29 Republicans and all Democrats vote to kill Senate balanced budget proposal

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Apropos of my post earlier today: In the Senate yesterday twenty-nine Republicans and every Democrat voted to kill a balanced budget proposal offered by Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky).

Paul’s plan would have reduced spending by $404.8 billion in the fiscal year that starts October 1. After the budget balanced in five years, spending would be held to 1 percent increases per year, resulting in a budget that was 14.6 percent bigger in 10 years that it is now.

This very mild proposal to trim the equivalent of a penny from every dollar spent was too much for these spend-thrifts. The article at the link lists all 29 Republicans who voted against it, all of whom were liars when they said during their campaigns that they support a balanced budget, fiscal responsibility, and smaller government.

Let me repeat it so no one has any doubts about what I mean: These Senators are liars. They didn’t misconstrue the facts. Their statements weren’t misguided. They simply lied during their campaigns, and they have so done repeatedly.

The only saving grace about this story is that the trend has been to replace these crooks. Since 2010 the voters have been favoring candidates who mean what they say, on both sides of the aisle. And the result has been an increase in the numbers of real conservatives in Congress. Their influence is growing.

We also might be getting outright socialists and communists elected on the Democratic side, but at least they are being honest about who they are, unlike the lying Democrats who in the past were also outright socialists or communists, but tried to hide their beliefs behind equally offensive lies.

This honesty will maybe finally allow us to deal with the issue of the out-of-control federal budget. Or it will bankrupt us with more legislators willing to spend money like it is water. In the latter case, however, the result will be because this is what the American people choose to do, rather than being deceived by their leaders. And if that is what we choose, then at least we will deserve the hell we bring down upon ourselves.



  • Orion314

    As a former USAF member, i earned the right to say “if they would start with the military budget, it would be so much money for the american people, they would be shocked stupid’ The idea that the american taxpayer funds a military with a budget larger than the next 10 foreign militaries combined, well, it is a million miles past insanity road. Its not just weapons systems, go on any Army post, and it will look like a Obama affirmative action program gone wild. In my day, i never met or heard of an illiterate officer, or even an enlisted man . Now , they are everywhere. If the balloon ever goes up , US army posts will be the 1st to tank,, the fall of Rome ring a bell?

  • vonmazur

    The Chiromancy of the money manipulators would not work if the budget was balanced. The Senators who voted against it are on the payroll of those who need this to continue.

  • Commodude

    Orion, literacy cannot be judged by superficial means.

    I retired from the US Army in 2008, and never dealt with an illiterate soldier. Modern military equipment is exceedingly complex, and cannot be operated by illiterates. Even the lowly grunt is a walking computer.

    Our military budget is what it is, and could be cut, but the “Next X number militaries” include Russia and China whose military budgets are what the kleptocracies say they are, and have no true valuation in terms of real economic standards. China’s actual military budget has GOT to be somewhat on par with the US budget, given the sheer mass of the Chinese military and their numerous R&D projects cloaked as private ventures.

    I’ll be the first person to clal for a reduction in spending, but please, let’s have the discussion from a rational standpoint. Even Jackie Fischer wouldn’t use the level of absurd hyperbole you’re employing. Our soldiers deserve more than to be insulted by someone who has no earthly clue of what they speak.

  • Phill O

    I am worried that these RINOs will kill the border security basing it on the DACA (?) arguments.

    I would like to say “Yes, they are killing a great country”, but that gets one into a discussion of what a great country is. I am will to debate that.

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