The real disaster in Japan

Getting control of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima is going to be a challenging job, no doubt. Nonetheless, it remains a minor and comparatively trivial problem for Japan after the earthquake and tsunami destroyed the country’s northeastern coast, and it saddens me that so much of the American press and public seems unable to absorb this simple fact.

This footage of the tsunami hitting a small coastal town in Japan gives us a clear and unvarnished look of the real disaster there. Near the end you can see people fleeing for their lives, and throughout the video the voices of the watchers can only express horrified gasps at what they are seeing.

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  • Kelly Starks


    The nuclear plants are such a trivial side story to a disaster that could ripple economic impacts around the world, and locally require new city’s be built. I think its likely a big factor in why the US public has offered comparativly little donations to those impacted in Japan compared to other natural disasters. The US public has all but forgoten that Japan has suffered a huge set of natural disasters killing tens of thousands, and destroying the homes of several times more.

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