The terrible political consequences of Iran deal to the Democratic Party

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Several stories in the news today outline for me the terrible political consequences faced by the Democratic Party by their support for the nuclear deal with Iran:

This quote from the middle article however highlights how bad the consequences for the Democrats will be:

if Obama is left with a deal that is opposed by a majority of either the Senate or the House, the Democrats will be stuck with it. They will then be on the defensive with every hostile move Iran makes with the $150 billion the mullahs are going to get.

Like Obamacare, only Democrats are going to support this Iran deal. They will own it entirely. Thus, the first time Iran does something to violate the treaty or to use the $50 billion or more of cash they will get for signing the deal to promote terrorist attacks, it will be Democrats and only Democrats who will share the blame.

Yet, like Obamacare, the Democratic Party seems oblivious to these political risks. Come hell or high water, they are, as described in the first story, working as hard as they can to get the votes to sustain an Obama veto and make this deal law.

As much as I want these Democrats kicked out of office, I think having the Iran deal approved will be worse for the nation and the world. It will immediately dump billions of dollars into the hands of Iran’s radical terrorist leaders, surely resulting in more violence against many innocents across the globe. And it will announce to the world our willingness to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, which will almost certainly instigate a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and probably prompt Israel to attack Iran, possibly with its own nuclear weapons.

None of this is good. Better that the Democrats should save themselves the political cost and oppose this horrible deal.

Unfortunately, I am not hopeful. The track record of today’s Democratic Party is that of a group of people willing to put ideology ahead of everything, even if it means they will lose elections like crazy afterward. I see nothing to make me think they will do different here.

Our only option afterward then will be to throw them out of office. I pray that come 2016, the election results will make the Republican landslides of 2010 and 2014 look like mild rebukes in comparison.



  • mpthompson

    The assumption of future political risk to the Democrats leaves out how effective they and the media are at rewriting history. No matter what the consequences are regarding shenanigans pulled the Iranians as a result of this “deal”, the Republicans will be blamed — typically along the lines of the Republican opposition prevented the Obama administration from putting in all the tough language that they really wanted. Complete and utter BS, but 60% to 70% of the public will buy it.

  • Cotour

    The Democrats and those who are of the mind are able to convince themselves that the “injustices” perpetrated against Iran over the years is best morally rectified, and that is their and Obama’s justification. (The Iranians will be “nice” if we empower them.) In addition Iran is a sovereign state and they have the right to do as they please. BS.

    Of course the mistake that they make is assuming that there is morality and we all play by the same rules that they generally live by. They exist only in the subjective and are unable to see power, existence and survival in the objective, which of course is a naive and fatal mistake for everyone involved. And this appears to be the agenda of the globalists, I do not think things like this are due to Obama’s agenda alone, let us not be naive.

    A preemptive strike / war IMO is much more likely to occur due to this deal or what ever they are calling it due to the weak and appeasing foundation it is built on. I expect nothing less from Obama and the U.N. and the international community.

    Obama has not disappointed me in the least, he has lived up to everything that I believed he would from the beginning.

  • “Complete and utter BS, but 60% to 70% of the public will buy it.”

    The empirical facts do not support your position here in the slightest. In fact, the election results in 2010 and 2014 illustrate strongly that an increasing majority of the public is assigning blame where it belongs. Not only have the voters gone Republican in Congress, they have practically swept the Democrats from the most state legislatures in almost a century.

    If the Democrats force the Iran deal through, I expect this trend to accelerate. It has become increasingly difficult for the partisan media and the left to lie and get away with it. In fact, Trump’s polling success so far illustrates this nicely.

    That our bankrupt intellectual elites in the media and academia remain blind and partisan is irrelevant. Soon, the only way they will be able to maintain their lock on federal funds will be tear the government down and impose their will by force, despite the will of the voters. Whether they could get away with that is completely unknown, but sadly I think that route is also increasingly possible.

  • Cotour

    “If the Democrats force the Iran deal through, I expect this trend to accelerate. It has become increasingly difficult for the partisan media and the left to lie and get away with it. In fact, Trump’s polling success so far illustrates this nicely.”

    I agree with you about the Trump phenomenon, the individual citizens of the country are PISSED OFF! Why? Because they understand that they and what they wish as citizens is totally irrelevant as per what they observe their empowered elected officials doing. They see happening the exact opposite of what their American common sense tells them. How can that be?

    “If the Democrats force the Iran deal through”

    I think however this deal is not able to be tagged exclusive to the genius Democrat strategists, things like this are more the agenda of the globalists like the Builderberg and multinational corporate elites and their tool the U.N.. We (America) is the enforcer of the globalist agenda.

    Do we really think that these things happen only as a function of American Democrat agenda? I think not.
    Who is really driving the bus?

  • Cotour

    To my point, who would have though that Eric Cantor would have thrown his support behind Jeb Bush?:

    (extreme sarcasm alert)

  • Rick

    Unfortunately, the Republicans are pissing away the chance for the White House in 2016.
    For all the hoopla about how things were gonna change if we gave them a Senate majority, they haven’t done squat.
    I realize Obama is gonna veto anything they send over, but dammit at least pass something and make him veto it. Quit making excuses for not doing Anything!

  • Phill o

    The definition of an optimist its “a pessimist lacking experience”. I am no longer an optimist. The more I talk to my leftist friends, the more I am convinced that rational thought has nothing to do with their thinking. They will always come up with some rationalization. This thought seems prevalent in those who respond to Bob’s site.

    The more I evaluate my friends, the more I see they are all leftists. My solution is to get 10 acres in the middle of the desert and look at astronomical objects or hide my head in a cave.

    Seriously, we have an election coming up in Canada where the incumbent party (a so called conservative) is called “far right and slash and cut” when they have governed in the middle, leaving a true conservative (like myself) rather rankled. I am not hopeful that we will retain a conservative government while the USA changes to one. We have lost freedoms which the USA citizens still have but are under fire. Keep fighting is my only advise and that is what the world needs.

  • mpthompson

    Hmm, I’ll have to consider your response. Perhaps I’m too pessimistic.

    However, if I grant you the 2010 and 2014 elections to support your point, the 2008 and 2012 election prove that a great deal of the public can still be bamboozled. If Obama could run for a third term, I would place his odds at winning being significantly better than 50/50.

    The Trump phenomena is terrific, but it’s still a modest minority of all voters. Who knows where it leads and if it will translate to a broader cross party coalition similar to what Reagan was able to put together. As successful as the Tea Party was at helping deliver the stunning results of the 2010 and 2014 elections, the net impact on “business as usual” in Washington DC has been completely lackluster. Clearly, just being angry and voting GOP is not enough if the likes of Boehner and McConnell will still be running the show in DC.

    I live in the SF Bay Area which is a festering liberal bubble. The only anger I ever see is aimed at those such as myself who would poke holes at sacred liberal dogma. I certainly wish that the view from outside the bubble is the more hopeful picture you are painting.

  • Cotour

    Ahhhh, San Francisco, home to the one person that truly represents the abandonment of logic, Constitutional concepts and political fiduciary responsibility, a true globalist thinker. You know, the person who likes to make a bill a law before knowing what the bill contains. I can only think that you are there because that part of the country is so beautiful, otherwise, how do you do it?

    I am a natural optimist and have been wrong on just about every election since Bill Clinton. That counter logic result to me was the beginning of my awakening. The process continues but I believe that I better understand the extent of the manipulations and the means that those in the quest of true power will go to in pursuit of their acquiring and retaining that power.

    Trump may turn out to be a statistical anomaly, and I love statistical anomaly, but I understand that if he sees that he can be successful but then finds out he must choose between massive personal cost or his patriotism he may choose his own self interest. That is if those who would endeavor to control or influence him determine that he will be too costly to their agenda. And if that be the case I assume “they” can make his cost very, very high.

    I do not know if you agree or not but IMO there is a very strong push to level America in order to create the famous “One World Government”. As evidenced by the likes of Pelosi and her willingness to abandon the Constitution her responsibility and our sovereignty to corporate lobbyists who write the bills she is willing to pass without reading.

    JFK was probably the last of the modern, truly nationalist thinking presidents than a One World thinker and from then on the pressure has been for the One World model. Really being seriously initiated by G. Bush senior, remember the “Thousand points Of Light” speech? I can only assume that his son Jeb will be very much on board with the agenda so if he or Hillary are “elected” (read installed) they we can be sure that we are truly owned as one would own a cow that produces milk. JFK serves as a pretty strong motivator to keep with the program in my mind.

  • Nick P

    Phill O

    “The more I evaluate my friends, the more I see they are all leftists”

    I think you need some new friends…

    “My solution is to get 10 acres in the middle of the desert and look at astronomical objects or hide my head in a cave.”

    That sounds like someone gave you some very good advice.

  • Phill O

    Sorry, that should read Canadian friends.

  • I tend to agree with mthompson. The dems never get the blame for anything and that will likely be the case with this deal. Time will tell.

  • Steve

    I once heard the Left’s agenda described as a giant ratchet wheel. Everytime they assume power they use any means necessary to institute new programs and policies designed to move the country permanently to the left. Each Democrat Administration since LBJ ( and perhaps FDR, maybe even Wilson…) has had it’s chance to move the ratchet another click or two to the left.

    Once the ratchet has moved it is very difficult to move it back. Couple that with Republican administrations that are unwilling or unable to undo previous damage and you have our current situation…..

    My belief is that the Democrats, being ideologues, understand this and are willing to take the short term hits in order to further their desire to change the country.

  • Cotour

    You are correct.

    Create as much obligation as possible and in time drag the opposition down and so far off the middle ground that they think that where they are left standing is a reasonable compromise. The Democrats are much like the Borg and we have no captain Kirk or Mr. Spock.

  • Steve

    Your comment reminds me of an article I read years ago which described the average voters view of where various politicians stood on the political scale. The article stated that a majority of voters believed Ted Kennedy to be a “moderate” on that scale. I don’t remember what other politicians were listed but I do know that was my first inkling as to where the country was headed……

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