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Today’s blacklisted American: The media knives are now out for Elon Musk

Musk: a target of the leftist press
Musk now a target of the leftist press.

They’re coming for you next: Elon Musk’s effort to buy purchase of Twitter to end the ability of its leftist management and employees to censor opinions they don’t like has apparently activated this same blacklisting effort against Musk and his companies across many media fronts, based on two stories yesterday.

First we have this story in a local Florida newspaper, describing a handful of letters of complaint to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) about SpaceX’s proposal to build an industrial wastewater treatment facility on its leased facility on Cape Canaveral.

The draft proposal was first filed back on February 2, 2022. It requests permission from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to create a facility that would “discharge up to 3,000 gallons per day of non-process potable water to a stormwater management system that, under specific conditions, discharges to a ditch leading to the Indian River Lagoon.”

After notice of the draft proposal was published in Hometown News Brevard, it drew the attention of Titusville residents.

The article then proceeds to give us a detailed description of each complaint letter sent to FDEP, all five. Based on the similar language in all the letters, they appear to be part of a quickly organized campaign by local environmentalists to block any expansion of SpaceX’s Florida operations. Because of these letters, FDEP has been forced to hold a public meeting today to discuss SpaceX’s proposal.

Next, we have this story from Business Insider: ‘Scammed by Starlink’: Customers are frustrated with price hikes for uplink kits they still haven’t received months after paying $100 deposits.

The article’s author dug up four individuals who are unhappy with the recent Starlink price increases, lack of service, and their claims that they have been unable to get their deposits refunded. While these complaints could very well be true, that the journalist made no effort to find any contrary opinions about Starlink and SpaceX is quite telling.

It is certainly justified in both cases to legitimately question the operations of both SpaceX and Starlink. The nature of the articles, however, focusing entirely and solely on a tiny smattering of individuals who have complaints about these companies, without getting any other perspectives, suggests both stories are not really interested in reporting news, but instead are aimed at attacking Musk. Moreover, in the last few weeks similar such anti-Musk hit-jobs have become to appear regularly in the press.

Musk should expect more such treatment. That he is daring to question the ability of the leftist press to blacklist their opponents at Twitter means he has been declared its enemy, and thus every reporter and editor in every mainstream outlet is going to be on the lookout for any story they can publish to slander and damage him.

Twitter’s employees and management have made it clear: Dissent of their position must not be allowed. The rest of the leftist press is now apparently beginning to team up to help Twitter to defend this fascist position.

The result of this anti-Musk media effort is likely going to impact the effort of SpaceX. Expect further delays blocking its ability to launch Starship and Superheavy.

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  • Bob Wilson

    “letters of complaint to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) ” at least it’s Florida and not the EPA. But your point is obviously right. I’m sure the left is lawyering up right now to try to bring it under the purview of the national Democrats. How hard would it be for Musk to move SpaceX out of the country? Taking on Tesla will be an interesting dynamic for the left as it is their favorite suburban car.

  • Bob Wilson: Rockets fall under national security regulations. Even if it were practical to shift all operations off shore (which it is not), Musk cannot move them from the U.S.

  • David K

    Musk just needs to wait till January 21st 2025.. And maybe this time he won’t attempt to be politically neutral as nobody else is.

  • wayne

    The twitterverse is aflutter, everyone in the place is wearing out their ‘delete’ button trying to destroy all the evidence.
    IMHO, they should all be rendered off-shore for enhanced interrogation.

  • wayne

    The twitter-verse is a-flutter.
    Every employee is frantically wearing out their ‘delete’ button trying to destroy all the evidence.
    I suggest they all request transfers to the Peking office.

    “Hey Disney, Leave the Kids Alone…”
    Forgiato Blow

  • James Street

    A lot of conservatives don’t trust Elon Musk because of his support for leftist things like Universal Basic Income and possibly being one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders. I don’t have a 100% purity test. If someone agrees with me on one issue I’ll join with them on that issue.

    It does appear Musk is figuring out that the swamp is evil.

    One thing the left does is get involved in organizations that are American traditions and destroy them from the inside. They did that to the church, the Boy Scouts, Disney, public schools, corporations, government….

  • Col Beausabre

    I was over on Imgur the other day to upload a couple of pictures to my account and the amount of HATE (and I use that word advisedly) for Musk is amazing. They (young, leftist, clueless but full of themselves) hate him for being rich. They hate him for spending his money where he pleases. They hate him for advocating free speech. They hate him for proving that with hard work you can achieve the American Dream. They hate him for his inhuman treatment of his workers (I’m serious. To them anyone who is a success in business is guilty of oppressing the workers). I could go on and on. He is John D Rockefeller of our times

  • Cotour

    In the context of our times and what is underway in America and the world, Elon Musk is more the chimeric hybrib between John Galt and John D. R.

    Elon Muskagaltefeller? (TM)

  • Cotour

    (Copy and share with a friend)

    Elon Musk is todays chimeric hybrid between John Galt the Ayn rand character from Atlas Shrugged, and John D. Rockefeller.

    Elon Musk *IS* Elon Muskagaltefeller. (TM) jgl.

    And in his successes and actions our country, as long as he is more or less incorruptible, is the future of America and freedom.

    Elon clearly understands that without freedom and a healthy Capitalism, properly regulated of course, is where his and Americas interests lie.

    And it’s just that simple.–~D

  • wayne


    The Men Who Built America
    “Rockefeller Court Speech”

    Elon Musk? & Akira The Don –
    “If You Don’t Make Stuff, There’s No Stuff”
    (June 2020)

  • wayne

    That, is brilliant!

    (Personally, I oppose ALL anti-trust & monopoly laws, “Government is the Mother of All Monopoly.”)

    Blues Saraceno –
    Theme from The Men Who Built America (2012)
    “Save My Soul”

  • Cotour

    Thank you, Wayne.

    I received an immediate response to that email from many. And of course, my most radical “Progressive” friend had the most push back about my qualifying the terms “Properly regulated” and “Healthy Capitalism”. And I did that very specifically for a reason that is essential to understand, and she picked up on it. Although not for the correct reasons.

    This was my reply to her:

    “Your observations about my observations are appreciated by me. There are very specific reasons that I have qualified my statements.

    America is like a dirty shirt in a hamper full of dirty shirts. But America is the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper. (And its pretty dirty)

    And that being said you can see just how perverted and corrupt the activity of governance can be here in America and certainly around the world. I look forward to spending some quality time with you in order to better and fully flesh out these issues :)”

    Like most on the Left she is idealistic and is only half educated about the subjects at hand and as best and as reasonably and rationally, gently even as I can I intend to make her one of my scalps. We will hang out, we will have dinner, we will talk. There will be wine.

    All potentials exist.

  • Cotour


    (Copy and share with a “Progressive”)

    Now before I go on let me clarify that the concept of Freedom, specifically Freedom Of Speech as it relates to America, government and the people’s ability to freely communicate the ideas and criticisms that are necessary for a healthy and functional Democratic Republic to exist is ESSENTIAL!

    Absolute and total FREEDOM (as is being argued in this short video below) in society indicates that there is no government in existence and in that model there is chaos, criminality, looting and murder. Government is necessary, government structures society and the culture that emanates from it. Government in America and the Constitution that structures it through its objective justice and legal system does NOT proscribe absolute FREEDOM.

    And like most “Progressives” especially in media today there exists an atmosphere of just ignorant and half-baked, half-educated nuggets that their entire political house is built upon.

    And this man, Brian Stelter, of CNN is one of their architects (?): ; (This is not a deep thinker, I am embarrassed to watch him. This is not a serious man.)

    And if you happen to listen to this man and connect with his arguments your political house is built upon quicksand.–~D

  • Max

    Elon won his fight with the board of Twitter and successfully purchased the company and is taking it private…. So he thinks.

    The New World order, build back better crowd has told Twitter to stand down, that they will take it from here.
    Both Mitch McConnell’s and Chuck Schumer in comments made today that they will promote legislation to heavily regulate any proposed changes that Elon Musk will make that they do not like. (no, that’s not the words they used but that was the meaning behind their comments)

    Nazis don’t care who owns the company as long as they have the ability to say what, where, when and how… Shortly Elon will find himself annexed into a public/private partnership with no way out.
    Like a visitor to Shanghai, no amount of money will cut the weld on his door. His desire for freedom of speech will amount to a cry in the night from a high-rise building, one of thousands indistinguishable from each other as they slowly die from starvation.
    (Headline chose for visual impact by me, scroll up through other headlines of leaked pictures/ articles on this site of how the situation has gone from desperate to uncontrollable)

    Government pressure has been successful enforcing their will on formerly reliable sources of information.
    In the war between northern Russia and southern Russia (“Ukraine” were billions of dollars get laundered and and biological weapons are made)
    What is actually going on that’s most likely the opposite of what they’re telling you on TV.
    Billions have been sent there with no oversight, most likely to be used not just against Russia but other neighbors in the near future. (With 10% for the big guy, and the children of Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney etc.)

    I happened across a vid of a Russian perspective which intrigues me, showing the propaganda on the Russian side.
    Wading through the weeds could take weeks here…

  • Cotour

    One of the Constitution’s primary purposes is to force those in power to reveal themselves to the people.

    And THAT is exactly what we are all witness to. So, Mr. McConnel, Mr. Schumer and all the rest, have at it, your days, for many of you, are numbered.

    “Dead” men walking. (I mean that metaphorically of course)

  • Col Beausabre

    Cotour, You have no idea of how many people in this country HATE Musk. They’ll be right behind the fascists of the Left in Congress – as a matter of fact, they ARE fascists of the left

  • Cotour

    Col B:

    Haters gonna hate. And the wacky Lefts power is about to evaporate, and they know it. And its going to go away for I would estimate at least 10 years. And they deserve it, they have well earned it.

    Its not what the Dems can do in the interim while they wait to lose their power that concerns me, its the minions who will once again engage in their tantrums in the streets in order to cause chaos and confusion that is more of a concern to me.

    War, and this is war, as you well know, is a female dog.

  • sippin_bourbon


    Do not underestimate the left, esp the marxist/socialists.
    They never really evaporate.

    If anything, they will get more dangerous. Like a wounded animal. In short, they have no intention of rolling over. They are not the weak -knee Republican party, who never has the will to fight.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Musk is not a conservative, either. I love his free speech absolutism, and his vision and drive for pushing humanity into space. I like that he found a way to make electric cars sexy, desirable, and usable.

    I do not care about his transhumanism. If people wanna dabble with chips in their bods, it is their business, so long as it is never forced on others against their will. He is open to UBI, which is a bad idea, IMHO. He has some other bad ideas too.

    He does his own thing, and does not care about fitting into others’ politically defined boxes. This makes him scary to some people, because that makes him a powerful, rich and influential unknown variable. They cannot handle it. If his influence grows enough it could result in an interesting paradigm shift.

  • wayne

    The Bernie Sanders Experience – Episode 420
    Elon Musk

  • wayne

    “Monopoly and Competition”
    Murray Rothbard (1986)
    New York Polytechnic University

  • pawn


    Musk is the proverbial “loose cannon”.

  • Col Beausabre

    “He is open to UBI, which is a bad idea, ”

    If all US residents – deliberately NOT just citizens – got $1000/month, that would cost the taxpayers $2.8 Trillion/year

    “But then we won’t need all these social programs, so we’ll save money there”

    Yeah, right. You think the Swamp will give up their nice, cushy jobs? I want the recipe of what you are smoking.

    The tragic secret of programs “to help the poor” is the amount of people making nice fat incomes to “administer” them, As Milton Friedman pointed out, if you eliminated the bureaucrats – federal, state and local – and just GAVE the money paid to them to the poor, not a single person in the US would be below the poverty line

    “But the poor are obviously incompetent to handle their own affairs so they need us noble souls to “help” them”

    No, it’s about power. If you control what they have to live on, you control their lives.

  • Col Beausabre

    Forgot to add

    “A UBI will discourage work”

    “No it won’t, a UBI of, say, $1000/month wouldn’t be enough to live on, so people would need to work”

    Are you smoking crack? As soon as it was passed we’d hear screaming from the Left that it needs to be raised because “it’s not enough to live on” – which is the exact refrain we hear about the minimum wage

  • Edward

    What a huge mistake that the Biden administration did. They thought that they were being clever by slowing down SpaceX’s development of Starship. Just due to this one stupid move on their part, we may actually have a chance of taking back the United States from the Democrats and perhaps even the deep state.

    History is full of events that happened over there because something happened over here, and this an example. Usually, these events do not happen in a vacuum, but additional events contribute to them. Over here, Starship slows down its development, and Musk gets bored. Over there, a bored Musk buys Twitter and works to restore free speech to America.

    Why is the control-freak left soiling their collective pants? Because when they used Twitter to silence conservatives — and anyone else who did not agree fully with the left — the left had said that conservatives should start their own version of Twitter and other social media. This the conservatives did, to the great surprise of the left (somehow, they think that “you didn’t build that” but that the government built it for you, and government was taking sides against conservatism and freedom so there couldn’t be any conservative social media sites). Now that the left is beginning to lose control if its control levers, such as Twitter, they are facing the prospect of having to start over with new social media sites. The right is doing to the left what they had done to us and the left cannot handle it. They need their safe spaces, because reality is too real for them to cope with. We have seen this with several leftist commenters on this site. They pretend that reality is not real and that their fantasies are real.

    When someone at Jeremy Boring’s company, the daily wire, said that boys are boys and girls are girls, a tautology, some leftist sent a note to an advertiser on that site, Harry’s Razors, asking, what they were gping to do about it? Harry stopped his advertising. (4 minutes)
    (“No, none of those guys has even heard of a Jeremy’s Razor, but imagine how much more manly they would be if they had.“)

    The left has a hard time explaining which boys are not real boys and which girls are not real girls, perhaps because their higher-ups, such as Supreme Court nominees, cannot even figure out what a woman is in the first place. In reality, boys, girls, and women are well defined, and just because a boy says he is a girl and can compete against girls and shower in their locker room does not mean that the boy is a real girl. One prison put a rapist, a man, in a women’s prison because he claimed to be a woman, and his cellmate became pregnant–unwillingly. Why is it that men and boys are able to define what is a woman, but high-ranking women have no idea? So much for the women’s liberation movement.

    When the left is unable to admit the reality, then someone else can step in and do it for them. Now, Title IX is obsolete, because by their own choice boys can join the women’s teams and shower with the girl’s, and the poor girls have no say in it. Worse, they are told to get used to male genitalia, because boys are still boys, even if they have invaded the girl’s locker room. Strangely, the same people who say that men get to rule over women also claim that men are toxic. Well, perhaps men who think that they should rule over women are toxic, and it appears that they project that toxicity onto all men, too.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, home of the new form of misogyny, male superiority, and sexist behaviors.

    It used to be that we Americans were proud to be able to say anything we wanted, and that in the Soviet citizenry had to be careful of what they said for fear of losing their jobs or their freedom, with being sent to a gulag being the likely punishment for disagreeing with the Party, but now owe are learning that 40% of Americans are fearful of saying the wrong things for fear of being banned from social media, such as Twitter, or for fear of losing their jobs, as happened to Rosanne Barr and dozens who worked on her show.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

    Oh, look! I was free to say such heretical things. Something must be going right somewhere.

    Col Beausabre,
    You wrote: “If all US residents – deliberately NOT just citizens – got $1000/month, that would cost the taxpayers $2.8 Trillion/year

    Your math is a little off and you have exaggerated the amount doled out. There are 330 million people in the U.S., which means that each month the government would pay out $330 billion. Over the course of a year they would hand out a mere $3.960 Trillion, which is hardly more than the budget that Obama inherited when he took office. If we close down the rest of government, then even our natioinal budget would be reduced, saving us even more money.

    But I like this plan very much. With an income like this, I wouldn’t have to work another hour in my life and could live off the hard work and sweat of others. I’m sure that tens or hundreds of millions of other Americans would likewise love this plan, as they, too, would retire for the rest of their lives, and live off the hard work of the few who continue to work in government as happy public servants, caring for our every need, and directing our lives so that we stay healthy, wealthy, and wise (well, none out of three ain’t bad).

    The rest of the world would love it, too, as we would be buying virtually all our goods and services from them, giving them nice employment and good lifestyles. This should cure our problem with employers finding employees and our supply line problems.

    This plan looks like a win/win/win/win/win all around the world.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the entitled lazy bums, home of government control-freaks.

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre:
    Undoubtedly a Topic for another thread, ref: “UBI”–proposals I’ve skimmed, lead me to believe it would cost us 20% of GDP, not including the unintended & perverse effects it would produce.

    –Ref: “entitlements” in general:
    My theory on all this (in part)– all this free money massively distorts time-preferences on the consumer end, and falsely signals fake demand on the production end.

    Good stuff.
    –> obama’s amerika

    Ref: Musk
    I’ll repost these, cuz’ they’re long-form & unscripted, and everything is in context.

    Joe Rogan Experience #1470 –
    Elon Musk (May 2020)

    Joe Rogan Experience #1169 –
    Elon Musk (Sept., 2018)

  • David

    Mr. Musk is certainly his own man, something our country needs more of. His stated desire regarding more freedom of thought for Twitter is marvelous, plain and simple!

    Regarding how this will all unfold with regulators, I will be following the stance of not just our SEC and DOJ, but also equally how European regulators will eye this deal. How Musk will define and handle hate speech on the platform is a sticky matter. How we Americans and our E.U. friends look at various types of speech are not always a lockstep matter.

    The other matter I’ll be looking at (along with everyone I guess) is Musk’s plan regarding how to keep advertisers comfortable. Since Twitter is relying heavily on ad revenue and is not profitable, even a privately held Twitter will remain largely reliant on keeping the ad dollars rolling in. And whether one likes it or not, that will make Musk have to consider how to balance his vision for Twitter against good ole dollars and cents. Making it a subscription service down the road?

    I’ve never used Twitter in my private life and don’t regret that. But if anyone could make me rethink that stance, it might be Mr. Musk.

  • David

    On the political front, it is something to see hypocrisy running rampant in both D’s and R’s.

    Too many D’s wringing hands over Mr. Musk and Twitter while seemingly forgetting they applauded Mr. Bezos ridding to the rescue of the Washington Post.

    Too many R’s celebrating this proposed deal yet too many wailed to the sky about Mr. Bezos buying the WP.

  • David

    Need to correct an error I made in 4/28 12:55 am comment:

    I said Twitter is not profitable. In fact, the company did post positive annual earnings in their 2018 and 2019 fiscal years. I failed to double check my memory before writing my comment.

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