8 times FBI colluded with Democrats during election

Link here. The author carefully summarizes what we now know about the partnership between the upper management at the FBI and CIA with the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The intelligence bureaucracies spied on the Donald Trump campaign: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants were granted because of a Hillary Clinton-funded and unverified document, national-security letters were issued to allow warrantless spying, and the unprecedented but not-illegal-per-se unmasking of Trump officials’ conversations with non-U.S. persons was shockingly routine.

Yet the news of a CIA-connected human source operating as far back as April or May of 2016 is about more than just spying. It is the latest example in what now looks to be a long line of attempted setups by the Clinton team, many times aided and abetted by our intelligence bureaucracies.

These events should anger any red blooded American who believes in representative democracy and the importance of the rule of law.

He then details eight examples, all well documented, where the leadership at the FBI and CIA worked hand-in-glove with the Democratic Party to help throw the election to Hillary Clinton, and failing that worked to invalidate the election results by trying to manufacture evidence that would justify removing Trump from office.

A large number of people should face prison terms for this. And it appears that at least one, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, fears this possibility greatly.


  • wodun

    Democrats gave speeches and sent official letters, Obama implied he wanted action, and dutiful bureaucrats did the rest.

    It is impossible that Obama didn’t order the IRS to target dissidents. Tea Party groups were not the only ones targeted, Jewish and pro-life groups were too. That Jewish groups were targeted is an important point because at the time, Obama was trying to get the Iran deal done and these groups stood in his way. The targeting of these groups supported his administration’s efforts outside of the IRS, which means the targeting didn’t originate in the IRS.

    It is also impossible that Obama didn’t know what the NSA, FBI, CIA, and State Department were doing to the Trump campaign. The text messages between the FBI lovebirds prove it and so does the Powers email to herself. It is shocking that the most powerful government agencies were abused in this way but it is even more shocking that the media is complicit in all of this. The media were/are active participants.

    As we learn more, it appears the Obama administration started their operation to rig the election far earlier than what was thought, possibly before Trump announced his candidacy or shortly after. Since Trump was such a dark horse, we have to assume that his campaign was not the only one the Obama administration went after. This wasn’t about Trump but about rigging the election, so what did they do to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio?

    From the texts released, it also looks like the Obama administration planned a coup in the event a Republican won. I don’t think we have ever seen corruption like this in our country’s history and the media is doing their best to bury the story because they were knowing/willing participants.

  • eddie willers

    so what did they do to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio?

    Keep in mind that our choice for President in 2004 was either a Bonesman from Yale or a Bonesman from Yale.

    Trump was the only true outsider who didn’t come up through party mechanisms. His only contact with these guys was through bribes. (I mean, ahem, campaign donations)

    I think anybody else (even Cruz…just look at Trey Gowdy) would have played ball.

  • Phill O

    Wodun, your comments are far reaching, and, I think, are true.

    What scares me is the distancing by Ryan and Gowdy. The draining of the swamp has consequences!

  • Cotour

    It will be the degree of political realm massaging and accommodation, which I believe we are witnessing Gowdy and Ryan setting up, that will outrage many. But it will happen as the pressure of undeniable evidence of corruption and collusion against the leadership of those in the Obama administration and government law enforcement agencies which they oversaw is brought to bear.

    The question will be to what degree? Too far and the Democrat party to a great extent will truly be destroyed, and I do not believe that that will be allowed to happen to the extent that many here would like. Political warfare and control in America requires two opponents and if one would take their advantage all the way to the limit and finish off the other it is just not acceptable.


    A 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 will do for me.

  • Max

    A new twist to the Papadopoulos story, being pressured perhaps forced to be a spy for large sums of money. By the same people that gave us the dossier. To use him to plant evidence?

    This one is BIG! They found a major leak.
    The aid of the Intel committee, Wolfe, was having an affair with the New York Times reporter giveing her information to help her career along. To give himself a sense of excitement. Emails show that he was willfully giving her sensitive and classified information so that she would have the scoop on everyone else and further her career.

    It appears the FBI is reneging on their promise to handover records that would incriminate themselves. Their “contempt of Congress” is loud and clear.
    Leaks in the FBI have told the investigators to hang on their copies that they have because they are busy in the FBI changing the official record. To downplay the official involvement and to remove their active role in helping Hillary and Obama. As long as the investigation is still focused on Trump, there will be no investigation with the true crimes that have been committed making many members of Congress and the Senate and the presidency very rich.
    It’s a three ring circus with FBI trying to keep our attention in the center ring with no entertainment on the floor, there is nothing there. Even with the announcer (media) yelling for attention as loud as they can, there’s nothing In the invisible act to hold our interest.

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