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A Boston hospital kidnaps a man’s daughter and then slaps a gag order on him to try to prevent him from talking about it.

A Boston hospital kidnaps a family’s daughter and then slaps a gag order on them to try to prevent them from talking about it.

The Boston hospital, to which the girl was transferred on the advice of her original doctors in Connecticut, disagreed with the treatment and then forced their decisions on the family to the point of denying them access to their daughter. The father is now going public because he fears if she doesn’t get the right treatment “she is going to die.”

Though the story makes no mention of it, we must remember that Massachusetts is the land of Romneycare, where the government has stepped in to run the medical world. Somehow, I strongly suspect that fact plays a part in this story, if only as a cultural factor.

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  • Ed

    sorry, but I have to say it. This country sucks. That this can happen shows we are no longer the land of the free, but the land of whatever a judge says.

  • Cotour

    The access to and immediacy of media has changed the perception of the people to where they can come to an overall conclusion that this entire country “sucks”.

    People are murdered every day, the police can and do way over reach and abuse their power everyday, our government is in a hard left Marxist lean, we have a president that has chosen to test the outer limits of our Constitution and seems determined to bring down the country apparently based on his comments because “some people don’t like me because I am Black” although he is not considered a racist, financial shows interview “experts” on the economy and none of them will flat out say that the cause of the sustained economic malaise is a direct result of the Marxist /socialist ideological policy’s of “redistribution of wealth” that this government insists on pursuing, everyone in a position of power is flat out lying about just about everything that they are asked, any political party that indicates that they are concerned about the American Constitution is turned on by their own party and must be destroyed by that party, the IRS is being blatantly used as a weapon of fear and political vengeance by the party in power, the NSA is spying on just about every person that communicates with another person on the planet, this president and his State Department have basically given up any power that the United States had control of to any dictator in the Middle East and Vlademire Putin, and because of this the world trembles at the thought that there may not be a United States to hold the world together and counter act the abuses of power that China and Russia will certainly test in time, and there is a 35′ long EFN thing attached to the Russian section of the GD International Space Station and no one on this web site that is filled with a bunch of NASA nerds can tell me if it is real or a hoax or something that we put up there or not!

    Hey, maybe your right ED :)

  • Cotour

    A BS, lying government official attempting to convince the masses that what it is that they can see, taste and feel is an illusion and that her illusion is what you should accept as reality. Pure BS.

    Abuse of power that will certainly be visited on the Dems at some point in the future.

    I could go on but will not. And still the nerds have no explanation :)

  • Ed

    That’s exactly what I meant but chose to say it in three, blunt words,
    Although I must admit I have never heard of a 35′ thing on the space ISS.

  • PeterF

    It is human nature to relate your judgements to your previous experiences. It is not surprising then to hear of a Psychiatrist making a diagnosis of a psychological disorder. Obviously someone’s diagnosis in this case is incorrect. Either the original or the subsequent diagnoses were incorrect and enough time has passed to judge the efficacy of the treatments. This family might have to sue on the grounds of medical malpractice to bring this episode to an end. Perhaps the multi-million dollar settlement will enable them to procure medical treatment that doesn’t rely on what their insurance will pay for.
    The worst actor in this whole episode seems to be the Judge abrogating parental rights. Judicial malpractice is very difficult to overturn and the almost never loses their position no matter how incompetent.
    Furthermore, as a resident of Massachusetts, when Mitt Romney was forced upon us as the only candidate that was acceptable to the republican establishment after all the others were destroyed by the democrats, I was very distressed. I knew that Mr. Romney would make good on his promise to “Repeal and REPLACE” Obamacare. Romney would have fixed it, not killed it! As it stands now, millions of “useful idiots” will come to understand first-hand the destructiveness of socialism. But I do believe the country will emerge from the other end stronger.

  • Joe

    Talk about the ministry of love, from a futuristic leaning book written a long time ago!

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