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Trump proves COVID-19 is nothing to fear

The recent spat of positive tests for COVID-19 among the Washington elite, including President Trump, highlight spectacularly the continuing overreaction and unnecessary fear and terror that people have of this respiratory illness.

All told since October 1st about eighteen Washington elected officials, staffers, and reporters have announced testing positive for the coronavirus, based on several reports here, here, and here.

These of course are only the announced cases. I suspect that in Washington a lot more are testing positive but are keeping quiet about it.

And yet, among these announced cases has anyone died? No. Has anyone gotten seriously ill? No. In fact, almost no one has been hospitalized, except for Trump, and he recovered so fast that he was released from the Walter Reed hospital today after spending less than four days there. Moreover, he was sent to the hospital only out of caution, not because he was having any significant problems. During his stay it appears he continued his work schedule with almost as much vigor as before.

We used to have a saying during flu season. “Something’s going around, everyone’s got it.” It is not unusual for a bunch of people to get sick in social groups from these kinds of respiratory illnesses, and to recover with no problem. In the past we sanely recognized this, and shrugged our shoulders calmly if we or someone we knew got sick. We drank extra liquids, including chicken soup, took some aspirins, and stayed in bed for the worst of the illness. Then we went back to work. Meanwhile, everyone else went about their business, hardly worrying about the people who are sick. We sent them our good wishes, but we also expected them back in a few days.

U.S. daily COVID-19 deaths

Now every such sickness, which in the case of this recent cluster is concentrated among the power-brokers in DC, is met with giant headlines and endless analysis. It is as if we have raised the common cold to the level of a national crisis, requiring major coverage by all news sources.

Yet, all they are covering are people who are at worst getting mildly sick. Most in fact have apparently been asymptomatic.

Meanwhile, the number of new daily deaths in the U.S. continues to drop, as shown by the graph to the right. Moreover, there is strong evidence that the Wuhan virus is weakening in strength, as these viruses appear to do.

Overall, the number of deaths from COVID-19 ranks it among a typical new flu epidemic, worst than the ordinary flu but not as bad as some of the previous epidemics, such as the Hong Kong flu in 1968-69. While COVID-19’s numbers are beginning to catch up, when adjusted for time and population the Hong Kong flu still killed more. Yet in 1969 we didn’t shut down society, wear masks, social distance, or do anything absurdly abnormal. We tried to protect the vulnerable, and went about our lives without fear or panic, landing a man on the Moon while attending events like Woodstock.

And like the Hong Kong flu as well as all such respiratory illnesses, the average age of death from COVID-19 continues to be in the high 70s, and that most deaths have occurred with people already seriously ill with any number of chronic old-age illnesses, illnesses that were very likely to kill them in the very near future anyway. This virus was just the final blow. This might sound brutal to say, but it is the truth, and we must always be willing to face the truth, no matter where it leads.

Everyone else continues to be hardly bothered by this virus. Most apparently show no symptoms, and wouldn’t even have known they got it and got better, except for the mania to test everyone. Those that do get sick seem to recover with no problems, as long as they are healthy and young. Even the old, such as 74-year-old Donald Trump, recover well if they are healthy.

And all the data continues to show that the very young are completely immune, without even the capability of infecting others.

If we don’t start realizing the real scope of this epidemic and stop cowering in fear of it, like it is the plague, we face decades of disaster. With every flu season, guaranteed to arrive each winter, we will become increasingly fearful, and unwilling to return to normal. Soon, society will collapse, because it is impossible for humans to live this way, shut in their homes, masked and isolated from others when in public.

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  • Ed Burch

    Hong Kong Flu killed 33,000 while Coronavirus has killed 200,000 +.

  • Steve Richter

    Trump himself credits the treatments he was given. The experimental monoclonal antibodies appear to have greatly helped him. Without the treatments he would be in grave danger. His oxygen saturation dropped to a low level on the day he went to the hospital.

    I think this changes the course of the election. Certainly changes American’s response to the virus and acceptance of lockdowns. Big test will be if Cuomo is able to enforce the lockdown of Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. I am hoping for a mini revolution.

  • Ed Burch: Of course you cite no source, because no credible source provides such absurd numbers for the Hong Kong flu.

    I do provide a source, and it also provides sources for its data.

  • LocalFluff

    @Ed Burch
    That might be how many that have died WITH this corona virus, not FROM it. About 3 000 000 million Americans die every year. That 7% of them have a common cold virus is normal.

    Soon comes the ordinary flu season, I wonder what virus they will now start testing for, and thus finding everywhere? I do hope for panic fatigue.

  • Steve Richter

    I do have a medical question. When Trump went for his ride on Sunday would have still been shedding virus at that stage of the disease?

    I am thinking that once you are at the cytokine storm stage of the illness, that means your body’s immune system is overreacting and is now harming itself. A byproduct of the hyper immune system is all the viruses are killed. Meaning an ICU is not as dangerous as it would seem. Long term patients are no longer infectious. And Trump can wave from a car window without endangering the driver.

  • Steve Richter,
    According to the doctors, once you’re fever free for 24 hours you no longer shed virus, and that applied to him.
    So, no he wasn’t endangering anyone. That’s just the left being the left.
    The idiot bunnies don’t understand numbers, so they thought this would remove Trump. Now they’ll piss and moan for a few days about his “imprudence” etc.
    It’s all nonsense.
    I’m almost afraid of what they come up with next.

  • Bernard

    Sarah – unfortunately more misinformation, which really has become the norm here.
    Takes only seconds to uncover the actual CDC guidelines for discontinuation of isolation precautions for COVID-19 patients. Either you were not interested in taking those seconds, or knew that you were spreading misinformation and simply don’t care.
    To make it easier for you:

    To make it even easier:

    Symptom-Based Strategy for Discontinuing Transmission-Based Precautions.
    Patients with mild to moderate illness who are not severely immunocompromised:
    At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared and
    At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and
    Symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) have improved

    So…according to the CDC guidelines (which have actual studies done by actual people who know stuff…the references for which you can find at the site linked above) Trump should still be considered infectious, should be in isolation and very well may still be shedding virus.

    So, by “That’s just the left being the left.” you must mean something more like “that’s just people listening to the science and following advice from medical professionals.”

  • Cotour

    Trump loves this drama, he has trained his entire life for it.

    The guards, the extreme high security, the helicopters, the jets, the consequential decisions, the ego, the audience, and of course the media.

    The right man at the right time.

  • Chris

    Bernard: some other CDC science for consideration:
    This is a Policy Paper from the CDC that covers various non pharmaceutical measures for influenza. The section quoted covers “surgical masks”.
    This article now has 24 citations.

    “Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids (36). There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

  • mkent

    Hong Kong Flu killed 33,000 while Coronavirus has killed 200,000 +.

    Ed Burch: Of course you cite no source, because no credible source provides such absurd numbers for the Hong Kong flu.

    No credible source? The CDC is not credible?


    This July 1968 map…demarcated the geographic regions affected by the spread of the A (H3N2) 1968–1969 Hong Kong Flu pandemic, over a 6-month period, which caused about 34,000 deaths in the United States.


    In early 1968, the Hong Kong influenza pandemic was first detected in Hong Kong. The first cases in the U.S. were detected as early as September of that year, but illness did not become widespread in the U.S. until December…The number of deaths between September 1968 and March 1969 for this pandemic was 33,800, making it the mildest pandemic in the 20th century.

    For comparison, from the same source on the 1957 Asian Flu:

    Although the Asian flu pandemic was not as devastating as the Spanish flu, about 69,800 people in the U.S. died.

    So far Covid-19 has killed six times as many Americans as the Hong Kong flu and twice as many Americans as the 1957 Asian Flu and the 1968 Hong Kong Flu combined. The reason the response to the Hong Kong flu was so mild in the United States compared to Covid-19 is because the Hong Kong flu itself was mild in the U. S. compared to Covid-19.

  • Bernard

    Ok. Not sure what that has anything to do with the discussion about Trump still being infectious. Unless it is just an attempt to discredit the CDC in general and therefore conclude, without any evidence of any kind, that Trump was not infectious during his little photo-op cruise. That’s fine if you don’t want to believe the CDC, but please show me some study or other evidence that would support Trump no longer being able to transmit the virus at this point in his illness.
    The strange thing about science is that sometimes…just sometimes…they find that things they previously thought to be true are, in fact, not true. When that happens scientists usually discuss the matter, study it further, and change their position on the things that they got wrong. But admitting that you were wrong and changing your position on something is not a strength of Trump or the American “conservative” party in general.

  • John

    What are people crying about? President of the free world went for a ride in the back of a limo while he could have been infectious? A limo that’s sealed up enough to protect from nuclear, chemical, and biological attacks. Plus he had on a mask! Everyone knows the masks aren’t for you, they’re to protect everybody! CDC notwithstanding.

    That virus that hardly affected a 74 year old fat man could have hurt a young SS agent who had actual PPE!

  • Chris

    Bernard – my point is the CDC and all of the “scientist” are all over the map.
    This virus and the political reaction to it by what we used to call scientists is the disturbing thing.
    The infection and death numbers are questionable and at least not consistent from state to state and country to country.
    Anthony Faucci told us very early that Covid-19 was “very infectious” -without the anti-body test returning statistically significant results we couldn’t know that.

    This politicization of science is a deadly thing – and it will not end well either here in Covid or in some other issue or issues.

  • Max

    It’s “October surprise” election time, flu or no flu. The showman Trump knows how to make the most of every situation, even a bad one.
    The secret service with him in the SUV, sealed off in their own compartment, have been with him for days, in the hospital, and the helicopter, and to the events that he has been at. For all we know, they’ve been required to be infected months ago and get better just to prevent any of them from catching it and spreading it.

    Speaking of which, Chris Christie, which appears often on late night talk shows and in the drive-by media, is one of the earliest infected we know of to be with Trump before the debate….
    Just saying that most of his friends are never Trumper’s and would use such an opportunity to infect him and his cabinet at this time, in hopes to drastically affect the outcome of public opinion.
    As usual, Trump turns lemons to “greatest lemonade ever” and serves everyone.

    There are more clouds on the horizon…
    More pressure (demands) to make flu shots mandatory… Or else. Lose your job, lose your freedom, possibly your pension and Social Security next…

    “”The authors of the NEJM paper hail from Yale, Stanford University, and Indiana University, all institutions that have received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation has poured billions of dollars into developing multiple Covid-19 vaccines, setting up seven facilities to manufacture the leading candidates. While the US, UK, and several other countries have already paid for hundreds of millions of doses of multiple jabs, no western pharmaceutical company has yet declared victory in the vaccine race – on the contrary, the clinical trials of frontrunners like AstraZeneca and Moderna have yielded a bumper crop of troubling side effects.””

    Now we’re beginning to understand why the affordable care act (Obama care) has not been overturned. It allows unelected health administrators, with the support of politicians, to oversee every aspect of your life and economy. Overturning and ignoring constitutional rights in the “state of emergency” in the name of saving everyone, if not the world itself, from implied doom. Fools playing God. When you can mandate that everyone has the right to healthcare… Then everyone must receive that health care whether they want it or not.

    We went to war with a country that did not attack us, because of reports of yellowcake, weapons of mass destruction, and babies being thrown out of incubators which all turned out to be false, but the war still happened. Millions died and for what? Whoops, sorry, it was just a big mistake? You reap what you sow, we’re not going to get out of this without being bloodied. The world thinks we deserve it and no matter how good we have been to them in the past, they look at us now and shake their heads with sorrow.
    Global warming treaties was prepared to give away our country to the world for free, trump stopped that. Now the deep state and its foreign allies are prepared to take it by force. The governors, and their administrators in most states have agreed to facilitate in the coup d’état to take down this country. Only one problem, it’s not their country to take down… We the people are the masters, we will not permit them to succeed.

    This is why they need everyone to take the vaccination shot, whatever is in IT will give them the edge they need so that “we the people” will have no hope. It has been the stated goal of the green elite all along… Eliminate the carbon consumer, and you will eliminate the demand for carbon products. How many times has the elite demanded a reduction in the population? A free market with out producers and buyers will collapse. (China is not free, are they getting the vaccination first? Why not?)

    New science and advancements are being created all the time. Another new invention has ability to see you no matter where you are. Thermal imaging and other capabilities 100,000 times greater than is currently available.

    China and your department of defense working together for a better world. The rise of the machines has begun.

  • John: This discussion misses my point, by a wide margin. My point was that it was irrelevant if Trump infected the driver, or a whole city. COVID-19, especially now, is simply not dangerous to anyone who is healthy, and especially to those who are young. Even if it makes you sick, you will recover with no problems.

    By obsessing about whether he could have infected anyone the commenters are once again expressing their irrational fear of the virus, based not on the data but on the fear-mongering being pushed by the press and power-hungry politicians.

  • John C.

    Pretty sure I got it the other day. Went to NAPA to buy a timing light, the guy there didn’t look too well, he had a runny nose. First thing I thought, this guy probably has Corona Virus. Oh well I thought, everyone is going to get it eventually. Next day I had a runny nose. My wife and daughter got the same symptoms for 2 days. We’re all fine, we continued our lives as normal. Corona Virus is going to become much like the Endangered Species Act. If someone finds an endangered species on their land they shoot it and don’t tell anyone, because it is much more of a liability than an asset. No one is going to divulge they feel sick, because of the hassle it involves. Getting tested, quarantining for 2 weeks, or however long, not going to work, etc.. I will never tell anyone if I have the slightest symptoms, because it will most likely cause them to act like irrational idiots.

  • François Desbiens

    Well said Robert!

  • Chris Paige

    @Bernard. Citing the CDC is NOT an actual argument; rather, it’s a textbook example of an appeal to authority fallacy. Quite simply, what makes you think the CDC knows? Even in this case, CDC has reversed itself on every claim it’s ever made regarding COVID, so why are their new-and-improved claims any better than their previous now-debunked claims? Remember Dr. Fauci published a peer-reviewed article claiming that AIDS could be acquired through casual contact, so he’s got a pretty poor track record. Also, many at the CDC stand to make millions from their interests in various drugs if their predictions/claims are true, so they’re extremely biased. Finally, we’re talking about a disease that kills about 0.13% of those infected at most – in other words, it’s the flu. We don’t quarantine people with the flu, so why are we acting like this bug is any different? Science requires actual evidence, not appeals to authority; science requires you to show why a disease that killed @1M of the 750M it infected should lead to such a panic. We know lockdowns are killing people; we can debate how many, but we know they kill. Do they save anyone? That’s unclear, but who cares? We don’t inflict suffering on healthy people to try to save the sick because that would be immoral, even if it’s “effective.” This is a massive human experiment on unwilling subjects & – as such – it is unethical by every canon of medical ethics. First do no harm, right? Why are we ignoring that standard here? Isolating the elderly is harming them. Isolating everyone is harming them. Destroying the economy is harming everyone. This is UNETHICAL even if it “works” for the same reason & in the same way that I wouldn’t spray statins into the drinking water even if it reduced CVD; we don’t medicate healthy people & we don’t medicate anyone against their will, whether that medicine is a drug or a lockdown.

  • Half of what our “experts” say, is wrong.

    The problem is figuring out which half, with them contradicting themselves again and again. Anthony Fauci is the poster geek for this characteristic.

    Robert, you are right. The cracks are beginning to appear in the entire panic-demic narrative, like the alien spaceships at the end of Independence Day … with the President playing the Randy Quaid role (without dying this time) … and with NYC seeing new upticks in the numbers despite Cuomo and DiBlasio trying to play conquering heroes.

    I’m in my 60’s, with comorbidities. I have skin in this game.

    Live free or die.

  • wayne

    “Some Democrats have demonstrated their ‘true colours in most sickening way'”
    Sky News Australia: Host Alan Jones

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson
    Correlation Between Prevalent of Infectious Diseases & Authoritarian Belief, Contempt and Disgust

    I would put forth the proposition; this would hold true with the *perception* of prevalent infectious disease, as supported by the anti-american fake-news and their political wing, the democrat-party.
    (just my opinion)

  • John

    Get run over by a locomotive while carrying the Covid-19 virus? It gets counted as a Covid-19 death.

    It is well known that the Covid-19 death count has been inflated. Why? Money. Hospitals get money from the government if a Covid-19 death is reported.

  • Max

    Nice link Wayne, here’s one that complements it;

    “And now, since the Walter Reed doctors are treating Trump with three drugs, they are ignoring the fact that the combined effects of these three have never been studied in depth. More reckless experimentation.
    Naturally, any decline in the president’s health will be attributed to “COVID-19,” not the drugs”

    I remember George Washington dying from his doctors and not his illness. (Leeches drained all of his blood) And now President Trump is receiving experimental drugs with death listed as a side effect. Of course the doctors at Walter Reed would never do this if they did not feel it necessary to do everything they possibly can, even if it’s dangerously experimental, to save trumps life from this devastating disease. (Sarcasm)
    What’s not sarcasm is Nancy Pelosi arranging with the military plans that don’t seem right…
    Remember we are talking about a woman who feels it necessary to win at all costs. She’s not even being subtle at attempting another coup d’état against trump with more fire power this time. (Completely ignoring the vice president becomes president)

    President Trump is constantly being accused of being a racist, let’s not confuse who the racists are… Here is a movie documenting the history of racism in this country, it’s odd that no Republican had ever owned slaves.
    Hillary’s America. Susa exposing the Democrat scam/organized crime.

  • Roy

    Your source says “If it would be possible to extrapolate the death data based on population and demographics, we might be looking at a quarter million deaths today from this virus. ”

    That isn’t a very strong statement. We *might be* looking at a quarter million total from Hong Kong flu. Total. After it was done. Covid isn’t done yet. It’s only been killing for 7 months, and in spite of our efforts to contain it, it’s still killing around 750 per day, 5000 per week. We’re on track to hit that upper-bound quarter-million in 8 weeks. Not to mention that there are estimates that the number dead is already 275,000. You insist on comparing confirmed Covid numbers to estimated and adjusted flu numbers. That’s not what honest people do.

  • sippin_bourbon


    Sarah said:
    “once you’re fever free for 24 hours you no longer shed virus”

    You posted:
    Patients with mild to moderate illness who are not severely immunocompromised:
    At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared and
    At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and
    Symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) have improved.

    We know his symptoms improved. (his Docs said so)
    At least 24 hours since a fever ( like Sarah said… and so did his Docs)
    His case is so mild we do not know when his symptoms first started.

    “..please show me some study or other evidence that would support Trump no longer being able to transmit the virus at this point in his illness.”
    The people who’s sole job it is to keep him alive and healthy gave him the all clear.
    They are his physicians, you are not. I do not care if you even have a medical degree. He is not your patient. You are not aware of everything regarding his health. Or has the interwebs conferred a special awareness and expertise?

    The 24 hour post fever rule is a general rule for most viruses.
    “Either you were not interested in taking those seconds, or knew that you were spreading misinformation and simply don’t care.”
    She was not exactly wrong, as per the guidelines. But you seem more interested in scoring interweb brownie points.
    You are truly being the South end of a North-bound horse in your response.
    I love debate and discussion, but you and your style is exactly why no serious discourse can take place any longer.

  • askeptic

    The Left in general, and the American Left in particular, have always been the home of Chicken Littles.

  • sippin_bourbon


    Also from the CDC.
    he estimated number of deaths was 1 million worldwide and about 100,000 in the United States.

    Don’t you love when the CDC contradicts itself.

    IMHO, tho, the 200+k dead is not accurate. Years from now, after a series of proper studies, I think the number will be lowered, as “dying while testing positive for covid” will be filtered out. In other words, if they clearly died of something else, such as long term cardiac disease, or some severe trauma, but happened to have tested positive, then Covid on the Death Cert is misleading, but still being counted, it results in an over count.
    No, I do not think such instances are the majority, nor a large minority. But there has been anecdotal evidence for an overcount.

    I expect such studies to be completed after Trump leaves office, in 4 to 8 years.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I mispoke.

    “after Trump leaves office, in 4 to 8 years.”
    Should have been 1 to 4 years.

  • Edward

    Steve Richter asked: “When Trump went for his ride on Sunday would have still been shedding virus at that stage of the disease?

    According to the “experts,” the press and the politicians, since Trump was wearing a mask then everyone around him was perfectly safe. Why these same experts had a hissy fit over his Sunday drive is a mystery … unless masks do not work.

    mkent wrote”So far Covid-19 has killed six times as many Americans as the Hong Kong flu and twice as many Americans as the 1957 Asian Flu and the 1968 Hong Kong Flu combined.

    Actually, no one will ever know how many Americans were killed by the Wuhan Plague, because the data has been so terribly corrupted. Reported deaths include people who merely had the virus, as opposed to killed by it, as well as people who were suspected or even assumed to have had the virus at the time of death. There were financial incentives to report a greater number of deaths as being related to Wuhan, and this added to the data corruption. In addition, the press reports a greater number than either of the CDC’s numbers. We don’t have a number of people in the U.S. who died of Wuhan Plague, we only know that fewer than the reported number died of this flu.

    Robert is correct. The flu ran it course in the U.S. months ago, yet most are still in lockdown, shutdown, smackdown, Great Oppression, and various governments have added mask mandates after any possible need for them. Even in April, the cure (lockdown, etc.) was worse than the disease, but now it is far, far worse. De Blasio thinks that it will all be worth it if only one life is saved, but we are losing lives and destroying millions of other lives as the tradeoff, and that one potential saved life cannot possibly be worth these sacrifices. Let’s hope that we save that one life soon, so that we can get back to having our lives, livelihoods, liberties, economy, and healthcare.

  • TS Rohnevarg

    The Covid Con limps along attempting to fool the public with its phony statistics (deaths are inflated TEN TIMES the actual number; CDC concedes that only 10% of asserted deaths are from Covid and not other ‘co-morbidities’). Meanwhile, Donald Trump, the Covid AVENGER, barrels along with his enormous testicles! And Biden, like a beaten lapdog, follows along pledging to do only what ‘the scientists’ tell him to do. Biden: a loser; Trump: a Leader. MAGA!!

  • Gary

    My wife’s hospital is struggling with what looks to be the end result of terrifying the public. People seem to be waiting to come in for non-Covid related illness. This has resulted in her floor’s hospitalized patients being much sicker than they were in pre-Covid days.

  • Sam

    I think Ed Burke, Roy, et al are correct, and the host wrong in his interpretation of the virus’ relative deadliness. Given the estimated 275,000 who’ve already succumbed (source: Roy) to this virus we should lock down (or continue to lock down) all non-essential (ie food, fire, police, and medical providers – but NOT the admins of such services) businesses, all schools and universities, and all gatherings of 10 or more people – including protesting, religious services, funerals and weddings, state and federal legislatures, sports, concerts…ALL of them. In addition all international and most domestic travel should be banned, regardless of the mode. Of course mandatory masking and distancing as well when people are outside for their allotted 1 hour of exercise. Then, when a vaccine with >80% efficacy and acceptable side effects has been developed and administered (also mandatory) to the whole, or vast bulk of the US population we can begin to relax some of these public health measures. If cases or death counts rise then, of course, the mandates would necessarily kick back in. If cases/deaths never drop to an acceptable level (~0), then the mandates are the new normal.

    /sarc, but see how easy it is to actually elucidate a plan? You dithering ninnies smugly vomit appeals to authority to bolster how I should feel about something yet don’t have the cojones to spell out how THE SCIENCE informs your preferred government policy. And you definitely don’t have the Stalin-sized stones to justify ongoing tyranny using THE SCIENCE. As in, where is the “pandemic exception” to my 1st amendment, for instance? For how long do you expect our society to even [deleted] survive under your preferred policies, anyway? Don’t know, since you crybullies barely spell out your plans much less acknowledge their costs.

  • Sam: While I agree with you, and think your sarcastic take to be brilliant, I have deleted the obscenity near the end of your comment. Putting a single * in a curse word does not meet my standards that no obscenities be posted on this website.

    You are new here, so this is only a warning. Next time you will be suspended for a week. The third time it is banning forever.

  • Charles Shlabotnick

    Where can I get some of that COVID-19?
    I could use a few days off from work.

  • Col Beausabre

    Charles S. You want to catch a disease, go to where the bacteria and virii are – any hospital.

    For those who haven’t heard, guitarist Eddie Van Halen has died, doubtless we’ll hear in a day or two that it wasn’t cancer tat killed him, but he’s another Wuhan Flu victim. If only he had worn a mask and practiced social distancing at his concerts….

  • pzatchok

    Even the CDC admits it ALWAYS adjusts its numbers for a few years after the date if reporting.

    Flu numbers are always changed for about two years after that flu season. It just takes them that long to go through all the paper work and verify the reports.

    It will be the same for Covid.

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre-
    Thanks for the Eddie Van Halen mention.

  • wayne

    musical interlude….

    Van Halen
    Right Now

  • Edward

    The following (long and well referenced) essay explains how and why mask mandates are a bad idea. Requiring people to wear masks, no matter their individual health issues, risks their health and their lives in multiple ways. Masks can make the healthy unhealthy, and it is more than just that they expose us to all the pathogens that end up on our masks over the course of their use. [Language alert: the author does not edit quotes containing foul language, and uses these quotes throughout.]

    So it’s the mask police themselves who seem indifferent to the health of other people—and it is they who, through their bullying demands that everyone mask up, are “putting everyone at risk.”

    Each time we touch our masks we add whatever pathogens are on our hands. Since few people can afford to use a fresh mask each time they need to put one on, pathogens accumulate over time. Everyone who puts his mask on his chin between uses smears the pathogens on his chins all over his mask.

    The wise Governor Newsom now wants his victims — er — citizens to put their masks on between bites, when dining at restaurants. This means two touches of the masks for every bite, meaning scores of touches during each meal. Our fearful leaders are so clueless about health, no wonder they so ignorantly mandate masks.

    The author does not use the word Lysenkoism, but the timeline of the science is that through March 4th, 2020, the science showed that masks do not protect from viruses, and after late March, as governments began suggesting mask use, papers and reports started appearing that suggested or concluded otherwise.

    The last graph in the following essay shows an increase in deaths in the U.S. shortly after mask mandates were imposed, demonstrating that masks kill more people than they save. Many of these were attributed to Wuhan Plague.

    Should we fear Wuhan Plague or should we fear the horrific government reaction to it?

  • Edward

    The last graph in the following essay shows that more Americans died of non-Wuhan Plague reasons in the summer of 2020 than died of any cause in the summers of 2018 and 2019.

    The only differences between summer of 2020 and the previous summers were the Wuhan Plague and the horrific reaction by several states. The lockdowns had a terrible effect: the loss of healthcare in spring made people sicker by the time they were able to get access to healthcare in the summer, fear kept people away from hospitals and doctor offices, and the adverse health effects of masks took their toll.

    The graph shows that the efforts to save that one life that de Blasio had wanted to save has resulted in the deaths of thousands every week. The cost of that one life, which has yet to be saved, is enormous, and the loss of life far exceeds the predictions of the dire model that had driven the lockdown, shutdown, smackdown Great Oppression in the first place. We were supposed to save forty thousand lives by having a three-week lockdown, keeping the total lost lives at sixty thousand, but in the seven months of Great Oppression we have seen 150 thousand more reported lost to the Wuhan Plague than we were supposed to lose, and tens of thousands lost to the ill effects of the Oppression. In addition, the livelihoods for tens of millions of families were lost, the liberty and healthcare for all were greatly curtailed, and all have suffered the emotional stress of fear.

    The deaths, alone, due to the Great Oppression are even worse than can ever be seen, because not all those reported as having died of Wuhan Plague have actually died of Wuhan Plague. Many have died while having the virus but not because they had the virus. Others were merely suspected or assumed to have had the virus but were not tested to verify.

    The reaction is so much worse than the actual disease that it is the reaction, and its ill effects, that we should fear.

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