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1-in-5 Democrats and 1-in-3 women Democrats think men can get pregnant

The uncertainty of science? An online survey has found that large numbers of self-described Democrats now believe that it is possible for a man to give birth to babies.

The online survey, conducted by WPA Intelligence from August 22-25, found 22% of Democrats agreed with the statement, “Some men can get pregnant.” The percentage rose when only including women, and a whopping 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats concurred. [emphasis mine]

There is no uncertainty here. Men cannot get pregnant, and to believe it is possible tells us that you are either insane, or utterly disconnected from the real world.

The highlighted words underline the madness that is overtaking our intellectual upper classes. More than one-third of college educated Democrat women believe this. No wonder these same people wear masks, get triple and quadruple COVID jabs, and want any evidence that they are wrong censored with the speakers blackballed. They have become so divorced from reality that to even let a peep of it enter their brains will cause their heads to explode.

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  • Nunya Business

    Almost as bad as republicans who believe whatever Trump says….

  • pzatchok

    Just like global warmers.

    If enough believe it it must be true.

    And Nunya.
    Please point out those who do exactly that.

  • James Street

    One of my favorite memes: Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel (born Richard ) Levine with the text “You must accept the science”

  • pzatchok

    All hail science!!!!

  • Cotour

    Yeah, sure.

    And if you ask them if they agree with abortion up to the moment of birth they will in the same numbers or higher agree.

    Right. (They are full of crap, and they are being intellectually dishonest and toting the party line. Total CRAP!)

    Draw the rational (If possible) line, use this graphic chart to help you. They are all liars.

  • James Street

    Oh, and this meme also featuring “Rachel”

  • Cotour

    Now That! Is a good lookin “Woman”.

    But not a good lookin woman. Sorry, there is a difference, and no number of contortions can make it otherwise.

    And I have no animosity against “her” for being differently oriented, none whatsoever. I wish “her” well.

    Just remember: Political Correctness kills everyone who chooses to delude themselves.

    Why? Because it does not reflect real reality. And if you choose to ignore real reality you have condemned yourself to an early death, you will be eaten.

  • Cotour

    Just teach mutual respect and not hatred, racism and retribution.

    But the radical Left among us (D) don’t do that, they promote and teach the exact opposite.

    And that is where the Left, the Democrats among us attempt to maintain their hold on political power, and it is pure Marxist doctrine.

  • wayne


    “Rachel Levine, Assistant Heath Secretary, Gets It…”
    Tim Dillon Show (January 2021)

  • GaryMike

    “1-in-5 Democrats and 1-in-3 women Democrats think men can get pregnant.”

    1-in-5 = 20% male/female
    1-in-3 = 33% female

    2/3rds of that 20% are Democrat males that think they can get pregnant.

    I would imagine that anatomy/biology is no longer taught in schools.

    Nuke the teacher unions.

  • David

    Was it a scientific poll or just an uncontrolled online survey? The Daily Caller article doesn’t say unless I overlooked something.

    Wonder how my fellow Republicans would have faired…

  • Cotour


    It does not matter what format or controls were involved in this survey, its ALL crap, its all lies by weak minded humans who are a direct threat to themselves and all others.

    Lies, and when questioned for 2 minutes that fact is revealed.

    I know, I have done multiple times in the real world.

  • Cotour

    And here is an example of just how unserious these people are:

    “Meet Joe Biden’s National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator”

    Why these what appear to me to be damaged in a multiple of ways people believe that it is essential that they bring their sexuality into their workplace is but one more example of just how self-centered and operating in another reality.

    Your “Progressive” and Politically Correct”? Then you are a danger to yourself and others.

    What you do in your private life is your business and having the need to bring your sexuality into your job environment, especially if you are a teacher who is compelled to do so and involve young children is an illness IMO.

    Grown adults of any orientation looking to children to validate their lifestyle or sexuality and in an attempt to indoctrinate them into accepting it is a form of pedophilia IMO.

    And that is what the parents of America are witness to and they I suspect will be commenting strongly on the issue in the coming midterm elections.

    I think that is certain. (That is unless the level of technology involved in our election systems in key states is compromised, which is a reasonable expectation. By any means necessary means just that. Up to and including murder)

  • Col Beausabre

    Remember, they are “the party of science” as opposed to the ignorant, fools who believe in myth and lies

  • Edward

    Col Beausabre,
    You wrote: “Remember, they are ‘the party of science’ as opposed to the ignorant, fools who believe in myth and lies

    But, they are following The Science. Here is an exhaustive list of The Science papers proving once and for all, despite thousands of years of actual experience, that men can not only get pregnant but can give live birth to babies:

  • “Just teach mutual respect . . ”

    Hey, that used to be a thing. If you look at the American and Western political landscape, it is astonishing how quickly in-your-face intolerance has replaced the Progressive finger-waving ‘tolerance’. The past several years have seen an asymptotic increase in Government power grabs. All of the Economy must be under our control. Natural processes (and this is one) tend to follow natural log curves, and, hoo boy, are we on the steep part of this one.

    The wave will crest and break, and another Age of Benightment will follow. Problem is, this time there will be a lot fewer natural resources to dig ourselves out with.

  • Almost as bad as republicans who believe whatever Trump says….

    Well, many Europeans are worse off today for not listening to Trump’s warnings about becoming dependent upon Russia for their energy.

    And we are worse off today, because Joe Biden didn’t listen to Trump on energy and immigration policy, going out of his way to do the opposite of what Trump recommended and implemented because Orange Man Bad.




  • Cotour


    The Left / Democrat party machine must have division and clearly drawn tribal lines and they accomplish that by teaching racism, retribution and hatred. Hatred is the Lefts legacy.

    Teach mutual respect? An outrage!

    The only answer is that the people rise up and rectify it all as best as they can over time.

    And we wait.

  • David

    Well, after a review of WPA Intelligence site and information on their clients, payments, etc., I think I see why the “poll” only focused on D’s. Their clients appear to be largely R’s. Which is completely fine of course, but that was not noted in the Daily Wire article or here.

    BTW, WPAi site has parts that may not be secure, which is most curious to say the least. Or so my browser kept warning.

    Still don’t know the answer to my questions. Was it a real poll or simply an uncontrolled, unscientific survey of little practical use other than to generate ‘clicks’ and attention? Why only D’s (or respondents who identified as D)? What about R’s or I’s?

    Than again, I’m not a journalist.

  • sippin_bourbon

    They know the truth, but they parrot the Latest Thing, because they have to.

    I believe the term that is appropriate is “useful idiot”.

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