • wayne

    we want more carbon, not less!

    Elon Musk? & Akira The Don
    “If You Don’t Make Stuff, There Is No Stuff”
    (June, 2020)

  • George C.

    In Boston at least the electric utility government complex really hates piped fossil fuels due to the extremely high efficiency of co-gen which generates electricity and then uses the waste heat for HVAC. Both heating and cooling. Nstar sued MIT and lost for example. Ironic since Edison original concept was to have local plants fed by piped gas and oil. Now we have people being told to convert to electric heat pumps where the power needs to traverse the vast power grid and there is no local storage yet. But the rich people in these parts do have backup power, using stored fossil fuel, you can bet on that. To charge their electric car they drive to the local airport so they can fly off on a private jet.

  • It is certain it knows the answer, and will not tolerate dissent.

    And that is how a culture unplugs most of its distributed intellect from the problem-solving process … when those at the top Know Better™ and see the rest of us as “unqualified” to take responsibility for solving the problems around us.

    The blind, leading the blinded.

  • Gary H

    Equally puzzling is the California ban on gas powered mowers/trimmers. My former gardener ( I moved to Texas) a hispanic conservative, said that he will have to retire in a couple of years as a ban is enforced. He can’t haul the batteries needed and recharge them every night.

  • Cotour

    “The blind, leading the blinded.”

    Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity: 5 min.

    I think things go much deeper than saying someone is just stupid or the blind leading the blind in regards to the nature of the human being and what someone can convince themselves is either good or bad from their personal perspective related to politics and or power and what is in their best self interests.

    There are many instances where certain alliances and loyalties are driven by what becomes a mob mentality of us verses them self interests.

    A mob of adult male human beings is not much different than a mob of adult male chimpanzees. Its all about protecting resources, territory, mating rights, power and control, up to and including murder.

    Not much difference at all.

  • Cotour

    This is another take on the issue: Nietzsche: Master and Slaves 7 min.

    And this is an extension to Strategy Over Morality and my take on the issue:


    (Spirituality or a belief in a God is an internal personal and pristine condition that no one other than the individual can corrupt. And whether that spirituality is based in a belief in a God, a belief in nature, or a belief in the expanse of the overarching universe, you personally internally recognize that there is something bigger and more than you. It is your personal conclusion about what your existence is in somehow based or influenced by and guides your life.

    Formalized religion however is not pristine. Formalized religion exists within a culture, or a society and is a construct of man in an attempt to codify a belief system and that is accomplished by creating some degree of hierarchy and bureaucracy and a set of formalized rules and rituals that all adherents to the religion are to participate in and live by. And that structure to some degree is technically a bureaucracy I.E., a business model. Which does not mean that these many formalized religions structured throughout history cannot or have not done good works in those societies and cultures within which they exist or have existed, not at all. But there is a cold, objective distinction to be made.

    This second condition “formalized religion”, which is a construct of man, which has a hierarchy, which at its core essentially operates in some respects as a corporation or a business, which is not pristine, which has at its core all the good intentions that their formalized religion promotes, because it is a creation of man has the potential to be abused.

    Why? Because this structure of man represents real power over how people behave, what they will and will not do, who and what they will and will not support and what they are readily willing to surrender their lives and die for or kill for. Very powerful in absolute terms indeed.

    The “Business” of religion, which is a construct of man, that is seen as having power, even absolute power over humanity will be used for advantage in the social, cultural, corporate / business and political world. And the potential then becomes that that power will be abused. (What is the nature of man related to power? Related to absolute power?)

    And this potential to abuse power is objectively universally true no matter what time in history North, South, East or West that any formalized religion, in any culture or society, which are all constructs of man has existed.)


    1. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has been used and abused in the quest of the few in pursuit of control and power over the many.

    ​2. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has acted not always in the interests of what they have purported to represent themselves to be acting in the interests of.

    ​3. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has been used as a ruthless tool in the abuse of power in the furtherance of business and politics.

    ​4. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history selectively teaches the exclusion of some.

    ​5. Humanity needs God, spirituality and religion and must be cognizant of their nature as it relates to those subjects and where the business of religion in all of its forms and politics can deliver them.

    6. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man have the potential to be perverted, corrupted and the power derived there of abused. jgl 4/3/21

  • Realist


    Today’s sBriefing by Russian Defence Ministry

    ▫️The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.

    ?High-precision air-based missiles have hit an AFU artillery training centre near Stetskovka, Sumy Region.

    ▫️The foreign trainers who had arrived in the centre held practical exercises for Ukrainian servicemen related to using and firing control of M777 155-mm howitzers.

    ▫️In addition, a missile attack has resulted in destroying a permanent base of foreign mercenaries near Dachnoye, Odessa Region.

    ▫️Moreover, 27 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration, 2 command posts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 6 missile, artillery weapons, ammunition and fuel depots have been destroyed near Vesyoloye, Bakhmut (Donetsk People’s Republic), Spornoye, Podlesnoye and Loskutovka (Lugansk People’s Republic).

    ✈️?Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aviation have hit 54 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration.

    ▫️In total, the aviation attacks have resulted in the elimination of more than 400 nationalists, 20 tanks and armoured vehicles, 4 BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, 9 artillery mounts and 29 miscellaneous vehicles.

    ?Russian air defence means have shot down a military transport airplane of the Ukrainian Air Force that was transporting armament and ammunition near Odessa.

    ▫️In addition, 17 unmanned aerial vehicles have been destroyed near Popasnaya, Varvarovka, Stakhanov (Lugansk People’s Republic), Dementyevka, Volkhov Yar, Mospanovo, Novaya Gnilitsa, Doslipnoye, Bolshiye Prokhody, Kapitolovka (Kharkov Region), Novoaleksandrovka (Nikolayev Region) over the past 24 hours.

    ▫️The abovementioned includes 2 Bayraktar-TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles hit by Russian air defence means near Kamenka, Nikolayev Region.

    ?Missile troops and artillery have hit 33 command posts, 131 firing positions of AFU artillery units, as well as 542 manpower and military equipment concentration areas.

    ?In total, 187 airplanes and 129 helicopters, 1,104 unmanned aerial vehicles, 328 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,406 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 466 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,769 field artillery and mortars, as well as 3,405 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed during the operation.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Ah yes.. the Revolutionary war was against.. “Ze Germanz!”

    Those “street” interviews are sad. I am confident that he found people that were quite capable of answering.

    Jay Leno used to do the “man on the street” interviews. They were always edited for the fun answers instead of people that actually know the answers.

    Sadly I know a few adults that would give the same kind of answers. Why? Because when they were being taught they did not care.
    Same as these kids. These lessons were not on facebook or tic-toc, and therefore not important enough to commit to memory.

    Ask them about the Kardashian and Kanye West, and they could probably write a 10 page essay.

  • Cotour


    We agree that the Russians under the leadership of Vladimir Putin and his / their raw naked aggression and power move against Ukraine have the mass to continue to prosecute this raw naked aggression.

  • Frank Solomon

    American global warming religion laws at the state, county, and city levels ultimately involve the trade of goods and / or services that cross American state lines. We call this “inter-state commerce”. Article I / § 8 / US Constitution

    clearly gives ONLY Congress the power to regulate inter-state commerce. This LA law directly and indirectly works as an unconstitutional trade barrier to American businesses outside CA borders from selling their products to LA / CA customers. A test case would show this. CA outlawed sales of new gasoline-powered cars / trucks / etc. in a few years – and much else – in the exact same unconstitutional way. I still don’t get why stakeholders outside CA don’t push back with this simple read of the US Constitution. Then again, maybe that embedded vid explains things . . .

  • Realist


    Russian Federation’s Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response continues to carefully record the facts of the inhumane treatment of civilians and use of residential buildings, schools, kindergartens and other social infrastructure facilities for military purposes by Ukrainian armed groups:

    ?in Kharkov, the nationalists have deployed firing positions and artillery guns in the yards of the apartment blocks located at Astronomicheskaya street. Residents are prohibited to abandon their apartments under the pretext of security.

    ?in Slavyansk, Donetsk People’s Republic, the militants of Ukrainian nationalist groups have been deployed in the schools №5 and №6, in a music school, in a railroad specialised school, in a chemical-mechanical technical school and in a boarding school, as well as the heavy armament and armoured equipment have been deployed at a compound feed plant;

    ?in Druzhkovka, Donetsk People’s Republic, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have deployed a command post in the school №1 (Olesya Gonchara st.), as well as multiple rocket launchers in the apartment blocks located at Sobornaya street, while its residents had been intentionally left without evacuation.

    ▫️Despite the fact that this criminal action can result in causing victims among civilians, the militants of the Ukrainian armed groups launch deliberate attacks from residential areas at the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in order to provoke their counter-attack and to accuse Russian servicemen of the consequences from allegedly indiscriminate attacks.

    ❗️We reiterate that the units of the Russian Armed Forces treat the civilian population with an exclusive humanity and do not launch attacks at civilian infrastructure facilities during the special military operation.

    Ukrainian Armed Force’ units are retreating towards Lisichansk after suffering critical losses (up to 90% in various units) during the combats for Severodonetsk.

    ❗️Realising the impossibility to continue resisting and holding the industrial area in Severodonetsk, the authorities in Kiev have ordered the combined tactical group to plant saltpetre and nitric acid tanks of a volume above 100 tonnes at Azot entity located in Severodonetsk.

    ▫️According to the plan of the Kiev regime, the explosion of these toxic chemical reservoirs is to delay the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces units by creating a chemically contaminated area.

    ▫️Ukrainian nationalists are not deterred by the fact that this terrorist act with the involvement toxic chemicals can result in causing victims among innocent civilians as it already happened to the residents of Kremennaya and Rubezhnoye after the nationalists exploded a nitric acid reservoir at the same plant on May 31, 2022.

    ▫️At the same time, in case of implementing this inhumane provocation, the Kiev authorities plan to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of commiting a technogenic ecological disaster and to widely spread this information in Ukrainian and Western mass media in accordance with the practiced scenario.

  • Realist

    Cotour; A present crime of the Ukraine regime against its own people (see following statement):

    Statement by the official representative of the DPR People’s Militia on the situation on June 4, 2022:

    The center of Donetsk was subjected to massive shelling!

    Ukrainian nationalists continue to randomly shell residential buildings and civilian infrastructure in the capital of the DPR. According to our information, the fire was fired from the BM-21 “Grad” and a complete package consisting of forty missiles was fired!

    Here is a video showing how the center of the city of Donetsk was subjected to a hail of blows!!!!

  • pzatchok

    When was the last time at least part of California was not in a drought?

    Even the Native Americans called it the land of fires.

    Even though Washington state still has a rain forest.

    The agricultural industry is not sustainable in California. They no longer have the water to service it. They even have to import hay to feed their own cattle. I for one buy as little as possible from California.

  • Even the Native Americans called it [California] the land of fires.

    They set the fires — most of them.

  • Jeff Wright

    We need a suit where green laws are considered cruel and unusual punishment…and a violation of freedom of happiness and as such outlawed

  • Edward

    Gary H noted: “Equally puzzling is the California ban on gas powered mowers/trimmers. My former gardener ( I moved to Texas) a hispanic conservative, said that he will have to retire in a couple of years as a ban is enforced. He can’t haul the batteries needed and recharge them every night.

    Certain California towns had long ago banned gas powered leaf blowers due to their noise. The solution was for the gardeners to bring gas powered generators to power their electric blowers.

    pzatchok asked: “When was the last time at least part of California was not in a drought?

    My recollection: 1978.

    Part of the reason for the now-constant drought conditions in California is the dismantling of several dams that had been built in the 20th century specifically to supply water to agriculture, industry, and cities.

    Robert noted: “Of course, California has another solution, very typical of leftists. Rather than generate their own power, they will use other people’s power, importing electricity from other states that still allow it to be generated.

    This isn’t the first time that California chose these as “the solution.” a quarter century ago, the state government decided that “the solution” was to require car manufacturers to sell a certain percentage of their fleets as “zero emission” vehicle, meaning electric cars. This was difficult for the manufacturers to do, and it cost them plenty, meaning that cars in California sold for more than elsewhere. Buy outside the state and bring it in? No. Emission standards for fossil fueled autos were more stringent in California, and had to be met by retrofitting devices into the cars.

    Added to this was the state’s government to require the major gas and electrical company to divest itself of its power generation plants and only be the conduit of power from the plants to the houses. This meant that out of state owners owned many or most of the state’s power plants, and they had their home state’s needs in mind rather than California’s needs. California state spent 90% of its surplus funds buying electricity from these out of state owners, who seemed to need to take their plants offline, each day, right at the peak hour for electricity usage.

    That was a cluster that kept us over a barrel for $9 billion. Money we could have had as refunds or services, but instead we lined the pockets of crooks at Enron and other power companies.

    So, the stupid Democratic Party politicians had mandated an increase in electrical use and a decrease in electrical generation, with unexpected results. Unexpected to them, but the adults in the state saw it coming.

    Did California’s Democratic Party learn its lesson from its previous mistake of depending upon others for the sate’s power or from requiring electrical cars? Obviously not.

    To add to their cluster [bleep], some of the worst wildfires in California happened because the state outlawed clearing trees from power lines, and the resulting fires were deemed the power company’s fault so that the company had to file for bankruptcy. Twice. One of those fires burned down Paradise, and California has been a hellhole ever since.

    But those frackin’ (hat tip to Battlestar Galactica) leftist politicians know the solutions, so when the solutions don’t work or backfire then they just apply more of the failed solutions, and conditions continue to deteriorate.

    What stupid gits they are!

    There is a reason more people are leaving than coming to California, even with the state and many cities paying people to be homeless, here, or to be here illegally, incentives to come — and many do come and make a mess and start fires and make it a terrible place to live and work — thus many more of the taxpayers are getting out while the getting is still good. The makers leave, the takers come, and it gets worse here every year. (Thieves are robbing our stores right out of business, but the leftists don’t care.)

    What a pack of cluster {bleep}ers our politicians are. The more-on (Moe-Ron) politicians may have good intentions (or not), but we pay more in taxes than we did in 1978, and our reward is to live in the place that the road paved with good intentions took us, and the Democratic Party took us there in a handbasket.

  • Andi

    Surprised that the handbasket could meet California emission controls!

    Glad I got out of there when I did.

  • Realist

    Cotour, this to your attention:

    Gonzalo Lira: “Mr. Grossi, Zaporizhia, and Nuclear Weapons” (12 min)

  • Realist

    Gonzalo Lira: “There Will Be No Peace Agreement” (8 min)

  • Cotour

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (D) (Share with anyone who breaths)

    What have the Democrats both nationally and locally accomplished in America 2020 to 2022? (All this in just 2 years)

    1. Install a Potemkin / facade president in order to facilitate all the necessary Leftist policies to transform and “fundamentally change” America. Accomplished, you could not find a better hollow man, stooge than Joe Biden for this job. Well done, Joe.

    2. Flood the southern border with illegals in order to further burden the country and screw with the vote numbers within cities, create *NEW* Democrats. Accomplished, day one.

    3. Cause a massive increase in gas and energy costs so less carbon-based energy is used in America. Accomplished, gas is now an average of $5.00, $10.00 in California. This action has incentivized and financed Putin’s war in Ukraine, and it has driven America into recession, possibly ultimately into a depression. Perfect, more reliance on government for everything.

    4. No bail no jail justice system where violent murderous criminals who in many cases happen to possess darker pigmented skin are free to roam the streets and shoot people indiscriminately. Accomplished, this is “Social Justice, this is “Equity”.

    5. Install the most fraudulent manner of voting ever invented by man in national elections. Accomplished, mail in voting is now fully accepted in many / mostly Democrat jurisdictions.

    6. Increase inflation to make the people of America less wealthy and more insecure and more dependent on government. Accomplished, you see it every day now. And they want more of it because you become more and more dependent on government to more insecure the economy becomes.

    7. Use the DOJ as a political weapon just like the Bolsheviks and persecute and prosecute your political enemies. Accomplished, political warfare is a bitch.

    8. Promote racism and use the issue of abortion up to and even after birth as a bright line political issue. Accomplished, no morality is a hallmark of most political players and their manipulations, especially the Democrat party machine.

    If you are of the opinion that the Democrat party and the political war machine that they run has been unsuccessful during the time that they have been empowered in the majority in government in America, think again. The Democrat party political war machine has been very successful by installing much of the Leftist / Socialist political agenda that they desperately need to install. Successful by their perverted need to acquire and retain political power and control and not by your rational judgement about what is either good or bad or in your or your family’s best self interests that is. In order to understand politics, you must think upside down backwards and through your butt to properly understand what is actually going on in politics.

    What you think is going on in politics and in your country is not in fact what is going on. But ultimately fully informed or not the people will have to choose as those in the political realm are forced to reveal themselves. Compliments of the Constitution.–~D

  • LAG

    They may be ignorant, but they CAN vote.

  • Cotour

    How can you know that my interpretation is correct related to politics in America? All it takes is 50 seconds.

    This in the persona of the vice president is the second most powerful person on the planet? In name only.

    Only in a desperate Democrat party America could this woman be installed, just like the president, in the position that she / he inhabits. Neither of these people are in control of ANYTHING, they are both but facades for the now Leftist dominated Democrat political party machine and their Leftist agenda to retain and acquire political power. Period.

  • Realist

    The Durans: “Politics and policy driving the Ukraine project w/ Jacob Dreizin (Live)” (76 min)

  • Eric Ivers

    I’m not typically a complainer, but I’m going to complain here. Not about your content, though. I agree with it. It’s the gray background you use. It makes it very difficult to read what you say. I have to outline it so that it shows up white on a blue background. I would frequent your page more (and share it more) if you were to make it easier to read.

  • wayne

    “Bees are Legally Fish in California”
    Uncivil Law (June 3, 2022)

    “Kurt goes over the Appellate Court ruling.”

  • Realist

    Moon of Alabama: “Ukraine Beyond Day 100 – Breaking Resistance, Deep Operation, A New Country”

    “Colonel Markus Reisner of the Austrian Army presents the current state (vid) of the war.
    Two of the facts he mentions were new to me (that is: Moon of Alabama).

    The Ukrainian army has moved seven brigades of its Territorial Defense Forces from the west into the area east of the Dnieper. If these were fully maned each will have had some 3,000 soldiers. That are a lot of troops but they are pure infantry without heavy weapons and with extremely little training. Col. Reisner also showed a collection of 15 videos in which members of such and other units describe hopeless situations, declare a retreat or call out their commanders for neglect.

    Morale is so bad because those troops do not fare well. ….”

  • Realist/Questioner: Though I do not wish to silence you as long as you behave, I am getting very tired of your off-topic posts about the Ukraine War. Your comments on this thread have had absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, and are out of place.

    If you have nothing to say about the topic of the post, then don’t say anything. If you continue to try to make every post on BtB about the Ukraine War, then at a certain point I will have to suspend you again, and possibly permanently.

    And don’t worry, I will be posting about Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine again, in fact in only a few days. At that time you can post as much Russia propaganda as you wish.

  • Realist

    Mr. Z: Do what you want. You can’t be helped either. I don’t even care, because sooner or later reality will affect you too. Regarding the Ukraine war, you are currently a total failure and have unfortunately lost touch with reality and truth (see also your continued reference to the totally implausible ISR) and fallen for the proganda of the Ukrainian regime and your mendacious US media. Ciao.

  • Cotour

    Just like D.J. Trump is not allowed to have an opinion about the perversions and corruption of the politics of the day, his opinion is insurrection, no one is allowed (according to realist that is) to express an opinion about what the Ukraine invasion is about or who and what is prevailing at any particular moment in time.

    The facts are that the Russians assumed a great degree of early success against Ukraine, and they were very, very wrong and that miscalculation has cost them greatly.

    In the end the Russians under Putin or someone else will draw a new border line call it a success and a victory and retreat without attaining their overall goals.

  • pzatchok

    The economics of environmentalism just does not add up.

    At present I use about 30 dollars of gas a week. Even if the price doubles it would take me 20 years to equal the price of even the cheapest electric vehicle.
    This does not count the electric off of the grid that I would have to buy to keep the car running.
    Add in that and it would take a hundred years to reach a savings.
    You never save money buying a new vehicle just for gas mileage.

    The same if I wanted to solar power my house. Between the replacement batteries and the maintenance over the lifetime of it I will never be done paying it off.

    Nothing is cheaper then petroleum and its byproducts.
    Even if they outlawed all petroleum production and use we would never be able to replace it.
    Going with plant oil just raises the price of food.

    Think of it this way.
    The great creator has stored plant and animal oils for billions of years in the ground for someone to use over time.

  • Cotour

    “The economics of environmentalism just does not add up.”

    Thats is sarcasm, right?

  • This sort of video tends to be as heavily edited as a CNN interview – and should be given just as much credence.

    I just bought a gas cooktop. The line has been plumbed, but final installation is awaiting countertop arrival. Look as if I beat the deadline (and I live in a sane state so it doesn’t matter).

    I can see the argument for “one infrastructure” to get rid of the gas lines and just use electricity as a pure maintenance cost savings measure. I don’t know if that would be true, but it at least makes sense. I would guess that gas infrastructure is more expensive to build, but cheaper to maintain – and it’s already there (in most places).

    Redundancy also has value. If my electricity goes out, I can cook on the gas stove. If the gas goes out, I can turn on the electric space heater. These are good things.

  • markedup2 wrote, “Redundancy also has value.”

    I would instead say that freedom has value. Banning all options but one eliminates the human ability to innovate and come up with alternatives that might be better. Shouldn’t we leave this decision to normal people, rather than have a bunch of power-lusting politicians dictate what we can and cannot do?

  • Star Bird

    We were told the United Nations was there to Prevent Wars and make Nations setttle their differences Peacefuly.We were Lied to

  • Max

    Star Bird said;
    “we were lied to”
    The understatement of the year…. Want to hear a true statement that will chill you to the bone? A statement beyond belief? 50% reduction in earths population. 37sec.
    It makes the war in Ukraine tiny in comparison. And the audience of world leaders and billionaires cheered…

    Zimmerman wrote;
    “In a story that is hardly unique or surprising, the Los Angeles City Council last week passed a new regulation that bans the use of any gas appliances in new construction, both residential and commercial”
    A carbon free economy can only happen if you remove all of the carbon consumers! As long as there are people who need to eat carbohydrates and the cook or stay warm with hydrocarbons, then there will be a demand for consumables of carbon. 10% of the crust of the earth is Carbon… All life is made of carbon… The outlawing of carbon quite literally is a “death sentence” because we all need to breathe and exhale carbon.
    Their “good intentions” of saving us from the evils of methane shows a complete disconnect from reality.
    Atmospheric methane is measured at 1.8 ppm… That’s the equivalent in money to $1.80¢ out of a million dollars. Nearly as close to “zero” as you can get, on a planet covered in life that is constantly producing it.
    (helium for example is 4 parts per million)

    The phasing out of meat from our diet, using methane as an excuse, is to control our food source. To control you!
    If animals do not eat the hay and grass that humans cannot consume, the fallow plants will rot on the ground come winter time and turn into methane anyway. Just like the leaves on the ground every fall.
    Grazing animals and humans do not compete for the same food, or the same space. Our relationship is harmony, complete symmetry in nature. If they can destroy the lifecycle, they can destroy the earth. Removing carbon from the air, for example, will kill all the plants… They know this, and they don’t care.
    The greenhouse theory is a fraud, 40 years of satellite observation has never detected a single case of heat reflecting off the atmosphere back to the ground. Search “NASA – second law of thermodynamics” where they proudly proclaim that there is no violation of the second law of thermodynamics in nature! That’s admitting that the green house affect does not exist! 50 weather balloons twice a day are released to monitor earths changing weather. They are always consistent in that the higher they go, the colder it gets.
    The atmosphere is just over 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the air, it is at best a trace gas at less than 1/2 of 1/10 of one percent, and cannot be responsible for any significant weather change or temperature change. There’s not enough of it. It’s one CO2 molecule for every 2,500 air molecules.
    So why all the commotion? Because when chicken Little started screaming “the sky is falling”, the ConMan asked himself; how can I make a buck or obtain power from this panic and fear? It’s like shouting fire in a crowded theater only the government is charging people desperate to leave… After charging for admission! What a scam. We only had 10 years left 30 years ago!

    Hydrogen is not the answer. There is no natural source of hydrogen on earth. Hydrogen must be extracted from other molecules, the best source being water. It is such a small atom that it can pass through any material. Leakage in hydrogen tanks is about 10% per day. That’s why hydrogen tanks have two shells so they can recapture what leaks and spend energy pumping it back into the tank.
    Storing hydrogen in a metal hydride like titanium dioxide is very inefficient. Yes, it will store for long periods of time but you must heat the storage tank to 200 or more degrees to release the hydrogen for consumption.
    The combining of hydrogen with carbon has been proven to be the most efficient method of storage medium having the highest BTU. Also known as hydrocarbon. it also comes in various configurations depending on your energy needs and application. Like methane, butane, propane, hexane, octane, etc.

    Cotour’s electrolysis of water to produce gas prevents the need for the storage of hydrogen.
    The energy consumed to make the “water gas” or “Brown’s gas” is greater than the energy that it produces. (but then that is true of all energy sources except nuclear, especially solar panels and windmills that need more energy to create/ build them than they will ever produce in their usable lifetime)
    You must use extreme caution with Brown’s gas, it has strange properties. The flame will not boil water directly… And yet will melt tungsten! It can weld materials together that shouldn’t be possible. (Metal and glass for example, jewelry creators favorite tool) Metal treated by the flame will resist rusting. It would be interesting to see how they prevent the flame from melting cookpans. It would be useless as an oven.
    Soon we will all be back to using wood and candles when the power goes out…

  • Edward

    Max wrote: “… 40 years of satellite observation has never detected a single case of heat reflecting off the atmosphere back to the ground.

    This is not the mechanism for global warming, but we already know that with the “pause” in global warming there are factors more powerful than atmospheric CO2 levels. We also know that there were centuries of warming after the end of the Little Ice Age but before the tremendous industrialization of the 1920s and 1930s, again showing that there are factors more powerful than human influences.

    We also know that the politicians are not interested in CO2 levels, because in the Kyoto and Paris agreements they allow many countries to be immune from punishment for increasing CO2 emissions, resulting in China going from a minor emitter to the greatest emitter. In addition, the politicians allow Brazil to burn down its rain forest, once a huge sink for CO2 and now a huge source, from all the burning forest.

    What a scam. We only had 10 years left 30 years ago!

    To add to this: four years ago they told us that we only had until 2030. Before that arrives, however, they will give us yet another deadline, which will be somewhere in the range of the 50th deadline that they have given us in the past third of a century. How do we know when the politicians are giving us yet another bogus deadline? Their lips are moving. We are a third of the way through this prediction period, yet nothing bad is happening (except the destruction of world economies as they impose introduce on us their “Green” Raw Deals).

    Their earlier deadlines came and went so often that two decades ago they gave themselves a better “out.” Rather than a short term prediction that would not come true within our memories, they told us that by the end of the century — after we were dead and gone — the temperature would be many degrees higher and the seas would rise many feet. We are a fifth of the way through that prediction period, yet the temperature is not keeping up with their prediction nor are the seas rising as predicted.

    “Scam” and “fraud” are accurate words to use.

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