“They’re coming for you next.”

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This week we had a number of really ugly examples of the hate the left has for anyone who might dare express an opinion that might suggest even the slightest support for President Donald Trump.

But then, how is this week different from any other week since Trump was elected president in 2016?

The top example however is how Judge Jeanine Pirro was treated when she appeared on the The View. I have embedded the video below. You must force yourself to watch. It is painful and ugly, but the hate and very clear close-mindedness of those who disagreed with her, especially from Whoopie Goldberg, illustrates well the terrible state we are in.

Pirro was a guest on this show. Does anyone remember what the word “guest” stands for, and how one is supposed to treat such a person? It is very clear that Goldberg and her leftist allies on The View do not.

Pirro cannot finish practically one sentence before she is interrupted and attacked, and then thrown off the show because she dared, dared to disagree with the leftwing partisan Democrats in charge. She wanted to defend Trump from the slanders being thrown against him, false slanders of racism that the left loves to throw but have no basis in fact. Trump might be coarse. He might be a fighter. But a careful calm review of everything he has done, in the past, since his campaign began for president, and since he took office, shows no evidence of bigotry.

It is not permitted however to make this case in the modern intellectual world. You cannot, and if you dare, the dominate leftist culture will do whatever it can to shut you down. Consider for example what happened this week to actor Mark Duplass. I have no idea who he is, or what parts he has played that gives him fame. However, this week he had the nerve to express, in a tweet, some sympathetic words about conservative Ben Shapiro.

Within hours a twitter mob (and that’s what twitter is, a mob) descended upon him, accusing him of supporting a white supremacist, even though Ben Shapiro happens to be an orthodox Jew. Within 24 hours Duplass was forced to retract his tweet. It is simply forbidden for someone on the left to say a nice thing about a conservative, mainly because, to the left today, every conservative is a white supremacist, a bigot, and a racist, and therefore must be silenced, with violence if necessary.

These stories are only two in an increasingly violent and hateful atmosphere of cultural oppression. It is only getting worse. Scott Adams, author of Dilbert, said it best in one of his recent video posts.

I’m actually considering voting for the first time, and I wouldn’t even be voting for candidates. I would just be voting for a side. I would just say ‘Republican’ — and I’m not a Republican. It’s not even about policy [or] anything. It would be about pure self-defense because I would want the safest situation for the country.

Here’s the ‘Get Out The Vote’ slogan that I think is the strongest for Republicans: ‘They’re coming for you next.’ You know it’s true. They are coming for you next. If you want to be safe, then you want to keep the system in tact as long as possible. [emphasis mine]

I have embedded Adams’ video post below, just so you can see how calmly but forcefully he expresses this fear. Watch. Take it seriously. Adams appears, unlike too many Americans, to be making an attempt to come to grips with the reality that one of our political parties in America wants to destroy all opposition to it, and that party must be stopped, for his, and our, own personal safety.


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  • Cotour

    IMO that Pirro guest segment was a set up and was designed to cause controversy and garner like minded viewers, period. They knew exactly what her positions are, Pirro has not held back at all, I am surprised that she participated. Whoopi is probably genuinely outraged by Trump but its always good to be genuinely outraged and then some when your on TV, specifically on the View. Morning Joe is exactly the same only it poses as a “News” reporting / interpreting show.

    Remember this beauty: https://youtu.be/OJ9ce-yMEfc

    Either way as the Left leaning Democrats in America lose more and more power (and they can not stop it) and continue to tear themselves apart these events will become more and more outrageous and possibly violent as they desperately attempt to stay connected to their base viewers and like minded irrational emotionalized Americans. And they are out there.

    The weeks and months leading up to November in 2018 will prove a very interesting month to say the least. We are about to witness something never quite seen before in modern America, treachery, lying and public discord on nuclear mutant steroids.

  • Cotour

    This short video supports the thinking posed here on BTB.


    Yes, its Tucker Carlson, but he lays out what we all see going on and will continue to go on. To what end? Where does this all wind up? I do not think anyone can reasonably tell right now.

  • Joe

    Cotour, nothing wrong with Tucker Carlson, he makes good points, conservatives and republicans need to get to the poles, what is going on is beyond politics , it’s getting dangerous, what is going on is outright fascism.

  • Jason Hillyer

    Absolutely disgusting…

  • Cotour


    I for the most part agree with and enjoy Tucker and his mostly common sense positions, but he can be a bit too sarcastic and cutting at times and that does not serve his cause in the best way IMO. And I have generally trained myself to NOT include any Fox content or talking heads, if I can help it, in my emails that I send out to the people who I interact with and my postings here. If I can make the point using other sources I will.

    Why? Because it just allows anyone who disagrees with my observations and opinions to automatically dismiss my entire point. The things that I talk about are too important to me to allow any opponent to think that they can automatically disregard my thinking just because of the polarizing nature that has evolved related to the Fox network.

    There is a dose of political strategic reality for you as we witness the disintegration of the Left leaning leadership of the Democrat party and the segment of their party that drives them further and ever further into the full blood Marxist and anti American politically correct destruction of their party.

    How long will this last and how far will it go? I suspect that it will increase in intensity and chaos as we lead into the November midterm elections, and then revive as we go into the 2020 presidential elections. What will remain of the Democrat party by then? Your guess is as good as mine.

  • Andrew_W

    Pirro cannot finish practically one sentence before she is interrupted and attacked, and then thrown off the show because she dared, dared to disagree with the leftwing partisan Democrats in charge.

    I must be missing something, aren’t all these things common on American political TV discussions? Certainly on Fox I’ve seen guests interrupted and attacked without being allowed to finish sentences, with plenty of very clear close-mindedness of the combative hosts on display.

  • pzatchok

    Fox news alone does not make up for 6 other news stations. Plus the enumerable local stations and their personal opinions.

    And no its not common. The only time I have seen Fox news casters interrupt a lefty is when that lefty is going off the rails, changing the subject, or just going on and on about nothing obviously trying to waste time and dominate the session.

    And for the most part its the vary same in personal contacts during the day. Very very few lefties are confident enough, knowledgeable enough, or even understanding enough to let a republican finish their thoughts.

  • wayne

    I am convinced, the whoopster believes she is some sort of super-genius intellect, and runs the Bar on the Starship Enterprise.

    Guinan, imposing herself on everyone….

  • wayne

    –“The View,” is not a newscast per se, and it’s not a “typical” example of what passes for “broadcast news” these days.

    Fox will always present lefty people, but the lefty fake news will never give anyone right-of-center, the time of day without destroying them.

  • wayne: That is brilliant, and right on the money.

  • Phill O

    I like FoxNews. Also like One American News better, but for different reasons. MSM is an extension of the liberals! Not a lot of credibility there.

    Personally, any movie staring a lefty, I tend not to like just by the nature of the humors or entertainment.

  • Edward

    Whoopie Goldberg said that she does not have Trump Derangement [Syndrome] (TDS), but doesn’t her rant sound just like TDS? It seems to me that she does not see the irony of her statement when compared to her very next actions.

    She states as fact her own biases, prejudices, and the hyperbole that she has heard others tell; I was under the impression that that is a large part of TDS. Isn’t another large part the shutting down of any opposing point of view, especially any views that come even close to supporting Trump or his policies? Isn’t losing her cool, a sign of impaired judgement, yet another sign of TDS, especially from someone who thinks she very rarely loses her cool (except, perhaps, for the times when she is in the presence of anyone who does not summarily condemn that evil, tyrannical, and conservative Trump, who in reality is a lifelong liberal Democrat, just like Goldberg)?


    One of the things that I liked most was when someone pointed out that Trump had and still has liberal Democrat ideologies, yet these women still think he is the worst thing since conservatism.

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