3D printing and how it will change what things look like

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Link here. The article not only outlines some of the newer developments in 3D printing, it gives a nice look at how that technology is literally going to change what the things it builds look like.

Simple shapes are popular in human designs because they’re easy. Easy to design, especially with CAD, and easy to manufacture in a world where manufacturing means taking a big block or sheet of something, and machining a shape out of it, or pouring metals into a mold.

But manufacturing is starting to undergo a revolutionary change as 3D printing moves toward commercially competitive speeds and costs. And where traditional manufacturing incentivizes the simplest shapes, additive manufacturing is at its fastest and cheapest when you use the least possible material for the job. That’s a really difficult way for a human to design – but fairly easy, as it turns out, for a computer. And super easy for a giant network of computers.

The result: a stronger object, less weight, and less cost.


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  • Cotour

    3D additive / CNC manufacturing is analogous to biological structure creation, construction from the inside out.

    In all of time man has built the structures he / she has lived in and the tools and devices that have been made to be used in the world have all been made exactly in the opposite way, from the outside. All architecture has been focused on straight lines, beams, columns, most all at 90 degrees and level etc. All of these new structures, tools and devices will now have a biological character to them.

    3D printing turns everything upside down and backwards, and that is probably a very good thing.

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