Third Anniversary

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This past weekend Behind the Black celebrated its third anniversary. I did it by posting very little, as the news in space, to my mind, has been very quiet, while the news in politics and culture has been very depressing, something I am growing tired of reading. It seems to me that freedom is dying, both in the United States and worldwide, being chipped away bit by bit until no one alive knows what the word means anymore.

Moreover, on July 4 Diane and I will head north to the Grand Canyon (our third trip together to the bottom) for ten days vacation, so expect posting for that time period to be very light or nonexistent.

I do intend to post until then and once I get back. If you have liked what I have written and posted these past three years, then please consider the idea of contributing to the website. The tip jar is in the right column, near the bottom.

And if you really want to find out the moment I believe American society began to die, you might want to consider reading the new ebook edition of my first book, Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8. The book tells the story of one of our country’s grandest achievements, and how that triumph ironically ended up teaching an entire generation all the wrong lessons.



  • Phil Berardelli

    Congratulations, Bob. You’ve done a fine job with this blog, and I wish you many successful years to come. I’ll continue to be a loyal reader.

  • Peter Francis

    My Donation on the way ….. great work, great book. And secondary props to the Hohn Batchelor Show where I first discovered your great writing.

  • wodun

    Have you considered scheduled postings? Evening pauses and N places you should visit are always entertaining.

    Great work on the blog, enjoy your time off.

  • I do scheduled posting. Most of the Evening Pauses are scheduled well in advance. However, it takes a lot of work to find and schedule them. As you might have noticed, I’ve taken a break from them in recent weeks.

  • Joe

    Congrats, I will have the book for vacation week next week, looks like an interesting read!

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