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I am in need of someone willing to manage the backroom software aspects of Behind the Black. My first software designer found he no longer had the time to do it, and the person I found to replace him decided suddenly that he didn’t like my political opinions and unless I wrote my opinions the way he liked he couldn’t do it.

The work wouldn’t be difficult nor very time consuming, but there are several areas of the website software that need cleaning up. If you are familiar with WordPress and website design and would like to help me keep this website up and running, please comment here. I will email you immediately.

This post will remain at the top of the site for the rest of today.



  • michael


    My name is Michael and I can assure you I love listening to your political opinions on John Batchelor!
    I enjoy the website very much and would love to help out.
    I’m fluent in HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, and am learning Python and a few more tricks.
    You can reach me at the email above or 917.407.2145
    I look forward to speaking with you.

    Keep up the good work and have a great day

    Michael Kuligowski

  • mike shupp

    Well, sh–! I don’t care a whole lot for your political views either, but you’re not a maniac, I don’t
    have evidence that you’re deliberately cruel, and we’ve got some interests in common. I’d be
    really upset if your website vanished because someone decided, in effect, to censor it from existence.
    I can’t help beyond good wishes, unfortunately — I think a working website needs more internet
    skills than I possess — but I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, and if an agnostic can say such a
    thing, you’ll be in my prayers.

    Good luck, Mr. Zimmerman. Carry on, please, for all of us.

  • Well, thank you much for the kind words, especially coming from someone with whom I know disagrees with me strongly at times.

  • Maybe you can talk to Steven Goddard at He’s a software guy who was recently looking for work, and has political views similar to yours.

  • If Michael’s efforts don’t pan out, my crew has the required skills.

    ProxyIT is an IT Operations shop. We can provide any element, including hosting, to keep your site running.

    I T

    John Bosch
    650 207 3204

  • 19 years website design experience including teaching college class on WordPress and website design. can help you out no problem.

  • Thunderbunny

    “the person I found to replace him decided suddenly that he didn’t like my political opinions and unless I wrote my opinions the way he liked he couldn’t do it.”

    That is just insane. Sounds like a typical leftist. They claim tolerance- but don’t practice it do they?

    I’m sure you’ll find a skilled website developer to help you Robert. (I run my business website using wordpress as well.)

    – TB

  • DK Williams

    I wish you luck in finding the right person, Bob.

  • Patrick Ritchie

    Bob: i’ve done plenty of this kind of work in the past, I don’t have the bandwidth to take this on long term but if you need immediate help or advice I would be happy to assist.

  • Michael Green

    Well I think your political opinions and the manner with which you let them be known are spot on lovely. I always look forward to reading/hearing what you have to say.

  • James Stephens

    I would enjoy assisting you. However I would need to know specifically what you require before knowing whether or not I can assist you. I probably can. The best of luck in any event.


  • TimArth

    Robert – I am just curious if you were able to find anyone here to help you out.

  • Of those who commented, two individuals replied to my emails. I have just come to an agreement with one, Shane Rolin of Amixa. Sometime in the next month the site should undergo a major change as we bring the software up to date.

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