44 days for first round of hearings on TMT

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Stonewalling: Hawaiian officials have just completed the first round of hearings for deciding whether to issue a new construction permit for building the Thirty Meter Telescope, and those hearings stretched out for 44 days and cost nearly $225K.

Will that allow for a new permit? Don’t bet on it.

The hearings officer will recommend whether the state land board should grant a construction permit for the Thirty Meter Telescope. If there are exceptions filed to the hearings officer’s recommendations, the land board will hear arguments before issuing a written decision.

In other words, the state will allow the telescope’s opponents to force another set of hearings that could likely last as long.

As I’ve said before, it is time to tell Hawaii to go to hell. The state, run by Democrats, is obviously taking sides in opposition to the telescope, though they are trying to hide that fact. If the consortium wants to build this telescope on time, they need to find a place interested in having them. Let Hawaii keep its barren and empty mountain, even if it means the state will be poorer and less connected with the cutting edge of science.



  • Steve

    I thought the Democrat Party was the party of science?

    I agree, though. They need to find another home for their telescope.

  • Orion314

    Why is it still thought that primitive cultures from the dark ages are compatible with the 21st century? I think Hawaii should be the site of the TMT , and while I rarely agree with the concept of ’eminent domain” , in this case , the hammer should fall on our most culturally worthless state.

  • pzatchok

    Just find a way to claim its for Climate Change research.

    The very people opposing it now will gladly help finance it.

  • Orion314

    capital idea!

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