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Why the public continues to lose faith with the medical community

Sudden collapse
One of many sudden public collapses.
Click for full video.

An op-ed today in the New York Post tried to explain why the medical and health community lost the confidence of so much of the public after the COVID epidemic. According to Marc Siegal, a doctor and news pundit (or as described in his bio line at the end of the essay, “a clinical professor of medicine and medical director of Doctor Radio at NYU Langone Health and a Fox News medical analyst”), the distrust was caused by the effort of the Biden administration to force the COVID jab on everyone through mandates while squelching any dissent or discussions of potential risks.

To Siegal, this effort to make believe the jab carried no risks at all was seen from the start as a lie, and has since been proven so. Better to have been honest from the start, Siegal says, so that patients could make up their own minds with all the facts in hand.

The way Siegal couches his language in his op-ed, however, only increases this distrust.

Now we have research data from the Global Vaccine Data Network that detail exactly what risks accompany the COVID vaccines. The study found what has been shown previously in smaller studies — that side effects from the vaccines are mostly mild, but they aren’t non-existent. The study showed an association between the mRNA vaccines and rare myocarditis, and between the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine — which was never approved for use in the United States — and pericarditis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and other neurological complications. The Moderna mRNA vaccine was also associated with a slight increased risk of brain swelling.

Conspiracy theorists will take this as vindication. [emphasis mine]

Siegal is doing exactly the same thing as the Biden administration and the health community during the COVID panic. Note the highlighted phrases. He repeatedly minimizes the risks from the jab, even though the very risks he describes, while rare, are so serious and life-threatening that they make getting the jab a very bad idea, ever.

Consider this: You are the parent of a young son, under the age of 30. The data says there is a small chance he could get myocarditis and die should he get the jab. At the same time, the data also says that the jab is somewhat ineffective in preventing someone from getting COVID. In addition, should your son get COVID the data also tells us that the chances it will kill him are literally nil. Nor am I exaggerating. COVID does not kill any healthy young people. Like the flu, it is only life-threatening to the aged, the very ill, or the obese.

Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, victim of the jab
Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, as seen in an Israeli
2020 community service commercial
the jab for young children

Would you, knowing these facts, ever have any young people get the jab? No, you wouldn’t. But Siegal perpetuates the earlier lies by making believe the risks are low, when in truth though the risks are rare they are also very serious and in fact deadly for some. For example, an 8-year-old Israeli boy died of a heart attack only three years after he was used as the poster child to convince parents to have their children jabbed.

According to reports, Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, grandson of a distinguished physician in Beit El, Dr. Mati Erlichman, “died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest while taking a bath.” The 8-year-old boy is said to have “slipped under the water after his heart suddenly stopped beating, causing him to drown.” After being rushed to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, Yonatan died a few days later on September 28.

It was unheard of for an 8-year-old to even get a heart attack before COVID and the COVID shots. Yet now such things are relatively common, and horrifying.

Siegal is like most of the elitist health community, which still refuses to admit how wrong it was about COVID, from day one, in almost every way. Some still insist on the use of masks, though they don’t work. Some (like Siegal) still advocate the jab, though it doesn’t really work either. All still overstate the risks from COVID, which began as simply another flu strain that has now devolved into another version of the common cold.

And this health community still tries to minimize the risks of the COVID jab, even as it routinely overstates its usefulness.

Rather than admit error, this community, whom Siegal now epitomizes, issues mealy-mouthed equivocations that while more or less correct are designed to hide their stupidity and error, while simultaneously describing everyone who disagrees (“Conspiracy theorists” to use Siegal’s slander) fools and barbarians.

They need to stop playing these games. The public sees the truth, and everytime some doctor like Siegal does this it only worsens the situation.

Right now, the best medical advice for everyone is this: Take everything your doctor tells you with great skepticism, especially if that doctor was an advocate of masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and the jab during the COVID panic, and even more especially if that doctor still considers such actions effective. Your doctor doesn’t use his brain as clearly as he should, which means he might be putting you at risk when he does use it.

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  • Joe

    This would not have been a ‘pandemic’ at all if we had done the right thing. Isolate those who are high risk and let the virus burn itself out. All viruses eventually evolve to milder version since killing the host is not a viable strategy long term.

    Would people still die? Yes, but not the same people.

    If this had been killing healthy people en-masse, then some of the steps taken MAY have been warranted. Forcing people to get a vaccine is not one of them.

  • Joe and all: If you do a search for “pandemic” on BtB, and take the time to read the posts that come up, you will discover that I have never used that fake made-up scare-word created by the govenment in the early 2000s during the second Bush administration. Its only reason for existing is to make epidemics seem worse than they are.

    COVID was an epidemic, just like the Spanish flu. It covered the world, spreading everywhere. That’s what a epidemic is.

  • Robert:

    I had thought that a pandemic was an epidemic that crossed continental boundaries. My print Funk & Wagnalls (1980) includes the word. Per CDC, the word was first used in the 2nd century AD, and appeared in print in 1666, although initial usage was as a synonym for ‘epidemic’. It appears that the Spanish Flu solidified the use of the word in the popular press.,during%20the%2019th%20century%20until

  • Blair Ivey: The word “pandemic” might have existed before 2000, but in my long life I never heard it or saw it in print until Bush Jr. was President, when the press pushed the term in trying to gin up panics over bird flu and then SARS. It didn’t work then, as the pubic saw through that propanda.

    Sadly, it worked in 2020.

  • John

    It’s sad that the public will no longer trust anything from the CDC or WHO. I am not implying that they deserve trust, only that they should have a legitimate purpose as non-corrupt apolitical institutions in a functioning society. It’s terrible what those people have done to pretty much everything, including the medical community.

  • James Street

    So after forcing people to choose between getting the shot or ruining their careers and lives, forbidding family members from seeing a dying loved one, destroying the educational system with nutty ideas like distance learning… now these evil monsters want to just sweep it all under the carpet.

    “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty by Emily Oster”

    I haven’t placed any significance on the stories of increased illnesses since the shots because I haven’t witnessed it personally. But in the last few months I’ve had 5 or 6 fairly close people get seriously ill. The 24 year old girlfriend of a coworker went to the doctor for migraine headaches and it is an aggressive brain tumor. A friend in his 50s who had a stroke and is struggling to relearn how to talk, walk, feed himself.

  • Jason

    Expect this cycle to be repeated over and over for various institutions in the near future. They lie, and then whine about how nobody trusts them anymore, and then look to the federal government for “help”.

    Medical associations, press, DOJ, Pentagon, courts – wash, rinse, repeat

    Never does it occur to them that they’ve brought this “lack of trust” on themselves deservedly, or that they should perhaps attempt to treat their fellow citizens like fully functional adults capable of rational self determination. No, just keep lying to us “for our own good”

  • MJMJ

    I actually saw Siegal as my PCP last year (first and last time). He urged me to get the bivalent booster, but never considered the fact that I already had Covid, which removes any benefit of a booster. The fact that he is not aware of this is ridiculous. It’s unreal that this guy is allowed to go on TV and give advice.

  • MJMJ

    Ok, now I just read Siegal’s OpEd. He says “I bring these vaccines out during doctor visits, and I discuss the pros and cons with my patients while the vaccines are being displayed.” Well, we had no such discussion. “You should get the booster” was all he said to me. “I’m done with this vaccine” I replied. End of discussion.
    To be fair, I am not sure if he was advocating giving me the booster right then and there (would have been my fourth shot in total – the first 3 were required at my work place), but he’s as dogmatic a physician as I have come across, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

  • MJMJ: You confirm, from personal knowledge, my interpretation of Siegal. My impression grew from the language of his op-ed, most clearly illustrated when he was so nonchalantly willing to call those who might disagree with the COVID accepted propaganda as “conspiracy theorists.” What a smug and contempteous attitude, I thought, especially since so many of those “conspiracies” have been found to be right, and the accepted propaganda has been found to be wrong.

  • Max

    Vaccine study with 99 million participants. Everything claimed that the vaccine was doing to people is true… except the part where it kept you from getting coronavirus.

    News reports that this peer reviewed study reveals that you are 18 times more likely to die from the vaccine than the virus. Also in the news, Pfizer is buying up drug companies that treat cancer… Their stockholders are happy because the company will make trillions from treating the symptoms and side effects of the vaccine, for which once it’s in your body, there is no cure… Just symptom treatments.

  • Max

    Forgot to mention it’s 40 minutes.
    She also sounds like the Z man… Using similar language for inhumane behavior of the people who set this up on us. I believe the article was posted, or one similar to it, in the journal of vaccine.

  • Max

    With sudden adult death syndrome, heart attacks and strokes, or usual fast growing cancers called turbo cancer… they are still seeing blood clots as a major cause of early death. Morticians have a difficult time getting the formaldehyde in the bloodstream when removing the blood. Here’s Campbell with the latest on the subject asking if the strange blood clots and micro clots is over?
    (it is so odd to hear him and his guest dance around certain words that they know will be sorted out by AI to ban this video) don’t watch if you’re squeamish.

    Part one where John Campbell interviews the mortician.

    Keep in mind that his theme is, this has never been seen before 2021… A new unexplained pathology possibly growing inside of everyone who receive shots.

  • We spoke about it.

    We warned about it.

    We studied it and were immersed in the data in trying to understand it.

    And hopefully we will be wrong about it and what the potentials might be related to it.

    Top International Virologist Issues Dire Warning: “Massive, Massive Tsunami of Death Among Highly Vaccinated…is Imminent” | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

    CHILLING, a prediction by someone who apparently has the knowledge and experience to make it.

    Stand by.

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