“We’re not gonna move.”

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Watch the video below the fold as a string of university officials from Southern Oregon University harass several students whose only action is standing on the sidewalk and handing out Constitutions.

It made me very proud to watch these college students defy authority to defend their very clear constitutional rights. The school wanted them to move to the very small restricted “Free Speech Zone”. The students refused, noting that the Constitution and Bill of Rights essentially designates the entire U.S. a free speech zone. The students also refused to give their names to one official, noting that they were uncomfortable doing that. Since the official had no authority to take their names, the official had to back down.

In the end, the school did nothing to them, and they remained on the sidewalk, handing Constitutions out of fellow Americans. Kudos to them all! We need more Americans willing to stand up like this and not be cowed.



  • Tom Billings

    There is no “Oregon University. There exists a “University of Oregon”, in Eugene, Oregon. They are just this level of bureaucratic coercives. Regulations don’t need clear reasons, because they are “policy”. Policy is there to keep non-progressive groups from making trouble for other progressive-biased groups and attitudes.

    Also, one excuse is that others will be much more rowdy, ….you know, like the left was when they took over campuses in the period 1965-75. “Other challenges”, is the phrase used. They don’t want a repeat of that in the opposite direction. Repetition and threats of police enforcement, and lists of people who might be offended, or are offended are not uncommon.

  • wodun

    The university needs to investigate whether these professors are punishing students in class for their political views.

  • I have corrected the post. I had left out the word “Southern” in the title of Southern Oregon University. Thanks!

  • Jake

    The whole of United States is a free speech zone!

    Congrats to this kids. I’m proud of them!

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