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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Coca-Cola’s racist policies that discriminate against whites

Coca-Cola's bigoted company policy
Examples of the bigoted educational material
being pushed by Coca-Cola

This week is going to be racism week for my daily posts on blacklisting in today’s fascist culture. Each day I will highlight another example of modern racism by companies and governments against innocent people simply because they were born with the wrong skin color. And that skin color will be white, which is now the one kind of racism that the left now honors and demands, from everyone.

Our first bigot this week is the multi-national soda company Coca-Cola. Most of the news this past week or so has been focused on this company’s mindless decision to condemn Georgia’s new election law, based on Democratic Party lies and a refusal to even read the law.

However, let’s take a closer look at Coke’s bigoted policies, which are expressly designed to create a hostile work environment for anyone who happens to be white, solely based not on their performance but their skin color. The image above shows screen captures of just four slides from a Coke-Cola critical race theory training class, provided by a whistle-blower but later confirmed by the company as accurate.

Blaze Public Relations’ Chris Pandolfo obtained a statement from Coca-Cola that concedes its employees were told to take the seminar in question.

“The video circulating on social media is from a publicly available LinkedIn Learning series and is not a focus of our company’s curriculum,” Coca-Cola responded. “Our Better Together global learning curriculum is part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace. It is comprised of a number of short vignettes, each a few minutes long. The training includes access to LinkedIn Learning on a variety of topics, including on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will continue to refine this curriculum.”

It is important to note this wording concedes it happened. Furthermore, it is not “inclusive” to attack particular individuals’ racial background; that is, by definition, “exclusive.” [emphasis mne]

Also, saying that these slide show is “not a focus” is pr blather for admitting that this program is part of their curriculum.

Note that most of the recommendations in the top right slide are actually wise suggestions, for all races. That the last [highlighted by me] recommendation in that slide however implies that only whites need to consider these actions proves the bigoted nature of the entire course, as well as Coca-Cola’s company policy. Minorities can be as bigoted and as arrogant and as defensive and as ignorant as they want, because as minorities they are immune from any criticism.

By teaching this racist policy Coke is breaking every word of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and should be sued hard and frequently for its bigotry.

Nor is this all however. Not only is Coca-Cola training its employees to hate whites, it is demanding that every law firm it hires favor minorities in hiring, regardless of skills, talent, or training.

The Atlanta-based beverage giant’s general counsel, a recent hire from the top ranks of Ford, disclosed the changes in a letter Thursday to law firms the company uses. “Quite simply, we are no longer interested in discussing motivations, programs, or excuses for little to no progress — it’s the results that we are demanding and will measure going forward,” Bradley Gayton wrote. And he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he hopes other major companies make similar moves to “change the trajectory” of diversity in the field.

…Coke said it will require quarterly reporting about the makeup of legal teams that do work for it and self identify as American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Black, women, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQ, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander or persons with disabilities. For those working on new matters for Coke, “at least 30 percent of each of billed associate and partner time will be from diverse attorneys, and of such amounts at least half will be from Black attorneys.”

It said the percentages, which are roughly equal to those of the U.S. population overall, will be adjusted over time to eventually hit at least 50 percent of billed time coming from diverse attorneys, with half from Black attorneys.

Firms that fail to meet the targets will be docked 30 percent of their fees, and those who continue to come up short may no longer be considered for Coke work.

In other words, Coke is demanding that all whites move to the back of the bus.

The reason the Civil Rights Act was passed was to end exactly this kind of favoritism, then practiced against blacks and minorities. The law however was not written just to protect those minorities, but to specifically outlaw any favoritism to any race or ethnicity. The measure for hiring was to be merit, and merit only.

Coke and the other examples I will give throughout this week are playing on very dangerous ground, and appear oblivious to the danger. Do you want a race war? You leftists are going to get it if you keep demonizing whites for no other reason than they are white. And since whites are the majority such a war will be very bad for the minorities you claim you support and want to help.

It will also be terrible for the whites, because the last thing we should be teaching anyone — blacks or whites — is to hate others because of their skin color. It is not only illegal, it is morally wrong, and goes against every principle of western civilization.

And yet, that is what Coke now stands for, a bigoted society that treats whites as second class citizens.


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  • Noah Peal

    This is what self-destruction of a brand looks like. Looks like there is not only a Pepsi generation, but a Pepsi race, too.

  • Cotour

    And who exactly are these corporate profit whores pandering to?

    Where does the Coca Cola company see their future millennial market expansion opportunities?

    Where does the NBA, MLB and every other internationally operating corporation see as their market expansion opportunities?

    C H I N A

    And that is just how simple and is what this entire “Politically Correct” corporate “Outrage” boils down to.

    These CEO’s sound irrational and ridiculous and they sound that way because they are.

  • eddie willers

    Born in Atlanta 69 years ago.

    I am getting so discouraged.

  • anonymous

    Well, we had a decent shot at promoting an inclusive American nationalism. *Americans* used to be the least racist people on Earth. It was our fond hope that everyone here could learn to identify with our nation, instead of some distant homeland or ethnic tribe. Now that that’s been thoroughly rejected, trashed, and set on fire, what exactly do they expect us to do?

    Our former countrymen of this former country are now being encouraged to eat each other in ethnic warfare. Apparently what the left expects us to do under assault is to retrench under a defensive ethnic solidarity. We might have no choice! I bear no ill will towards anyone else, but what else are we supposed to do? Sit here and take abuse, “reparations” taxation, and dispossession?

  • Ray Van Dune

    I notice that MLB, Coke, et al, have Trump calling for them to be boycotted, AND the Stacey Abrams, NAACP, et al calling for a boycotting of them too! Unity!

    Marketing genius on display! Now, of course, MLB has to find a venue in a state with looser voting laws than Georgia! Hope it’s one where they just so happen to tax the hell out of the local earnings of visiting pro sports players… MLB for the win!

  • I like Coke. Not anymore.

  • James Stephens

    Ah, Shades of the marketing genius which brought us “New Coke.”

  • concerned

    Class action lawsuits need to be brought against Coke for promoting and causing mass obesity and diabetes in this country and beyond. Boycotts won’t be enough to stop this.

  • wayne

    I guess everyone here is getting a quick education in what it means to be a multi-national corporation.
    They owe their allegiance to no one.

    The Beatles

    “In their styes with all their backing,
    They don’t care what goes on around.
    In their eyes there’s something lacking,
    What they need’s a [expletive] good whacking….”

  • wayne

    V for Vendetta
    the dominos fall

  • Milt

    Cowardice and self loathing go better with Coke. The Official Soft Drink of the Great Reset.

    On another level, how the country accepts this — as measured by the company’s profits or losses — may be a pretty good indicator of just how far gone (or not) we actually are as a nation. Perhaps we are ready for another New Coke, and this time it will be a roaring success.

    As for what might be “done” about all of this (other than boycotting all Coke products), check out Representative Jim Banks’ proposal for recognizing the existing political reality and building a newly focused Republican Party on that basis:


    My fear with respect to Coca Cola, Delta, and MLB is that they are acting very much as though they have already “won” the culture war in this country, and they are now, for all practical purposes, invincible. The frogs have been boiled, and all that remains is to prepare a tasty dinner of frog legs. Very few frogs around to vote by 2022, even if the GOP heeds Rep. Bank’s advice.

  • wayne

    good stuff.

    Again, we’re all getting an education on Multi-National Corporations.
    { for an education on Advertising, I suggest watching the wonderful Documentary “Mad Men.” <–Sarcasm Alert }

    The Final Scene of "Mad Men"
    "Don Draper Teaches The World To Sing"

  • Cotour


    Who is the most ineffective empowered and the most dangerous politician in Washington D.C.?

    This is she:

    And as a disclaimer let me say before I further comment, she continues to grow more and more attractive to me personally the more I see her. There is just something about her, and that like ability and attractiveness is a part of the tools in her political tool box. And most times in politics that can be enough once initially empowered to become very influential and ultimately successful.

    Just look at Joe Biden and where he finds himself today, same thing.

    BUT her particular disjointed and really not fully informed, partially educated, juvenile and what can only be seen as extreme Leftist / Marxist indoctrination perspective, along with her like ability, represents to me to be the most dangerous platform for a young 2021 empowered American politician in America today.

    Think about it, this is what will be looked to in the future by some of the aging youth of our country for their leadership should she and those who parrot her remain in the front lines of our political discourse.

    Think about it.

  • Col Beausabre

    I’ve bought my last Coke (and i sent a letter to Atlanta informing them)

    Man, this Doctor Pepper tastes GOOD !

  • Cotour

    Col B:

    I drink two lemons squeezed into filtered water, no sugar.

    “In the United States, Keurig Dr Pepper does not have a complete network of bottlers and distributors, so the drink is sometimes bottled under contract by Coca-Cola or Pepsi bottlers. Prior to the initial Cadbury Schweppes investment-turned-buyout, 30% of Dr Pepper/Seven Up products were produced and distributed by Pepsi bottlers, and another 30% by Coca-Cola bottlers. ”

    Both Coke and Pepsi are a growing international problem, they are now much too big and own much of the drink market. And both are pandering to and eyeing up their next largest market opportunity, C H I N A.

    Stone cold corporate profit whores know no borders and have no allegiances, they go where their customers and those profits blow them.

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