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Trump administration finally takes over Justice and FBI

Four stories at the end of this week, all apparently timed to hit the press over the weekend and thus be less noticeable, all indicate that the Trump administration, specifically Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray, might finally be taking control respectively of the Justice Department and the FBI from the Democratic partisan hold-overs from the Obama administration, who for all intents and purposes have apparently been running those agencies during Trump’s first year in office.

The first story is significant in that the lawyer reassigned, James Baker, was also the lawyer used by Andrew McCabe for his defense during his eight hours of stone-walling during a closed-door House hearing this week about his part in the Mueller Russian collusion investigation, and is also a good friend to fired FBI director James Comey. The Trump administration has now removed this lawyer from the game.

The middle two stories indicate that the Trump administration is not going to let Obama and Clinton off the hook for their own apparent collusion with both the Russians and terrorists. (An update: It behooves every American to read the full and very detailed Politico report about the Obama administration’s effort to shut down any investigations of Hezbollah’s drug operation in order to get the Iran deal signed. I finally got around to reading it carefully, and found it to be quite damning, both for Obama and for everyone in his administration. And remember, this is coming from a media source that has generally been favorable to Democrats.)

The last story involves what appears increasingly to be a terrible abuse of power by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Justice Department in its prosecution of the Bundy family following their stand-off with federal officials, a prosecution that has now resulted in a mistrial because the Justice Department improperly withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense.

That it took this long for the Trump administration to make these moves strongly illustrates how fragile our hold on democracy presently is. Trump was duly elected. By law, he is in charge, and has the right to fire anyone in the executive branch, as well as set policy there. Yet, he and his appointed cabinet officials have apparently felt they needed to tiptoe carefully during the first year of their administration, as if the people that Obama appointed and the policies he established were still in control.

Even now, I am unsure that these actions will put the Trump administration truly in charge of the administrative state. There is ample evidence in both the Uranium One deal and Iran deal that the Obama administration committed acts that at the least should destroy political careers, and at the most might even send some people to prison. Unless one of those scenarios actually happens, however, Trump will have done little to rein in the administration state. They will continue to act as if they can do whatever they want, defying elected officials, with impunity, because it will be apparent that there are no consequences for such actions.

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  • wayne

    I’ve been neutral on Session’s, but I hope he’s been busy. I’ve been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. (He’s totally wrong on Drugs (and opiates) and all associated-policies. The new War on Drugs, is going to be totally insane & incredibly costly. It’ll be framed as saving-the-children, once again.)
    –It’s always a Mole Hunt anyway, and Obama had 8 years to embed his lackeys into the Administrative State. Including everyone who transitioned into the civil-service during Obama’s last term, and especially the last 2 years.
    Add in the fact the Whitehouse Personnel Director is a Boehner acolyte and our Man Rinse Priebus (and all the Usual Suspect RINO’s) were & are directing traffic.
    It is inexplicable as to why every appointed position has not been changed out completely by this juncture.

    we aren’t going to be growing our way out of this:
    4% GDP, won’t even touch it.

    {Furthermore, Carthage, must be destroyed.}

  • ken anthony

    We can only hope. I would have thought Trump should have fired up the flame thrower a year ago. Session I would have fired the day he recused himself.

    Trump has been too loyal and forgiving. His voters expected him to move on Hillary Jan 21st.

    We can’t be sure yet, but better late than never. These moles aren’t exactly hidden.

  • Joe

    Maybe the tide is starting to turn, I am a little less charitable than Wayne on Jeff Sessions, but in complete agreement with the rest of his post!

  • Kirk

    Ken, were his supporters still expecting that, even after his 22 November 2016 announcement that he would no do so?

  • wayne

    This new War on Opiates has me very troubled, but I’m willing to give Session’s more time for the Mole hunt.
    (My fallback position is: “all these people need to be arrested, rendered, and terminated en mass, with extreme prejudice” by any mechanical means necessary.)

    Trump did the ONE thing I required, he beat Hillary. Everything else is gravy.

    “12 days of Trump”

  • ken anthony

    Kirk, I can’t speak for anyone else, but the way I took that is, he wouldn’t pursue it, but his A.G. would. Also, I thought it was part of getting her to drop her guard.

    He’d have to be entirely clueless beyond any reasonable definition not to realize that he’s under attack and by whom. A drooling amoeba would understand he needs to fight back and how. The only mercy option at this point is a quick death. Life imprisonment would NOT stop the evil… but we’d have to settle. It would be a mistake to just imprison her (and her cronies) because she stole enough money to be a threat even after she was gone and even from prison, but half a loaf is better than none.

  • Joe

    I agree Wayne, especially with regards to the opiates, making a mountain out of a mowhill, peowho legitimatley need pain meds are going to have a harder time getting them, thise who abuse are in a tiny minority.

  • wayne

    –The dirty little secret on Hydrocodone (Vicodin et al)— a vast majority of all those dosage units were dispensed to Medicaid recipients for dubious medical reasons.
    The Feds paid for almost 1 Billion dosage units over 8 years. And now they want to claw back all that money from Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s and punish & blame them for a mess the Feds created.
    It’s a controlled-substance, every single RX is tracked to a specific person, “they” know all about every Rx written and filled.

    [ tangentially, in Ferguson Missouri, over 125K doses of amphetamine & opiates were looted from 9 Pharmacy’s during the Rioting. It’s roughly $3 per 5mg tab and $7 for a 20mg Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) on the street.]
    -When they (administratively) up-scheduled hydrocodone from Schedule 3 to Schedule 2, it required everyone who received it, to physically see their Doctor for every Rx, every month. (no refills on Schedule 2 and the RX can’t be for more than a month’s worth of dosing.)
    (My Dad got caught up in the rescheduling with the VA, they were suddenly flooded with Dr. appointment’s and the wait escalated to 2+ Months. Ironically, his Rx arrived in the mail a day after he died, in pain. And I know exactly WHO to blame.)

    We could also wind up with an interesting Constitutional conundrum regarding Maryjane, going forward. Weed is a Schedule 1 substance for Federal purposes, and Session’s is no friend of Weed. He’s more of an evangelical-conservative and not a Libertarian.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Garry

    Wayne, I’d like your insight into what should be done about the opiate crisis. In the past few months I’ve seen many examples of the hellish world that opens up for opiate abusers and their families and friends, including more than 10 deaths of acquaintances of mine or acquaintances of friends.

    I’ve seen several very educated, hardworking people completely fall apart, bringing horrible consequences on their families.

    I’ve seen one of the hardest working, intelligent people I know fail out of rehab several times, get arrested multiple times, waste away physically, etc. This addict said the right things and had access to some of the top rated rehab clinics and pharmaceuticals, but has fallen off the wagon too many times to count.

    I’ve seen firsthand that no matter how heroic the efforts of family and friends, if the addict doesn’t resist temptation, it’s all in vain.

    I’m sure you’ve run across these issues in your career, and wonder what realistic measures should be taken to combat the opiate problem? I think the War on Drugs, at a minimum, has employed the wrong strategies/tactics, but I’m at a loss of what can be done (other than the obvious measure of going after Hezbollah’s drug smuggling operation).

    I don’t like to derail the thread, but I consider this topic very important.

  • Cotour

    Keep an eye on this presidential executive order:

    And Sessions seems to now have the potential to be a sleeper who after the first of the year will set things off in a big way.


  • wayne

    I just don’t have as much optimism as you!
    (But, this goes without saying, Hillary will never be President. Thank you DJT!)

    Big Topic, many dimensions. (literally from the molecules themselves, up to the President)
    It’s all incredibly psychopharmacologic, behavioral, and “cultural” for lack of a better word.

    And as you vividly illustrate, opiates are not innocuous substances. They can kill you very fast and ruin your life over a long period. They are some of the most potent substances on Earth, and one of the few select molecules that Mankind has actively tended to, for all our existences. And people LIKE opiates, and they are physically addictive.

    I’m rarely at a loss for words but this topic is so huge, I don’t know where to start. And will have to get back to you over the Holiday.
    (Have to put the Tree up!)

  • Cotour

    Don’t be optimistic, just step back and understand what is underway.

    Add to that the fact that the power dynamic in the country has changed.

  • Joe

    Cotour, I hope you are correct!

  • Cotour

    Joe, its big, bigger than has ever been seen in American government and politics, its corrupt, its deep, its complex and for all of our sakes it must be done, no matter the consequences.

    Our system is designed specifically to do what must be done. And if it is shied away from and what must be done is not done, then we are all doomed and we are no better than any of the worst of any corrupt government that has ever been.


    A good Christmas to you and all.

  • Garry

    Thanks, Wayne, and please take your time. In day to day life I have an extreme bias for action; where others freeze in indecision I always take some positive (or at worst benign) action; setting the tone is very important in any crisis, no matter how minor.

    This summer I ran into a few situations with a neighbor who has a bad heroin problem; on all occasions I took immediate action of some sort, but in hindsight not all of them were optimal.

    This is such a hard nut to crack on all levels, and I’d appreciate your well-thought-out insights. I’m very new to this horrifying corner of the universe, and as I talk about it I learn that it’s far more common than I had thought (like much of the world of mental illness).

  • wayne

    Keep this topic in mind.
    I’m totally preoccupied with Holiday stuff (this whole week,) but will definitely get back to this.

    Drugstore Cowboy
    “Gentle Explosion”

  • Al

    I suspect Trump is a lot smarter than most have imagined. He could have gone after these people on day one but instead sat back and let his accomplishments build up while allowing the leftist creeps to dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole.

    Trump Year 1 has been fantastic, but I think Trump Year 2 is going to be more than any of us could have hoped for.

  • Chris

    Remember there is one thing that Donald Trump will not tolerate – substance abuse.
    My understanding is that since his brother Fred’s death he does not partake in any drug – including alcohol. My understanding is that he has passed this onto his children as well. If I recall one interview he did not want children growing up to be at any event with alcohol, let alone partake.
    The point is that Trump does not tolerate drug abuse and will use the tools he has to defeat it.
    Opioids are a problem. After a series of accidents (with broken bones or torn ligaments) I have been prescribed many of these. I never NEEDED more than 1 to 2. The number sent out on the street is huge and in my experience often unnecessary.

    You could have not engineered a greater but subtle pox on our society. We are now in a very difficult position to remedy this. That said, I expect Trump and Sessions will try and try very hard to remedy this. I don’t think anyone or anything will be overlooked in their effort to stop this crisis nor help those involved. This may be one of the things that defines the Trump presidency.

    I hope that those affected by this and everyone else has a great Christmas and a great New Year!

  • Cotour

    Al, good call and reasonable to conclude.

    Where do you think interviews with foot soldier / patriot FBI agents who’s good work related to Uranium One that more than likely reveals the corrupt nature of the facilitating of Putins wishes by the Clintons will shake out?

    Especially after it is revealed that their opinion and assessment of what they found is 180 degrees from their bosses assessments and actions. Also, if and when, supposing that he survives, Campbell’s testimony, who was inside of the Uranium One deal for six years and collecting evidence, how do you think that will shake out? I suspect that within the first two weeks or so of the new year the real rubber meets the road.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Cotour

    I found this comment from the article I posted above counter intuitive given the many, many recent verified revelations about FBI and DOJ “career officials” making decisions that any reasonable person would see as being lets say less than objective related to politics, agenda and their sworn fiduciary responsibilities.

    “Baker said it was disquieting that the Sessions Justice Department was re-examining a case that career officials already concluded warranted no charges. “You’d like to think that that wouldn’t happen often in a mature democracy,” he said.”

    No, in a “mature democracy” we can clearly observe the corruption that develops due to those within government, these so called “career officials” becoming self empowered to promote their or their party’s agendas and covering for those who act in those interests.

    The nature of man is what related to power and governance?

    Let us not be as naive as these people want and desperately need us to be in order that they pervert our system of checks and balances and transparency in government.



  • ken anthony

    Typical of people is they need a reality check before they do the right thing. The last one in America was Pearl Harbor. 9-11-2001 didn’t meet the threshold. Just read the delusional stuff people were blathering before Pearl. Even JFK had good things to say about Hitler… in 1945!!!

    Evil persists because good people do nothing. Good people do nothing because they refuse to believe the evidence. It’s a form of projection. The delusion that if I’m not criminal how could anyone else be?

    It’s one thing to avoid paranoia. It’s another to ignore blatant criminals.

    How do we explain destroying ballets before an election is certified?

  • Cotour

    Here is a good contrasting position put forth by a Liberal talking head, Nicolle Wallace.

    Her position from what she says is that the FBI and anything that they produce is beyond reproach. I must ask, Is she paying attention? Does she not see and understand that there are individuals in the leadership positions in the FBI that through evidence, through their own now immortalized words and actions, have acted as political actors, “heroes” to their political cause and not law enforcement officers seeking the truth as it relates to the subject matter at hand to the benefit or one political party over another.

    This accumulation of facts and not just speculation is the much more important take away and not whether the FBI should be believed no matter what and without question.. Corruption comes in many forms.

    This current growing situation has the potential to go so deep into corruption and manipulation in our government that it may go back as far as 9-11 2001, hell, it has the potential it to even go as far back as the Kennedy assassination. Two examples that I have used over time to attempt to flesh out just how corrupt and manipulative things can and do get when ultimate power meets political agenda (S.O.M.).

    We will be no better than any of the worst governments that have ever existed on the planet earth if we the people of America do not insist, no matter where the chips fall, that this all be revealed and cleansed from the dark corners of our society to the extent that the evidence that we can plainly observe at this moment in time. Not to mention the what we can not at this time observe but reasonably assume.

    Because our system is specifically formulated to deal with these corrupt and perverted potentials of man as it relates to power and governance WE (America) will be much, much worse than the worst that has ever existed on planet earth precisely because we refused to exercise the power given to us by the Founders who anticipated it all.

    And what ever happens will be justified to be dialed down in the interests of national security, and that is expected, but something significant related to these perversions and abuses of power MUST happen.

  • j a. medvin

    I think any suggestion that Hillary Clinton is not above the law is partisan. All she’s ever done is try to make the world a better place for herself and her cronies and pointing out that she’s the only current politician that has a body count tells us more about you than her.

  • Cotour

    Hillary certainly has operated above the law, skirting the edges of legality at ever turn over her entire adult Leftist driven life time, “Its for the women and children” you know.

    ” pointing out that she’s the only current politician that has a body count tells us more about you than her.”

    Please elaborate you lose me here.

    Hillary sits at the top of mostly all of the political corruption in America, law was created specifically for her by Lynch and Comey and the others in the upper levels of the DOJ and the FBI for their political purposes. The biggest and nastiest no, no’s of public law enforcement service (especially if there is evidence of doing so).

    Everything dishonest and politically corrupt leads to Hillary, if she is not revealed and made to allocute to her offences then our country is truly doomed, we are then no better than any of the worst that has ever existed.

  • Garry

    Cotour, I think you may have missed j a medvin’s sarcasm, or perhaps I’m seeing it where it is not present. Regardless of IQ, we all suffer from a deficiency in sarcasm detection from time to time.

    Chris, good point about Trump being against drug use, but as Wayne alluded to, I fear that his and Sessions’s efforts may be the wrong approach, rather than ignoring this important problem.

    Good on you for taking just a dose or two of meds when you need them. I’ve read in several reputable places that opiates should not be taken for more than about 3 days, and they are drastically overprescribed. I know a woman who gets elective surgery after elective surgery because she craves the meds they give her. She’s does not belong to any demographic that people associate with drug addiction; she’s in her 70s, solidly middle class, and the wife of a career military officer.

    HBO did a documentary on heroin a year or two ago that shows in very stark terms how bad addiction has become for some people, just heartbreaking. During the end credits they state that 5 of 6 heroin addicts start with legitimate prescriptions for opiates. They did a similar one on alcohol that I also recommend highly.

  • wayne

    just briefly…
    I’d like to hear more about your neighbor.

    I can babble all sorts of grand Policy pronouncement’s, but in the final analysis, “addiction” needs to be managed one person at a time, and unfortunately there are and always will be, casualties involved.

    This is an age-old battle, and it’s between keeping a grip on one’s appetites or allowing oneself to go over the edge. There’s always a Process one undertakes and it takes time to addict oneself to some thing. Everyone has a story.

    – I rather believe this isn’t a supply-problem per se, it’s always a demand-problem.
    And concurrently, it’s not the Cause, it’s a Symptom of a whole series of decisions and belief’s, over Time & Space, throughout our recent history (1900+).

    (be careful of the “5 out of 6” stat, it is true in some respects, but spurious in other important aspects)

    back later.

  • Rick

    All you need to know about Hillary and the left.
    Anything that they are accusing Trump of doing, it’s guaranteed that they were or are doing themselves.
    It’s been true since the beginning of the campaign.

  • Cotour

    Garry, to my reading if there is sarcasm it is so well hidden that I am unable to detect it.

    Where this is going and what may be happening:

    Micheal Horowtiz, DOJ, Inspector General:

    An Obama appointee, a Clinton buddy, the revealer of the Strzock emails. But did he release the emails that condemn Strozck to muddy the legal waters for Strozk?

    Jan 15th or there about of 2018 will prove interesting related to the report that Horowitz releases about what has been going on within the FBI and the DOJ.

    Could be a patriot, could be a Clinton / Soros inside man.

    Also, Eric Schmidt of Google resigns his position, seemingly right after Trump signs his latest E.O.. Just a coincidence? Eric Schmidts estimated wealth? 12.5 Billion.

    A lot going on, very complex, very deep, what will IMO go on has the potential if the toilet handle is pushed all the way to be the biggest and most revealing in American history. And my read is that all of this is the product of 30 plus years of corruption in American government, pretty much begins with Papa Bush and runs right on up through Obama and includes all in between.

    I would be happy with half of a loaf.

    We wait.

  • Garry

    Wayne, your points make good sense, and line up well with my experience. I get the feeling many cases involve self-medication for other problems. Had my dad not drummed into my head “never drink when you’re upset,” I’d probably be in a whole different place today.

    I submit that in many cases, at some point the drugs become the predominant cause of problems, or the cause of the things that cause the problems.

    Would like to tell you more about my neighbor, but not in a public forum.

  • Max

    The debt clock you posted is very optimistic. It says the debt is 20.6 trillion.
    The most damning part of the article is when they discovered that the Army spent 54 times their Congressional budget.

    “Carthage must burn”. I don’t recognize the meaning. Is it a line from a old movie?

    The judge in the bundy trial declared a mistrial in order to save what was left of the BLM/federal case.(we will see if they try them for a fourth time) She wasn’t doing the right thing, but the only thing left to her without going to prison herself. Apparently whistle blower information leaked documents that the defense was entitled to. Officers in charge were planning a ruby ridge style assault to take the property one way or another.
    Did the Bundys owe 1 million $ from 20 years of nonpayment? Apparently when BLM raise the fees, they also decreased the rangeland by 1/2, and reduced the allowable amount of cattle on the land to less than 200 when they had nearly 1000 cattle out on the range. Their fines were over $1 million before the year was out. If they are still counting, the fines should be close to a $billion by now.
    The local BLM representative perjured herself when she was asked about the Bundy water rights. She claimed to have no knowledge. And yet they have a letter from her saying she was confiscating their water rights because they were not using them. That’s like saying I will confiscate your freedom of speech, or the right to own a gun because you’re not using them.
    If you over water your land, you’re in danger of being proclaimed wetlands.

    Nice catch on that executive order. It looks tailor-made to the situation which you keep saying “it’s coming”. It’s also consistent with the White House tweets since Christmas.

  • wayne

    just quickly….
    –12 step program, ASAP, for your neighbor who likes heroin. But he has to want to stop.
    –The lady who “enjoys” elective surgery– that’s way more than just a creative way to obtain pharmaceuticals. It is a burden on the medical system, and we all pay for it. She has deeper issues than just a taste for opiates.
    I would just as soon write her an Rx for maintenance on a monthly basis. But they don’t let me write ‘scripts, and it is illegal to “maintain an opiate addiction” outside of a Federally approved methadone-maintenance program.
    (As long as the Government is involved, they will TELL you what you are ALLOWED to take, or they will throw you in Prison. Bad Idea, all around.)

    It’s primarily “obtaining the drugs,” that causes major problems.
    Opiates are very potent, they are not innocuous, and they can kill you, but they do not cause physical deterioration and are not “toxic” substances, per se.

    Interesting stuff.

    “Carthage, must be destroyed.”

    “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse”, or “Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem delendam esse” (English: “Furthermore, (moreover) I consider that Carthage must be destroyed”), often abbreviated to “Ceterum censeo”, “Carthago delenda est”, or “Delenda est Carthago” (English: “Carthage must be destroyed”), is a Latin oratorical phrase.
    Originating in the Roman Republic in the 2nd century BC prior to the Third Punic War against Carthage, by the party advocating destruction of Rome’s ancient rival Carthage, which was thought to be rebuilding its capacity for further warfare. The phrase is associated with the Roman senator Cato the Elder, who is said to have used it as the conclusion to all his speeches.”

    I’m liking this one a whole lot recently, as well: “Inter arma enim silent legēs.”
    “”For among [times of] arms, the laws fall mute,” but is more popularly rendered as “In times of War, the Law falls silent.” “

  • Garry

    Wayne, my neighbor has been doing 12-step programs for months, including daily meetings with Narc-anon, and supplemented with daily one-on-one therapy, but it seems the staying power isn’t there. As you say, there are probably deeper issues and the will has to be there. Many things have happened that haven’t changed things for my neighbor – wife and kids left for good, legal problems, fellow user (close friend of neighbor) has died of an overdose. I have supported my neighbor, but have backed off recently; if all that doesn’t convince him, then I have no chance. All I can do is help when he reaches out, when I can and in my limited way.

    Completely agree that lady who keeps getting elective surgery is taxing the medical system.

    I equate drug addiction to slavery – extreme addicts will do anything to get their fix.

    The majority of the 10+ acquaintances of mine / acquaintances of friends who have died of overdoses in the past few months have been by taking heroin laced with fentanyl. These people were so desperate for a fix that they bought whatever from whomever.

    I have sympathy for the argument that prescribing maintenance doses may be the tallest midget here, but safeguards would have to be taken to ensure they don’t endanger anyone else by driving, for example. My neighbor has been on suboxone, which seems to help, at least for now, and my understanding is that suboxone is, in effect, a maintenance dose of opiates.

    I completely agree that addiction has to be battled one addict at a time, but as I wrote earlier, no matter how heroic the efforts of family and friends, they’re all in vain if the addict can’t do what has to be done.

    I agree with what you say about the supply side of the drug war, but I think we can pursue some big-picture efforts, such as not aiding Afghan poppy farmers and shutting down Hezbollah’s drug operations.

  • Cotour

    The most prescient indicators that will establish how the new year of 2018 will shake out?

    1. Was the now famous Trump / Russian “Dossier”, ultimately paid for by Hillary Clinton to the tune of millions and used by the FBI and the DOJ the basis of the FISA warrants in the Russian investigation. And at this point in time that is exactly what it looks like.

    And more in the at the moment unknown classification.

    2. How will Jeff Sessions, the head of the Trump DOJ, trend on the reopening of the Hillary email server and Uranium One issues? Is he waiting for an objective internal FBI or DOJ government agency report that logically leads through the evidence that we all now pretty well understand to the reopening of both, OR will he determine that nothing that he is aware of leads to reasonably opening either case?

    (An objective opinion from career government law enforcement investigators / I.G.’s related to deep state operations and agendas that have been being rolled out for the last 8 to 30 years. Lets consider the immensity of what we are asking here. And still it must be done.)

    If Sessions decides that there is no reasonable reason to go forward then we can reasonably assume that he is a part of the problem, is more of a Democrat sympathizer / operative and needs to be immediately removed and replaced by the president along with the many others in the DOJ and the FBI that need to follow him. Fire them all come hell or high water.

    We should know these answers to these questions some time in January 2018. The one and only reason to have an once of optimism related these questions? TRUMP, period.

  • wayne


    –for an idea of how many opiates are legally manufactured in the USA. (The DEA sets specific production quota’s.)
    “2018 Aggregate Production Quota History for Selected Schedule 1,2, and 3 Controlled Substances”
    hot-link to the PDF:

    [–Hydrocodone (Lortab/Norco/Vicodin) 2018 quota is “50,348” kilograms, down substantially from the 2013 peak production of 99K kilograms. (lowest dosage unit is 5mg.)

    And a recent announcement from DEA:

    “”DEA’s finalized annual aggregate production quotas (APQs) for 2018 mandate a 20% reduction in the amount of opiate and opioid medication—including oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, morphine, codeine, meperidine, and fentanyl—that may be manufactured in 2018.
    Quotas are aimed at preventing a diversion while simultaneously satisfying annual needs.
    APQs establish the total amount of opioids and other controlled substances necessary to meet the estimated medical, scientific, research, industrial, and export needs for 2018 and to maintain adequate reserve stocks.
    DEA says 2018’s cuts are a response to reduced demand.
    Quotas may be appealed at any time during the year on the basis of increased sales or exports, new manufacturers entering the market, new product development, or product recalls.”

    Critics of DEA’s decision have expressed concerns that the reduced quota could lead to drug shortages and negatively affect pain management patients’ access to treatment.
    Last year, the agency removed a 25% buffer for almost every Schedule II opiate and opioid medication. The buffer was implemented in 2013 to help address shortages. Although DEA stated at that time that its October 2016 final order was based on reduced demand, its decision was consistent with the views of several U.S. senators who called for DEA to limit opioid production and sales as another mechanism to combat the opioid epidemic.”

    –The Demand did not go unnoticed by organized (and disorganized) ‘crime.’ As legal production quota’s were slashed, illicit opiates filled the void. And the Cartel doesn’t waste it’s time on low-potency versions, they went straight for the highest bang for the dollar.
    (You might get yourself addicted to Vicodin, and then can’t get it any longer. You end up buying some-thing 10X’s as potent and then it’s death by misadventure.

  • Max

    Cotour’s executive order of “state of emergency” is finally hitting the news. Here is some analysis and musings over what it means.

  • Max: Most interesting. The analysis at the link is intriguing, but we all must be careful and not over analyze this. It could eventually be aimed at the Clintons, but it also might not. The real trouble is that there is a lot of corruption in today’s upper elitist ruling class, including the Republican side in which Trump now resides. This one order does not really do much to clean out that corruption.

    Though it may be a start.

  • Cotour

    A follow up to the possible Eric Schmidt connection to the E.O..

    Schmidt, Google / Alphabet CEO apparently set the DNC up with Crowd Strike, the I.T. company that in house analysed there server system when it was “hacked” (Read: Down loaded by probably Seth Rich to Wikileaks) and not investigated by the FBI. This E.O. has a very specific purpose IMO and will set things off, and the way it is structured it appears the evidence string will come from over seas into the country.

    And keep in mind the Debbie Wasserman Schults connection to the Pakastanie I.T. operation, thats not even being talked about yet but I think this may gather it all up. And in addition there is information out that Wikileaks has down loaded 65 GB of info. What is it allegedly related to? The Anthony Weiner / Huma Abadin Weiner home computer. But I have not seen anything related to it yet. And keep this in mind, Wikileaks and Julian Assange so far has a 100 percent accuracy.

    And they will shout “Abuse Of Power” and they may or may not be correct, but these things must be cleaned out and our country must be taken away from these operators that would surrender us to the Globalists.

    ITS COMING, we wait.

  • Cotour


    FBI just happens to today release to Justice Watch that they found 2800 government emails on Weiners lap top.

    Rumor that Wikileaks has released 65 GB of all of the info on the Weiner lap top, maybe they are true and the FBI is getting ahead of it all? There are no coincidences IMO.

    There is no way around the massive problems that Hillary’s private server has created, no way around it. And we all know what comes along with miss handling ONE secure message, this involves thousands. There is not enough room in the jails of America to fulfill the growing demand, this is such a growing problem that some crafty lawyer is going to have to come up with some political compromise to accommodate the mandated legal penalties.

    Oh, Hillary what have you wrought? This one bad paranoid move to control information by you is what in the end cost you the election, I knew it the moment that I heard it. And since you did not win everyone will suffer and if you had won no one would ever be the wiser.

    ITS COMING, no way around it.

  • Cotour

    And more:

    The Awan appearance in court has disappeared.

    Related to the new Trump E.O.?

  • ken anthony

    The Awan appearance in court has disappeared..

    In a country run by adults, this would be an opportunity. It is an opportunity to identify the enemies of this country in our own ranks. Some will be obvious and some not. Once identified they need to be targeted. This should start with loyal patriots doing what the FBI used to do. The they need to be both marginalized and eliminated from any position of govt. power.

    No exceptions. No quitting until accomplished. Rank the targets and destroy them. Do we have any patriotic adults still in power? We used to know how to do this.

    There is credible evidence that, like Moore or not, the AL senate race was stolen. That one senate vote may be critical. Those that would destroy ballets before certification are self identifying as the enemy. 20k write in votes disappearing in a one minute window can’t be swept under the rug unless we allow it. If this is a winnable fight, we should.

  • Cotour

    Sessions fires McCabe.

    We seem to be moving along and making progress.

    Its coming.

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