The squealing of a former Bush science administrator

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The cries and squeals are now coming from all sides: A former undersecretary for Science in the Energy Department during the Bush administration, Raymond L. Orbach, has joined the chorus of scientists whining about the House’s proposed cuts. [His full editorial, available here as a pdf, can only be downloaded if you subscribe to Science.]

Like all the other squealers, he admits that “the budget deficit is serious.” Nonetheless, the idea of cutting his pet science programs remains unacceptable.

It is when I read stuff like this that feel the situation is most hopeless. Is there no one willing to accept the reality that if we don’t start gaining some control over the federal budget the country will go bankrupt and we will not be able to afford anything?

Instead, all I hear are cries of “Cut! Cut! But don’t cut my program!”



  • AstroWill

    Doesn’t it make a lot of sense to address the biggest parts of the Fed like privatizing social security to get if off the government books? Instead of all this focus on discretionary spending?

  • Lou Filliger

    Bob – I’ve long listened to you on the John Batchelor show, and I wanted to give you the strongest congratulations for your stance on the NASA funding. To argue against “pork” funding we can’t afford, for a project you’ve devoted so much time and effort to, is the kind of integrity we sorely need in this country. Quite frankly, it’s more integrity than I myself have, though I aspire to it. You are an inspiration to me.

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