A 30-year government science fraud exposed

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Link here. And guess what? It has nothing to do with global warming!



  • mpthompson

    There are powerful lobbies with deep vested interests on both sides of the cholesterol argument. Given the way our government works, when one lobby gets an upper-hand over the other, policies begin to sway in one direction or another. Therefore, the safest course of action by any individual is to ignore government recommendations and learn enough to draw your own conclusions.

    For myself, I’ve dramatically changed my health for the better by adopting a whole food plant based diet that drastically reduces and eliminates animal protein, saturated fat, cholesterol and most importantly all processed foods. However, this is my choice for my own reasons. I wouldn’t want to force my dietary preferences on anyone else any more than I want someone else to force their dietary preferences on me.

    As a society, we have to get out of the habit of believing the government is a source of non-biased, science-based “authoritative” information — when in reality it is quite the opposite.

  • PeterF

    I was prescribed statins to lower my cholesterol several years ago (first simvastatin then atorvastatin). I used to be a runner but had to give it up because I was having joint problems. Mostly my knees but also my hips and shoulders. I occasionally had to use a cane to get around. I thought I was just getting old. I was also bruising easily, I could make out the shape of the pads on the nautilus machines after a workout because of the bruises. My mom and sister were also taking statins for cholesterol with the same symptoms (but they really are old). My sister has a friend that is now using a walker. She was on statins too. Her doctor finally told her that one of the side effects of statins can be joint damage (and it can be permanent). They stopped taking them immediately and their symptoms are gradually clearing. The friend is still using a walker.

    Just before Christmas this year, there was a mix-up with my refill and I ran out (I get them through the mail). My symptoms started to clear. Two weeks later, they filled the prescription and I started taking them again. My symptoms came roaring back and I was using a cane again. I stopped taking them and no longer use statins (against medical advice) and I am almost back to my “pre old-age” health. No more problems with running, ladders, or heavy physical labor.

    I will never take statins again.

  • fred k

    I took statins for a while.

    They made me noticeably dumber, slower and more forgetful. I took myself off of them and have noticed improvements.

  • Keith

    I recently read a different article that stated that statins harm short-term memory. Your symptoms would seem to be in-line with that finding.

    Since I read that, I’ve started taking my statin Rx every other day. I do seem a bit sharper mentally. Maybe I’ll stop altogether and see if I notice more improvements.

  • hondo

    Amusing. Remember the last scene in “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” – reference
    Top Men. When it comes to Government – you do sometimes get the best, but you also get those who aren’t qualified to teach high school.

  • Phill O

    Government pay scales made it better for me to have honey bees. I worked half the time and made three times more.

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