11-year-old threatened with expulsion for virtual gun

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Madness: An 11-year-old has been threatened with expulsion for bringing a virtual gun to a virtual school.

In listening to the audio of the talk radio report, the school demanded the boy change his avatar because it included an image of a pistol, and is now rushing to craft a policy that would outlaw gun images in the future. Not only is this insane, it would be a violation of the first amendment.



  • wodun

    They can’t ban real guns so they are banning all other forms of guns. Perhaps they hope that by the time a kid gets out of public school aka Democrat boot camp, that the brainwashing will be enough to finally have the public support to ban real guns. And of course there will be a lot of people along the way who will become thought criminals.

  • joe

    You are correct, this is brainwashing and mind control, one more way to do a back door to ban real guns.

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