Faron Young – Sweet Dreams

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An evening pause: From a 1956 television show, with all the cheesiness that goes with it.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace.



  • LocalFluff

    My pause now is women’s curling championship. That’s a sport of my liking. Not climbing caves or hunting balls or pucks or in anyway breaking a sweat. Even if a curler breaks a sweat, because of the excitement(?), there’s ice around to cool it off. It’s meditative and even sedative to watch. This has to have been invented in Scotland, there’s no other possible explanation.

    Sweden-USA, and they started the game by playing the German national anthem! Deutschland Deutschland über alles (und unter See). The players didn’t react, I suppose they don’t know the difference.

  • LocalFluff

    What about Elvis Presley? I don’t hear much of him anymore. You can’t keep on posting historical music videos and keep omitting the king.

  • Joe

    How does one make a suggestion for an evening pause, I think I have one that is interesting.

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