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The pro-Hamas campus mobs were almost as barbaric as Hamas itself

Library destroyed by pro-Hamas mob
Library destroyed by pro-Hamas mob

With the mobs of pro-Hamas protesters finally cleared from many occupied college campuses, we are now finding out just how much these rioters resembled the Hamas barbarians whose effort to murder Jews these protesters supported.

To the right is a screen capture from video taken during a short walk through of the inside of the Portland State University’s Millar Library, following the removal of the pro-Hamas rioters. The place was trashed in the most childish way. You can seem more evidence here. As noted by that report:

Paint splattered on floors. Spray-painted messages and screeds covering walls. Furniture moved and overturned. Security cameras disabled. Fire extinguishers missing and entrances blocked by stacks of chairs. “We’ve got our work cut out for us,” a facilities manager at Portland State University said Thursday as he examined the destruction left behind after a three-day occupation by pro-Palestinian protesters in Millar Library.

It also was reported that rare archival materials were stolen by the student mob.

The situation was the same at numerous universities. At UCLA for example it has taken hours and required numerous dumpsters and heavy equipment to clear up the mess. The damage inside the buildings is as ugly and as widespread. It is also typical of all these occupied campuses.

The point to remember is that these pro-Hamas mobs, a majority of which appear to be non-students, seemed to get pleasure out of this destruction. They sprayed their empty political slogans on walls, floors, and even books. Worse, they clearly had no shame about this behavior. For college students especially to trash a library and destroy books tells us what they think of knowledge and learning. And they repeatedly proved this love of empty-headedness whenever they were asked why they supported the rape and torture of babies, children, women, and men by Hamas on October 7th. Repeatedly these dimwits had no idea what was going on in Gaza and in the Middle East, even denying that October 7th even happened. Some even admitted they had no idea why they were protesting.

Their savage behavior also tells us what they think of civilization. They don’t simply disagree with its principles and foundation, they want to tear it down, as quickly and as violently as they can, and don’t care who they hurt in the process.

In other words, these students and the outsiders who helped them riot are nothing more than barbarians, even if they have not yet gone around killing people. Very clearly given time and power, however, that would be something they would be very glad to do.

Palestinian flag once again flying at UCLA
Palestinian flag once again flying at UCLA

Nor is their violent revolt against civilization over. Even as crews attempted to clean up the messes at both Portland State University and UCLA, there were reports that the pro-Hamas mobs were returning. At the Millar library, reports have “surfaced about people attempting to get back into the building.” At ULCA, protesters were seen returning after being released immediately with no charges (after being given a free breakfast). As soon as they arrived they put up the Palestinian flag (as shown on the right) and began reorganizing their equipment. Though it is likely this report occurred before the official clean-up crews with heavy equipment had arrived, the protesters were very adamant about their determination to return, telling reporters “This is not over!”

And this remember above all: Every single one of these protesters is almost certainly allied with the left, the communists, and the Democratic Party. They might whine and scream chants against Joe Biden, but when it comes time to vote they will vote for Joe, because his party is their route to power.

Not every ordinary Democrat supports Hamas and its goal to murder every Jew worldwide, but you can be sure every American Hamas supporter is a Democrat. And these pro-Hamas rioters are not going away.

Genesis cover

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