The Sun in April – Steady as she goes!

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The monthly updated graph for April of the Sun’s solar cycle sunspot activity was posted yesterday by NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. You can see it below.

Though the Sun remained active, you can see that the steep increase in sunspot activity that occurred in March has ceased. At the moment it looks as if the Sun’s sunspot activity is following the most recent scientific prediction, more or less exactly, though the small dip in April puts the numbers slightly below that prediction.

All in all, we still appear to be headed to the weakest solar maximum in two hundred years.

April Sunspot activity


One comment

  • jwing

    Take home lesson: It’s not about our driving SUV’s that effects the earth’s climate; it’s about our SUN that drives every aspect of life on God’s good green earth. When one considers the sun’s direct causality in determining the earth’s orbit or its lifegiving sunlight for the tiniest of phytoplankton floating in the oceans,the blatant irrational from supposedly “scientific, secular humanists is evident. It is huberis to declare thate the effects of a trace gas called CO2 is the driving varialbe to global temperature changes. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant; it is essential to drive life itself and not to the earth’s temperature. The sun determines all energy and mass balances, and it is pure futility and sheer arrogance to think that man’s redistribution of the carbon cycle is equal in effect to the billions of years of thermonuclear energy output by the sun on earth.

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