This week in leftist fascism

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It is only a week since my last report on leftist fascism and bigotry. Yet, in that short week the number of new examples of violence, intolerance, bigotry, and hate coming from liberal and leftwing activists is almost more than I can keep up with. Below is a small sampling, all from the period from March 6 to March 12:

This week’s stories highlight three themes that clearly dominate today’s leftist activist movement of outrage. First, there is the use of violence and mob action to attack things they don’t agree with or dislike, as illustrated in the first two stories. If you click on the link to the Jordan Peterson speech, you can see some video of these demonstrators. It is not pretty.

Videos of the protest, taken by protestors themselves, don’t paint the leftists in a good light. In the video below an exit door is barricaded as one protestor shouts, “Lock ’em in and burn it down!”

The second theme is that of bigotry and race hatred. This leftwing movement clearly hates Jews and whites, and is trying to institutionalize that bigotry so that it becomes acceptable to marginalize and oppress individuals of those groups, merely because of their race or religion. Consider for example the program instituted by Evanston public school district from the fourth link above:

Armed with a six-figure “equity budget,” District 65 empowered Harries and his colleagues to move fast. They proposed aligning their entire academic curriculum to the “anti-bias K–12 framework” provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Along with Evanston’s high-school district, they sent 50 teachers to a national “courageous conversations” summit organized by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a consulting firm headed by Glenn Singleton, who once claimed that whites are “verbal” and “intellectual” when they talk, while minorities are “emotional.” Fees were paid to speakers such as Jacqueline Battalora, who encouraged teachers to repeat daily the mantra “I will dismantle white supremacy.” The National SEED Project, headed by Peggy McIntosh, a leading spokesperson on white privilege, trained teachers to examine their racial biases.

Meanwhile, their school scores continue to drop since they are not spending any time focusing on their prime mission, teaching little kids to read, write, and do math.

The third theme is that of outright hate of Christianity and its adherents, with a similar effort to either outlaw or oppress any Christian group that might want to exercise its first amendment rights.

The most important aspect of these stories, however, is that these leftist intolerant philosophies and the activist groups that are imposing them are all politically aligned with the Democratic Party, both locally and nationally. You have to be willfully blind not to see the numerous links between them. Voters need to remember this come November. Our freedoms are at stake.



  • geoffc

    Watch the full video of the Peterson speech at Queens U in Kingston. The speech is excellent, the questions are insightful, the moderator helps ellucidate the issue and not order people to think a particular way.

    The protesters are obvious yet do not slow the event. The speakers address them well, and it is actually a really really good speech.

    As a Canadian it amuses me at how much Jordan Peterson sounds like a hick Canadian from the sticks, and yet is so interesting to listen to. Sort of like an Appalachian person talking to east coasters. I.e. It don’t matter where you are from, what you look like, all that matters is what your ideas are.

  • Cotour

    IMO the events that you list are all extreme examples of the Leftist segments of the Democrat party and their last ditch over the top efforts at forcing their Leftist and infantile doctrine into existence. The more the rational and reasonable Right and reasonable Democrats positively move foreword and continue with their recent success’s the more desperate and probably violent and disruptive they will become.

    What we are witnessing is truly the death of the “New” Leftist, Un American Democrat party. Most reasonable Democrats do not agree with these extreme activities. Why? Because they no longer stand for anything American, they are now full blown Un American “Globalists” and a danger to themselves and everyone that they have sway or influence over.

    And who is leading the slaying of this terrible Leftist dragon? (Hint, its not Bernie Sanders or Jeff Flake)

    People Of The Democrat Party, where are you? You can not be as stupid and Un American as these infantile babies think you are. Rise up and take back your party! Because if you don’t take it back they will just continue further Left and to a very bad place.

  • #4
    Noticed the White folks were in the first floor room and the ‘staff of color’ in the second floor room. People of pallor didn’t have to climb the stairs. Is that fair?

    So if a Muslim greets me with “as-salāmu ʿalayka” (peace be upon you), they are anti-Christian? If the librarians want to see some people ‘ . . . invoke oppressive systems . . ‘, they should live openly as Christians or Jews in most Muslim countries.

    I’m curious to know what percentage of the Studies literature comes from non-Western countries. I’d wager it’s rather low. The West has been so rich for so long that a large number of people have become detached from reality.

  • Noah Peal

    #6. My wife attended Simmons College in Boston before transferring to a Western co-ed university, where I met her. (Simmons College is a woman’s school.) She said Simmons had a large Jewish population–enough so, the college observed both Christian and Jewish holidays. I wonder if “Happy Hanukkah ” also counted as a “micro aggression ” against Muslims. The article seemed to focus on Christian transgressions. Does anyone sane really believe Muslim women are so thin skinned?

  • Cotour

    To my earlier point:

    With actions like the one described in the article above and just plain logically simplistic and stupid sayings like “No person is illegal”, and just the many other plain gratuitous, violent, stupid and insulting to anyone with any evidence of an American pulse, these Obama encouraged and Soros funded Leftist operators will in time meet up with their proper destiny. Especially with Trump in the White House.

    Its only a matter of time now, there is plenty of new room being made in Guantonimo, I will assume to accommodate violent subversive citizens and seditious politicians alike. IT TO IS COMING.

  • Cotour

    Does this racist professors argument establish a natural order of things or the racism that she proposes?

    If the cream rises to the top and the cream just happens to be white what does that really mean? Should all cream be died black to change the paradigm?

    To me she proposes that if the so called power in the world were based more in “blackness” that things would be much better? Tell that to Idi Amin (But he was probably controlled by the CIA any way). So lets go back in history to before the white man, that takes us back to Africa, and we all know that it was a place of absolute peace, no war, no slavery or anything else that might be exclusively associated with evil “Whiteness”. Right?

    This story and others like it only adds to the growing number of reasons why the Democrat party as structured and lead today is doomed.

  • Cotour

    The young face of the new fascism:

    His power is being fashioned right now, this righteous and semi informed young man is going places.

  • Cotour


    There has been this issue made of whether the MEDIA is the greatest threat to America by the president.

    In many was the MEDIA and the imagery and the subjective opinion that it pumps into the world has become the greatest threat to America and truly is the enemy of the people. The MEDIA and its mostly Liberal talking heads without question favor the Liberal and even Leftist thinking and agenda. Without doubt, no reasonable and objective person could argue otherwise.

    Where is there a distinction to be made? There is a conflation that is being undertaken that inappropriately mixes and implies the term MEDIA and the term Journalism. If MEDIA is populated with Journalists please objectively identify the objective Journalists for me and make a distinction between them and the clearly partisan MEDIA talking heads. MEDIA is a corporate structure and corporate structures by their nature are or can be agenda driven, Journalism in its purest form is something that an objective individual does and is hired by that MEDIA corporate entity, sometimes to do its bidding.

    So MEDIA is a threat to America and it is up to objective Journalists to do there stated jobs and rationally and objectively do those stated jobs. Subjective MEDIA is by definition called propaganda, Objective Journalism reporting objective facts without much interpretation is the goal.

    Todays flavor of MEDIA falls far short of that goal.

  • Cotour

    How timely, not that I thought that I would have to wait long to solidly illustrate my incontrovertible point.

  • Cotour

    MAKE THE DISTINCTION: Q: How can you “see” someones comments? And you have got to love this woman, I know I do.

    MEDIA, The Press and Journalists.

    The MEDIA or the Press are as a general rule in the context of this discussion very large corporate entities who employ Journalists. Corporate entities usually have an agenda. As we can clearly see if the MEDIA entity chooses to hire a racist then that is the subjective attitude that they tend to approach their job with.

    Tell me who is an actual Journalist and who is a covert Media operative that hides in the press corps and calls themselves a Journalist. These attempts to include all of these terms in one basket and call them one is dishonest on the part of the Journalist that can not understand or make the distinction.

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