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The tampering of climate data at NOAA and NASA

data tampering at NASA

Last week there was the another Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington. One presentation there by several important climate skeptics outlined in detail the data tampering that has been going on at an increasingly outrageous manner at both NOAA and NASA in recent years. The slides presented by Tony Heller (available here [pdf]), many of which I have highlighted previously here at Behind the Black, are especially educational and damning.

To the right is just one of Heller’s slides, the one that I find the most damning of all. It shows how the surface data issued by NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS), the two green lines, does not match the satellite data at all. While the satellite data shows no warming this entire century, the GISS data shows steady rising in the surface data. Other slides by Heller show that this rise comes solely from data adjustments and the extrapolation of imagined temperature data in places where no data exists, neither of which has been explained in any manner by the scientists at GISS.

What is most damning however is the change Heller documents between GISS’s November 2016 and December 2016 data sets. For reasons that are simply unjustified by any scientific measure, GISS somehow found it necessary to adjust its entire data set upward in one month about 0.03 of a degree. The only reason I can find for such a change in such a short period of time is a desire by the scientists at GISS to create the illusion that the climate is warming, and warming fast. They don’t have any real data to show this, so they make it up.

Make sure you look at all of Heller’s slides [pdf]. It is also definitely worthwhile to spend the time to watch the entire CPAC presentation, available at the first link above.

Genesis cover

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  • Max

    Blame it on the Russians…

  • Max

    They will just blame it on the Russians…

  • Max

    Whoops, it worked the first time.
    I would like to point out that all of this excitement is over less than 1° of temperature. My father would say “tempest in a teapot” or “mountain out of a mole hill” or “much to do about nothing”…
    The “what if’s” and “maybes” overwhelm the actual science. Those who corrupt and falsify the science intentionally for political purposes should be sent to hell in this life and in the next! (after all, isn’t that where people go who have good intentions? Wars fight over bad intelligence given by those with good intentions)

  • Orion314

    Science and politics, an incestuous relationship that can only produce monsters.

  • eddie willers

    Science and politics, an incestuous relationship that can only produce monsters.

    As Eisenhower warned us in his Farewell Address just after he warned of a Military-Industrial complex.

    Liberals never quote THAT part.

  • Joe

    Very Orwellian! And the memory hole main stream media refuse to acknowledge the tampering, the East Anglia scandal and everything that points to all of the deception from the global warming proponents.

  • Edward

    In the slides presented by Tony Heller, the one titled “Getting Rid Of The Troublesome MWP” suggests that the recent warming is most likely only natural warming due to the end of the Little Ice Age, which came after the Medieval Warm Period.

    The need for adjusting the temperature data as measured shows that the data is unreliable for determining actual climatological conditions or for comparing them between time periods. That the data adjustments are unexplained and unannounced shows that the scientists making the adjustments do not have explainable reasons for making the changes and do not want us to know that they made the changes.

  • Cotour

    Edward, what think you?

    I know this site will probably be controversial here but if this activity is on going how can any of these measurements be considered accurate? If there is a science based and unspoken of program to compensate for the effects of human fossil fuel burning what might the potential be if it goes off the rails?

    There are plenty of patents and first hand observation being reported related to such technology.

  • Nick P


    Dane Wigington is a very polished Alex Jones.

  • wayne

    Nick P–
    Excellent point & glad you brought it up.
    >All she did was morph “chemtrails” into “geoengineering,” so it sounds slightly less whacky and more palatable.

    A repeat from me, but a highly informative back-n-forth between Joe Rogan and Alex from February 1st.

    Joe Rogan Experience #911
    Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo

    Rogan does an excellent job of slowing Alex down, and when they start in with the whiskey and “medicinal smoke” consumption, you get an extremely good insight into Alex-as-the-performer-he-is.
    I’ve lightened up considerably on Alex since that interview, and am no longer concerned he’s “full-blown clinical.” It’s primarily talent in my opinion, and not a thought-disorder. But that still doesn’t make any of it “true.”
    (Elements of all his narratives are absolutely true, but his conclusions trend toward the ultra-whacky. That being said– I’d trust Alex more than main-stream-fake-media, but that’s a low bar to begin with ‘cuz 101% of everything they say, are pure lies and deception.)

  • Cotour

    Its not like no one has been noodling with it.

    Weather modification is something that would be a reasonable thing to be thinking about and attempting to influence / manipulate. When you look at some of the filed U.S. patent chemical formulations you see things like “4% lead”, 4% copper, 20% potassium etc, etc., combine that with a program or agenda to apply and prove its potential might also not be so unreasonable.

    ???????????? What if a group of scientists were able to sell this kind of manipulation of the atmosphere to the powers that be with the goal of being able to continue the fossil fuel energy economy as the result???????????

    There are many issues here that concern me if it is happening at the levels being claimed, is it possible? I don’t know if anyone here remembers just a short year ago when many said that Trump was an impossibility Alex was one of the first to see the potential for the impossible. What does anyone here doubt about the potential of government? Both for “good” and “bad”.

    S.O.M. knows few limitations given the proper funding, focus, technology and justifiable goals.

  • wayne

    The Patent Office is filled with stuff-like-this, (they have even granted patents to perpetual motion machines in the past.) I would however defer to Garry on Patent Office Stuff, ‘cuz I know he’s infinitely more versed than I in this realm (Patent’s in general.)

    If the question is– “can we alter local-weather in a limited capacity?” I’d agree with that statement, whole heartedly.
    If the question is– “does the CIA run a weather-control Program?” — I do not know, it would not surprise me if they did or tried, and I think it’s a huge distraction in the grand-scheme.
    -I’m infinitely more concerned with Rence Priebus as Chief of Staff, and Mitch & Paul running the Congress. Whatever Trump actually is, he has to go through those Establishment Weasels and card-carrying RINO’s to get anything done.

    I did take a look at the one Patent you referenced– appears straightforward, given my limited knowledge of how rain forms in the atmosphere and what has been tried.

    I’m not necessarily saying Alex is wrong, but he leads one down a specific set of assumptions/conclusions, to which I do not agree.

    “stratospheric atmosphere injections”
    from Joe Rogan experience #911
    cued to the relevant part

  • Cotour

    Wayne, I do not believe that any patent related to any perpetual motion machine has ever been issued by the U.S.P.T.O. .

    IMO if something like that did exist and was demonstrated to be workable to the Patent Office it would immediately be confiscated to the governments portfolio.

    You could make an application for such a “technology” but if the Patent office does not issue the patent number, where are you? It might as well not exist, unless you just published it for all to see. And still it would be deemed “dangerous” or some other designation so as not to be producible en mass.

  • Edward

    Cotour asked: “Edward, what think you?

    From the linked site, description at the link for the video titled Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger: “When the ship is going down, one must prioritize their time, their actions, and their energy. The planet is dying. … If this paradigm is not overturned, and people do not choose to stand and face the challenges closing in on us, we will have no chance.

    From the video at the same link: “We are literally careening down the side of the canyon. Now! Not a decade or two away; it is happening now. Mathematically speaking, the top scientists on the globe right now have told us, sixty days ago, on the current trajectory there will be no life left on Earth by 2040.

    We have been told for centuries that we have to change our ways or the Earth will stop supplying our needs. Back in the Early eighteenth century, it was warned that there was only a three hundred year supply of peat for the fuel supply. For a almost two centuries, ever since the industrial revolution allowed for increased population, we have been warned that the human population was about to exceed the food supply.

    Five decades ago, I was living near Minneapolis Minnesota and was told by my teacher that during the ice age there was an ice cap two miles thick that extended all the way south to Minneapolis, and with the declining temperatures there was about to be another ice age. This was five or six years before Time Magazine informed the rest of America of this coming ice age. As I was walking home, I looked up and tried to imagine two miles of ice over the school and wondered if Arizona would allow everyone from Minnesota to move into their desert. Where would we get all the food that we needed. Having lived in Phoenix a few years earlier, I knew that there were not as many farms in Arizona as there were in Minnesota.

    Who was the guy who wrote the book The Population Bomb, telling us that in the 1970s hundreds of millions of people would starve to death? When that book was written, the Earth fed a whole three billion people. Today it is only capable of feeding only seven billion, a decrease of — oh, wait …

    My point is that we have been hearing of the end of the world for a good millennium. It was first predicted to happen at the end of the first millennium, due to some passage in the Bible, and there is a theory that this is where the Knights of the Round Table story comes from. All the knights were trying to be virtuous so that they would be admitted into heaven at the end of the world.

    I have been hearing these calls of “wolf” all my life. I have learned that these cries of “wolf” have been around for centuries. This is why I require extraordinary evidence for these extraordinary claims of the end of the world. Some chicken little with a speech is hardly convincing.

    We, the US, once had pollution in a bad way, but even before the EPA, we had an environmentalist movement that preserved some areas, especially with National Parks, and restored other areas, such as Lake Erie — which recovered mostly from local laws, regulations, and actions, led largely by Mayor Carl Stokes of Cleveland. With the EPA, we had the worst pollution event in the history of this country, damaging hundreds of miles of river and thousands of square miles of arable land in the Western US, ironically caused by that agency!

    Free nations have spent more resources cleaning and preventing pollution and this “environmental engineering” than centrally controlled nations, with the result of cleaner air, land, and water in the free countries. Centrally controlled governments do what they want, not what their populaces want. Local governments in free nations, such as the State of California, have done more to clean their own jurisdiction than the EPA has done, because We the People were that concerned about the environment. Notice that the EPA is a central-control institution, and in doing what they wanted to do, not what we wanted them to do, they managed to do far more harm than all the good they did in their entire existence.

    Dane Wigington, of the Clear And Present Danger video on the Geoengineering site, kept claiming that no one will listen to him and his colleagues, but no one will listen for good reason: what he says does not make sense. There is no need for a conspiracy against him, as people do not need to conspire to reject his poorly thought out, badly researched (if it is researched at all), hypotheses. His hypotheses have been heard, studied, and soundly rejected in the past. There is no need to study them again.

    It reminds me of my dehydration diet. Stop drinking fluids and you will quickly lose weight — and the proof that it is a good idea is that doctors do not want you to do it, claiming that it is bad for your health. Quite the conspiracy from doctors, don’t you think? They won’t even listen to me as I explain it to them. Of course, once you die of dehydration, you lose weight even faster as you decompose, but there are always side effects to any medication or diet, and sudden death is just one of the ones that can result from the dehydration diet.

    Don’t try this diet at home. It is my example of bad conspiracy theories against bad ideas.

    Wigington’s definition of geoengineering seems incorrect, to me. They seem to think that this “engineering” is the result of the arbitrary actions of individuals, industries, and nations. To me, engineering requires that a specific result be desired — a requirement — and a specific plan be created — a specification — followed by actions directed

    Cloud seeding for weather control is at least six decades old. It did not work well, back then, and it does not work well now. Our lack of ability to control the weather or the climate is why we continue to have droughts.

    My understanding is that the US Patent Office stopped issuing patents for perpetual motion machines, meaning that they once did.

  • Cotour

    I must admit that I laughed out loud at your “dehydration” diet scenario, very funny. An epic response, well done.

    If the patent office once issued patents for perpetual motion machines and no longer does, they must not have been perpetual motion machines in the first place so therefore there have been no perpetual motion patents issued :)

    One kind of patent that I know they do issue is for weather modification, lots of them. But I am uncertain of how effective any of them might be in a real world macro application.

    And if there were such an animal as a perpetual motion machine I am certain the public would never become aware of them and there would not be any patent number issued.

  • Garry

    Here’s a link to the US Patent and Trademark Office database that I often use to learn about technologies related to the patents I work on

    Enter terms such as “perpetual motion” and “weather control” and see what comes up.

    It’s not always a good idea to apply for a patent; if you have no fear of anybody being able to reverse-engineer your product (for example, if your product is not something that is going to be distributed to the general public), then you may want to just keep it a secret. If you get a patent, you lose the monopoly of control after 20 years. KFC chooses to keep its recipe a trade secret; if they had patented it, they would have surrendered their recipe.

    When I studied for the patent bar exam, I was interested to learn that there is (or at least was at the time) a section that examines nuclear technology and keeps it secret.

    I would imagine that if weather control were invented, it would be kept secret.

    The only real requirements for a patent are that the technology has not been patented or otherwise publicly disclosed and brings about an advantage; it doesn’t necessarily have to be actually put into practice. For example, Amazon recently patented a huge airship that serves as an airborne warehouse, with drones distributing merchandise from the airship to the ground. It hasn’t actually been put into practice and may or may not be put into practice in the future, but Amazon wants to make sure that nobody else can do it in the 20 years from their filing date.

    In other words, if you find a patent on perpetual motion or weather control don’t assume that it’s actually been put into practice.

  • Cotour

    Excellent points Garry.

  • Cotour

    PS: I am under the assumption that the government can and has sequestered or confiscated certain patents for national security reasons, would you agree with that assumption Garry?

  • Garry

    I should mention that you have to do more than just type in “perpetual motion” and search; a quick search shows that that term appears in 163 patents. I would guess that in most, if not all, cases, it appears in the Background Art section, explaining that perpetual motion machines have been sought after.

    You can narrow the search by searching for combinations of terms, or searching only the titles, but in my experience this often leads to you missing important references. For example, a perpetual motion machine may have a title “endless operation device” but contain the term “perpetual motion” somewhere in the text.

    Often, when searching Background Art, in reading one patent you’ll see reference to related technology in patents issued prior to that one.

    Patent search is its own specialty with skills that take years to develop. Typically, this is done by people who specialize just in that, who are not patent attorneys.

  • Garry

    Cotour, yes, I think the government has sequestered some patent applications, which is what the nuclear technology examination section was all about (if my understanding is correct). I don’t know any real details about how this is done, but it makes good sense that there exists technology the government would take pains to hide, as it can be very dangerous in the wrong hands and would be very difficult to derive independently.

    I remember an allegedly story from the late 70s/early 80s about a college student who designed an atom bomb and wrote a paper on it, followed in short order by a visit from the FBI. He wrote an article about it in (Popular Science?) and Barney Miller used it as a plot line. I’m sure there would be a similar reaction if he tried to patent something like that.

  • Mitch S.

    Edward, thanks for saving me time!
    I enjoy some conspiracy stuff but it needs to be cooled down with a spray of reality.
    I’ve observed every generation thinks it’s never been this bad and the end-times are near.
    Really, if 20% of this stuff is true then it’s too late.
    Clearly “They” are way smarter than us and way ahead of us. “They” have had total control for years.
    Guys (or are they aliens) like Carter, Bush, Obama etc only seem to be clueless, but really we are totally controlled by 3 letter agencies.
    I suppose i’ll be disappeared as soon as I post this.

    That video with Jones etc sounds like some guys wasted on alcohol (or other substances) having a rambling conversation.
    I’ve been there, but never found any deep truths came from them.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

  • wayne

    Mitch S.-
    good stuff.

    Oh yeah– Rogan apparently gets twisted to some degree or another, on alcohol or otherwise, for almost every show. I only recently started watching him, but that appears to be the trend.
    Yes– zero great “truths” revealed, at all! (Eddie Bravo, whoever he is, was baked and totally useless in the Alex interview.)
    I was speaking more to the insight I myself gathered from watching that (lengthy) talk with Alex, about his general personality. His content is whack, but I do find it interesting in small doses and he is more skilled than I had previously assumed.

  • wayne

    Did a little bit of further digging–

    There are a set of Laws from 1952 that cover Patent applications for “secret” inventions, if they are determined to be of vital National interest.

    35 U.S. Code
    Chapter 17, subsection’s 181-188

  • Cotour

    Wayne: Related to “His content is whack”, not always. Like everything else many times there is some foundation of truth to the things that he speaks of, and then he goes too, too far with it. And I rarely listen to Alex because of his constant DEFCON 1 tendency. But I suppose that is what keeps some eyeballs watching him.

    Mitch: “Really, if 20% of this stuff is true then it’s too late.”. I tend to agree with you here, but again whether things are brought to their final conclusion or they are reformulated or abandoned all together there is at some level some foundation of truth that these things are built upon. Our government, any government, is capable of just about anything you or I could think of in their subjectively justified pursuit of the acquisition or retention of power. ANYTHING!

    That is what I have come to understand, the bigger the more unbelievable the lie or goal the better.

    As an example: Trump, “Obama had Trump Tower bugged during the 2016 election”. Outrageous, right?

    Now Trump may just be throwing this out into the media just to reformulate or redirect the drive of the current anti Trump narrative in the media, its a technique. And then he may have thrown it out there because he has been apprised of the activities of our most Leftist president. Anything at this level is possible, don’t bother with the fact that you or I would never do it based in our moral limits or fear of legal repercussions. There in many instances no legal repercussions and there certainly is no morality at this level of government, ask HRC, BJC, D. Wasserman, E. Holder, Attorney General Lynch, etc, etc, the list is too long to write out.

    We wait to see where this goes, its a great example of my point here.

  • Cotour

    Speaking about Attorney General Lynch and things that are unbelievable :

    You, Wayne and Mitch, interpret what she is saying here, is a former Attorney General encouraging blood shed and violence in order that THEIR LEFTIST dreams be fulfilled? They are soooo close.

    This bunch of defeated “Community Organizing” (read Leftist / American Marxist) politicians are not going quietly into the night, their cause has come too far to lay down their weapons now. Weather modification is nothing compared to these people. Elections have consequences.

  • Garry

    Thanks Wayne; I’m shocked at some of the regulations there, especially the bar on applying for a patent in a foreign country until 6 months have lapsed since applying for a U S Patent.

    I don’t see how filing a patent on, say, a bathmat (I have handled some applications on bathmats) in a foreign country could pose any threat to national security. I would guess that they threw that provision in there to ensure that somebody at the patent office had time to forward any suspect inventions to somebody in the national security apparatus who could decide whether or not to designate the invention a national secret. Kind of like a live broadcast having a 10-second delay, so that the producer can bleep out any obscenities.

    I don’t deal with the aspect of actually filing patents (I only deal with wording of the application itself), but I had to study all of that 20 years ago. Either the 6-month delay wasn’t covered at all in the review course I took, or I completely forgot it, and I don’t know which would be a bigger shock. I have a very imperfect memory, but that particular detail is something that I think I would have remembered.

    I’m also struck by the very broad powers this code gives the government; it’s worded vaguely enough that it can be massaged to justify just about anything.

    Sorry to go off on a tangent to our original tangent.

  • wayne

    I don’t discount everything single thing Alex says, there are definitely factoids weaved into his narrative. (I primarily disagree with his global conclusion’s.)
    I as well, don’t listen to him “a lot” for precisely the reason you mention– he’s always at DEFCON-1. I do however, try to listen to his opening monologues semi-regularly. I also do the same for Beck, Levin, and Rush, although I generally listen to 100% of Levin, radio and video-show. (I download huge amounts of audio/video and playback at my leisure, and skip the commercials.)
    I do find Alex interesting, not so much for the content, but more so, just as a person who is very good at what he does. A lot of his content is whack, but I don’t dismiss him out of hand. (If anything, I have lightened up on him tremendously recently.)
    -If you remember the (disgraced) televangelist Jim Bakker—I studied his presentation style extensively at the time. He was capable of weaving extremely interesting narratives. (I wasn’t concerned with the Content, just the presentation.)

    tangent– stumbled across an interesting Howard Stern episode from March 4th, almost 2 hours of Stern and Alex. (And I seldom, if ever, listen to Stern.) It’s at YouTube.

    I was not aware of that 1952 Law specifically, until I looked it up.
    I do know during WW-2, a lot of radar/radio/and nuclear related Patents were filed and issued, but not released publicly, at least for the duration.

    Tangentially– my daughter is pharmaceutical researcher, if she invents a new molecule her Company will file a patent in her name, but her employment contract requires her to assign the patent to the Company itself, as a work-for-hire.

  • Cotour


    He to me is offensive, a righteous religious extremist attempting to monetize his BS. Has not been correct about just about anything ever. Just taking up space, might as well be on the moon.

    The best IMO is Rush hands down and then Levin (when he is not yelling). And then its only about 80%. Rush can be funny but his analysis is usually on target and very insightful. I could probably write half of his show for him (not that any of it is scripted, he is a pure stream of consciousness talker) based on what he picks from the current news of the day and his comments on them. Many times before he is on I base my emails on exactly what he chooses, even if the subject is off of the main news item topics of the day and bring out the same points.

  • Garry

    Wayne, most companies have the same policy on patents. Some companies issue bonuses for any patent gained by their employees. Unfortunately, some of them have never changed the traditional bonus of $5 that was established back when $5 bought considerably more than a coffee at Starbucks.

    Having her name on the patent is a good thing; at one time companies did not allow that (the law now requires that the actual inventor’s name be used). Edison put his name on many patents for inventions made by his people and not him, which is why his record number of patents will never be broken (roughly one patent every 10 days, for several decades).

    I’d be interested to know (if it’s knowable) which inventions were actually made by Edison and which were made by his people but he got credit for.

    In a sense, Edison’s most important invention was the collaborative research laboratory, and he didn’t even receive a patent for it.

  • wayne

    Garry– actually been watching some Tesla, Westinghouse, and Edison related material the past few weeks.

    Cotour– I generally like Beck, but he’s growingly more concerned and concentrates on/with area’s that just do not appeal to me in large part, and I’m not into “reconciliation” or “forgiveness,” towards my political enemies. I must put Levin at the top of my list, followed by Rush and someone like Victor Davis Hanson for hard opinion.

  • Max

    Cotour, on Geo engineering and weather modification:

    During the Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002, they seeded the fog inversion over the city with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide enters the water molecule in the fog (in freezing conditions) making humidity heavier and it falls out of the sky as snow grains.

    I was invited with a friend to attend an electric car club were home inventions were being showed off for others to learn and copy. ( I learned the best way to convert, with relays, an in-line series motor into a shunt motor to regenerate power back to the batteries)
    The president of the club was also a chemist for the oil company who formulated the fuels from the crude oil. I asked him about the chemtrail’s and what was in the jet fuel… He asked me if I remembered Congress passing a law outlawing regular leaded fuel, making only unleaded available for cars to control pollution and stop photochemical smog.
    The removal of sulfur from gasoline cleaned up our air. The unintended consequences presented a new problems to the chemical company and oil refineries of what to do with all of the sludge of sulfur and hazardous chemicals that was left over… Off road red fuel was born. The demand for gasoline soared, but not the demand for red fuel. They had to find another place to put all this sulfur by products that was building up. They could not Burn it, they could not dump it, they tryed to use it as fertilizer but the tainted Sulfur would kill and sterilize the farmland. That left only one place left to dump it…
    You have it, the wing tanks In jet planes. (The center fuel tank has normal jet fuel for takeoff and landing’s.) When the jet switches over at altitude, it sucks the high sulfur fuel for oxidizing and disposal as well as creating thrust for the engine. He explained that the parts per million of jet exhaust is exempt or did not exceed what the EPA mandated. The exhaust is distributive across the country at an altitude that the hazardous chemicals can be broken down by UV light and widely dispersed to render it neutral… So they hoped!
    Hydrogen sulfide is naturally occurring from bacteria in the ocean. (acid rain)(it also is the cause of cloud formation. Without hydrogen sulfide, we would have no clouds) sulfur dioxide from crude oil is the heavier cousin actually forms sulfuric acid. But it also forms clouds.
    You can identify the sulfur in jet planes contrails by how much humidity is in the air. The contrails get larger and expand during high humid days.
    I asked him about other “chemicals” added to the jet fuel and he admitted that there are chemicals that come in for disposal that’s added to the fuel but they are limited on how many parts per million that they can dump. Most of it is solvents. (many of the chemical incinerators no longer exist, or are very expensive needing permits with regulations. This method is the most cost-effective alternative for disposal)

  • wayne

    I’m no chemist. But what you present is not exactly true. Nobody intentionally burns Sulphur or it compounds, just to dispose of it–it’s a vital building-block chemical.

  • Cotour

    So there are separately loaded grades of fuel into jet liners and they are switched over at altitude?

    This should be easily verified by any airline pilot, or is it done automatically?

    One other observation, jet engines are extremely precise devices, they are like giant beautifully made watches, and a new GE 90 engine probably costs $20 million or more per copy. I do not know that they would be willing to pump that much waste product through them.

    The point here is if there is some program underway to modify the weather or to create some condition in order to manipulate the atmosphere say for defense purposes, where does it end? What are the long term effects?
    (If indeed these things are underway)

  • F16 Bill

    I flew for a major airline for 26 years (military pilot too). The thought that we are spraying chemicals in the atmosphere is ludicrous.
    1. Jet fuel weighs 6.8 pounds/gal. Its purity is necessary for proper engine operation, as Cotour suggests.
    2. Jets seldom carry full loads of fuel, often just enough to get you to destination with FAA reserve amounts. Carrying a single pound of extra weight costs the airlines money, whether it’s magazines, lemons or fuel.
    3. If the flight plan says I need 15,000 pounds of fuel, there is no place to “hide” the weight difference if some chemical was added to the fuel. I get 15,000 pounds of fuel.
    4. There are no “chemtrail ON/OFF” switches in the cockpit.
    5. The physics of jet exhaust creating contrails is simple.
    6. People see what they want to see (UFO’s etc) where nothing exists.

  • wayne

    F16 Bill–
    Thank you!

  • Edward

    Mitch S. wrote: “Really, if 20% of this stuff is true then it’s too late.

    Of course, now that some of our smartest people are telling us that artificial intelligence will turn on and kill us humans, I have decided to eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die – or some tomorrow in the far distant future, anyway. Which will happen eventually anyway Frankensteinian AI or not, so maybe I should keep living life as I always have.

    Or maybe we can avoid the Frankenstein story, as Isaac Asimov did, and incorporate the three laws of robotics into our AI devices. That should end all wars, too.

    Mitch S.,
    You wrote: “I suppose i’ll be disappeared as soon as I post this.

    We will miss you when you are gone, or now that you are gone, whichever came first.

    Beck was right when in May 2011 he warned us about a coming nationwide progressive protest. That September, Occupy [location name here] came out in force, only to turn out to have been organized by domestic terrorists. However, some of Beck’s predictions of financial meltdowns have yet to come to pass; he may have been one of the ones predicting the 2008 meltdown.

    Sorry about the switch for chemtrails. It would have been such a nice conspiracy against humanity, but Snopes reports that it is false.

  • Cotour

    And of course the switch on the control panel would be labeled “Chemtrails”. Too funny.

    There is also a switch on another panel somewhere labeled “Release The Kraken”.

    Its the holy rollin, religious Beck BS that gets me. When he starts that he goes off the rails IMO. He is more like Alex Jones with religious end times, mark of the beast rhetoric, than like Drudge if we were to draw a parallel.

  • Max

    Wayne, Cotour.
    Sulfur is very common, fertilizers are cheap. The company I work for produces tanker cars full of clean sulfur as a byproduct and frequently cannot find buyers for it. Oil soaked sulfur full of dioxins, toxins, cancer causing agents are not marketable. Ingredients in diesel are similar to this list that is in gasoline from Wikipedia :

    “Gasoline is a refined product of petroleum consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons, additives, and blending agents. The composition of gasolines varies widely, depending on the crude oils used, the refinery processes available, the overall balance of product demand, and the product specifications. The typical composition of gasoline hydrocarbons (% volume) is as follows: 4-8% alkanes; 2-5% alkenes; 25-40% isoalkanes; 3-7% cycloalkanes; l-4% cycloalkenes; and 20-50% total aromatics (0.5-2.5% benzene) (IARC 1989). Additives and blending agents are added to the hydrocarbon mixture to improve the performance and stability of gasoline (IARC 1989; Lane 1980). These compounds include anti-knock agents, anti-oxidants, metal deactivators, lead scavengers, anti-rust agents, anti-icing agents, upper-cylinder lubricants, detergents, and dyes (IARC 1989; Lane 1980). At the end of the production process, finished gasoline typically contains more than 150 separate compounds although as many as 1,000 compounds have been identified in some blends (Domask 1984; Mehlman 1990)”

    Jet fuel is the 1000+ Ingredients depending on altitude, temperature, engine, etc.
    I have a friend that I used to go to the gym with that is the highest seniority Delta pilot.
    He said he was unaware of what was in his tanks, only that they had qualified personnel overseeing the refueling of all planes from underground pipe lines. (usually) i’ve forgotten whether the fuel switch is automatic or not.
    Sulfur is a fuel, in gasoline it prolongs the burn rate raising the octane level and prevents knocking. In jet motors, I was told, it increases the thrust. What chemicals that would harm jet engines are not added to the fuel. It’s been rumored to be spread from the rear of noncommercial tanker type planes. I’ve seen pictures and recordings made by other planes.

    This is not Geo engineering, this is simple dumping in such a way that the evidence is destroyed before it hits the ground, dispersed over a wide area and environmental conditions. Just like most of the pollution (70% according to the news article) that California has, comes from India and China drifting across the ocean.
    The man I talk to would make sure that the Standard quality of the fuel was maintained during the mixing in of by products that the public don’t know about. People are much happier thinking that such waste items simply disappear like magic without harming the environment. Out of sight out of mind. The other chemicals that were added to the fuel were solvents(?) with a high burn rate. They added to the thrust. A simple solution for compounds that could not be disposed of Easley.
    In cars they tried oxygenated fuel which according to a chemist had an oxygen binder that was phosphorus. (A dangerous byproduct of some chemical manufacturers) After combustion, air passing from the tailpipe was toxic. phosphorus would make you sick, eat at your bones, and cause other serious health problems. Even in its liquid form that leaked into the ground water “to this day” is considered a carcinogen causing cancer throughout California. It was introduced without proper testing. Huntsman chemical, to my knowledge, was not held responsible. The old man built a billion dollar hospital dedicated to cancer research. His son ran for president, became ambassador to China, after being Utah state governor for many Years.
    I would also add that the Clintons, when governor of Arkansas, licensed a badly ran chemical disposal plant that resulted in many deaths. Lawsuits were filed but never saw the light light of day due to the rose law firm. The Clintons rented all the furniture for the White House in Arkansas from the same man who owned the disposal factory incinerator.
    I have heard of other chemicals added to gasoline in low concentrations that are incinerated in the Catalytic converter as a disposal method. In the advertisements they call them injector cleaners that help your car run better…
    Don’t even get me started on alcohol and gasoline. The emulsifiers they put in the fuel so that the alcohol and oil mixes also allows them to leave in much of the water to reduce distilling costs. For every 10 gallons of gas you buy, you get a gallon of alcohol and a gallon of water. Companies that buy a high volume of fuel have a centrifuge to remove the water and charge it back to the fuel company.
    Even the natural gas company wanted to cut costs by leaving impurities (like carbon dioxide) in the gas, which the customer would pay for, as it is expelled from the home. I believe the green sticker program, which was being required to every homeowner, has gone away?
    My point is, companies are always looking for better ways to get rid of unwanted byproducts. How many times have we heard that plastics, food, and building materials like plasterboard tainted with hazardous-waste is being shipped here from China? When you turn over rocks, you’ll find stuff that people want to keep hidden…

  • Steve Earle

    Cotour said:

    “…There is also a switch on another panel somewhere labeled “Release The Kraken”….”

    I NEED that switch in my car! LOL

  • Cotour

    Max: I can not argue with you on the potential for industry to find new and creative ways to rid themselves of byproducts by calling them something else. The water is not “funky” its “enhanced!” Semantics is everything.

    I think what ever the reality is these paragraphs from Wiki kind of sums up what is happening in the real world regardless of agenda.

    “The environmental impact of aviation occurs because aircraft engines emit heat, noise, particulates and gases which contribute to climate change[1][2] and global dimming.[3] Among others airplanes emit particles and gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and black carbon which interact among themselves and with the atmosphere.[4]”

    “Despite emission reductions from automobiles and more fuel-efficient and less polluting turbofan and turboprop engines, the rapid growth of air travel in recent years contributes to an increase in total pollution attributable to aviation. From 1992 to 2005, passenger kilometers increased 5.2% per year. And in the European Union, greenhouse gas emissions from aviation increased by 87% between 1990 and 2006.[5]”

    What is interesting to me here is the term “global dimming” as it might relate to the climate increasing in temperature or decreasing in temperature I.E. “Climate Change”. Without any nefarious agenda that includes secret fuel tanks and switches the massive and growing air transport industry despite the real advances in jet engine technology has got to contribute to effects like “global dimming” and levels of pollution no matter what.

    Human activity effects on the environment is the reasonable question and argument in this issue. How much is too much, and how does government working with industry mitigate its effects with out destroying our economy?

  • Andrew

    Are we completely unaware of these stories? Why is this decent into politically motivated NON Science news? These stories are YEARS old now!

    No less a publication than NATURE MAGAZINE has been covering this MESS for YEARS! Why does this story present this state of affairs as a “surprise”? Yes it is a mess. YES it needs fixing. But these climate change stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

    If those stories I have linked to are even HALF true then the average reader of scientific journals is far more likely to be accurate if they simply assume that everything they read is FALSE! EVERYTHING. This is NOT NEW!

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