In Idaho Falls, ready for the eclipse

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Diane and I just arrived at our hotel in Idaho Falls, getting here about an hour earlier than expected because the roads were clear. Nor was I surprised. The typical Chicken-Little panic of government officials in this age is usually wrong, and almost always over-stated. Things look very normal here, with no big traffic jams or crowds. I do expect that tomorrow during the eclipse it will be like a party, as everyone in this hotel is here specifically for it. (I know this because this La Quinta charged premium rates for this event, something they were completely justified in doing. The result however is that it guaranteed that everyone here was here because they were willing to pay the rate.)

Anyway, this only proves again what I’ve written many times. Don’t let fear be your guide. Use your brains and be smart. When something exciting interests you, do it.

The hotel is offering a complementary potato bar dinner for its guests, so off we go to eat.



  • Peggy Heath

    Hi, Bob! Long-time listener on the John Batchelor show, and this is my first query. I really enjoyed watching about 75% coverage in North Texas, and hope you enjoyed totality. My question, sir, is this: at around 50%, I noticed what I believe was a shift toward the blue end of the visible spectrum. I haven’t been able to find an explanation/verification of this, but that was the quickest headache I’ve ever gotten. I’m pretty sensitive to blue light, and wore blue blockers for the rest of the event.

    What was that?

    Thanks, Bob! I’m looking forward to hearing your comments on the eclipse.

    Peggy Heath
    Heath, Rockwall County, North Texas

  • BSJ

    We had spectacular views at our location in Southern Illinois, Fort de Chartres. Not Carbondale! 2min 38sec…

    Was a little slow in Red Bud at ‘THE’ 4-way stop in town. Much more so afterwards. Many hundreds of cars in line. Slow but almost constantly in motion… They sure didn’t come from the site I was at. But Red Bud advertised they were having an “eclipse party”.

    Gota say that was the most spectacular astronomical site I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait until 2024. My house is on the center line. 3min 30seconds!

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