A bad day for Obama and the Democrats.

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A bad day for Obama and the Democrats.

As I’ve said repeatedly, the 2010 elections were not a fluke, but a trend. The public intends to fire this President and those in Congress — from both parties — who have put the U.S. on verge of bankruptcy.



  • wodun

    IIRC, the Democrats primaried some of their incumbants a month or so ago.

  • jwing

    Popular culuture (i.e. PC – Political Correctness) has been defined by the media, Hollywood and academia for over fifty years, but they have finally overplayed their hand. People no longer watch TV as much, read newspapers solely to get their news or trust the “so-called” experts as science has become adgenda driven, grant seeking and highly politicized towards consensus and group think and not individual and maverick minded. Naked marxism/socialism with it’s attendant social engineering memes is on full display for the average person to see and fully understand. Simply put….the teaq party never went away. It was enboldened by the tawdry treatemtn of the likes of Sara Palin et al. The silent majority’s progeny will now have its turn to speak up for theri love of this country and true conservative, small government, libertarian-minded values.

  • i still think obama will win! but i know i could be wrong I thought al gore was going to win in 2000 haha

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