10 years after concealed weapons law, the fearful claims of opponents turn out false

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Ten years after the passage of concealed carry laws, the fearful claims of opponents are proven false.

During the debate, opponents of the change warned of gun-toting, trigger-happy citizens loose on the streets. But violent crimes have been rare among carrying a concealed weapon license holders. Only 2% of license holders have been sanctioned for any kind of misbehavior, State Police records show.

Not that the facts matter to these anti-gun advocates:

Still, anti-gun activists say changing the law was a grave mistake. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Web site describes state reforms like the one enacted in Michigan as “a recipe for disaster.”



  • Bill Blomberg

    Citizens that feel compelled to protect themselves by going through the proper channels to register their weapons, undergo training and work within the confines of the law will be the sort of folks who use weapons as a last resort anyway. The anti-carrying camp’s arguments are shortsighted and flawed.

    The mentality of a violent offender using a weapon is such that they will use/obtain the gun one way or another, and the rest of us seeking to protect ourselves don’t deserve to be placed with this group.

  • Can someone explain why liberals villify law-abiding citizens and sympathize with criminals?

  • i am pretty sure eventually smart phones will have guns in them . who ever saw camera’s being added to the phone i think the gun could be a huge hit

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