Violence and hatred in the Occupy “Whatever” movement

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These four stories, all in today’s news, all suggest that the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement is strongly intolerant, filled with angry hatred, and prone to violence. Sadly, they appear to a small subset of a much larger sampling of similar stories.

In Oakland Occupy protesters have withdrawn a resolution to remain peaceful.

A small number of the protesters have openly called for the use of violence as a tactic to get their message out.

In Berkley, dozens of Occupy protesters were arrested yesterday. The cause:

The university reported earlier that an administrator had told the protesters they could stay around the clock for a week, but only if they didn’t pitch tents or use stoves or other items that would suggest people were sleeping there. The protesters voted not to comply with the demand and to go ahead with setting up a tent site they dubbed “Occupy Cal” to protest financial policies they blame for causing deep cuts in higher education spending.

In New York, a man was arrested for assaulting a paramedic and breaking his leg Wednesday night.

And finally, there is this eight minute video, where a Occupy Portland protester curses and threatens a news crew repeatedly until the police finally arrive to escort him away.



  • ZZMike

    “… they could stay around the clock for a week,…”

    Futile. It’s far too late now. They should have been carried out bodily a long time ago. Portland Mayor Adams told them they’d have to leave by midnight Sunday, but went on to say how much he agrees with their protests. So if they don’t leave Sunday, they’ll definitely have to go Tuesday. Or next week some time.

    All the businesses affected should sue the OWS group, their enablers (like the SEIU), and the cities for failing to provide protection. I heard that some of the Tea Party groups are suing their cities for the fees they had to pay, on the grounds that the OWS people didn’t pay anything.

    Some businesses were severely affected. There was property damage and lost revenue.

    If We the People let the OWS group get away with it, they’ll only come back in greater numbers next time.

  • there-in is the decider. and now these protests have grown. at every large city. with no mutual agenda or targeted venue. best of which is “just plain-old fed up”and now what? there will be more perhaps a gain in number of protesters. perhaps they will find the real direction that they think they “stand for”. or under the martial law of which this all fueled, they be herded into FEMA camps that were built 5years ago for this very purpose. sounds like a plot? perhaps…

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