170 million guns purchased, crime drops by half

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More guns, less crime: According to federal government data Americans have purchased more than 170 million guns since 1991, and in that time violent crime has dropped 51 percent.

This evidence strongly suggests that the presence of guns in the hands of honest Americans helps to reduce violence. And while there are many factors contributing to the fall in crime, many which have nothing to do with the purchase of guns by Americans, the statistics here should not be ignored. Gun control advocates always argue that if gun limits are reduced, a blood-bath will follow. This claim has always been proven false, and these statistics do so again.



  • Rene Borbon

    When I served in the Navy, in Afghanistan, on FOB Wilson, everyone was armed except the Afghan National Army. Everyone inside the base behaved because everyone was armed. The only shooters were the Taliban, outside the base, of course.

    Common sense and experience shows armed lawful citizens makes for good citizens. The 2nd Amendment is a God given right to self defense. God given, not government or politician given right to the citizens.

    None of the commissioned officers or non commissioned officers like me, that I know, believe otherwise. And none of us would follow an unlawful order to forcibly unarm the citizens we serve.

  • Hondo

    Crime is a highly localized phenomena with clearly defined demographic overtones. Hows that for waltzing thru a minefield with no evident micro-aggressions.

    The gun issue is ultra-hot. Maybe best for other sites to handle, so we can concentrate our talks elsewhere. Just saying.

    And I am a raving conservative gun nut – who loves science.

  • Cotour

    Sorry, but the firearm issue is just as much a part of the ongoing conversation as anything else related to politics and the Constitution. Understanding the issue PROPERLY is fundamental to understanding the Constitution. “Crime” is a part of the conversation but the firearm issues goes even further, much, much further.

    The firearm issue is not so much “ultra hot” as it is ultra fundamental. Push it aside and only discuss it in the “appropriate” venues and you diminish and push the entire Constitution aside, it does not exist without it. So the conversation belongs here and it belongs everywhere where such things are discussed.

    Space, science, physics, politics, human nature, capitalism, any ism, its all interconnected, nothing should be off the table.

  • hondo

    Come on now! You know exactly what I meant by it here. I suspect we are all shooters here.

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