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Today’s blacklisted American: What the last six months has revealed

Today's modern witch hunt
Reporting daily the modern witch hunt against freedom and
independent thought.

It is just about six months since I decided to do a daily column entitled “Today’s Blacklisted American.” In that time I have documented more than 120 examples where one group of Americans thought it okay and proper to destroy the livelihood and freedom of other Americans, all because the latter said something the former did not like.

The link will take you to the full list of columns since mid-January. After six months I think it is time to assess what these columns have revealed. And that revelation is quite ugly.

First, the bulk of the blacklisting has almost all been against anyone who criticizes the left, in any way. As should be expected, this includes attacks on anyone who expresses any doubts about Critical Race Theory and its racist agenda, anyone who criticizes the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, and anyone who raises any questions at all about the trustworthiness of the Biden victory in 2020.

The blackballing however has not simply been focused at those who criticize the left. It has also gone after conservatives, simply for being conservative. Conservative conferences and organizations have been forced to cancel events or disband entirely because of pressure exerted against them by Democrats and leftist activists. Conservative leaning news outlets like the Epoch Times, the Spectator, and PragerU have been cancelled and censored by tech companies like YouTube, FaceBook, TikTok, and Spotify, simply for leaning conservative. Reporters like Andy Ngo, who simply attempts to report honestly the violent activities of Antifa and BLM, have been attacked physically and blackballed from social media outlets for daring to do their jobs.

Nor have the attacks on conservatives been limited to organizations or news outlets. Many private individuals, from high school students and teachers to airline pilots, have found themselves expelled or fired, simply because they happened at one time or another expressed publicly an opinion some leftist or Democrat did not like.

For the modern left, freedom of speech only applies to them. All others must shut up, or be destroyed. You are simply not allowed to question their actions, tactics, or policies.

The blackballing by the left however has not simply been limited to political expression. For example, people have been blacklisted, not because they were conservative or advocated any specific political agenda that the Democrats disagreed with, but merely because they were associated in some manner with the Trump administration. Washington think tanks have blackballed all past Trump employees. Lawyers who simply represented Trump have been ostracized and sometimes fired from their jobs for doing so. Even a well known sign language interpreter was blackballed by the Biden administration, simply because she had also accepted work from the Trump administration.

Nor have the left’s attacks been limited to destroying living people. In the past six months there have been numerous examples of leftists in the Democratic Party, academia, the entertainment industry, and the business community going after basic American history, attempting to smear it and have it cancelled so that no one can learn anything about it. For example, Democrats in Chicago, San Francisco, Oklahoma, and New York pushed hard to get statues of Lincoln, Washington, and other important American historical figures removed from public view. Entertainment organizations from small theater groups to corporate giants like Disney moved to ban classics like Cinderella, Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Dr. Seuss, mostly because they were either too “white” or because someone had made a wild and very slanderous and unsubstantiated accusation of “racism” against them.

Ironically, much of the blacklisting of real people has been racial, but not against minorities but against whites and men, merely because of their race and sex. A campaign at universities nationwide has attempted to make whites second class citizens, required always to go to the back of the bus, to be segregated from general society, and to be denied equal treatment before the law. Colleges have set up special classes that exclude whites, services that only serve minorities, and private extra facilities for minorities only.

Segregation is back, and it is now very popular in academia. This time however the segregation and discrimination is aimed at favoring blacks and minorities, while limiting opportunities for whites and men. And all based on race, ethnicity, or sex, the very bigotry the entire civil rights movement spent decades fighting.

The intolerance coming from the left that I have documented in the past six months and summarized above has been widespread and relentless. As a group, the Democratic Party and its minions in academia, corporate boardrooms, and the entertainment industry no longer tolerate any dissent. You most conform, or they will team up to destroy you.

The most disturbing aspect of their intolerance, however, has not been the blackballing itself, but the unmitigated hatred that fuels it. The attacks on conservatives and American history by the left no longer have any rational or intellectual basis. They don’t even try to come up with such arguments. They hate, and that hate justifies the destruction and cancelling.

Coca-Cola's bigoted company policy
Examples of Critical Race Policy materials that
were being used at Coca-Cola

If you don’t believe me then take a look at the slides to the right, taken from the Critical Race Policy training sessions used at Coca-Cola. Though very typical of critical race theory materials seen in classrooms and corporate offices nationwide in the past few years, the materials provide no rational reason for singling out all whites like this and to stain them as evil. Only hatred and bigotry does such things.

Yet that hatred and bigotry is now typical of what you find among leftists and their supporters. Much of the blacklisting has occurred not because some boss at the top ordered it, but because companies and colleges and organizations are finding themselves swamped with employees steeped in this bigotry and hate, who want blood and will not stop screaming until they get it. Hate has become symptomatic of an entire large segment of our population. Oppose or disagree with them and you are evil, and must be destroyed.

And these haters now have the power and will to do it. Do not be surprised if the oppression in the next six months is worse than the last. The resistance to these bullies and tyrants has generally been weak and unfocused. They remain in power, and they intend to do everything they can to maintain that power. As the opposition to them ramps up, so will their authoritarian instincts.

It is going to get very ugly in the coming year. Be prepared. The worst is yet to come.

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  • Col Beausabre

    In the second to last paragiraffe, I think “seeped” should read “steeped”

    A very honest appraisal, Bob. I fear for my country. Certainly the country I once vowed to defend has been distorted out of all recognition

  • Col Beausabre: “Steeped” is fixed. Thank you.

    I have been saying now for years that the good people of America have refused to come to grips with what the bad people are doing. The result is that the bad people are now in charge.

  • Upper right slide can be condensed to … “Be so open-minded that your brains leak out.”

  • I am going to say it again. The current social and political climate is designed to empower the mediocrity. Critical Race Theory is a not-even-disguised effort to make some demographics less competitive. Don’t raise your effort; lower the bar.

    Absolutely not interested. Competent people gain satisfaction from doing something well. If that thing isn’t something you’re good at, do something else. Jiminy Christmas. Another’s ability isn’t a personal affront.

  • wayne

    I’m going to put this in here–

    “Jocko Willink: War, Leadership, and Discipline”
    Lex Fridman Podcast July 4, 2021

    “I know some people these days have an aversion to pride & love for their Country, I don’t. I Love America…….I was born a Russian, but I believe I’ll die an American, a proud American.”
    Lex Fridman

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson / Akira the Don
    “Rule #1: Stand Up Straight, With Your Shoulders Back”

    “…the idea of the hierarchy is at least 350 million years old……So much for the idea that human hierarchy’s are a socio-cultural construct. It’s like, no, that’s wrong. It’s not just a little bit wrong, it’s unbelievably wrong, it’s mind-bogglingly wrong. Lobsters have hierarchy’s, that’s a 1/3 of a billion years ago. That’s not a social construction, it’s part of Being itself. If you only see a hierarchy as power & Tyranny, then your looking at the World wrong….”

  • pzatchok

    Idiocracy is real.

  • Cotour


    Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order on gun violence Tuesday, declaring it a “Disaster Emergency.”

    “Gun violence is a public health crisis, and we must treat it like one,” Cuomo wrote on Twitter. “This declaration will allow us to give the crisis the full attention & resources it deserves. Disaster emergency declarations are typically reserved for natural disasters and large scale incidents. The declaration will allow the state to redirect and expedite funds to communities it deems necessary, and is the first of its kind in the nation, according to NBC 4 New York.”

    And precisely when did this gun “Disaster emergency” begin? Exactly in coordination with the “Progressive” Leftist agenda supporting laws that the governor himself signed into effect that eliminated a judges ability to have discretion in holding violent criminals and has given criminals the incentive to do as they please.

    (Governor, ITS NOT THE GUNS! And you understand this, I am being sarcastic Its the people who you yourself have empowered to carry and criminally use the guns, please make the distinction)

    That, and a Leftist New York City Mayor and Leftist NY City Council both eliminating consequences for those who choose to ILLEGALLY carry a firearm in public and use them indiscriminately to kill and wound people. The Democrats and those on the Left who now control them and their political future are the enemy of the law abiding and tax paying general public. (YOU in other words)

    And who is committing most ALL of these violent gun crimes? Those very same people who the governor and the NYC mayor have protected and effectively empowered to do so, gang members and street hustlers who happen to mostly not have white skin. And that is what it is, no racism, just a recognition of facts and reality.

    Your a Democrat? You think you are being compassionate and creating “equality”? You knee jerk vote Democrat? Your “good” intentions are killing people!

    STOP DOING THAT!!!!!!! You are a danger to both you, your family, and me! WAKE UP!

    (An additional observation: Democrat leadership over the last decades have crafted the culture of dependency and have effectively destroyed and crippled the black American family. And they are now proposing that they have the solution to the problems that they themselves have crafted out of a need to keep a class of people dependent on government. And THAT in essence is what the Democrat party is all about, their political power derives from racism and dependency and that is exactly what they must promote. And that should enrage the black and the white population in America.)

  • BLSinSC

    When incompetent people are HANDED positions that they KNOW were only given to them BECAUSE they are “special” they will PERFORM accordingly and contribute to the destruction of that enterprise! They KNOW that being black/woman/black woman/whatever sex they envision is the REASON they have the job then there is no need to actually DO a job since their “qualities” ARE the job! That’s the reason why “Go woke, Go BROKE” is not a slogan, but a PREDICTION! It’s very bad for a business but especially bad for Our Government. Nothing but a complete collapse of services will convince some. The PLANDEMIC and subsequent leftist control moved some. Hopefully those will be enough to put people in place to begin “healing Our Nation”! Thanks for all the articles and important information you provide here. All this should be REQUIRED READING across Our Nation!

  • Craig Austin

    It starts with censorship, which is no different than propaganda. If we allow that, and we have, we deserve what ever else it brings.

  • Cotour


    The 45th president has announced a law suit that he is bringing against big tech.

  • Craken

    What is happening is what the ruling class wants to happen. Just as China’s ruling class stopped the Cultural Revolution cold when it wanted to and Stalin stopped his purges suddenly, America’s ruling class has the power to stop this madness at will. They need do no more than turn the dial on the narrative-making machine over which they have complete control. Have you ever noticed that the American Left is active and the American Right reactive? This demonstrates the Left’s narrative control, their power to set the frame and choose the subject as well as the timing.

    The only sure way to convince our rulers to turn that dial back to something closer to sanity is to flip the script against them personally. Only if their propagandists, their street thugs, their NGOs, their puppets somehow get their wires crossed and begin attacking Leftist Congressmen, social media companies, intel agencies, elite universities, Wall Street, and other such high ground Leftist powers–only then would they attempt to erase the currently prevalent narrative and find another to shore up their power. They are playing with fire, however. One side already hates them, and the other side, their puppets and sheep, could easily discover reasons to hate them as well.

  • Cotour

    I will add this:

    And this is not my observation, I herd, Andrew Klavin suggest it the other day, and I agree with it an as aspect of what is underway in America.

    He noted that because a majority percentage of black Americans in fact are doing well, the Left needs the influx of illegals to fill those numbers numbers as the black population begins to reject more and more the perverted Democrat leaderships politics of fear and manipulation.

    Desperation is what describes the Democrat leadership, especially as what I believe is going to begin to roll out regarding fraud, corruption and the Democrat party.

  • Cotour


    “Of all the challenges we face every day in New York, few are as difficult to bear as the scourge of gun violence plaguing our communities,” Governor Cuomo said. “The only industry in the United States of America immune from lawsuits are the gun manufacturers, but we will not stand for that any longer.”

    Given this logic, then shouldn’t big pharma and auto manufacturers who’s products are used and are the cause of massive loss of life each year be found to also be culpable for what free human beings purchase, legally or illegally, and choose to do with that purchase? A gun, a car, a drug is inert until a human being chooses to use it, and animate it in some manner. The gun is inanimate, it is a thing.

    And of course the governor and the Democrat Leftists that now control and influence him and his political aspirations conveniently fail to recognize that it is THEY and their policies that are in fact the cause of all of the illegal gun use and the deaths and injuries that emanate from their illegal use because it is THEY who have removed all legal consequences and disincentives for criminals to use them.

    And it is THEY who are the biggest threat to the lives of the black population in America related to illegal firearms use.

    Not to mention that the Second Amendment recognizes that Americans have the God given and not the government permitted Right to bear arms for the one reason that the Founders identified as being essential for all Americans and their ability to ensure their freedom from the abuse of power that the Founders understood was the nature of government.

    True to their fraudulent nature, the Democrats cause the problem that they then propose to solve. And that is the psychological manipulation that is politics in America. Perverted and fraudulent and always based in fear and lies.

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

    What the governor and his fellow Leftists propose is un Constitutional.

    The Democrat party, empowering the Communist Chinese and their aspirations every day.

  • MrTea

    This was predicted 50 years ago in publications by the John Birch Society that you could find in their American Opinion bookstores, and few other places. “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen was published in 1972 and very nearly got Ronald Reagan the Republican nomination in 1976.
    There was one of these bookstores in Palo Alto California, not far from the Stanford U. campus. In January 1980 the store had a banner “Trilaterals Over Washington” as the JBS publications warned of the influence of the then-budding “globalization” advocacy.
    JBS publications were one of the few places that informed the reader of the histories by Antony Sutton who stood nearly alone in documenting the relationships between the investment bankers like Brown Brothers Harriman and the criminal regimes of Hitler and Stalin. This remains “left out” of history textbooks, as it is by the Howard Zinn tome frequently used as the “real history” alternative.

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