72 absurd items Obamacare requires your health insurance to cover.

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72 absurd items Obamacare requires your health insurance to cover.

Want to know why Obamacare has forced premiums to skyrocket? Besides forcing insurance companies to provide insurance to those already sick, the law also requires everyone to get the services listed in the article above, most of which no one wants.

I am so glad the Democrats forced this law upon us, and then shut the government down so that it would go into effect on time!


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One comment

  • Cotour

    One of the reasons that I tend to despise BS “intellectuals” like Thomas Freidman. In his latest article he seems willing to overthrow any hint of American Constitutionality for the “dream” of Obamacare for HIS approximation of what HE believes the economy should or will look like. When do these people in their belief system attempt to express / articulate that the Constitution and its concepts are primary and then you figure out how the future will play out.


    Because they do not think that way and have left the tenets of the Constitution behind long ago and trade them for their “more informed” interpretation of what America “should be”. What an un-American, globalist, elitest pile of crap Freidman!


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