The Tucson shootings

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Here are two links that I think are worth reading in connection with the aftermath of yesterday’s tragic shootings in Tucson:

Two sicknesses on display in Arizona.

Disgusting partisanship on display after shooting.

Above all, these murders are horrible and a terrible tragedy. For anyone from either party to try to make political gain from them is beyond despicable.

I should also note that, unlike most Islamic terrorists attacks where either no one in the Muslim community protests while many Muslim leaders express joy or agreement with the violence, I can find no one who is happy about yesterday’s murders. The general response from across the American political spectrum is horror and agony. Such things are wrong and should not happen. It is this distinction that separates Western culture from modern Islam. Until the Islamic community finally stands up to its medieval bullies, I will continue to consider it a threat to civilization and freedom.


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  • For anyone to try to make political gain from these murders is beyond despicable? So why is it that you are doing just that by abusing this tragedy for yet another side blow on Islam?
    P.S.: On a recent THE SPACE SHOW appearance you made some great comments about the meaning of Apollo 8. I really enjoyed that – until you started again with the alleged superiority of Western culture. What about FOR ALL MANKIND?

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